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Like Her - Part 4 (C.H.)

A/N: I was asked to do a Part 4. Enjoy! :) x

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I could see a fleet of emotions flash across Calum’s face at my confession.
“What?” He asked.
I closed my eyes as I tried to rid myself of the images of my past from when I was a part of that gang. “Please don’t make me say it again,” I whispered.
I heard him stand up and angrily push the swing back, the sound of metal chains clanking in the air. “What do you mean you were a part of Harry’s gang?”
I opened my eyes to see Calum standing in front of me with both of his hands clenched into fists and a fuming expression on his face as his chest heaved heavily.
He took on step towards me. “What do you mean you were a part of Harry’s gang, Y/N?” Calum gritted through his teeth.
I gulped. “It means what it says, Calum.”
He didn’t rest his gaze. “Explain.”

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It’s Not All That Simple (Calum Hood Imagine) - Part 3

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Requested: Yes

Warnings: Mentions of sex, swearing and Calum kind of uses the girl

A/N: This was a series that I did on my old blog and it’s been requested again. Tell me what you think! This is badboy!calum. Sorry I took forever :-( It’s not been proof-read.

It’s Not All That Simple Masterlist

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              ❛ i told him what we were all thinking, and you just didn’t have the balls to say. ❜  eyes don’t even bother looking up at other, he truly doesn’t care at all about other’s reaction,  ❛ he’s going to be a terrible father. ❜

So my little sister has gotten back into gravity falls, and wanted to get that blacklight special edition journal 3, but the lowest she can find it online is like 500 dollars, and she has a total of zero (0) dollars

So instead I’m buying a normal version of it (13 dollars-ish), a bunch of blacklight pens, and a handheld blacklight thing that looks like the one in the show, then writing all my own stuff in

This is the kind of thing that cool older sisters do right


D: I don’t know why but babies always cry when they look at Phil’s face

P: Do I look like a lich or something?

D: No you look FINE Phil. I wouldn’t cry if I was a baby and a looked at you

Me: okay this is cute as frick someone please help me