why can't boys dress like this now

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I like the Trans Danny theory, but I can't get past the photo in "Maternal Instincts" or Tucker's recap in "The Fright Before Christmas". Would the Fentons have been so willing to let Danny dress like a boy at such a young age? Did the transition actually come later, with Jack altering the old photos to make Danny look more boyish? Was Tucker's narration coloured by how Danny is now and thus not an accurate representation of he was then? I'm a cis girl, so I'm clueless about how it all works.

It definitely depends on the family, but I don’t see any reason why not. There’s no age limit on when a person can start experimenting with their gender identity. Some people don’t start until very late in life, and others may be set on how they feel from the moment they’re able to understand the concept of gender.

Take John Jolie-Pitt, for example. He’s eleven now, but he’s been demanding to be called “John” and to be allowed to dress the way he wants since he was around two or three years old. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt just stood by his side and let him do what made him happy.

Not all parents are like that, but Jack and Maddie were able to accept Danny immediately when it was revealed that he was part ghost. They hunt ghosts for a living, talk constantly about wanting to dissect or tear them a part, and don’t seem to believe that a good ghost can possibly exist. Once it becomes about Danny, though, they’re willing to change those views immediately. It couldn’t be easy, considering how firmly rooted these beliefs were in their minds.

For all their flaws, this paints them as very accepting and supportive parents. Next to all that, one of their “daughters” insisting “she” is actually a “he” wouldn’t be a big deal. Heck, even my own mom let me experiment with my gender when I was little, and she’s firmly stated she wouldn’t accept one of her children coming out as transgender.

I can’t see Jack or Maddie forcing Danny to wear dresses and hair bows if he didn’t want to. Even if they initially thought he was just a tomboy or something, he’s just asking to choose what he wears and how his hair looks. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be cool with that. They’d just be sure he knew that, if he ever changed his mind, they’d still be there for him.

As long as they’re not demanding to run around school naked or something, there’s nothing wrong with letting kids dress the way they want to. It’s not like they’re hurting anyone else or themselves.