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REMEMBER WHEN I STILL HAD SHORT ANTIGRAVITY HAIR? IT WAS THE “this ain’t my bubble tea why does that fucker have it” thing and you STILL haven’t had boba I’m cackling



god my style was awful

noah fence but i want an UNHhhh episode titled “comparing” and the video opens and it’s jaymes mansfield and she goes “hi im trixie mattel” and sasha velour and she says “and im katya” and they do the normal unhhhh intro and they just spend the rest of the video talking about how often people will compare drag queens to other queens even tho they’re all unique and the next episode katya and trixie are back and no one says anything about it



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If the characters of arthur had tumblr blogs what would they be about?

arthur: a mishmash of personal posts (mostly venting about dw), reblogs about the bionic bunny/dark bunny cinematic universe, tons of pictures of his dog

dw: runs an out-of-context mary moo cow screencap blog

buster: food gifsets and conspiracy theories. reblogs those bogus disney recipe posts and comments stuff like “tried this last night!! delicious 😋😋” and no one can tell if he’s joking or not 

francine: sports, horses, scathing vagueblogs, and the occasional callout about people in her class who happened to wrong her

muffy: basically richkidsofinstagram

brain: responds to all “SCIENCE SIDE OF TUMBLR EXPLAIN THIS” rallying cries with 5000+ word long explanations on stuff like “why a bubble pop when it cold”. longwinded but incredibly informative

fern: posts scary short stories that eventually get stolen + reposted by local horror blog thruppenceee, artistic photos of her neighbourhood, Which Romantic Poet Should You Fight, reblogs those “ok but imagine if [vague concept]” posts and writes a story around it and gets a dozen “omg u should write a book!” comments in response

sue ellen: travel photos, “why is no one talking about this??”-style news reblogs, martial arts gifsets, vegetarian recipes, posts reviews and writeups of local businesses in order to drum up support 

molly macdonald: has an art blog where she posts drawings of her OCs and reblogs lots of animation tutorials/references. people have doubts it’s actually her blog until they hit the posts where she tears into sexist character designs and depictions of female characters in media, then they know it’s definitely her

binky: main blog is about wrestling + fighting techniques but has an anonymous sideblog devoted to opera, ballet, and butterflies. occasionally posts his poetry (of which fern is a big fan)

george: posts blues music and videos of his ventriloquism acts with wally. a good and pure blog, free of drama

mr ratburn: 

prunella: The Signs As

“Women, teach your sons to be better!” but why? but why? nobody had to teach me how to be kind, i learned it naturally, i learned it easily. i watched and listened and took turns and sat pretty. i don’t understand. what could i teach them better than they could learn just from breathing? why is it my job to curb my brother’s anger when i’ve got my own well stewing and bubbling? why do i have to reign in my father’s spite when i can barely survive on my own at night. why is it my fault how the men act when the men are supposed to be leaders and authorities. you don’t tell a drunk driver it’s okay to do as they please. if they need a woman to show them how it’s done, maybe every single one of them should hand over the keys.


In this silly swap au, Taako would take Ren’s place (since she took his).

After the events of Glamorsprings, Taako was disgraced and attempted to hide himself from the world. He settled in Refuge and when the bubble went up, he was more than relieved to finally be free of consequence. He started up a little bar, only serving drinks and, still incredibly traumatized by what happened, he vowed off magic.

To him, it’s only been months since Glamorsprings, when it’s actually been 6 years.

Ren adores Taako; he’s the sole reason that she finally left the Underdark to live her own life. She considers him her greatest inspiration. You can imagine her shock when she sees him running a bar in a bubbled city.

Magic Kaito Chapter 36 Spoilers [English Translation]
  • A: Right! 左(left) and 右(right)’s only difference is a part that looks like katakana エ and ロ…
  • A: We should open only those keyholes that will make a hiragana た shape!
  • K: N-no… if we’ll do it, then, like before…
  • K: We will be on the verge of impalement, miss…
  • A: Then what should we do?
  • K: Please look clo-osely at the kanji for left and right, engraved on the door handle…
  • K: Don’t you think that the sweeping stroke’s length differs?
  • A: R-really! ‘Left’ sweeping stroke is longer and goes right until the bottom…
  • K: If we’ll consider this, it should open…
  • K: That’s not hiragana 'ta’, we should create something like an inverted さ…
  • K: T-that’s why the lowest row’s…
  • K: From 4th to the left to the 9th…
  • K: T-then 6 row…

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