why can't i be british too

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Hi. I know it's been a while but it's driving me crazy; why were there no assassins on Molly or Mycroft? I can't find anything of Moffat or Gatiss talking about it. Sure, with Molly you could argue Jim didn't think she mattered, but he would shoot Angelo just to be thorough. Could you direct me to an interview where they address it or just tell me what you know? Also, I can't find many Tumblr blogs dedicated to Sherlock that are active. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

That’s okay Nonny, I’ve been busy too ;)

I haven’t seen any interview explaining why neither Molly nor Mycroft weren’t targeted either tbh :/

As you said, it may be that Molly just wasn’t significant enough in Moriarty’ eyes, and that Mycroft was too well protected (he’s the British government, he must have bodyguards). I find it hard to believe though, because Jim, alleged head of Moriarty’s organisation, literally dated Molly to get close to Sherlock, and THOB showed us that Mycroft was powerless in front of Jim.

My pet theory is that both Mycroft and Molly are high ranking members of the Moriarty organisation and that they weren’t targeted because they were behind Sherlock’s downfall, and so couldn’t be counted among Sherlock’s friends. The fact that they were spared is not the only thing that leads me to think this:

  • Mycroft has been equated to Moriarty numerous times on the show
  • Sherlock called him a criminal mastermind
  • Molly Hooper has the same initials as Mycroft, “wasn’t initially supposed to be in more than 1 episode” but is actually in more episodes than Jim himself, and in his MP Sherlock seems to think she hates him – and when the most observant man in the world thinks you hate him, you probably do
  • the media are consistently portrayed as villains
  • Moriarty’s organisation makes money by manipulating people into committing sensational crimes and then selling their stories to the press
    • as seen in ASIP, when Hope revealed that he was being paid to kill
    • and in TGG, when Sherlock was manipulated into revealing 4 people’s crimes

Or it was all a bluff and none of them (John, Lestrade, Mrs Hudson) were in any real danger (like when Eurus lied that she’d trapped Molly’s flat with explosives) – who knows? TPTB still have to address what happened in TRF and haven’t left us with a lot of clues :/

As for active Sherlock blogs: If you don’t follow them already, I suggest you go follow @love-in-mind-palace, @the-7-percent-solution, @kateis-cakeis, @gosherlocked, @ebaeschnbliah, @221bloodnun, @shag-me-senseless-watson, @sarahthecoat and lots of others (sorry to anyone I forgot ^^’). They’re not all solely dedicated to Sherlock but they regularly post about it :) The fandom is smaller than it used to be, tho

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I shit you not I was on a train (in England) a few days ago and an Englishman and a Welshman were having a very heated discussion about the six nations. All 'your country can't play rugby for shit' and 'I hate you people so much why do you exist'. Then at the end of the journey the English guy turns round and goes 'but I hope you beat France, its the only time I support you'. And the Welshman went 'oh yes, thank you, good luck when you come against them too'. And they parted on friendly terms.

This is so british it hurts, sweet lord

  • Phoebe: I-Rachel, you can't go! Ross loves Emily!
  • Rachel: Yeah, I know, I know, I know he does. But I have to tell him how I feel! He deserves to have all the information and then he can make an informed decision.
  • Phoebe: That's not why you're going! You're going because you hope he's gonna say, "Yeah, I love you too, Rach. Forget that British chippy."
  • Rachel: Ohh-Do you think he will?!
  • Phoebe: No! Because he's in love with the British chippy!

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Hi! There's a post where Mod J said that Chinese isn't a language, it's Mandarin. I'm confused about why I can't call Mandarin "Chinese" if I can call English, whether British or American, "English"? I'm Chinese and live in Hong Kong, and at school we just call the class "Chinese" though the language taught is Mandarin. I've always referred to both Cantonese and Mandarin as Chinese, and everyone who I know does too, unless we're specifying a dialect. I hope I don't come across as offensive.

Because English is the name of the English language and the actual words of the language are mostly the same thing (even if the slangs are different and there’s some slight variation) and Chinese languages have distinct names and might sound similar but don’t share the same vocabulary at all (except maybe some cognates)?

I speak Toisanese and at least in the USA specifically non-Chinese people should not refer to Mandarin as “Chinese” because I know they think it’s the only thing we speak and they think all our languages sound the same (and for every one person that doesn’t there’s gonna be 10 others listening who do). I want to take the ability to make that assumption away from them.

I have a huge problem with Mandarin speakers calling their language “Chinese” in the USA too, cuz it reinforces what I said earlier and there are Mandarin speaking Han Chinese people who think anyone who doesn’t speak Mandarin isn’t “real Chinese” even if they speak a different Chinese language. Some Mandarin speaking Chinese people love to erase other Chinese languages and take away their validity as CHINESE LANGUAGES and I’m just not here for that. I’m not about to let them do that.

If I’m wrong to say this please correct me, but I think that Chinese people /in China and HK/ doing it is okay because it’s a unity thing and the people doing it most likely know that Mandarin isn’t the only dialect since it’s China and no Chinese people are telling Chinese people they all sound the same.

-Mod J

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Does it bother you when writing American comics that you can't spell some words correctly with the lettef u? Also why does America hate the letter U?

There’s a U in USA. It confuses me too.

I get my revenge. Almost all of UBER is written in English spelling. Phonogram is. Is WicDiv? I can’t remember. I suspect so.

It’s quite fun being a British guy writing American comics, as it gives Nick Lowe a chance to write BRITISH ALERT! when I’ve written a word like “Rockery” in dialogue.