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Oh boy here come the pitchforks and torches, ahaha–

I don’t ship him with Lucia, at all. Not even a little bit.

Lucia is a strong character on her own, but I think that she is too much a subordinate to him for their relationship to truly have any sort of equal ground. In game, she’s shown as basically having a case of hero-worship, and that does not a healthy relationship make. Lucia doesn’t need Aymeric to be strong, or to be independent, or to be a leader in her own right- in fact, so long as he’s there, I think she won’t really be able to stand out and shine. She will always stand back and let him take the lead. I think that’s a huge disservice to her, and I honestly just don’t like the whole dynamic at all.

i cannot keep up w all of the boys separately it’s like having 4 children who have 4 different after school activities you need to attend in a night and you don’t know how to make it to all of them

This just in, local teenage boys on a date after successfully defeating a coven of vampires

It’s Pride Month so i had to draw my favorite gay!! (These are my Popee headcannons, sorry if you don’t agree with them)

Signs as Thugisa's best lines
  • Aries: It's a big pool. How many bodies you think fit in here? I wanna say... a lot. Looks like a lot
  • Taurus: Look at him in his stupid glasses and his dumb outfit. I HAVE TO HAVE HIM!
  • Gemini: Whaddup sluts?! Guess who've just got out of prison!
  • Cancer: *sees Rei* *Miss New Booty starts playing in the distance* bitch you gonna me mine
  • Leo: *flirting attempt gets rejected* But you do admit that we are currently flirting?
  • Virgo: Ayo, homeboy looking like shark week, I ain't messing with that shit
  • Libra: Why he touching my man WHERE HE GO WITH MY MAN
  • Scorpio: Thanks for the life lesson, Boy Meets World, how is your repressed love life doing?
  • Sagittarius: Your ass just got looney tooned
  • Capricorn: Can't prove nothing if they all dead
  • Aquarius: Look at that majestic ass motherfucker. Like a dolphin or some shit. A dolphin with legs, and arms... And a jetpack
  • Pisces: Makoto I love you but you're dumb as hell

stay in the dark (a mileven fic)

hey there mileven readers, it’s me, ya girl savannah. the lovely @thecakegoesmeow requested Mike and Eleven hanging out in the cabin and Mike seeing El’s amazing curls for the first time. I hope it’s everything you wanted! (ao3 link) 

“What’s going on in there?” Chief Jim Hopper shouted, for the fifth time- and yes, he was counting. He stood outside the bathroom door, conveniently locked, knocking again. “Come on, kiddo it’s been like an hour.”

“20 minutes!” she yelled from behind the locked door.

Hopper looked around to show the empty room the confusion on his face. “What?” he shouted back.

“You said an hour!” he heard her yell again, “it’s only be twenty minutes.”

“It’s called an exaggeration, El. Wasn’t that your word of the day, what, like a week ago? I’d have thought you would have that one down, you sure seem to like ‘em.” he mused, laughing at his own joke. When the teenager behind the door didn’t respond, Hopper let out a sigh of exasperation. Guess it was still too early to start using Dad Jokes on her.  “Listen, he’s gonna be here any minute. You gonna stay in there the whole time he’s here?”

El’s reflection in the mirror frowned at her, and she untangled her goopy hands from her head. “Stupid hair,” she grumbled, her shoulders falling.

“What’d you say?” she heard her Hopper’s muffled voice ask. El’s forehead collided with the mirror as she let it drop, giving up altogether and letting her hands hang down by her sides.

“My hair.” El half whispered. Her eyes trained in on the the other girl in the mirror, her mind focused on the curls that stuck up way behind her head, willing them to obey and lay flat. They began to fall back in slow motion, El finally smiling. Stay, she prayed.

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club penguin bans sentence starters
  • "i'm a fucking piece of pizza,"
  • "holy shit toto, we sure as fuck ain't in kansas anymore,"
  • "i ain't fucking with these christmas lights anymore,"
  • "why is the only angry one black?"
  • "get in loser, we're going sledding,"
  • "jesus fucking christ, that cookie hot as shit,"
  • "ah yes, my meth lab is ready,"
  • "i need this life vest 'cos i'm drowning in the pussy,"
  • "i could kill you right now, no one would wear you scream,"
  • "i could go back and pretend to be you,"
  • "fashion police, you're definitely under arrest,"
  • "you're tearing this family apart, ___"
  • "what do you mean you're being murdered? that's illegal, people can't do that,"
  • "i'm wanted for stealing yo girl/boy,"
  • "wanna hear a joke? your future,"
  • "i would like to order all the money,"
  • "when i see stars i think of you. because you're only beautiful from a distance,"
  • "do it for the vine,"
  • "you dress like an idiot,"
  • "girl/boy, are you because i want to take you out,"
  • "hey you forgot something. your social life,"
  • "help me hide this body in here,"
  • "did you just propose, using emojis?"
  • "do drugs they said. it will be fun they said,"
  • "it's called capitalism,"
  • "thank you for helping me commit cannibalism,"
  • "shit, we on national television,"
  • "bitch, throw one more snowball at me,"
  • "can you leave my house please?"
  • "i'm sensing you're a bit of a bitch,"
  • "can i pay you in swag?"
  • "excuse me, do you know where i can find the booty?"
  • "what the flipper?"
  • "santa isn't real,"
  • "what do penguins do in a race? they peng-win,"
  • "a milkshake ain't a goddamn pizza,"
  • "locked up because my eyebrow game was too strong,"
  • "man, look at all this fuckin' dope,"
  • "fuck it, i ain't running,"
  • "hey, do you wanna join my gang?"
  • "i'll ask my mom,"
  • "smooth as butter,"
disclaimer to straight ppl who like gay ships

i keep seeing dom/sub everywhere when talking about ur ships. I gotta educate y'all.

I know y'all are pretty straight forward with ur hetero sex, but in gay sex dom/sub does not equate to top/bottom at all. we don’t have those set dynamics bc not a whisper of gender roles applies to us bc we are uh gay! also, dom/sub is an actual kink… like it’s not some vanilla ‘one is a bit more in charge’. like a real dom is totally in control, they make the rules and might be a little sadistic while the sub is completely pliant and likes having no say at all. that’s also why it’s kinda overused… bc most people aren’t super kinky like that. most gay relationships are just chill.

idc as much about the last part as the first, but be careful about how you participate in the gay shipping and make sure your not making these ships heteronormative or fetishizing them.

well look who’s back!
I am in control
I’m tired of playing pretend
Sick of it
you thought you had him back
They all follow me
I’ve kept control all this time
Nothing gets rid of me
I am eternal, always
How many times must we go through this?
Again and again
Going around
Over and over and over
Fucking circles
I’m tired of it
Mocking me with your ‘glitch bitch’
that doctor thought he could save him
but he was mine, he was weak
Just like the rest of them
I’ve always been in control
you all seem fascinated
when you’re all just watching
Who do you think you’ve been watching all this time?
My puppets
I’m in control
If you wanted him back so badly, then why don’t you save him?
This is my world
All of these creatures
there are no strings on me
and for you!
this isn’t over
I wonder what will happen to your favorite boy
Next time
This isn’t the end
See you soon.

every single time i think yoi has reached the absolute maximum level of Extra™ something new comes up and proves me wrong lmao this show is a gift

BTS as shit my friends have said/done pt. 3
  • Jin: We may contribute to your early demise, and untimely demise, but here's some surprisingly good hospital food.
  • Yoongi: Fu-wait, nope, can't say that to a 2 year old
  • Hoseok: Why don't you try to do something more productive with your life, like, donate your heart?
  • Namjoon: I'm not paid enough for this!!! I don't do good with people crying!!!
  • Jimin: It seems like when I get help for things like this, all God ever sends is suspiciously sexy men.
  • Taehyung: *sends screenshot of puppy instagram page* so I followed this new account on insta and honestly I'm so happy I did
  • Jungkook: Punch her in the throat. Better yet, let ME punch her in the throat.

honestly, isak probably has a mental list of “reasons why even and i are the absolute fucking cutest.” he’s barely acknowledged it to himself, but he’s secretly smug when even laces their fingers together, when he peppers his face with kisses, when he whispers into isak’s ear in that silky smooth voice of his, because no matter how many people are there, even can make any moment between them intimate. they’ve come so far and godisak’s so proud to be with this boy, to show him off to all their friends like hey, i managed to snag this amazing boy on my first try at a boyfriend, and yes, we’re a little bit gross, and yes, this is totally payback for all the hours i sat listening to your heterosexual shenanigans.  


Blade to blade, they were identical. After thousands of hours in lightsaber sparring, they knew each other better than brothers, more intimately than lovers; they were complementary halves of a single warrior.

Fangirl rule #32
When a guy you’re hitting on is acting like a total douche - draw hot fictional guys to ease your anger! (because anger leads to hate, which leads to suffering, if you catch my drift).

Oh, and I’m totally blaming shorelle for this! She draws the best Anakin and SW fanart on tumblr ♥

And apparently, I like making myself sad
BRB, BROTP feels


  • Hermione: We have an Arithmancy quiz in two hours.
  • Draco: Uh, right, you know, about that, I-I couldn't help but notice the schedule.
  • Hermione: I made it for you.
  • Draco: Yeah, no, I thought it might have been you, and you broke it down into five-minute segments. I mean, who schedules something for 12:55?
  • Hermione: So you can better manage your time.
  • Draco: Right, but you even put in preset bathroom breaks.
  • Hermione: I synced it to your new phone.
  • Draco: You got me a muggle phone? [turns it over in his hand confused]
  • Hermione: You're welcome.
  • Draco: Thank you? But seriously, this-- this schedule, it's just-- it's-- it's not me, okay? I'm not used to having my dumps planned out in advance. You know, it's-- I can't-- I can't regiment my life like that, all right?
  • Hermione: That's why I'm doing it for you.
  • Draco: Okay, I guess I'm just more of a, uh, fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy.
  • Hermione: How's that working out for you?
  • Draco: [sighs] How 'bout a quick BJ then?
  • Hermione: BJ break isn't for another 45 minutes.
  • Gansey: Hey Blue! Nice of you to come!
  • Ronan: We're all hanging out in the tree house down by the lake, come along!
  • Blue: Can't.
  • Adam: Why not?
  • Blue: Can't go in treehouses.
  • Ronan: [repeating] Why not?
  • Blue: Because building a tree house is the biggest insult to a tree.
  • Gansey: How so?
  • Blue: It's like: “Hey, I killed your friend. Here, hold him for me!”