why can't i draw good?

I really like the idea of Keith being able to sweep Lance off his feet both literally and figuratively



Our teacher suggested us to practice different styles for our portfolio soo… I tried Jin Kim’s style and failed miserably. BUT I tried.

I had a lot of fun and I actually was dying to work on George Blagden’s expressions since I watched this scene. Concept artist problems.
Anyway! I’ll keep practicing this style.


I just finished reading Captive Prince and I must report that it has ruined my life

The pose in the top left doodle is inspired by one of @saltroclus‘s drawings, which are amazing and make me cry ;u;


i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv

i kinda hate how this turned out but i was bored so here’s a watercolour doodle

I knew from the very beginning that I was doomed to not be able to draw any of the ffxv characters but DAMN AM I GONNA TRY!!!!

So here is my son I love him dearly and want to protecc 8__8


Part 1…? I think. (-_-)ゞ゛sorry for the messiness (kinda rushed)!

Fancomic after events of "The Empty City” and “Red Death” 

Flowerfell has invaded my life and sketchbook why does this AU give me so much sinspiration– *wheeze* I hope you’re happy flower satan look at what you did ಠ╭╮ಠ My sketchbooks are full of sin

Flowerhellfell by @underfart-snas / @siviosanei
Fanfictions by @leviticusarts / @leviticuswrites

y’know what I should do instead of sleeping?  I should draw my OTP sleeping.

Pale Gamkar cuddles for the soul at 4:13 AM.  if you’re reading this you should probably be asleep.

ursula395  asked:

what is your absolute favorite ship?

“I like scifell.”


Okay, “like” is not enough to be my “favourite” ship.
Let me check and confirm myself if scifell is my absolute favourite…

Behold, my terrible traditional doodles of how much I love scifell edition 2!

Uh huh…
Yep, Sci-Ko-Path!Sans is there too.


Angst and a comic idea I didn’t use……

And here’s the only coloured draw my friend questioned me…

Actually- forget it and go look for memes instead.
Scifell will always be my OTP <3

Inktober/Mobtober day 1: Swift

And we’re doing this! I already know i won’t be able to complete all 31 prompts, but i want to try anyway. Traditional practice and improvement month is on.

i fell in love w mmo au ouma so i. i had to