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Anonymous asked: RTD era or Moffat era?

The now-cancelled ABC show Selfie was far from perfect, but I still enjoyed both the comedic moments and the emotional depth that was being developed into the characters, especially the leads Eliza and Henry.  While I’m super bummed this show was cancelled so early, I’m at least grateful they decided to play the unaired episodes on Hulu.  

This week’s episode was particularly haunting, with stirring performances, both dramatic and musical, from Karen Gillan and John Cho. Eliza and Henry realizing their feelings for one another, followed by Henry refusing to accept them out of fear, led to emotional heartwreck that was brilliantly expressed through Gillan’s performance of Sia’s Chandelier and Cho’s performance of Cat Steven’s Wild World. I’m not ashamed to admit that by the end of the episode, my eyes were leaking heavily.

I only hope the series can wrap up in an equally excellent fashion. I believe there are 2 episodes left to air on Hulu, and I look forward to watching them. If you haven’t given Selfie a chance, it’s definitely worth the 4 hours it would take up of your life.

Also, if I can find a video clip of Gillan and Cho’s performances, I will definitely post them. As of right now, I couldn’t find one online, but I’ll keep looking.