why can't i be this talented

 fancy date :D

The Patrick Birthday Project!

Patrick will be 33 soon and I was hoping the fandom would help me make this a birthday to remember!!

It’s pretty simple, the goal is to create a video with fans from all over the world explaining why they love this inspirational, talented and amazing man!!

If you would consider participating in giving Patrick an amazing birthday gift from his fandom then please reblog or like.

I would love to know how many people might be interested! :)

If enough people are interested, I’ll make a post with all the details!!

Thank you!

Okay but why can’t Rey be more force sensitive than Kylo? Why can’t Finn be incredibly force sensitive as well?

Why can’t the reason why Kylo lost the fight simply be because Finn and Rey combined are just better than him? Why can’t Kylo just be mediocre/average when compared to them (esp when compared to Rey)?


Trixya highschool au

K - why didn’t you tell me you felt left out? I can’t read your mind you know, I thought you where proud of me being a cheerleader? Aren’t you?

T - of course I’m proud of you! I didn’t say anything because you where having so much fun! And I am just in the way all the time. I will never fit in, I have no talent and I don’t fit the costumes. I’m just the stupid mascot. Everybody loves you…why am I the joke?

K - Trix, you are the most talented and beautiful person I know. I love cheering, but I get panic and anxiety every time we preform. I always have the “what if I fuck this up” thoughts going around my head.
Everybody thinks I’m weird, or dress bad, or whatever…it’s only the people who know me that actually likes me.

T - I didn’t know you felt like that, why haven’t you said anything? We both are such fuck ups haha.

K - I was just worried you would think I was weak or something…

T - Kat, you are the strongest person I know. I would never think that about you.

K - I’m gonna get you on this fucking team ok? I’ll teach you to cheer, you teach me to dance for prom. Do we have a deal?

T - deal

Jongup be bustin out these solos left and right, meanwhile I, a perfectly capable adult, still struggle to put my socks on in the morning without falling on something


Mark + Marilou Hamill

I’ve been married to a dental hygienist for years and if you think I haven’t heard “Use the Floss” you’d be mistaken.

I call this piece, “Marriage Goals” 

jongin loves his niece so much and like shows her off any time he gets the chance like imagine him with his own children…

jongin: yeah my daughter just started ballet lessons…oh do you want to see her doing pliés?

jongin: *pulls up a long ass video of a three yr old attempting to do pliés* 

jongin: isn’t she adorable?? and i mean im not biased or anything but she definitely does them the best…oh look at that grand jeté i worked with her all night on that one… ah she’s so talented i wonder who she gets it from :’)

cashier: sir…please just take your chicken and move along there are people still waiting to order

bella thorne is like that girl you went to high school with who everyone loved and called her a sweetheart, fashionable, and a cutie, and etc, but you find her annoying af for some reason like these people coudnt find anyone more basic to fawn over.. her presence is irksome for some reason ya know

I’ve decided that you’ve all have been paid to follow me because this can’t be real. 

I would like to say thank you for sticking around with my weirdness. You’re all brilliant and never cease to amaze me with your talent and kindness. I’ll never understand why you follow me, but thank you. You make my days brighter and happier. Love you my friends. 💜

thelyingdetective replied to your post “"Imo AA isn’t that talented or charismatic, so I’m not surprised it…”

i get why people dislike and disagree with some of the things she’s said but what she’s said really isn’t that different from what martin, ben, and the rest of the cast has said so a lot of it boils down to misogyny tbh

I’m not going to go into it all again but she has done a lot of nasty and negative shit, honestly from the minute it was announced she was cast. More so than some of the others, mostly bc it was all public on social media etc. they’re all shitty, and now I’m coming to terms with s4 I’m accepting that ben and martin really messed up by agreeing to take the roles and act it that way when they knew nothing would come of it - and they did know, because all the shitty things they said in the past fits with that. They were never protecting a secret. I dislike AA the same way I dislike Mark, and Steven, and Sue, and all of them tbh. It’s not misogyny to be critical of a woman when she’s done and said things that have hurt and upset you. Sue and all the shit she’s said makes my blood boil, etc etc Also I spent years defending them and trying my hardest to love them, but that’s not right when I have every justified reason not to. The pain I felt at the time was repeatedly invalidated bc the attitude was, you can’t openly say these women have hurt you because if you do you’re an evil misogynist. So a lot of people took it in silence because they couldn’t dare say a word. After years of that, you eventually get sick of it, and now I am nothing but brutally honest. 

I talk shit about Mark and Steven all the time, I couldn’t be more critical about them. I’m just not censoring myself anymore because I’m completely done and fed up of how I’ve been treated for the past 5 years. They’ve been awful and for the most part made me feel awful about myself. Sometimes women piss you off because of the things they do, and it’s completely valid to be critical of that

honestly why do i always half ass everything in my life. like i have a lot of things i’ve spent so much time on and yet i’m still not really that great at. like i write every day, and practice french, and make music, and yet i’m still so mediocre at everything i do. i just want to be talented why is that so hard