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And again, a prompt: She couldn't call him Savitar, not when he wore Barry's face.

(The Plan changes.  Iris really wishes she was a speedster right about now.)

“Hey,” Iris placates, stifling panic as she approaches the two speedsters in the grass.  Barry – their Barry, her Barry – has his gaze fixed on her, jaw clenched, not daring to make a move with a claw embedded in his back.  It has to hurt, but he doesn’t make a sound, staring at her.  Don’t come any closer, his burning golden eyes warn.

She nears.  Barry’s doppelganger smiles and drags her Barry back a step, his low groan reverberating in the air between them as the claw digs in deeper, halting her in her step.  “Iris,” he breathes, pleading, and she can’t listen, because he’s telling her to run.

“Let him go,” she tells his doppel without taking her eyes off him.  She can’t call him Savitar; not when he wears Barry’s face.

“Why?”  His doppel looks at her unblinking, a genuine question.  “Why?  There are a hundred billion just like him.  You want another Barry?”  They disappear and Iris’ scream doesn’t even have time to build before he’s back, holding a distinctly younger, clearly panicked Barry up by the throat.  “I can give you all the Barrys you want,” he growls, throwing the younger Barry to the ground, and a sonic blast forces him back before he can close.

Iris runs towards them, knowing she’s not fast enough, and her fingers close on empty air as Barry’s doppel disappears.  Appearing behind them, another twin holds his ground, a contemporary with clouded eyes.  His gaze fixes unerringly on her.  “All of them,” Barry’s doppel rasps, “are replaceable.”

They vanish.  Iris feels tears on her face but doesn’t say a word.  When the doppel returns with her Barry, she doesn’t hesitate.

“Why?  Because you’ll always be my Barry,” she tells them, plural, them, singular.

Her Barry stumbles, and Iris holds her breath when Barry’s doppel appears directly in front of her, scarred face, clouded eye, hands close enough to kill, and he looks into her eyes and asks, “How can you say that?”

Iris puts a hand on his shoulder and it burns, a nuclear force uncontained, but he doesn’t flinch back and neither does she.  “Because it’s true,” she tells him, and he steps back, repulsion like regret overtaking his expression, a mix of pain and panic, and abruptly he vanishes, leaving only wreckage in his wake, two shadows and one real Barry, hunched over his knees.

Weak with relief, Iris stumbles towards him, falling to her own knees beside him and hugging his head to her chest, holding onto him, don’t leave me, and he presses into her arms and insists quietly, “Iris, I’m okay.”

Her tears fall on his hair; does he know they were the last words he ever said to her before he died last time?  She hugs him and doesn’t say anything, afraid to shatter the peace, afraid to let go – aching to keep him.

Simon D - Childish Jealousy

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Request: May I request a scenario where you and Simon D like each other but neither of you have the courage to say it. One day you’re caught in a blocked elevator and you start arguing for lame reasons but then he can’t take it anymore and kisses you? 

When you took a glance at the clock on your office wall, a wide smile appeared on your face. It was already half past eleven, which means time to get off work! In fact, working hours ended long ago, but you stayed behind to finish editing the music video you had directed for Tiffany, a member of Korea’s most popular girl group. You usually only worked with the underground scene and independent labels. It was the first time you received a request from such a huge company and truthfully, you didn’t want to do it at first because those companies were hard to satisfy and you practically had zero artistic freedom. The only reason you agreed to it was due to Simon D’s persuasion, since he was a feature on that song and of course the payment. However, you regretted it the moment you arrived at the MV set. It felt like you were at Simon D and Tiffany’s honeymoon. They were flirting with each other non stop and although you shouldn’t be bothered by it, it did bother you a lot. There was a strange feeling inside your chest, as if someone was tightening a rope around your body.

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BBC Jekyll sentence starters

1. “I’m your dark side, it’s not like we chat.” 

2. “S/he’s coming.” 

3. “At least they took the snotty one. That shows consideration.” 

4. “Trust me, I’m a psychopath.” 

5. “Husband/Wife. I have questions.” 

6. “You’re scared of me.” 

7. “I’m your new nanny.” 

8. “It’s called marriage, Honey.” 

9. “Are you threatening my family?” 

10. “Oh, this is so much better. Wine, a woman, and a tied-up old guy.” 

11. “They’ve turned off the cameras. All of them. No one can see or hear us…. Suckers.” 

12. “What do you think? Are you proud?” 

13. “S/he’s out of my head! Hallelujah, home alone!”

14. “All day, every day, without killing someone? What kind of life is that?”

15. “Three words: We are coming.” 

16. “S/he’s awake. I can feel him/her.” 

17. “S/he drank. S/he took the car. Why am I getting the look?”

18. “My dark side likes Mary Poppins. No wonder I was bullied at school.” 

19. “I love children, me. Snack-sized people, always leave you wanting more.”

20. “Gentlemen! If any harm should come to ______, I will kill all of you, one by one! And I will take. my. time.” 

21. “Oh, this feels good. Roomy! Look at all this space. I could put up shelves!” 

22. “Well isn’t that just so typical. That’s so like a wo/man, isn’t it? There’s always something they’re not telling you. ‘Sorry, Hun, should have mentioned I’m Dracula!’”

Their Internationally Famous Girlfriend Mentioning Them on a Popular Show


You were sitting as a guest, on an internationally popular Talk Show, talking about how caring and thoughtful your boyfriend is. While Suho was in Korea, watching you smiling to himself, his heart almost bursting with happiness.

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“So, Y/N, I’ve heard that you’re in a relationship with Kris Wu. Tell us what he is like as a boyfriend.”

“Same as you see him on screen. Adorable, clumsy and extremely cool.”

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“She knows what she’s talking about.”


Lay was so touched by your description of him, that he made sure to do everything to in return. He wrote a song specially for you and did a special performance that would show everyone how much you mean to him.

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or maybe

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“Baekhyun is the best thing that has ever happened to me. No matter how sad I am, he always knows how to make me feel better. His laugh and his angelic voice is like heaven to me.”

Maybe for the first time Baek felt shy at your words

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You told everyone how your boyfriend had a voice of an angel. You said a talent like him needs to be recognized everywhere. Your words made him feel like the happiest person on earth as he couldn’t stop screaming from happiness.

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“Everyone should see the passion my boyfriend puts in his work. You can see his true feelings when he dances, that’s why you can’t pull your eyes away from him. My breath always stops when I see that beauty.”

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Yaaas queen (Bobby x Reader)

You got introduced to make-up was around your early teens, you didn’t really feel confident about your acne so why not cover it with make-up? But then the make-up techniques got to a whole new level and as the time passed you got more fascinated by it and almost addicted to it. Your skin was now clear and you took care of it, but that does not mean you stopped putting your make-up on, it was like your mask so you can face the world, kinda like the “S” on the chest. That is why you decide to be a make-up artist.
A lot of your previous relationships did not really liked the amount of time and money you spended on make-up, especially here in Korea were make-up is more feminine and cure, but you were used to the american way, fake long eyelashes, contour, eyeliner, lip liner, lipstick, highlight and all that jazz. When you started dating Jiwon he looked absolutely fine with your make-up, he kinda liked it too, maybe because he grew up in the USA so he was used in women with this type of make-up. As the relationship progressed, they were times you would put on your make-up infront of him and he really looked like he loved it. He would even stay by your side sometimes and ask what is what and how do you apply it.
Last night you slept over at his house so you took over your back of make-up with you. Jiwon told you that he has planned to go out on a date with you so you got up to wash your face and stood in the mirror, ready to put your face on. As soon as he saw you he sat down on the bed and looked at you
“What are you doing?”
I asked. It was the first time he was so excited to see me doing my make-up, he smiled at me with a devilish smile.
“What? you always cheer me on when I do what I love, so I’m cheering you on”
He explained. Shruggin his shoulders like it was nothing, well it is true that I cheered him on in concerts cause I know it means a lot to him, but I did not expect him to become my ‘make-up hype man’. I turned back to the mirror and started doing my normal golden smokey eye
“Yaaaaaas queen”
You tried to ignore him and kept blending the gold with the brown. Then when you were satisfied with the way it looked you beggined to contour so you can make my cheekbones look a lot more sharp.
“Yaass bitch your cheekbones should be as sharp as mine, you better do that”
This is hilarious, he is so into it! and hearing him say ‘yaaaas" in that deep voice was so weird, but so adorable. It brought a smile on your face. You took the beauty blender and started lightly dabbing it on your face so it can blend with your skin
“blend that shit bitch!”
I giggled. This was so hilarious, but to be completely honest there was a part of you that loved it, it was so new but it made you feel better about yourself. So many guys don’t even know what eyeshadow is, but he is curious to know everything about it and supports you on your daily routine. You took your eyebrow pencil and carefully started lining your eyebrows and filling them in
“oooh get it! eyebrows on fleek gurl!”
what is wrong with him? You appreciate the support but he does not really have to do that, but at least he is supportive you know. When you were done with your eyebrows, it was time to put your fake eyelashes. You chose one of the many sets you owned and you took the twizers to help you put them on
“oh the eyelashes! if the eyelashes are not long enough to make you fly then it’s wrong”
You bit your lips trying to focus on your task and doing it right, putting eyelashes on is kinda difficult so you cannot really get distracted. You finally succeeded and went to line your lips with a dark pink lip liner and then go over it with the same shade of lip stick
“there we go, pamper up! If your lips don’t touch your nose then don’t stop”
He is so into this! that hype is amazing, it makes you feel like a godess. You did your lips and now it was your favourite part… the highlight! That glow it gives you it’s almost like a diamond! I mean, how can you not love that stuff, highlight it’s like a religion.
“Yaaaaaas babe, my bae looking like a glazed donut, shine bright like a diamond”
You sprayed your setting spray and runned to him, tackling him in a hug and forcing him to lay back. You sat on his lap and looked straight into his cute cat eyes that looked so warm and kindly at you.
“Why are you doing this babe?”
you loved how much he supported you, but you knew there was a deeper meaning to this. He smiled kindly at you and fixed your hair out of your face and behind your shoulders. Of course you would figure him out, what did he expect? you always knew that something was different about him as soon as he spoke to you.
“Cause I know how much you love it, I have also heard you talk about how your ex’s didn’t like it or made you rush, so I wanted to show you how much I appreciate you. I mean you deal with me having to go around the world and miss dates and all that, but you have been by my side and supported me through everything. it’s the least I can do to make you happy. I love you with or without your make-up”
You smiled, completely swooned over his words, you hugged him tightly, your hands wrapping around his neck, he hugged you back and wrapped his arms around your waist, letting a gentle kiss on your neck. He started rubbing your back, making you even more relaxed and let your self go, supporting your weight on him.
“Is that why you always watch me when I put on my make-up?”
you questioned in a hush tone, not moving an inch away from him, feeling those warm and fuzzy feelings bubbling in your stomach. He was such a loving boyfriend, always thinking about you and making sure you were okay. When you first met him you were a bit worried about him and his persona, you were not comfortable with the lifestyle he lived. But the more you got to know him, the more you realised he was not that kind of person around you.
“well yeah, but also you get that look on your face that’s so excited but also so focused, it’s almost how I look when I get ready for a concert, but in a different setting. I love it when I see you actually enjoying yourself”
“Thank you baby”
That’s all you could say. All those feelings were just getting stronger, it was the first time you were 100% accepted for everything, so he did deserve a thank you.He liked his lips and gave you a light squeeze, feeling a little bit better about his self in the boyfriend tittle, he loved seeing you happy and he loved how interested and passionate you were about that stuff that you took it as a career. Hell it was what brought you in this country, which means make-up was the reason you got together. He should be the one that should be thankfull.

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5 times Yuuto claimed he’s fine and the 1 time he accepted help

“Alright,” Asuhi says, and then he’s climbing onto the bed and curling up beside Yuuto.  “Get some more rest,” he whispers, and then he’s out.  Yuuto’s still kind of in shock, barely feeling how soft and warm Asuhi is, all tucked up against him.  Slowly, his eyes close, and the rest of his senses fade until everything is just him and Asuhi, and the warmth lulls him to sleep.

Wanted to write some nice Yuuasus so that yuutoakama would go to sleep. Ended up with this monster of a fic. Amazing.

Word Count: 3324

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~The Best Date - Michael Clifford Fluff~

Pairing: Michael and Y/N

Rating: Fluff

Requested: Nop, but feel free to do it!

Michael was finally back from tour and, after those first days where you were just helping him unpack and cuddling 24/7, you decided that you should do one thing that you haven’t done in a while. Yes, you meant going on a date. 
Your boyfriend had to go to the studio for a few hours because something hadn’t been properly recorded so you just stayed home. You could’ve gone out somewhere but you decided that you wanted to play some “Diablo” for a bit and then you would start fixing your hair and finding out what to dress for tonight. 

After playing for an hour or so, you started doing your hair but nothing really worked, you weren’t expecting a big fancy restaurant so you tried a messy but cute ponytail, you tried to braid it, let it loose, tie it… but nothing seemed to look right. You soon got frustrated and decided that you might as well just start with what you are going to dress, but nothing seemed to work either. You spent hours on this, trying dresses and tops with jeans, long skirts and short skirts and even some jumpers, but nothing seemed okay. After a few hours Michael got home and he came home to a very frustrated Y/N who kept mumbling to herself and walking back and forward with pieces of clothing in her hands.

It gotten to a point where you didn’t even know what you wanted to do, you just felt really worthless.

Your hair was awful and, no matter what you tried to do to make it better, it just didn’t work at all. Your clothes made you feel disgusting, nothing fitted you like you wanted. Long skirts made your waist look weird, short ones showed too much leg, dresses just didn’t feel right, tank tops looked weird in your chest area, jumpers were too loose for your liking and jeans were too tight. You started feeling so so so frustrated that you just sat on the bed and cried. Michael was very worried at this point, so he sat down with you and rubbed your back, whispering sweet nothings into ear, and you had to admit it did soothe you a bit. 

-Michael, thank you for what you are doing. I’m very sorry I’m crying so hard, I’m just so sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry… - you whispered lower and lower. 

-Why are you apologizing love? What’s the matter?- he asked in a very concerned tone. 

-I don’t know how to put it into words Mikey. It’s just bad. I don’t feel okay, my body is so weird and nothing fits me. My boobs are too big, what even is my butt anymore, my stomach is so big and awful that I just want to rip it off, don’t even get me started on my thighs, and my arms are just very weird shaped along with my legs. My hair is always a mess, I can never do anything with it and, seriously Mike, why are you even with me when, let’s be real, you deserve someone so much better and prettier than this.- and you pointed at yourself. 

-Okay first of all don’t call yourself “this” ever again, because I love you and you aren’t a thing, you are a human being. Second, if I deserve someone better, or not, that’s my decision to make and I still choose to come home to you everyday, and when I’m not home I still choose to call/facetime you everyday and see your beautiful face and messy hair that I love so much. Your boobs aren’t too big, they are the perfect size and so are your thighs. Your arms and legs look just fine and aren’t weird shaped at all and your stomach is one of my favorite parts of you because it’s so damn cute that I just want to pepper kisses all over it, and I love when I put my hands around you and they rise and fall when you breathe. Your hair is very messy, yes, but please remind as to why a messy hair has to be a flaw of yours?… Look Y/N, I know you don’t always feel the best about yourself and I know that sometimes you just want to rip your skin off and become someone else, but I love you and I don’t want anyone else. I choose you with your messy hair and cute stomach, with beautiful boobs -Michael smirked- and a beautiful smile. Your personality is one of a kind, you are so goddamn honest and kind that it amazes me how, with so much evil and hate in the world, you still manage to be so much full of hope and love. How can you be so caring in such a hateful world? -he kept rubbing your back to soothe you- Y/N, I choose you to come home to, you with your beautiful smile and caring personality, you with messy hair and sleepy eyes. You are my one and I don’t care about anyone else in the world so please don’t cry, dry those tears and smile that beautiful smile of yours because you are so beautiful. I’m sorry you can’t see it, but I’ll make sure that, with time, you will. I love you so goddamn much. I really do. 

You just sobbed violently at this point. No one had ever told you such kind and heartfelt words, and knowing that someone as amazing and perfectly imperfect as Michael saw you that way and appreciated you that way made you cry of happiness because you were just so damn lucky. 

-Michael, babe, I’m not a pokemon, but I’m glad you still choose me. I love you so so so much, I choose you too. You are my one too. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I’m so lucky to have you.- you kept crying, you were so overwhelmed by all this. 

-No, thank you love. Thank you. 

The both of you ended up not leaving the house, you decided to just enjoy each others company on the sofa. And it was the best date ever, film marathon, cuddles, popcorn and the best boyfriend you could ever ask for beside you. 

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Whoa there Free! headcanons incoming

Hey guys, in light of episode 9 where Haru is having trouble with what he wants to do and also communication, I’d like to take a moment of your time to talk about Haru, and his communication habits. Mostly Haru’s inability to communicate his feelings with others, and you may be think “wtf Haru can communicate fine he just prefers to be quiet” and to that I say: not exactly true!

Haru actually has several problems with communicating with others, and like we have seen all throughout Free!, Makoto often has to act as a conduit for Haru’s thoughts when he isn’t able to express them.

I’m gonna go ahead and start this out with High Speed! which is really where the bulk of this argument comes from so hear me out. When Haru isn’t with Makoto, unless he feels particularly motivated he tends to avoid conversation with others, or he only says one or two words. Haru doesn’t particularly get into any long conversations with anyone other than Makoto, because Makoto is probably the only person he feels comfortable with talking to.

We know that Haru has trouble talking to other people without Makoto being there like here:

When he got closer, Haruka could see Aki’s troubled face more clearly. Should I just keep quiet and go past her? Or would it be better to at least say something? Unsure, he looked over his shoulder, but Makoto didn’t seem to have caught up yet. 

Why am I wondering about something so pointless? Why am I looking to Makoto for help? As Haruka was scolding himself within his heart, Aki realized that he was there, and turned to him with a sad smile.

Haru probably doesn’t even realize that he has a problem either, which is why he’s confused about why he needs Makoto to stop and talk 
to a classmate. Haru is clearly unsure how to handle other people’s feelings, and when he does speak to Aki, he kind of second guesses himself and is seriously doubtful about he impact of his answers, like here: 

“It’s impossible. You’ll have to give up.” I wonder if I sounded too cold? After he said it, he was a little worried, but realistically, there was nothing to be done.

I’ve always kind of felt that Haruka has had issues with putting his thoughts and feelings into words also. One of the crucial points of this is that he doesn’t understand why Makoto frequently speaks for him.

He’s the kind of guy who just says whatever he’s thinking, Haruka thought. Sometimes he even voiced Haruka’s thoughts for him. He was meddlesome that way.

I don’t think that when Haru said Makoto was meddlesome, I don’t think he meant it in the “He’s so bothersome. I can speak for myself” way. I think he meant it in the “Makoto has to voice my thoughts for me sometimes, but I want to be able to do that for myself” way, recognizing that he has problems with conveying his thoughts.

This is why Makoto is really such a big part of Haru’s life. Makoto knows him and understands him and without Makoto, Haru probably would have ended up alone in life without a team or purpose. 

The really really really bothering part about this comes from High Speed! 2, when Haru joins the swim club at his middle school with Makoto. In this one particular spot, I kind of got really upset because Haru was being forced to speak and react when he just couldn’t do it. Makoto had to speak for him and because of it Haru got scolded. This is how it goes: 

“Since I’m also the trainer, I’ll call everyone by their first names, okay? You’re all fine with Asahi, Makoto and Haruka, right?”



Asahi and Makoto answer. Haruka didn’t give a reply.

“What about Haruka?”

He was reminded to reply, but Haruka kept walking in silence. He leaves the follow-up to Makoto.

“Um, excuse me. Could you call Nanase ‘Haru’?


“He doesn’t really, well, like his own name……”

Nao stops and turns towards Haruka. Then, he stuck out his fair-skinned, smiling face.

“It’s the name you got from your parents, so you should treasure it, okay?”

Chills ran down Haruka’s back. He may be smiling, but his gaze is freezing cold.

“Also, say that kind of thing yourself, okay? Haruka.”

“…… Yes.”

He unwittingly replied. No, he was forced to reply. While being bewildered by a weird intimidating air, Haruka couldn’t fathom Nao.

First of all, even if Makoto had to speak for Haru, Nao could at least have accepted the request. This part made me so mad I felt like it was really rude of him to say that to Haru. Haru staying silent most of the time is due to him thinking other people are too loud and bothersome, but when Haru thinks that way, his narration includes his thought of “oh this is bothering me” but not here. 

Haru doesn’t want to say what he means to say, and instead he lets Makoto say his thoughts for him, but obviously it backfired when he was forced to comply. With Haru’s delayed “….Yes” he was clearly hesitant about the thought of saying those kinds of things for himself. Those things bother him. 

Haru wasn’t being silent just to be an asshole here, like seriously. He actually is never silent just for the sake of being a jerk. It took Haru 7 episodes to tell Makoto that swimming was meaningless without him. It’s episode 9 of Eternal Summer and Haru just now said his feelings about his future, and that was only because Rin confronted him. Haru is a person who tends to dodge his feelings so that A) he doesn’t make others worry and B) to make it easier on himself (except episode 9 because honestly everyone was pressuring him to decide and not talking about it only stressed him more) 

To keep on with episode 9 I cannot stress this enough!!! Haru doesn’t like to have other people worry about him.It is a fact, Haru says it himself. Haru wasn’t being mean to Rin for yelling at him about his feelings. He tried to avoid them so hopefully they would go away, and he doesn’t like the pressure of being worried about. When Haru knows other people are watching him and worrying about him, he gets even more stressed. 

Dammit, what am I doing, being all exhausted?! But even if he could muster up his fighting spirit, his chest still hurt, and his legs wouldn’t move forward. He couldn’t bear the thought of being seen like this by Makoto or Rin. Rather than having anyone worry or fuss over him, Haruka wished he could just disappear. He refused to be the kind of person people worried about.

This is why Haru evaded Makoto and Rin so much until Rin finally cornered him at the end of the episode. Especially with Makoto and Rin, Haru doesn’t like to be fussed over or worried about. At all. AT ALL. We also know how much Makoto means to him, and Haru doesn’t like to see Makoto, or Rin for that matter, be upset. Haru was seriously shocked when he saw Makoto crying after their race. Haru listens to Makoto’s thoughts and feelings a lot more than anyone else’s. Haru was pissed at Rei when Makoto almost drowned trying to save him. Haru let’s Makoto cling to him and shake him around when he’s scared without even being the least bit phased. But Haru doesn’t like Makoto to be worried. If it was Makoto that cornered him, that conversation probably would have gone a lot smoother because Haru is careful with Makoto as to not upset him. I have nothing against Rin or RinHaru but Haru really has no trouble yelling at Rin when cornered, whereas when Makoto corners him, Haru talks peacefully

So that’s everything I really have to talk about. Remember kids, Haruka isn’t emotionless, he just has trouble expressing himself. Haru has communication issues. He also doesn’t like people to worry over him. Haru is absolutely not an asshole.