why can't i even dream


Me and my cousins watched Snow White and I can’t help thinking of nct dream and omg just hear me out OKAY


- Is the fully capable leader.
- ehem not so fully capable tbh
- I bet Doc can’t fry an egg for his life.
- stutters
- Listens to grumpy (which is lowkey Donghyuck) one sec but the other sec he   disagrees with whatever bad idea he has.
- Is probably scared af when they face problems but tries to maintain a calm       composure so the other members could follow.
- Like when they washed.
- he was nervous af but he was the one who took the lead.
- just like how Mark tries to keep his best not to cry when they won their award when most of them are already crying :’)


- Stubborn af
- Savage
- Is the one who mostly picks a fight with Doc (Mark)
- guys, even though grumpy was grumpy about playing the piano he still plays     it IM–
- Again tsundere, pretends to not care but he is the one who acts first when         Snow White was in trouble.
- Just like how Donghyuck takes care of his members, he was the one who fed   Taeyong in nct life first cause he was still cooking, he fed mark in mmc too         despite of how he refused too :’)
- Even though he is grumpy/ savage he loves his members


- Again, Happy.
- This dwarf is the smiliest of course.
- I mean Jaemin, his smile is blinding.
- When there is tension Happy would be the one who would be bubbly and all smiles.
- Jaemin is named healing smile
- you know heals the tension with his smile.
-You get it.


- The members did mention Jisung probably sleep the most.
- I recall them saying he could sleep anywhere.
- I dunno
- The kid does sleep a lot, he is very tall.
- Sleepy always sleeps, of course.
- And when they are in a group he seems clueless.
- He is clueless most of the time.
- But he manages to get through every situation.
- How
- Like Jisung.
- Remember mmc.


- dopey is the youngest and ehem the cutest.
- Im not saying that Chenle is hella cute but that’s exactly what I’m saying.
- You see dopey doesn’t talk.
- but can scream and what not
- kinda like Chenle
- He only knows limited korean
- And he is capable of doing unhuman dolpin scream
- I think dopey is also number one for shameless extra anticts
- exactly like Chenle
- Also soft af
-his name is dopey
- dope
- Awesome
- Chenle
- President


- I really think bashful is like Renjun
- Mainly because shy type
- but who knows.
- he might just be shy
- blushes a lot.


- I couldn’t put Jeno on anywhere before
- that’s why i hesitated on doing this.
- But, the accuracy omg.
- I didn’t think the 7 dwarves are so accurate to nct dream
- Jeno owns cats.
- but he is allergic to them
- I could only imagine Jeno sneezing nonstop when he is around his cats.

the redbirds must have their due. oh you, wicked children who come close to the banks of the river, do you not know what waits for you? do you not hear them coming, wading, reaching out with blood red hands to tear you asunder, to eat you whole? is this not the fate that awaits you for your terrible deeds? the redbirds must eat. they must eat. they must feed.


A couple of years ago, I had a dream about a pretty frightening scenario concerning a race of strange creatures with origami birds for heads called Redbirds, who lived in the water and snatched any children who wandered by to eat them alive. My brain comes up with some pretty cool (but scarily weird) concepts, what can I say!

 I could imagine these origami killers (see what I did there) as a sort of grand antagonist in a short story - perhaps a mother needs to find a way to kill them for good before they set their sights on any other child who comes too close to the water…

You know, I originally thought that if in my wildest of dreams, Alter actually made Sorey and Mikleo figures, I’d want them in kickass fighting poses, like what they did for Fate T. Harlaown or Black Heart. I thought that would be the best use of their amazing ability to capture the motion in a scene in still vinyl.

But no. They had a better idea instead and came out with this really simple scene of the two of them sitting on the ruined stones of some ancient civilization, Sorey with the Celestial Record in hand, wind gently blowing through their capes, while they give each other the fondest and most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen on one of their figures.

And I am completely blown away by it, because just like how I thought Zestiria would be the game that could never exist, these two figures with that expression of pure love on their faces is something I thought I’d never get. Just the way they captured the motion of the wind with their capes and the feathers on Sorey’s cloak and earrings, the way the capes are just flowing … like shit, that’s the kind of motion I try to capture with words in my fics and pray I succeed with. And seeing them side by side basically looking at each other like that, excuse me while I jump off a cliff and into a massive ocean of feels because damn I can feel the love coming right off of both of them.

Saying this now, when the pictures of the painted prototypes come out, I’m pretty sure my reaction tags will be nothing but wheezing and incoherent screaming because I can’t remember the last time I was this excited over the release of a set of figures.

I googled dream daddy and clicked on this article abt choosing which dad is right for you bc i was curious what the style would be like but now i’m just baffled as to why they used a pic that has the bad dad lurking behind the polo dad and don’t even mention this facet of the image, none of the other images are like this, why

"Daddy never did get what he wanted."

Tiana Appreciation Week: After Party

Day 3: Favorite Line

I think this line flawlessly reflects Tiana’s psyche. Ever since she was a little girl, you can tell she’s just wanted her father to be proud of her, and after he dies, she can’t help but feel like she owes it to him to make their dream come true by any means necessary. It’s why she works two jobs, takes extra shifts every chance she gets, and is utterly torn to shreds when she loses the sugar mill. We know her father would have been there for her whether she got the restaurant or not. He even tried to teach her that, while she could pursue any career she chose if she worked for it, it would never be more important than having people in her life to care about and support her, and for her to care about in return. But she only understands that she won’t get anywhere without hard work, and that becomes just about her only priority. She still cares about her loved ones - in fact, her caring is the reason she’s going after this dream - but she’s constantly seen rationalizing why she can’t take a break, why she has to put her job before anything else (within reason). She’s always been motivated by wanting to do right by her father.

And then Dr. Facilier shows her how much her father sacrificed for the sake of her and her mother - always putting his own worries aside so that his little girl wouldn’t worry about him. James was more than willing to do it all for her, and it wasn’t a child’s responsibility to feel guilty that he had to. But Facilier knows that she will once she sees this side of him.

He’s exceedingly manipulative that way: he knows she’d do anything to make it up to her father, and he’s ready to take advantage of that. He knows she’d do anything if she thought she’d be letting James down by doing otherwise, because James is the reason she’s been doing nothing but chasing this dream. She’s tried to live her life the way she thinks he would have wanted her to. I can’t help but wonder if she ever felt guilty even before this scene, like she wasn’t working hard enough, like she was somehow betraying him by being outbid on the building. 

All she’s ever wanted is for him to have their dream, even if he’s not there to see it. 


>> Why Can’t I Even Dream? - Rockleetist Cover [x]

Write Rose meet-up! Emmy & Hana!!!

Ahhh there’s no other way to say this so I’ll just get straight to the point!

Yes, you read correctly! Emmy rwby-rose and I have been planning to meet up for several months now, but only recently did everything (plane tickets, hotel rooms ect.) get finalized! So it’s official now; we’re meeting up!

It’s going to be the day after Thanksgiving and all that weekend. That’s why you see me talking about a countdown from time to time, because I’ve been tracking days till she comes here, heehee~

So! We are of course going to cosplay Ruby and Weiss, among do many other fun things. Therefore, we created an ask blog for our cosplays - write-rose! So if you would be so kind as to send us asks/requests, please go here! We’ll do everything we can!

We plan to Skype call with friends and do a lot of things together, so if you’re around, please have fun with us!

As you can imagine (if you’re aware of just how much I love Emmy), this is a suuuuper big deal for me and I am very, indescribably excited. So please excuse me and my enthrallment for the next 36 days until I meet her. It will literally be a dream come true. 

So please, please, please, send us asks on our White Rose blog! Sorry if I reblog this multiple times; I just want to spread the news!!

And just so you all know, I was having some financial issues a short while ago (for school/computer issues/work/life), and if that hadn’t been cleared up, this meeting with Emmy wouldn’t have been an option to consider! So thank you all for letting me meet with her!