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Today I’m thinking about how even though Equius was surrounded by things he damaged without meaning to– he bruised his own lusus, he broke his bows, he broke his robots, he broke his shades, hell, he even broke his own teeth and horn

Even with all of that, we never once saw so much as a single scratch on Nepeta.

…I have feels.

Best Min Yoongi quotes of all time:
  • "I want to be a rock in the next life"
  • "I am extremely unmotivated right now"
  • "Why don't I manage my body? Simple. Because I do not like exercising"
  • "I don't like to move or go out. I don't even like meeting new people"
  • "I've slept for about 20 hours straight"
  • "One of my talents is rolling around in bed on our days off...I'm really good at it"
  • "I'm good at doing...ugly stuff"
  • "That seagull over there has a partner, but how come I can't get one?"
  • "We all look ugly in the morning"
  • "Suga. Genius. These two words are enough"
  • "J HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!" <brought to my attention by @theshymenace
Without wanting to sound arrogant, I don’t particularly want to know what viewers think of me- and I don’t believe it does you any favours, knowing that people really like you or really hate you. I’m just happy to get on with doing what I do. I’m just doing my job, which is something I thoroughly enjoy.
—  Ryan Hawley speaking to my soul
Can we all just take a moment

to appreciate Supernatural fanfic writers? They are all so talented and amazing. And while the AU fics are beautiful and heart warming, I want to focus on non-AU fics. So much thought is put into those fics. They make the case, study the lore, create plot twists, etc. They basically create their own season of Supernatural and that is just mind blowing to me. 

every single time i think yoi has reached the absolute maximum level of Extra™ something new comes up and proves me wrong lmao this show is a gift

  • Aries: You always seem so full of life and vitality. It raises people's happiness instantly when you walk into the room.
  • Taurus: Having you around is brilliant - your voice is a grounding force and you're always good for a laugh.
  • Gemini: Wow. You have the best resting bitch face, the best smirk, the best laugh, and the best conversation topics.
  • Cancer: Being around you is relaxing because it seems like nothing can ever really go wrong when you're there to help.
  • Leo: Whenever you're there I can't take my eyes off you, it feels like wasting time when I'm not looking at you.
  • Virgo: You're easy to talk to because you seem so clever and polite, you never get boring and you never get bored.
  • Libra: Why does everyone deny that courtesy is actually great? Your manners are refreshing and you're drop-dead gorgeous.
  • Scorpio: You're so different to everyone else and the fact that you like it only makes us adore you even more.
  • Sagittarius: You are amazing at weird conversation starters and all your strange tiny talents make me laugh so hard.
  • Capricorn: People feel like they can do anything around you because you're so in control, we know nothing can go wrong.
  • Aquarius: No-one can beat your goofy jokes and you're so relaxing and un-judgemental, it's great to talk to you.
  • Pisces: You are so sweet and lovely, you have the cutest face and the dreamiest eyes. Your kindness is exemplary.
Things the Signs Want to Say to Their Ex
  • Aries: Don't touch what you can't afford, bitch.
  • Taurus: I can't imagine a day without you - life would be hell.
  • Gemini: Your love was fake well so were my orgasms.
  • Cancer: You know why my sign is cancer IT'S BECAUSE YOU GAVE IT TO ME
  • Leo: I'll make you regret not dating me in high school.
  • Virgo: The only sense of humour you have is that you are the joke.
  • Libra: Coffee? With you? Honey, I'd rather drink bleach.
  • Scorpio: Eat shit.
  • Sagittarius: You were my sun - really burns my eyes when I look right at you.
  • Capricorn: You look better with my glasses off.
  • Aquarius: You're about as talented as Abraham Lincoln's security team.
  • Pisces: I cried a river and I hope you drown in it.

When people still try to pull you into fan wars

colorfulcollectordragon-2f8ee55c  asked:

Just... WHY. Do. People. Just. Not accept. Things. As. Being. Just another. Part. Of. Your. Animations. As far as I'm concerned, your AU, your rules. You want your Frisk to be able to do something canon Frisk can't? Go right ahead. You want someone to live or die? Go right ahead. I personally respect you and your decisions, even if I don't personally agree with them. And you're SO amazingly talented! I know you might not see this, but I really hope you do!!!

Wow thanks.

Yah it was getting on my nerves. I do try to make this like, as close as possible to the canon but there are a few things I have to see my own way and give it a different interpretation. I try to make them not too farfetched or try to make it have sense within the world’s rules since I want this to be an AT, but people will still whine like “cameeh das nut in gaem”.

But then 5 seconds later they send me a message like “but pls add desbelef papaya”

And I’m like… nig plz

Why does Magi have anti-climactic character progression?

I have a theory why.

But first get this. You know that disappointing feeling you have with your favorite character, as if Ohtaka was building up to something big but then you’re left high and dry without a climax? Especially rn with the whole unsatisfactory ending?

In other stories, they usually execute character deaths or even major character discontinuation (saying goodbye) with an inner monologue.

This makes the story seem symmetrical, in the sense that everything is wrapped up nicely with a bit of an emotional narration. It’s sorta like saying “last words”.

Magi does this, but NOT at the end but rather in the middle of story telling.

Imagine this. If Sinbad had a monologue at the end of 368 like he did in 321:

Wouldn’t it have been a more satisfactory ending? Wouldn’t we be less disappointed that we at least got to hear his thoughts on his journey at the people he met???

AND IMAGINE. If David’s Prophetic Book was published at the end of last chapter as a bonus as opposed to AT Arc, before he fucking combusted recent chap (again, this is like what, the third time a JA did that in front of their family??).

It’s not just the unanswered questions. It’s the structure of storytelling that gives you the illusion that there are loose ends.

 fancy date :D


I. Can’t. Speak. Anymore.

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The Patrick Birthday Project!

Patrick will be 33 soon and I was hoping the fandom would help me make this a birthday to remember!!

It’s pretty simple, the goal is to create a video with fans from all over the world explaining why they love this inspirational, talented and amazing man!!

If you would consider participating in giving Patrick an amazing birthday gift from his fandom then please reblog or like.

I would love to know how many people might be interested! :)

If enough people are interested, I’ll make a post with all the details!!

Thank you!

Fake Chats #203
  • Namjoon: this is stupid.
  • Namjoon: this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
  • Namjoon: why would people say that?
  • Namjoon: I can't believe it.
  • Namjoon: when will the world understand the truth?
  • Namjoon: Jin-hyung is the cutest, most handsome, talented man to exist!
  • Seokjin: thank you, Joonie, I appreciate it. Also you're embarrassing the kids.
  • Namjoon: I'm not sorry.