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I have a feeling that the last we will see of Kirishima until the end of this raid, but holy shit was this a crazy rollercoaster ride of an arc, and I hope that the fan works resulting from it may be just enough to sustain me through the rest of this plot line.

Yeah that’s the feeling I got too, like, I’d love to see even more Kiri but honestly if he were to wake up and go “time to get back into the fight” my immediate reaction would probably be to yell at him to sit his ass back down and leave the fighting to someone who still has their bones all in the right place, honestly

He’s done more than enought let’s let him rest now - also, I’m really interested in what Mirio and Deku will end up into? And my fav villain (Twice) is there too!! I wasn’t expecting that one bit, I’m excited for that

Also Toga’s appearance makes me hopeful for maybe an Uraraka/Tsuyu comeback, so now I’m on my toes for that too haha I’ll miss Kiri like I’d miss air but at the same time my interest for the arc hasn’t gone down at all, that’s for sure

  • Touken daughter: Mom how did you confess to dad?
  • Touka: I asked him if he was a vir..
  • Kaneki: *covers toukas mouth* she asked me if I was vir..go, yeah a virgo.
  • Touka: *removes kanekis hand* No, I asked him if he was a virgin and then told him I'd take care it if he wanted.
  • Kaneki: Touka you can't tell her that!
  • Touka: *shrugs* why not? it's the truth.
  • Touken daughter: ... ???? What's a virgin?
  • Touka: well honey ..
  • Kaneki: TOUKA, NO!! SHE'S TO YOUNG!
  • Touken daughter: Dad you're so weird.

my art vs gritty 40′s noir-esque/club swing vibe  ♫ ♪ 😎 👊
bcos fuck u that’s why

The sum of every song in Hamilton
  • Alexander Hamilton: it me, ya boy ham
  • Aaron Burr, Sir pt. 1: hey Burr, we're both orphans and I'm really smart and I want to graduate college in 2.6 seconds like you
  • Aaron Burr, Sir pt. 2:
  • My shot:
  • The story of tonight: were about to go to war but we have freedom and it's going to be great
  • The Schuyler sisters:
  • ANGELICAAAA (work work) ELiZZA and leggy
  • Farmer refuted:
  • Our boy ham straight up flames our British pal Sammy boy
  • You'll be back: meanwhile
  • , King George III is in Britain and is lying to himself
  • Right hand man:
  • Burr: hey hi hello I exist
  • George washing-machine:
  • Alexandre: general washingmachine you called for me
  • Burr: -,-
  • George washingmachine: HAM YOU'RE HERE BE MY SECRETARY
  • Ham: what no thanks
  • Washingmachine: pls
  • Ham: ok fine
  • A winters ball:
  • The boys: WE ALL LIKE GIRLS
  • Laurens: ,:)
  • Helpless:
  • Ham: hey marry me
  • Eliza: :)ok:)
  • Satisfied:
  • *flashback*
  • Angelica: I like alexandre
  • Eliza: I like alexandre
  • Angelica: oh okay *throws herself out of the window*
  • The story of tonight *reprise*: our boys ham, laurens, Hercules mulligan and Lafayette are really drunk
  • Wait for it: Burr is in politics but has no political opinion and nobody exactly knows what he's waiting for
  • Stay Alive:
  • A ham: daaad commme ooooon let me fiight
  • George washingmachine: ehhhhhhh I don't knooow let's send in lee
  • Charles Lee: IM A GENERAL WHEEEE
  • George washingmachine: that was a mistake
  • Ten duel commandments: Lauren's wants to duel lee because he was being salty towards our favorite dad, George washing machine, and they do and Lee gets shot
  • Meet him inside
  • George washingmachine: wtf ham
  • Alexandre: lee started it
  • George washingmachine: son stop
  • A ham: I AM NOT YOUr SON
  • George washingmachine: go home
  • That would be enough:
  • Alex: Eliza I'm poor
  • Eliza: I know idc lol
  • Alex: :)
  • Guns and ships:
  • General washingmachine: hey alexandre pls come back
  • History has its eyes on you:
  • George washingmachine: hey son, if you make any mistakes everyone in the future will probably only focus on that
  • Yorktown:
  • The colonies: HEY WE WON THE WAR
  • What comes next:
  • King George III: haha good luck running a country lol see ya
  • Dear Theodosia:
  • Burr: I had a baby girl she's cute and her name is theodosia
  • Non-Stop:
  • Burr: Alexandre why can't you shut up
  • Alexandre: Kay I will
  • *later*
  • Alexandre: look I wrote 51 essays in 2 seconds to defend the US constitution
  • Burr: WHAT
  • What'd I miss:
  • Thomas Jefferson: hey I'm back from France
  • Hamilton: who r u
  • Cabinet battle #1:
  • Thomas Jefferson: your financial plan is dumb
  • Ham: ur dumb I don't agree
  • Washingmachine: Alexandre calm down
  • Thomas Jefferson & James
  • Madison: no1 likes you
  • Washingmachine: they right you need to calm down
  • Take a break:
  • Eliza & Angelica: stop writing for once and leave with us to go somewhere
  • Ham: no
  • Eliza &angelica: wow fuk u 2 then
  • Say no to this:
  • Mariah Reynolds: my husbands abusive please have an affair w/ me
  • Everyone: NO DONT DO IT
  • Ham: I guess I have no choice okay I will
  • *later*
  • James Reynolds: ur having an affair with my wife give me money
  • Ham: k here u go
  • The room where it happens:
  • Ham: I'm having a meeting with James and Thomas
  • Burr: wat
  • Ham: we're deciding where the capital is
  • Burr: hey I wanna go
  • Ham: no
  • Schuyler defeated: burr is now senator instead of hamiltons father in law and ham is salty abt it
  • Cabinet battle #2:
  • Jefferson: lets help France with their war
  • Ham: wat no not another war
  • Washingmachine: he's right
  • Thomas: wtf of course you take his side
  • Washington on your side:
  • Jefferson: I don't like Alexandre
  • Madison: he wouldn't be so high up w/ out Washington
  • Jefferson: lets ruin his career
  • One last time:
  • Washingmachine: oops I'm not president anymore
  • Alexandre: dad no
  • Washingmachine: byyyyye
  • I know him:
  • King George III: what john Adams is the president now lol good luck
  • The Adams administration:
  • We know:
  • Madison, burr &Jefferson: you took government funds ur career is over
  • Ham: lol no I just cheated on my wife
  • Hurricane:
  • Ham: I've fought everyone, except for myself
  • Ham: I guess I'll change that
  • The Reynolds pamphlet:
  • Alexandre: Time to publish the details of my affair before anyone else for some reason and ruin my marriage
  • Everyone: wtf
  • Burn:
  • Eliza: hey wtf Alexandre ur the worst
  • Blow us all the way:
  • Philip: I'm really smart and I just graduated
  • Philip: hey wait George Eacker just said somthin mean abt my dad alexandre
  • Philip: hey Eacker lets duel
  • George: what okay
  • *later*
  • Philip: *aims gun at sky hoping that Eacker won't shoot and no one will die*
  • Hey this looks the the perfect opportunity to not shoot
  • Eacker: how bout I do AnYWAy
  • Stay alive:
  • Philip: oh no I'm dying
  • Alexandre: no pls
  • Eliza: WAIT WHAT
  • Philip: mom I'm dying
  • Eliza: wat no
  • Philip: oops I did
  • It's quite uptown:
  • Alexandre: hey our son is dead and I'm sorry
  • Eliza: I accept your apology
  • Eliza&ham: ;-;
  • The election of 1800:
  • Madison: hey burr is probably going to win the election
  • Jefferson: what no
  • Madison: if Alexandre likes you over burr you could win
  • Burr: wow everyone likes me
  • *later*
  • It's a tie
  • Everyone: Alexandre
  • Everyone: Jefferson or Burr
  • Ham: Jefferson
  • Burr: what
  • Oh look Jefferson is president now
  • Your obedient servant:
  • Burr: ham you cause all my problems
  • Ham: that sounds like a YOU problem
  • Burr: duel me
  • Ham: k
  • Best of wives, best of women:
  • Eliza: y r u up
  • Ham: I have a meeting
  • Eliza: Kay
  • Eliza: u better not be having an affair
  • The world was wide enough:
  • Burr: oops I killed ham I didn't mean too
  • Who lives, who dies who tells, who tells your story:
  • Everyone: :( Alexandre died
  • Eliza: I'm going to tell his story :)

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I finally watched baahubali 2. I cant rn. I cried like there was no tomorrow!



2x05 || 2x22

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Wait. You're dating Wiishu ? The girl who is drawing you fanart ? Isn't it weird for you, dating a "fan" of yours. And if I'm right, and you ARE actually dating Wiishu, I hope you are not becoming this YouTuber who pick up girls because they can and have the fame for it. Because it was like 4~5 Weeks (?) you gave use your statement that you broke up with you Korea Gf and now you have a new one. I can't tell you what to do, no one does, but pls, dont show her off to much or something like that.<3

That is NOT why we got together. I am NOT that guy and never will be. Just because I announced a breakup a short while ago does not mean thats when it actually happened. Im sorry if people think me and Wiishu are “bragging” and it makes them feel certain ways but we’re happy and both just happen to be on Tumblr where lots of people see.
I am not with her cos she’s a fan and she’s not with me cos I’m a youtuber. There is soooo much more to it than that that we shouldnt have to say because it’s our business. If you’re not happy about it then that’s fine,I can’t make you feel a certain way but we also shouldnt be made to feel bad for how we feel either.

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Noah fence but since seeing the weblum galra on the poster I'm convinced it's Keith's mom and her armour is like Lotor's so she's probably (most likely) half altean so Keith is part altean I'm holding on to that and never letting it go bc pls why would they have Hunk ask "how galra" Keith is if it's not gonna be brought up again (also iirc Hunk goes "was your mum the galra? Your grandpa?" Imagine the irony if Keith's mom is Lotor's sister aka zarkons daughter so yeah his grandpa is the galra)

More part-altean keith speculation; we’ve seen both shiro and thace get hit by Haggar’s magic (another druids magic in thace’s case) and they both get glowing wounds. But when Keith got hit with druid magic his wound didn’t glow. Maybe he absorbed some of it like Allura did when she got hit by Haggar’s blast? Bc Keith isn’t full altean he would still get hurt some but not as bad as if he wasn’t altean at all. Dare I say…..Keith related to the altean royal family confirmed?

I love this so much because honestly? It makes way too much sense to pass up. I can’t agree that he’s half galra when the half galra we all know and hate, Lotor, actually LOOKS galra. I find it completely unrealistic to think that someone who looks so human is half galra. And I know I’m talking about fictional races of aliens but hear me out.

I love the human-galra-altean Keith headcanon because to me it fills in a lot of holes regarding his heritage. We know he’s galra, and we know he’s human. But being human isn’t enough to completely erase his galra features. If he were altean, the morphing aspect could come into play and his mother could have taught him when he was a baby to morph and blend in to society and the Keith we see right now isn’t the real Keith at all. He probably has sharper ears, sharper teeth, maybe some markings, and with the knowledge of his galra heritage, and it being dormant for so long, it probably will begin to take over his body like some sort of disease or infection. Kind of like how you can feel a zit coming on and no matter what you do you feel another one until your whole face is inflamed (kind of a graphic image, but you get what I mean? It comes unexpectedly even with proper care and it happens over time, and that’s what I think is happening, or will happen, to Keith.)

Also I find it interesting that whenever Keith did have dreams about his galra heritage, it wasn’t about the blade, it was about the imperial army. Fear and Zarkon’s “you fight like a galra soldier” line definitely played in to it, and it probably doesn’t mean anything, but I still find it kind of interesting they showed us that.

And yeah people always forget the “how galra are you?” line and I think that’s REALLY important because we DON’T know how galra he is and I think if he were half galra, he would have more obvious features that the show just didn’t implement. I think the easiest would have been more unnaturally colored violet eyes or sharp canines. Noticeable enough to think “huh this guy has some pretty cool features” but not obvious enough that it’s like “ok wtf this fool is NOT human.”

Keith’s mom being Lotor’s sister would be HILARIOUS imo. Idc how Keith’s mom is related to the imperial family I just want to be canon I love a good family drama.

Keith being related to the galra imperial family AND the altean royal family? I would die literally die because it’s my headcanon and you don’t understand how badly I want half altean half galra Romelle, Allura’s cousin, to have been the daughter of one of Allura’s aunts on her mother’s side and Zarkon who was the original paladin of the blue lion and escaped to earth only to meet Ryou, aka Texas Kogane. I would die literally die dreamworks please don’t let me down. 

  • Fandom Max: gay gay gay gay. so gay for chloe everyone else is shit i love chloe so much.
  • In game Max: Chloe is an important friend and I care for her deeply. Though, I care for other people too. I try to help people by doing the right thing as much as possible. I may or may not love Chloe in a romantic way.
  • Fandom Chloe: really hella gay for max caulfield only im gonna slap a bitch if there was anyone else for her. she loves me i love her.
  • In game Chloe: Yeah Max is my friend and I probably like her but man I wish Rachel was here right now. Whenever I die, Max becomes a hero and saves me so it's okay if we screw up. I just really miss Rachel.
  • Fandom Kate: can not sin did you just say a bad word God please bless these not nice people
  • In game Kate: People are so stupid. Ugh. Why can't you just understand me. Pls stop doing what you're doing and just apologize smh
  • Fandom Nathan: sigh im such a nice person why does this happen to me.
  • In game Nathan: I just killed a few people and fought a lot but I really feel guilty about it. I didn't think about my actions and I am just an abused but spoiled kid.
  • Fandom Victoria: kate should forgive me and we should hook up bc i would change for her and do anything for her i just really love kate
  • In game Victoria: I took a video of Kate on the roof about to jump and I really don't think it's my fault she was up there. I laughed at her and called her names whether she was there or not. I'm sorry though but I didn't do anything.
  • Fandom Rachel: goddess, princess, im everything bow down to me im your main bitch
  • In game Rachel: I'm actually dead but I was flirting with people secretly and probably used Frank and Chloe for reasons

Doodles some simple head shots of my faves from this installment can’t wait for the next one ^ↀᴥↀ^

i really enjoy smw but also my patience gets tested when i’m watching lmao. and yeah, much as i enjoy it some things that take place bother me like e.g. how characters are introduced and written as difficult/unlikable to drive conflict for the leads. and i think it’s a bit of a waste that it was promoted as a drama that would focus on leads pursuing their dreams or struggling/coping with every day life as the situations given are more of characters who create trouble for the leads and sometimes it becomes too dramatic e.g. hye ran going out of her way to meddle with ae ra’s dreams. i think that’s p much an outdated plot point and because i’ve seen jdramas that tackle dreams and everyday struggles that i find it a missed opportunity that smw or also other kdramas that discuss the former would rather use “difficult” characters as a source of conflict than make use of concrete situations/events that could spur character development.

you know, instead of giving what, 3-5 minutes of ae ra practising or providing merely dialogue that says she’s hoping to be an announcer, etc etc. a whole journey being shown would be really nice. as it is, dong man gets more of that but also it’s not as meaningful as ae ra’s would be. though i think the recent episodes have been trying to bring more of ae ra’s pov but it’s also frustrating because apart from the employment selection process, hye ran has to come in and act as an obstacle for her which is really…. uninspired. i thought that maybe she would just have tried to get dong man back but she’s out to make ae ra’s entire life miserable… and it’s disappointing because they could’ve been friends instead! or hye ran deserved to work outside of what second leads are usually written for. (ok but idt she is a second lead anw but still it’s the same)

i think the real issue here is how people in this show are annoying/meddlesome for no good reason. moo bin, hye ran, ye jin, that shady weird dude who tried to use dong man and is creepy towards ae ra, tak su and the fighter who was always jealous of dong man. ah, also dong man’s former superior. am i missing out anyone? anyway. i can’t remember being annoyed so many times in an episode because of certain actions these characters take. and it’s all.. a waste of time yk. 

ugh i seem like i’m complaining. i like smw a lot, i do, but the above makes up 20-30% of my frustrations lol. 

text: open
  • Sarah: Uh, you know there isn't such a thing as hospital bar and I think it's a shame. This is probably why people hate hospitals.
  • Sarah: It has been god damn two weeks and I haven't even taken one sip!!!!!!!

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Bro headcannons if Yachi actually has a pole dance pole/ring in her room (which gives her internal confidence), is hella pro at it, and the Karasuno boys + Kiyoko + finds out AND THEY'RE CURIOUS AND ASK HER ABOUT IT AND TRIES IT THEMSELVES ASDFGHJKL. If you can't really see Yachi being able to do this, then maybe a good female friend of the team. Idk why I see this in Yachi. Pls & thank you<3

OMG??? I CAN SOMEWHAT SEE THIS AND??? WHERE HAS THIS BEEN??? MY WHOLE LIFEE???E??E>?? Okay so, here you are!! Please enjoy these headcanons about the amazing baby birb! Thanks!!! -Admin 4AM

I’m also assuming you won’t want Ukai in this as it would be kind of weird for him to walk into her room and find out that whole scenario… If you do, please let me know! I just think it’s kind of weird, but then again I don’t let anyone in my room besides me and my pup and I kinda based it off of my personal preference.


  • She first got it when she was in her first year of middle school upon going to some sort of dance recital for her mother’s friend’s daughter as saw someone use a pole to dance
  • Immediately became infatuated with it and searched up a lot of videos just to see more amazing and fluid dances
  • She works up the courage and asks her mother to get one for her room, she even offers to compromise if her mother said no
  • She finally gets it and learns how to do it, she’s super strong because of the strength you need to keep yourself on the pole
  • Didn’t take classes because A) she’s too shy to be in a class with other people at the start of it. B) she just started doing it herself and that’s how she prefers it???? Like, slow down, girl. We know you’re a goddess but like
  • All that self teaching makes herself feel super accomplished and independent, she practices a lot and really loves the results!!!
  • No body knows where her muscles came from and she won’t tell
  • She also doesn’t know where her confidence comes from or goes whenever she steps away from the pole
  • Comes up with her own routines too!

Asahi: Kind of questions life. Also wants to try pole dancing to see if he will also have a slight boost in confidence. He asks the girl for some tips and is considering piCKING IT UP HIMSELF!!!! He’s a little awkward when it comes to asking but you can tell that he genuinely cares and wants to learn!

Daichi: Also a little awkward, but he’s kind of embarrassed because he feels like he’s almost invading privacy. He also sees it as a little weird for him to be asking about pole dancing since he always associated it with sexual things, but he’s really happy!

Kiyoko: She’s honestly the first one to find out. She actually envies Yachi about her skills and grace on the pole anD ASKS HER FOR LESSONS BECAUSE SHE WOULD LIKE TO BE ON PAR WITH YACHI’S PERFECTION!!! She found out while she was over to discuss some plans for the team and walked in on Yachi either setting up or putting the pole away. She doesn’t get it at first but some of the muscle already built up on her helps out just a tad.

Sugawara: Just so, so proud of Yachi for being so comfortable and confident with something in her life and just so pROUD!

Ennoshita: He doesn’t think too much of it and like Suga he actually supports Yachi’s decision to do this. As long as she’s happy and she feels great doing this!! He thinks it’s pretty interesting and a good workout so he even asks where she bought it so he can buy one too and try it out.

Kinoshita: Pretty neutral about the situation. She likes what she likes and if it makes her feel great, then that’s awesome! Yachi’s extremely grateful that he doesn’t overreact or exhaust her with questions like how some of the others did. He just lets all his questions get answered by the others.

Narita: In awe. Just. In. Awe. How does she have the strength to do all this? And the grace? The fluidity? HOW?!?! He doesn’t necessarily want to learn, but he’s so curious about all of this. He doesn’t even have the strength to hold onto the bar just to slide down for a couple of seconds! By that I mean stay suspended for a while, but Yachi can do that flag maneuver where her body is parallel to the floor!!!

Nishinoya: He treats the pole as such a toy upon first sight. It’s like those playgroud poles that kids like to slide down. He keeps a tight grip on the pole so his hands get red from the friction and it hurts but it’s so fun to just slide. He really wants to do all those fluid movements because he thinks it’ll make him look sexy, but he fails even with all that strength.

Tanaka: Honestly astounded??? Because how can someone so usually shy and flustered be so graceful and fluid and totally amazing??????!?!?

Hinata: He’s amazed that there’s a “fire pole” in Yachi’s room. He first noticed the stand when he walked into her room for a study session with Kageyama as Yachi’s mother was having a phone call in the living room. Instantly thinks that Yachi’s household is some sort of secret fire rescue organization.

Kageyama: He saw the pole stand along with Yachi and was actually the one who recognized that it’s not some sort of fireman’s pole inside of some girl’s room. He picked up the actual pole while Hinata was interrogating a flustered Yachi and thought it was some kind of murder weapon.

Tsukishima: He gets super embarrassed when finding out because, very much like Daichi, he finds pole dancing to be more sexual/sensual. He leaves the room red faced and slightly dazed when he sees Yachi performing a routine for some of the team members. He can’t even bring himself up to tease her about it.

Yamaguchi: Kind of cheeky and slightly teasing when he brings up Yachi’s talent. But he’s very admiring and there’s a sparkle in his eye when he talks about it! Interested in learning about Yachi’s course of learning how to pole dance and the motivation for it.

This is from the overwatch intro clip (I think)

I just realised some things

Firstly, I’m going to assume this picture is set in Japan because some of the writing on the omnic is Japanese

Doesn’t the omnic look-and I don’t want to be an assumptive asshole here but the omnic looks female.

And the kids, she must be like their mother or carer

And those dudes are shooting her- :(

Yo forget what I said about omnics in the past this is heartbreaking

Don’t hate omnics pls 😰😥

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in the hindi version of baahubali, Devasena is referred to as Rajkumari (princess) while in some others langs it's Yuvarani (crown princess). What? Why? How? I mean, her brother was the already the King, and after a sibling is crowned, that particular sibling's eldest child becomes the Crown Prince(ss), not the other sibling. Does this mean that Devasena was Jayavarma's (i think that was his name) daughter?? but wouldn't that make Kumaravarma her uncle? confused. pls assist

Yuvarani and Rajkumari mean the same thing! (As far as I know, the word Rajakumari is also used in Tamil - not in Baahubali but generally) 

Yuva = young + Rani = Queen: young queen, or princess.

Raj = royal + Kumari = daughter: royal daughter, or princess.

I haven’t seen the Hindi version, but I’m pretty sure the family dynamic is the same: King Jayavarma & his wife don’t have any children. Devasena is the King’s younger sister and thereby the Princess & next in line to the throne (ie. if Jayavarma died, the throne would go to her). Kumaravarma is the Queen’s younger brother, making him Deva’s brother-in-law. 

{Just as an aside: The Hindi version of Baahubali actually is the outlier compared to the others (Telugu, Tamil & Malayalam) which are all South Indian languages and have really similar dialogue. So, when making comparisons it’s easier to use one of the others as a base, especially since the dialogues were written in both Tamil & Telugu originally.}

Where B♥J chapters come from
  • me: okay, let's write down the storyboard for the next chapter of Black Jack...
  • me: *writes on Rem's chat when she's not online*
  • me: *laughs hysterically* no I can't be so trash
  • me: *rolls on the floor crying* WHY AM I SO TRASH
  • me: *slowly turns into garbage*
  • me: *still writes, cries, screams*
  • rem: *she's finally online*
  • rem: *reads the trash I gave birth in her absence*
  • rem: ...
  • me: ...
  • rem: ...
  • me: ...