why can't everyone be this open

For being someone who’s always sleeping or talking about sleeping or wishing he were asleep Aizawa sure likes being up late at night, doesn’t he

who would have thought I’d have found yet another reason for finding this man relatable

moral aligments behind the wheel
  • lawful good: Follow the traffic rules to a tee so everyone can get home safe.
  • neutral good: The rules are there to avoid crashes. Everything's fine as long as nobody's getting hurt.
  • chaotic good: Drives off road trying to dodge a squirrel.
  • lawful neutral: Follow the traffic rules becasue it's the fucking law.
  • true neutral: Avoids crashes because why the hell would you wreck your own car?
  • chaotic neutral: What do you mean I can't use an open draw bridge as a ramp fucking watch me
  • lawful evil: Causes a crash because of a traffic rule technicality out of spite.
  • neutral evil: The rules only apply in my favour.
  • chaotic evil: Fuck everyone on this road who isn't me.

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One of the few domestic things that Alex and Maggie argue about is putting dishes away because they never get put back in the right spot (in Maggie's apartment, Alex will put stuff on the unused top shelves to make more space, and in Alex's apartment, Maggie will cram stuff into the lower shelves because she can't reach the top ones) A compromise is never officially met until they actually move in together and Kara's house-warming gift is a step stool for Maggie XD



send me supergirl headcanons

  • me playing SSH in 2009, young and innocent: wow this is so cool :) i love how detailed the museum is, it feels like it could be a real exhibit
  • me playing SSH in 2017, having worked in actual museums and knowing a little something about How Tourists Do: oh my god. what the FUCK. why is half of your exhibit locked behind doors that require playing games to complete. who the fuck is going to want to do that. crowd control?? hello?? everyone bunching around the games, fighting for a turn, then bunching around the itty-bitty doors, swiping their cards one at a time, to go down narrow rickety stairs?? all while fighting the people going back UP the narrow rickety stairs to find more answers in the exhibit??DISASTER. DISGRACE. and the fucking TEMPLE STAIRS??? henrik's not going to be the only one in the hospital after your first school group tears through there. we're very sorry, mrs. johnson, timmy took a swan dive after his classmates got a little too hype about the whole "human sacrifice" thing. no we didn't have any railings or barriers why do you ask. ACCESSIBILITY??? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT??? EVERYONE CAN DO STAIRS AND NAVIGATE NARROW CORRIDORS, NO PROBSIES. OH YOU CAN'T?? GUESS YOU'LL MISS HALF OF THE EXHIBIT YOU PAID TO SEE, BUMMER. WAIT WHY ARE YOU MAD AT US. beech hill is fucking screwed, y'all. i would not be on that staff on opening day if you paid me a million fucking dollars. pandemonium. anarchy. angry sweaty tourists. rascal rebellion, indeed.
  • me: well, I don't DIS-like Taako, but I don't quite see why everyone loves him so much-
  • justin: levitate. crown of madness.
  • me: huh, well that's pretty rad-
  • justin: I summon a phantasmal steed
  • me: woah, okay, that's pretty-
  • justin: I'm gonna use the pylons to cut this open
  • me: okay, I like how this guy solves problems-
  • justin: I enlarge this motorcycle
  • me: wh-
  • Ruby: Dad. Uncle. Sisters. Weiss.
  • Weiss: HEY!
  • Ruby: Are all probably wondering why I asked you all here.
  • Tai: Ruby. I get a text from you saying, "Zwei's tube was empty when arrived."
  • Yang: Me and Blake were studying in the library. *Everyone looked at them with raised eyebrows.* WE WERE!
  • Blake: We were actually.
  • Yang: Anyway, we got a text from you saying Zwei ate our dust rounds again.
  • Weiss: AGAIN!?
  • Tai: It's a long story.
  • Weiss: I was told you got Zwei that new sweater I ordered for him.
  • Qrow: Well I was told there by booze. *there was then a face palm from everyone.*
  • Ruby: Anyway, The reason why I called you all is because as you know Penny and I have been together together for quite some time now. Time that we spend together... intimately.
  • Yang: Ahhhhhh yeah! Baby sis is getting laid!
  • Tai: Yang!
  • Qrow: Well done Kid. Though how does that work? Does she have a built in-
  • Tai: QROW!
  • Weiss: Ruby please get to the point before your dad has a heart attack.
  • Ruby: ... Uuuuuuuuh.
  • Blake: Ruby? Why did you just do the same "uh" when Weiss guess that me and Yang were dating?
  • Ruby: Uuuuuuuuuuh.
  • Tai: Ruby. What is it that you want to tell us?
  • Ruby: Sigh, Okay just promise none of you will freak out. Like, pink swear promise. Like, swear on Zwei. ON ZWEI! You will not freak out. I mean like really really-
  • Weiss: Get to the point. *She inerrupted Ruby's rambling.*
  • Ruby: *It was the they all saw Ruby turn as red as her cloak and quickly said.* MeandpennyhadsexandIaccidentlygotherpregnantpleasedon'tbemadorfreakout!
  • Weiss: ...
  • Blake: ...
  • Yang: ...
  • Tai: ...
  • Qrow: ... Ruby, you know you have to have a-
  • Tai: Do NOT finish that sentence. *Tai told Qrow his eyes never leaving her blushing daughter.*
  • Blake: Ruby... Aside from the fact you are both women, Penny can't...
  • Weiss: She is a robot Ruby. She Can't get pregnant. It's impossible.
  • Ruby: I thought you would say that. Which is why I asked Penny to be here. Penny sweetie! You can come in now. *Everyone turned to the door as it opened and all jaws drop.*
  • Penny: Sal-U-tations everyone!~ *A very pregnant Penny greeted happily everyone givig a kiss to Ruby who happily returned it.*
  • Yang: Oh my god you actually got her pregnant...
  • Blake: I... I don't...
  • Weiss: How?... I mean... HOW!?
  • Tai: ...
  • Ruby: Dad? Are you okay?
  • Tai: ... *Tai slowly raised his hand before slowly falling back out of his chair as he fainted.*
  • Ruby/Yang/Blake/Penny: DAD! *Ruby and Yang quickly rushed to their father side as Blake and Penny looked at each other.*
  • Penny: Huh?
  • Blake: We are engaged. *Blake explained as she points to herself and Yang.*
  • Penny: Oh,Congratulations. *Penny smiled hugging Blake.*
  • Blake: Y-yeah... Cough, you too.
  • Qrow: *Meanwhile Qrow pulls out his scroll and dials a number.* ... Winter. Hey... You remember when I said I said I'd quit drink when my niece gets someone pregnant?... Yeah... No I'm not drunk now.

“But she looked way better before she put all that makeup on!!”
And you looked way better before you opened your mouth and let your irrelevant opinion fall out

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Hey Steph! Apparently, many people who's watched Sherlock have said that this show helped them come to term with their sexuality. (I think you mentioned you have as well) Anyways, I've always considered myself "straight", but opened. However, after being emerged in this fandom, I'm starting to question more. I'm okay with that, but I can't exactly pinpoint why it's such a prominent thought now? It's seems to be a common experience in this fandom, so jw! Thanks for your insight 😊

Hey Nonny! 

Yeah, it does seem to be a common experience here; I myself thought I was straight too and just appreciated all people, and probably broken because I didn’t feel this *thing* that everyone says you do when you find a partner and therefore cut it off when things got too serious. But yeah, when I realized that I could see myself with anyone romantically and be okay with just that, I think is when I started questioning other aspects about myself and learning that fluidity and split model exists. It’s a terrifying thing to go through at 32, but I feel like because of this fandom, I’ve found a lot of love and support and education from people going through their own struggles. 

I hope your journey into learning about yourself goes well; remember there is no “right or wrong” way to be; you are just you and are wonderful just the way you are <3

  • Sam: Where are we?
  • Dean: ....Is that...Sansa up there? From Game of Thrones?
  • Jack: Great news everyone!
  • Castiel: Please, no
  • Jack: I've transported us to the Game of Thrones world. So that I Jack, can kill Joffrey
  • Sam: ...You..didn't finish watching
  • Jack: No need. I can do it now. Then I'm gonna mount Daenerys and Renly
  • Sam: *To Cas* Do something
  • Castiel: Yeah sure, I'll just open a portal
  • Sam: Really?
  • Castiel: Of course, no problem
  • Sam: ...Well
  • Castiel: I can't open fucking portals Sam
  • Sam: Why am I the only sane one?
  • Dean: Am gonna go gank a Whitewalker
  • Sam: Dean!
  • Dean: What? We're already here
  • Sam: Well....we are already here
Ezra, your lightsaber is your life!
  • Hera: We're trapped down here!
  • Ezra: The doors are locked!
  • Zeb: ...
  • Zeb: That's not a problem. Ezra just use your lightsaber.
  • Hera: Don't do that! This is my ship!
  • Ezra: I can't anyway...I don't have it.
  • Hera, Zeb and everyone else: Where the hell is your lightsaber? And why can't you just Force open the door like you did with Kanan escaping from the prison way back when? And most of all where is Kanan when you need him?!
  • AP-5: I tried to warn you.

randomshipper1234  asked:

Hello ! First of all, I'm neutral, I love the three couples, but I have few questions. 1) When and why do you think it will end? (Miarren) 2) What's the story with the instagram girl? 3) Why can't everybody just ship their OTP without being mean to each other? It would be better if everyone could stop being mean, hate is not what Darren and Chris are promoting.

Fact is, I have never approached a Miarren or a Chill and I have no interest in actively seeking them out and disavowing them of their beliefs. Nor would I ever send them an anon. Especially of the nature that I often receive. Because there is no reason. I do not believe in cyber bullying or bothering people because they thing differently than I do. 

That being said, I desperately wish they would open their eyes. B/c all of this nonsense is doing nothing but hurt Darren and Chris.  

So if they come to my blog, then expect to be confronted with the truth. And it is that. The truth.  I could blow both miarren and chill out of the water if I chose to. But I have a little something called respect for the two men involved and will allow them to come out as a couple if and when they want.

Bottom line, I completely understand why a person might believe the lies they were sold. But anyone that looks closely can clearly see the truth. I know I keep repeating this, but Mia lives with another guy. She is not hiding him. And more, he is not hiding her. He posts constantly from the house they share, where Darren DOES NOT live.  He posts about her constantly. Darren is rarely included- just twice as he dropped the roommate bomb.

On Chill, there is a reason Ashley is always present.  

I think for me.  The message I want to get out.  Its not that I judge or fault your for believing.  But I wish people would see the light. Its actually much more transparent than people think. Darren has been suffering for years trying to maintain an imagine of someone he is not. He struggles with depression. Look at him. It is so easy to tell when he is going through these periods. He drops weight. His body language. his face.  He is utterly and completely uncomfortable around her.  Make no mistake. He is literally living in hell. And it is to please his fans and try to fulfill their fantasy. I just wish people would see the truth so that he would be able to breathe easier.

That being said, I think the end of at least that particular PR couple will come soon. And Chill will quietly slip away in time.  But they will be pushed initially when the “break-up” happens to keep the spotlight away from CC.  

Honestly it may still be years for the full truth. I think there will be a multi-layered approach.

On the IG I am 99.9999% certain. But that is the last time I commenting on it. Happy to discuss privately.

the signs and why you're sad
  • aries: your outfit is just not working out for you
  • taurus: you suck at sports
  • gemini: you can't rap
  • cancer: you're shorter than everyone
  • leo: magic isn't a real thing
  • virgo: you got caught cheating
  • libra: you don't want to grow up
  • scorpio: you're hot and no one will date you ????
  • sagittarius: you're so much better than everyone around you
  • capricorn: your hair is falling out
  • aquarius: you accidentally hurt a puppy
  • pisces: you're emo
Exo as kids in a grocery store
  • Suho: he's next to the basket at all times asking what else is on the list. Gets to pick a candy at the check out line for being good. He's going places in life.
  • Kris: is trying to "out good" suho. He knocks over a display. He does not get candy.
  • Chanyeol: who? The moment you walked in he was gone. He has three minutes until he becomes an orphan. Possibly an empty threat.
  • Kyungsoo: suggesting items to pair with tonight's dinner. Knows the location of chanyeol but keeps it to himself. He wants to be an only child.
  • Baekhyun: side eyeing a baby in a cart and tries to be more cute. He's stuck in the baby seat in the cart now. Why baekhyun.
  • Chen: asks for everything he see and gets rejected. The employees are tired of hearing "WAAAEEEEEE" and buy him candies. He didn't earn the candy in a respectful way. Suho is jealous.
  • Lay: keeps asking about cheesy balls. He doesn't understand. He want to go back to sleep.
  • Xiumin: was in the bathroom and now everyone is gone. Wanders the aisles in peace until he spots luhan. He can't run fast enough.
  • Luhan: how did he get the cereal on the ground depict him xiumin holding hands so well? Why is xiumin running away?? Does he not understan???
  • Sehun: started opening candies and eating them. Has no fear. Attempted to use the in-store paging system. Is not allowed to leave the side of the basket now.
  • Tao: wanted to eat stolen candies with sehun but suho gave him a look. Settles for laughing at baekhyun who is still stuck in the basket. He's pure.
  • Kai: wrote in "chicken" 3 times on the list in blue crayon. Is currently missing. Further investigation tells us he's asleep in the car. He's doing his best.
Family Dinner
  • Mycroft: *whines* Why are we doing this? We never do this.
  • Mummy Holmes: *pouring out the wine* We're celebrating life.
  • Mycroft: *rubbing his forehead* We already knew Molly was fertile, we do not need another celebration (to Sherlock) Or is this because you still boast a healthy sperm count?
  • Sherlock: *glaring at Mycroft*
  • Mummy Holmes: Not at the dinner table, Mike.
  • Sherlock: *leans in to Molly* Remember, this was your idea.
  • Baby Holmes: *tugging Sherlock's shirt* Daddy, can I have some wine?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* I don't see why- *catches Molly's eye* Sorry, son.
  • Mummy Holmes: *rubs her hands together* Right, I take it you still say grace, Sherlock?
  • Sherlock: *sarcastic* Every day, mother, dearest *tight smile*
  • Mummy Holmes: *rolls her eyes; clasps her hands and bows her head* 'For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful. Amen.'
  • Baby Holmes: Amen.
  • *knives and forks clatter*
  • Baby Holmes: *suddenly; thoughtful* Granny?
  • Mummy Holmes: *smiles sweetly* Yes, angel?
  • Baby Holmes: *prodding his peas* Does God ever listen to people?
  • Mummy Holmes: Of course he does, my dear. He listens to all.
  • Baby Holmes: *confused* Then why doesn't Mummy ever get any more? Is it because she always asks at night time?
  • Molly: *chokes on her drink*
  • Sherlock: *clatters his cutlery*
  • Mummy Holmes: ...
  • Mycroft: *horrified*
  • ...
  • *flat door opens, revealing John, Mary and baby Rosie*
  • John: Sorry we're late *sees everyone's shocked expressions; confused* What did we miss?
  • 10 year old me: Grey's Anatomy is soo cool. Doctors are awesome. MOM LET ME WATCH THE WHOLE EPISODE, WHY CAN'T I WATCH THIS SCENE.
  • 14 year old me: *closes windows,doors,curtains,peephole,opens secret door,secret room,secret tab* hehe, Meredith and Derek are making out! AWW!!!!
  • 17 year old me: So everyone's just gonna die then? HUH? HUH? Is this why I wasted 7 years of my life with you? I give you love and tears and you give me this? IF YOU WERE GONNA KILL EVERYONE ANYWAY, WHY NOT BLOW UP THE HOSPITAL IN THE FIRST EPISODE ANYWAY??
Bravely Second: End Layer sentence starters (prologue)
  • `"I remember everything now."
  • `"I suppose it's time to return what I borrowed."
  • `"I will not allow anyone to stand in our way!"
  • `"Perhaps you don't even know who you're facing?"
  • `"Let us end this charade..."
  • `"For seven days we tried to rouse you, but to no avail. We feared you lost to us forever."
  • `"If we we're to lose you, why... Oh, how I prayed and prayed you would open your eyes again!"
  • `"I... I failed (him/her/them/you)!"
  • `"Everyone's gone... This can't be!"
  • `"Well, look who's back from the dead!"
  • `"Right! You're off to the-- Wait, are you mad?!"
  • `"And as long as I'm alive, I still have a chance to set things right!"
  • `"I... No. I... All right, you got me! I am scared!"
  • `"When was the last time you bested me in single combat, huh?"
  • `"Hey, don't give me that look! This is a terrible inconvenience!"
  • `"Am I writing a diary or a ghost story?!"
  • `"It's as if... (He's, She's, they've) given up the ghost."
  • `"On a happier note... Look! Isn't it pretty?"
  • `"A-are you crying? Wh-what's wrong?"
  • `"Pray forgive! Your... Unworthy servant..."
  • `"You really do admire (NAME), don't you?"