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I was bored and needed to contribute to the “just a friend” squad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


#season one Will is a gift

hi this is really bad but i hope you like it either way fjaskd

okay so- hear me out: remy is afraid of being forgotten. he’s terri fi ed that one day everyone will stop liking him and then he’ll disintegrate into nothing. he won’t be a character anymore, he won’t even be a figment, he’ll just be


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Saints Row culture is wanting to dress your boss in literally any other colour but purple but not wanting to ruin the aesthetic by wearing another gang’s colours

I just noticed something

When little Mun-Dee falls from the sky into a backyard in the outback, his soon-to-be adoptive father wears a moustache like the good australian he is:

But then, when we see him again in heaven through Sniper’s eyes, he doesn’t have it:

I always wondered why Sniper’s dad, being a true australian, didn’t have a moustache. Having finally noticed how he used to have one, now I think I know:

His son always had troubles being accepted because of how un-australian he looked, and when he had troubles growing a moustache like all the others, his father decided to shave so his son wouldn’t feel as much like an outcast.
Despite never accepting his professional choices, Jonathan Mundy never stopped supporting his son.

Thank you for suggesting this, @sassysimoneevans ! I’m screaming because I daydream a lot about Yuuri skating to any of Troye Sivan’s songs lol  R U A  PSYCHIC??!?!?!

Song: My My My by Troye Sivan