why can't he just shut up

can you imagine sam introducing steve and bucky to pokemon go

he has to go full Falcon just to catch up with those two super soldier nerds running around the entire goddamn city leveling up

they’re en route to a HYDRA base and bucky goes “wait steve drop me off here i’m gonna run the rest of the way” and steve is like “why the fuck” and bucky is like “i have EGGS TO HATCH, STEVE”

they’re under some alien attack and bucky is yelling at steve for backup but steve is on another street because “I HAVE TO CATCH THIS VULPIX”

meanwhile sam is just flying over a fountain dodging blasts because there’s a golduck

nat is the gym leader for the Avengers Tower gym and no one can beat her

Headcanon: The crew all go through nights where they just can’t sleep. It’s not that their minds won’t shut down but their bodies. That tired feeling just never sets in, so they stay up all night doing whatever.

Ryan gets it the most. His body just doesn’t seem to remember that sleep is an actual necessity for living anymore. He doesn’t do much during his sleepless nights though, just reads or works. He sleeps for like 14 hours every ¾ days.

Gavin’s has it just less than Ryan, but not as bad. He just likes working, likes being alive and awake and doing things, and doesn’t want to stop. If he’s on a roll, or just happy and content doing what he’s doing, he’ll go at it until his eyes are blurry and his head hurts. It’s so nice though, working in the middle of the night, because the crew is hardly up.

Jeremy’s just too fidgety. He’s restless. He tries to lay down, closes his eyes and everything, for about half an hour before he has to do something. He sits up in bed or in the living room like a zombie, eyes heavy and not really all there, but he can’t stop moving or shifting. Ryan brings him sleepy teas.

Michael only ever had nights like that when he feels like the world is caving in on him. He has to leave the house those nights, he has to tear at himself and destroy everything he can just to remember he’s alive and has an impact on things.

Jack just likes to watch the city. They sit on the balcony, sometimes with their phone or laptop, sometimes with knitting or sewing, and sometimes just with a drink in hand. They look over everything they’ve taken over, remembers everything they’ve done to do it, and goes to bed once the sun is fully up.

Geoff doesn’t have these nights anymore. They drove him mad, back when. He’d sit and overthink and over analyze until he had his gun out and a finger on the trigger. He takes strong sleeping pills every night now, since the night he shot Jack in the shoulder.

there are many amazing things about the (unfortunately improbable) possibility that Lin-Manuel Miranda be hired on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as one of the many Santiago Brothers, but I’ve gotta say, possibly the single best thing

is the opportunity for Jake’s official initiation into the Santiago Clan to be via ePIC RAP BATTLE CHALLENGE

he’d lose of course but they’d accept him anyway 

Why I want SeokJin to participate in King of masked singer :

● It’d be his first time in a variety show ALONE and outside of the group promotion

● He could showcase his singing skills

● We’d get more songs singing by him alone

● And also duets with other participants!!

● Also I’m pretty sure he’d stay a long time

● Just imagine him winning, he’d be so happy!

● It’d be nice to see a non main/lead vocal in this show


from [2007.10.17] Janiben ep. 024 

Cr.: [Je-Mix]_LJ

Who is the weakest man among Eito?

Ohkura chooses Maruyama.

Ohkura: You know, Maru-chan is really nice. Because he’s so kind… I’m sure he listens to what women ask him to do… I think he will have a extremely overbearing wife without him even noticing it.

Yokoyama: Ohkura, why did you think of something so serious? It’s a variety show.

Ohkura: I was trying to think of something interesting but it didn’t come out.

*audience laughs*

By overbearing wife…





future self?

9 years make a difference for sure!! But young Kura’s predictment was right.

Ladybug and Chat Noir meet
  • Ladybug: Why do you have four ears, Chat?
  • Ladybug: How does that tail help in battle?
  • Ladybug: Did you added them to your disguise? I can't add accessories to my outfit
  • Ladybug: Are you a fur-
  • Chat: Now shut up, you're dressed like a BUG!
  • Ladybug: I was just wondering. I mean, I got a suit, a mask, a weapon and hair ribbons. You have a BELL.
Dating Calum would include

Dating Calum would include

• watching him write songs
• “Calum we can’t just take the puppy”
•"but its giving me the eyes!“
• being naked
• "calum why are you wearing my pants”
• “ I honestly thought they were mine, dammit.”
• telling the boys to complement calum on his bass skills so he’ll shut up about it
• singing into brooms while blasting the 1975
• late night sex in random places
• pouting when you deny him cuddles
• face squishing
• randomly being dominant
• “I love it when you take control”
• play fights
• random conversations at 4 am
• “are you too tiered to give me a blow job..”
• hearing him complain about how mikey doesn’t appreciate their friendship enough
• calling him by his last name
• “give me back my fucking towel Hood!”
• “but your butt is cute”
• hand holding in public
•"leave the dog alone Calum"
• movie marathons
• late night ice cream runs
• serenading you over the phone when you can’t sleep and he’s not there
• amazing bass solos
• “I’m gonna write a song about you”
• “my girls ass is not an appropriate title, Calum”
• him trying to teach you how to cook
• “could you get out of the kitchen dammit”
• getting angry because he won’t leave the kitchen
• giving up and letting him cook
• fights over little things that don’t last long
• cutting your finger on his jawline
• poking his cheeks
• “I’m better at football than you”
• “you suck at goalie”
• him telling you to make him a sandwich
• “what did you just say to me”
• “I said I love you”
• him making you a sandwich
• “STOP WEARING MY PANTS, you stretch them out”
• “those ones are actually mine y/n”