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During arguments with Tony, Peter sometimes will pick up whatever’s closest to him and chucks it (which can be very interesting since ya know Peter can lift around 10 tons)

Tony: *doing his stern pointing thing* “Peter, put that down right now!”

Peter: *slowly picking up whatever tool (wrench, screwdriver, etc.) looking Tony straight in the eyes*

Tony: “I swear Peter, if you throw that…”

Peter: “YEET!”

Tony: “Peter!”

Peter: *running for his life*

here’s our lil alien doing their casual alien stuff! today we made an ultrasound at home to check on them and they’re doing just great and getting bigger!! lots of playing with their feet and lil hand and lots of moving around 💕

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Okay but OW characters switching skins/outfits.

Okay but YES
I had several characters I was making switch clothes with each other but for some reason I’ve only finished this one so far? hmm
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bonus doodle?

He just wants in on the fun, come on.

  • Gabriel: *is about to say his first word on eight seasons after suffering immense trauma and hearing a very emotional speech from Sam who was relating to his trauma*
  • Me: *expecting something meaningful and heartbreaking*
  • Gabriel: Pornstars
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ... why are you like this

“tony stark hates women!!!111!!!1!! he’d hate shuri for being smarter than him”

keith is orpheus in episode 5.

the myth of orpheus is about a man who goes into the underworld to retrieve his dead lover. it’s a universally known story. the imagery of episode 5 is bizarre at the start and it took me a while to figure out why, but even though their fight ends up in space, it starts here:

i really don’t think it’s a stretch to call this underworld iconography. what else could it possibly be? why start this with keith walking down into a cave and end it with him in space? but here we have the cave, the water, and keith following shiro’s footsteps down into into darkness:

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GUYS I just realized something. In rep room photos, the background is iconic, not just because it’s the newspaper that says “Taylor Swift” but because it’s black and white. That means that literally, the rest and of the world is black and white… but you and Taylor are in screaming color.