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Happy 4th Anniversary, Final Fantasy Type-0~! [27.10.11]

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I uh... I may be an ignorant or something but... Why is it bad to be white? (Please don't be mad at me, also, I can't difference a lot of colors so, again, don't be mad at me ;-; I just want to understand)

The issue isn’t that it’s bad to be white (though there’s a lot of sociological factors that, when you start digging into, allow you to realize that Whiteness as a social construct is very damaging and has been and is still being used to do great harm in the world). 

The issue more specifically here is that Wentworth Miller (who acts Leonard Snart) isn’t white. He’s biracial and mixed race. His heritage isn’t necessarily that simple once you start looking into it (from wikipedia: “his father is of African-American, Jamaican, German, and English ancestry; his mother is of Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian, and Lebanese ancestry”), and he’s been outspoken before about being a man of color

Aka… not a white man.

I know the character has been “implied” to be white by the narrative because his sister and father are white, but most fans have tried to respect the actor’s actual heritage by writing him as mixed race in fan works and writing Leonard’s mother as a black woman. And the implication that he’s white is erasure from the show writers and also a shitty thing for them to do.

Building on that, it’s just… pretty racist to ignore his actual heritage and race to say he’s a white man, knowing he’s not. For a fan who genuinely doesn’t know that he’s not white, it’s not a huge deal if they screw up about it once. Then it’s just a matter of someone saying “oh actually he’s mixed race” and that fan going “oh okay, my bad” and fixing their mistake moving forward, maybe apologizing if necessary and looking some stuff up. But for the producer and a head writer of the show to erase his heritage is just a really shitty move. 


There’s a story about a little kid who keeps shredding paper and his parents take him to all kinds of doctors to get him to stop shredding paper. And finally they take him to the most expensive doctor in the world who turns to the kid and he says, “Kid, if you stop shredding paper, your parents will stop dragging you to doctors.” And the kid turns to his parents and says, “Why didn’t you just say so?” The point of the story is that the kid could make himself happy by just stopping. I think that’s the point. I don’t know. I’ve been trying to figure it out.

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Hello! The Shisnengumi haori's official colour is blue right? But in some cases they were in white & black. And if I remember correctly I did saw a white & red ver. from an tv drama I believe I can't really remember. So which is it? I hope my question came out right ><

It’s the color that has been given to it basically. We know from eye witness accounts that the haori existed but no one can agree on the color. 

Many believe they were blue to stand out from the typical browns, blacks, greens, and other dark colors worn by men at the time, but we don’t have any real proof that the haori were the blue color that they’re famous for today. This is why you will see variations in the haori in media portrayals. Though the blue/white and white/black combos are most prevalent. 

The white/red you might have seen might have been to mimic the banner of sincerity that was a symbol of the Shinsengumi since examples of it do exist and were white with red detailing. Like this sodesho on display at the Hijikata Museum which was a marker the men wore on their sleeves to indicate that they were part of the Shinsengumi:

As for the white/navy combination that was debuted for Hakuouki Shinkai, in Kyoto Winds Kondou explains that they used the white/navy haori at night so that they’re easier to spot in dark places (since you have to remember electricity wasn’t a thing in Japan at that time). The last thing you want to do is be in a dark narrow space and accidentally kill your comrade. 

Going back to history though, the other issue is that they didn’t wear the haori for very long. Basically they wore them when they were first named the Shinsengumi up until around the Ikeda Inn incident or just before and then stopped and we don’t have a surviving example to verify their colors. All we can be sure of is the dandara or mountain pattern that was around their sleeves. 

Maybe one day a real example might be found but given the fact that the Shinsengumi were on the losing side and much of the pro-shogunate forces and any remaining signs of them were destroyed after the Boushin War it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever be sure. 

Basically though, if anyone tries to tell  you that the haori can only be the blue and white–they don’t know their history ;) 


valentine’s day gift for my gf, cloudgeals feat. asgzc

((*incoherent screaming*))

((Decided to make myself a new avatar. Had a sketch all ready.

((The lines took the better part of two hours. I was like ‘Why???’ But I was committed. Soo… I colored it. That took, I wanna say, six hours. At the very least. Why do I do this to myself???))

((Edit: I just now noticed I forgot the gold detailing on his helm. And I don’t give a shit *mad cackling*– I’ll probably fix it tomorrow.))

((Flowers shown: Spark/Ember flowers, purple/black roses, some purple tulip thing, some kind of Gladiolus, some pink/white lilies of the valley, some kind of Orchid, Purple/blue foxgloves, red snapdragon, something like cherry blossoms and -in the middle- a Bloodmoon flower.))


OC Sketch Dump c:

(also if you ever have questions or comments about my oc’s, feel free to send me an ask!! I’d love to see which ones you guys are interested in and which ones you’d like to see more of, etc.~!)

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Can you imagine Harry and Draco planning their wedding and dracos like "oh the colors of the wedding should be grey and green like our eyes" and Harry's like "oh! That's a nice idea very romantic actually" then the day of the wedding comes and they see it and they're amazed how beautiful it is then it clicks and Harry's like "I can't believe you tricked me into having a slytherin themed wedding"

Oh my god that would be hilarious, no way Draco’s getting away with that with Hermione Granger by Harry’s side though. :D Harry would see through his scheming immediately as well, that’s why they work together the best.

  • Jude: hey
  • Cole: hi
  • Jude: did...did it hurt for you?
  • Cole: a little bit yeah, you?
  • Jude: at first it did, but for some reason I started seeing everyone in nice colors and they looked so happy to see me, and I didn't feel so alone... You know, even though they can't see us anymore, we'll always be with them right?
  • Cole: I don't see why we can't. We should get going, Sunshine, they're gonna need a lot of watching over.


A/N: something I sent to three special people for Christmas who really grew on me even though I’ve know them for only a short time. 
(my scanner ate a lot of the original colors and I had to tweak it, so that’s why they are glaring/shining in your face ^^°)

External image

  • Suho: Chanyeol, Baekhyun, I have finished editing your jokes for our upcoming broadcast. Thank you for submitting them to me ahead of time to avoid any asshattery.
  • Baekhyun: I really don't see what's wrong with our jokes.
  • Suho: The fact that you don't hurts me deeper than you could possibly understand, Byun Baekhyun.
  • Chanyeol: Hey, why did you edit my joke about Kai's skin? You changed it to "Kai's skin is the color of rainbows and dreams." That doesn't even make sense.
  • Suho: Nor did what you originally wrote. And my edit is less douchey.
  • Lay: And I can verify that Kai's skin is, in fact, the color of dreams. As for rainbows, humans can't actually see rainbows so who can really say.
  • Chanyeol: Humans can literally see rainbows.
  • Lay: Can they, though, can they?
  • Baekhyun: You crossed out my entire bit about foreigners trying to speak Korean and just wrote "haha Baekhyun can't speak Chinese and Japanese worth balls"
  • Suho: 0:)

#for those bellarke fans who are upset #channel your passion into something positive #for instance #i’m channeling my passion into appreciating the way Clarke occasionally can’t help but look at Bellamy’s lips #and suddenly #i feel better #if that doesn’t make you feel better #well #appreciate it anyway #because this is a thing #and it is glorious #be happy

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I often see ppl commenting about the fact that you draw Harry with darker pale... well, even though I associate Harry a lot with Daniel R., I just >can't< see him as being white, never could! so, I LOVE that you draw him like this, seriously. ❤❤

Thank you!! :) haha I kind of associate Harry with Daniel too… which is probably why, according to a few people, my Harry has some similarities with Daniel :)

About the skin color… I mean, I support canon fully, I think the books are perfect the way they are, so for me it is important to remember what the canon dictates, and canon Harry IS white. Potters is an old English family, pureblood and all, relating to an even older English family, the Peverells. The Potters are white, and them being white has certain symbolic value and meaning in the books. But, as a FAN artist who has absolutely no obligation to follow the books seamlessly, I allow myself to give up on this bit of canon to make the wizarding community just a little bit more diverse! It’s fun and inclusive, and it brings a new meaning to the story! :) So I’m glad you like my Harry!! And I celebrate the fact that the majority of people can see poc Harry as natural and fitting :>


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what not to say to an artist
  • ew, why are they naked?
  • you’re an artist? can you draw me?
  • yeah but what’s your real job?
  • you’re a digital artist? but that’s not real art, you just push buttons and the computer does it for you.
  • she’s so pretty. oh they’re a boy? you need to draw him less pretty.
  • you charge too much.
  • i get a discount though cause we’re friends/family, right?
  • you’re art is good but i don’t like your style.
  • your drawings would be so much better if you didn’t color them like that.

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Wanted to share with you a white girls perspective on "discrimination" "Even though I understand that I have certain advantages for being white I have been discriminated against on several occasions... I am unable to obtain a job I want because they have a quota and there are too many white people... Seriously? Also I can't even begin to tell you how many times in high school I was picked on and even worse for dating a black guy. Like why am I always the bad guy?"

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! “I think that treating someone different (good or bad) due to their skin color is wrong. I don’t understand why the world can’t just be full of humans as opposed to races… Don’t get me wrong, I have taken every class necessary and know about racism believe me I just don’t get why people can’t just be people. And people also need to stop getting so bent out of shape for calling them black or brown… I am called white on a daily basis. This whole country is just a mess.

omg, I think you got racist bingo here. 


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You're right, reverse racism isn't a thing but you know what is? RACISM. Shocking, I know right?I am white. People can't possibly be racist to me but get this, I am also a muslim. Now if you didn't know that I was white but only a muslim, in sure people saying shit to me about my religion would certainly be racist but I'm white? What a fucking pickle, you absolute dick face why don't you shove a cactus up your ass, moron.

you’re still a person of color though, imo, although i’m not one to dictate how you identify as. but in society, unless you’re passing white, you get treated differently. yeah, you can see minorities making fun of white people, but it’s not racism bc minorities aren’t in a place of fucking power. i can make all the white people jokes i want, but they mean jack squat because i’m still a mexican woman in america. you can’t be racist to a group of people who have held and continue to hold power for centuries. minorities have been exploited, abused, tortured, and almost went extinct because of white people, and yet we still get told to go back to our country because old white men  in congress can’t comprehend that we make up the majority of the working class that do the work that white people would never want to do. so yeah, white people can start taking the heat, because minorities have been doing it for too damn long. i’m done now.