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Guys Like Him [prequel to You Who | 01] (ft. Jeongguk)

Drabble game prompt 42. “His ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow.”
→ badboy!jk, jock!au, prequel (part 1) to You Who [M] 
→ 6k words, (fluff, mentions of sex, tiny bit angst) 

Y/N: Originally didn’t want to make another series about jk, but You Who got a 1000+ notes and I decided to upload this as a surprise :) Enjoy! Split it into two parts, but I’m finished with part 2 so it’ll be uploaded in less than 24 hrs! 

“Nice job boys, that was a really good practice, let’s keep it up! Go home and get some rest!” Coach Kim blows his whistle as the boys all scatter and cheer as their practice comes to an early end. Jimin catches up to Jeongguk and claps the younger boy on the back, “Nice job kiddo, you’re stepping up into the quarterback shoes pretty well.” 

Jeongguk laughs and punches Jimin back in his shoulder pads, earning a playful laugh from him, “Thanks hyung.” 

“What’re you doing Friday night? Seokjin’s frat is throwing a party soon and is inviting the entire cheerleading squad the night before the game. And I overheard Jisoo saying that all of them were gonna be going. Wanna come?” 

Jeongguk smiles, shaking his head. “Sorry hyung, but I have a date with Y/N. I promised her way before that I wouldn’t flake. And since we have the game on Saturday, we planned for Friday.” 

Jimin groans, rolling his eyes. “C’mon, I miss the days when Jeon Jeongguk wouldn’t miss a frat party for the world. What happened?” 

They reach the lockers and begin removing their heavy gear. “I ended up dating the smartest, prettiest girl on campus. Can’t risk losing that.”

Jimin catches the slight blush on Jeongguk’s face. Smirking, he comments, “Damn man, you can literally get with any of the girls on campus. And you used to! What happened? You’re so whipped for her dude.” 

Jeongguk smiles as he walks towards the showers. With a wide smile, he adds, “I am.” 

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please expand on that night when Plumette and co. got drunk because of Chapeau's brandy + wine idea...

You know I love this idea (discussed here) and you; of course we can expand on that night, though no words can truly capture the extent of the revelry. Too much happened, and too much was forgotten, to really get it all down.

but here are some things that happened that weren’t forgotten:

  • this was way before the curse, of course. plumette was in her twenties and lumiere was just a footman, and their attraction to each other was sort of unofficial. cadenza and garderobe haven’t visited yet—though trust me when i say that at the moment this is taking place, they are definitely enjoying some heated wine halfway across the globe in front of a roaring fireplace
  • but anyway back to the palace and it’s somewhat tipsy inhabitants. as you mention, a quiet night of drinking adam’s expensive wine quickly dissolved following chapeau’s quiet addition of brandy to his own cup
  • once the brandy + wine combination was approved of as being thoroughly disgusting, everyone got to work scrounging out their hidden supplies of alcohol to share. Plumette has champagne left over from Christmas; Cogsworth has his stockpile of sherries, vermouth, and port; Mrs. Potts has an unusual collection of whiskeys; Lumiere procures a bottle of cognac from one of his sleeves.
  • chapeau brings out his fiddle to play a little, you know, something gentle. The rest of the kitchen staff bring out their instruments of choice (a certain somebody pulls out his Parisian accordion)—and the results sound like this.
  • there’s drunken dancing, of course. drunken reels and gavottes; a lot of high heel shoes snap that night—you’d think it was the Twelve Dancing Princesses, from the number of broken shoes littering the floor
  • there are drinking games, of course. there is a strong suspicion that cogsworth makes up half of them on the fly because they all have strong beginnings but then seem to dissolve when it’s time to decide who ‘wins’
  • adam is sleeping through all of this. incredibly. a good thing too, because after that last bottle of gin the servants are wandering all over the palace being idiots
  • mrs. potts is obviously the queen of drinking and is cruising through every challenge one can set before her
  • cogsworth thinks he is the king of drinking but definitely isn’t. doesn’t stop him from trying to fight everybody though. mrs. potts goes through his pockets and tries to find all the weapons but they just KEEP FALLING OUT
  • lumiere, drunk, just gets more sappy and ridiculous than he was before. he gets 10x more amorous towards plumette and cries on mrs. potts’ shoulder several times over stupid things. he believes he can still juggle and doesn’t understand why his dexterity is somewhat dimmed.also he doesn’t realize he picked up some hamsters instead of his usual juggling balls so maybe that’s why they keep moving
  • Chapeau mulls some ale. when drunk, chapeau doesn’t weave or sob or do stupid things; he just sits in one corner with a listener too far gone to wander away, and expounds at length on his personal theory of quantum physics. yeah, he’s one of those drinkers. (i’m one of those drinkers, too. get me drunk and prepare yourself to talk philosophy for 25 years.)
  • plumette is really giggly and flirty when drunk. she isn’t as far gone as lumiere, so she can intelligently realize it’s not a good idea to fall asleep in the fountain, but she is still good at coming up with the Cute Small Drunk™ Ideas, like making flower crowns for everybody
  • mrs. potts is a mom to everybody and makes sure nobody gets really hurt. surprsingly, so is cogsworth. apparently peppermint schnapps really brings out his nurturing side
  • by the time everybody has reached blackout stage, lumiere is very carefully doing plumette’s nails; mrs. potts is singing a rousing rendition of some Yorkshire sailor’s song she definitely shouldn’t know; Cogsworth is already asleep on the table; and Chapeau has moved on from quantum physics and now is deep in a one-sided discussion as to why milton’s Paradise Lost really stands in severe counterpoint to John Donne’s poetry vis a vis its use of semi-amorous imagery
  • lumiere and plumette end up in bed together. obviously. when they’re drunk they forget to act cool and just go for each other
  • mrs. potts wakes up in the fountain. whose bright idea was this, she thinks
  • cogsworth wakes up in his own bed. of course. how he got there no one knows; the reigning theory is that he’s such a creature of habit that even in his cups he is as methodical as a clock
  • Chapeau falls asleep standing up. his coat is stuck on a hatrack so he just rolls with it and falls asleep that way
  • the next day adam can’t get any of his servants to be any use to him of all, so he goes on a wine-buying expedition. weirdly, none of them touch the stuff when he brings it back. also weirdly, adam never finds out what happened to those casks of expensive wine he was supposed to have for dinner

(hey kids if you got through this whole post and think drinking sounds fun, guess what: it isn’t. if you’re not over 21 don’t do this, this is a fictionalized account of drinking, actual drunken parties can be fun but they can also be gross and weird and sad and dangerous. if anybody drank as much as i’ve detailed here they would be dead. be safe and don’t drink if it is illegal.  lumiereswig just wants to make sure you’re safe and loved, k thanks byee)

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I'M SO SORRY FOR THIS BUT You should join the circus.(Why?) So you can learn to juggle my balls all day. + KURT (I'M SORRY) 😂😂😂

Ever since Kurt had integrated Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters, Peter and Scott had taken him under their wing.

The friendship, in itself, was a good thing, but as Kurt’s new friends learned about his crush on you, it became horrendous.

Of course, Kurt wasn’t aware that they weren’t the most trustworthy source for dating tips, as he’d assumed that Americans were all that straightforward.

Walking over to you as you’re sitting in the vast backyard of the school, Kurt smiles timidly, waving at you and taking a seat beside you.

“You should join the circus.” he says confidently, butterflies filling his belly as you turn to him and ask “Why?”. “So you can learn to juggle my balls all day.” he finishes, voice wavering slightly once he sees how red you’re becoming.

Americans were strange.


Character Appreciation Post (10/15)


Honestly, I make fun of Himuro Tatsuya way too much (Case A). This pretty boy has slick hair that covers his eye, making him seem mysterious. He has a smooth voice, which not surprisingly helps him get girls of all ages. Himuro is Kagami’s brother figure along with being Yosen’s shooting guard. Himuro means “white dragon,” a reference to the Japanese myth about a rivalry with a tiger (Taiga). 

He and Kagami first met when Himuro invited the redhead to play street ball. The two grew close and got matching rings to show their brotherhood. 

Eventually, they made a rivalry to see who could win the most street ball games when facing each other on opposite teams. Himuro eventually told Kagami that if he won the 99th game, he wouldn’t consider Kagami as his little brother anymore, so Kagami missed the winning lay-up on purpose. Himuro was so angry that he punched Kagami and said that they would bet on their rings the next time they played.

Even though Himuro is his older brother figure, Himuro wanted a name of his own. If a sense, he didn’t want to be on par with Kagami or even not as good as him, but better. 

Before their rematch, Kagami left and Himuro continued to train with Alex. Matter of fact, he got good enough to be compared with the Generation of Miracles. 

Much to his frustration, he believes that Alex doesn’t treat him as an adult. Moreover, he knows that Alex subconsciously prefers Kagami, which angers him greatly.

One of his most important quotes is “Why? I started playing basketball first. I love basketball more! Why isn’t it me? Why him?

His motto is “Don’t expect life to be fair.”

Himuro’s frustration is understandable. The issue with reality is that no matter how passionate you are, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the best. And that’s a tragedy in itself. Himuro has to wake up every day, knowing that a person that he grew up with is more talented that he is. Sure, he’s proud of Kagami in his own way, but it’s devastating to know that you may not ever surpass that. He’s stuck, and he doesn’t know how to get out. He loves the sport, but he’s reached a limit with his capabilities.

So when people ask why Himuro hates Kagami, he does and he doesn’t. He doesn’t hate him as in he wants to burn Kagami’s guts. He hates that Kagami represents his frustration with the situation he’s in, he hates that Kagami depicts the limit for his abilities, and he hates that his passion for the sport can’t take him farther.

His relationship with Murasakibara is a bit different with that of his relationship with Kagami. The two work as a duo, bringing Yosen to several victories before playing against Seiren. 

Himuro’s frustration about his own talent still exists at Yosen and that becomes evident during his argument with Murasakibara during the Yosen game. The former Generation of Miracles member says he gives up against Kagami, and Himuro promptly punches him. Murasakibara retaliates by pointing out the discrepancy of talent between Himuro and Kagami.

Himuro shows his true colors, saying that he’s always been jealous of Kagami’s talent.

Jealousy is an awful thing to have when coupled with passion. Because it always ends up with the person in question asking if they’re not good enough. And it’s clear that Himuro has been a victim to this. Instead of being happy with his style of playing, he desires something more raw and unrefined rather than his current style that Riko describes as “an elegant dance.” He came to the style he has because he kept practicing and polishing his skills, trying to get better and draw more talent out.

In essence, he tried doing everything he could to beat Kagami.

This guy has the social life that almost every male teenager dreams of. He can charm people to their feet. And he doesn’t care because a person he truly cares about is better than him at his passion, and that’s what is eating him away on the inside.

Behind his cool and polished facade that is deemed a “poker face,” there’s turmoil and frustration beyond compare. And that’s why it’s such a big difference when that outside cover wears away to show his emotion. He hides his turmoil and fighting spirit.

Himuro is also cunning in his own way. He hates being looked down upon and will use tricks to get his own way. A lot of his personality comes out in his playing style. Alex taught him several tricks that she found to be matching to his abilities. The best example is his capacity to make perfect fakes. Behind that polished play is a raw spirit that isn’t there in several other players.

Regardless, Aomine calls him a skilled player but not skilled enough to be a prodigy like one of the Generation of Miracles. Kise says he can never enter the Zone.

His play style is unlike that of any other player at Winter Cup. The best comparison is to that of Aomine’s play style, even though they’re vastly different. If Aomine’s playing is like breakdancing, Himuro’s is like ballet. He’s elegant while Aomine’s is unrefined. Both are beautiful in their own way. Both of them make amazing fakes, but Himuro is loyal to the basics and the original method of playing while Aomine is unrefined. 

When Kagami sees Himuro during the streetball competition, which is when we first meet the Yosen shooting guard, the two are entered as opposing teams. Although we don’t seen them playing the full game due to the rain, we get a taste of their relationship.

He’s the first person to truly understand Murasakibara’s passion for basketball. During practice, Murasakibara is the most fired up out of all of them, but the giant just says he doesn’t like losing. In a way, Murasakibara is helpful and awful for him. He doesn’t care to compete against Himuro, making him feel less of a failure, but Himuro also notices the raw talent that Murasakibara has and it frustrates him that a person who likes the sport less has so much talent.

During the game against Seiren, he does everything he possibly can to beat Kagami. This isn’t because he hates Kagami, but he’s tired of his own inner demons and he wants them to be quiet for ever. Himuro is extremely human, and that’s why he’s so relatable. 

He eventually makes up with both Alex and Kagami. After his talk with Alex after the quarter-final match against Seiren, Haizaki starts a fight. (Oddly enough, Himuro seems to get in a lot of fights. First, there’s this one with Haizaki. In a later Replace novel, he’s saved by Nijimura in America, and Nijimura keeps calling him pretty.) 

Before the Winter Cup finals, he apologizes to Kagami. He realizes that having a rivalry and the jealousy that’s eating away inside of him are two different things and it’s a personal fight. He knows he did wrong to punish his relationship with Kagami because of that, and he wants to face Kagami as both an enemy and a brother.

Himuro Tatsuya is refreshingly human in a series full of incredible characters. He’s honest, passionate, and so important. Even though he’s a minor character, he’s essential to Kagami’s backstory and the events in the series. Without Himuro, we don’t understand what it’s like to love a sport. Without Himuro, we don’t see a touching rivalry.

And that’s why we love Himuro Tatsuya. Not because he’s an incredibly hard worker. Not because he has an amazing play style and a tragic background. But because he represents hopes and dreams that he has yet to achieve. Because he makes mistakes the same way we do. Because he isn’t afraid to have passion. And that’s why Himuro Tatsuya is important.


he’s also important because he can juggle.