why boyd why

Because apparently I️ hate myself

Andreil AU of The Notebook:

- Neil took a lot of head trauma during his time in the pros

- even with all the helmets and padding, the amount of concussions that he’s had alone is insane

- and so as he gets old he develops Alzheimer’s

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I can’t stop thinking about this for some reason okay so we all know about hockey players and their playoff beards, yes? (lets pretend i know things about sports) what if they had the same tradition in exy? I’m just imagining all these exy boys with their beards please bear with me

  • before and during the pre championship games, the fox boys just stop shaving
  • listen to me
  • kevin with a beard, o shit
  • kevin has one of those beards that grows in real nice, i’m talking like chris evans’ beard except darker
  • he looks fucking beautiful, with his dark hair and his green eyes, he was already a heartthrob before, but exy fans (female and male alike) are losing their pants over this shit
  • neil was aware of this tradition but this is his first time participating
  • he does not want to join in, but matt hid all the razors in fox tower
  • neil cannot grow a beard. it’s patchy, it’s scraggly & itchy and he is NOT HAPPY
  • until andrew starts scratching his fingers through it when he kisses neil (which is even more frequent than before, andrew thinks neil’s ginger ‘beard’ is hot, he wont say so, but thank u playoff beard)
  • matt’s beard grows in real thick
  • dan has forced him into a flannel at least once for that LumberJACKED Aesthetic™️
  • nobody can be in the same room as them for very long, nicky jokes that dan is in heat
  • nicky always wants to look smooth and beautiful but he didn’t want to be left out
  • he convinced erik to join in all the way from germany
  • he skypes erik like 20 times a day complaining that it itches the first week
  • andrew and his blonde beard, please imagine this i’m fuckidngs;skfah
  • neil wants to die
  • andrew looks good with a beard
  • & 12000% more deadly tbh, people literally avoid crossing paths with him in pubic because of his permanent Murder Face™️ mixed with a beard
  • cue neil slipping off with andrew to do dirty things like 25/7
  • when will wymack catch a break
  • they rarely hear from aaron anymore, he’s always with katelyn (having straight person sex, as nicky calls it)
  • even wymack joins in, he looks so burly & intimidating. nicky tries to find out if abby likes it but instead earns himself 5 miles around the court
  • BONUS jean grows out his beard & is speaking french, jeremy is pretty sure he’s gonna have a heart attack, he wont survive championships with this shit
  • Neil: Andrew!
  • Andrew: *grunts*
  • Neil: after nicky was done talking to Erik
  • Neil: He told me he had butterflies in his stomach
  • Andrew: ..
  • Neil: why would he eat butterflies?
  • Neil: what a fool!
  • Neil: ANDREW! why are you leaving the room?
13 Reasons Why (Sterek)

Alright, listen! So I was rereading 13RW (after I finished watching the show as well) and naturally, Sterek popped in my head and I legit cried a whole half an hour just thinking about it. Like, that shit would be so sad and like damn…so…I made a list of how it would go.

Hannah- Stiles     Tony- Boyd     Kat- Erica     Jeff- Scott

1 & 10. Justin – Jackson  || 2. Alex- Liam  || 3. Jessica - Lydia  ||4. Tyler -Matt

5. Courtney- Corey  || 6. Marcus - Danny  || 7. Zach -Isaac  || 8. Ryan- Mason

9. Clay -Derek  || 11. Jenny- Kira  || 12. Bryce – Theo  || 13. Mr. Porter- Mr. Argent

And like I feel like I might actually do this after I finish the story I’m currently writing for the sterek exchange. It would honestly be the coolest thing I will have ever written. Cause just imagine:

                                                     Tape 1, Side A
Hey, it’s Mieczysław, Mieczysław Stilinski, but commonly known as Stiles, don’t adjust your, whatever device you’re hearing this on. It’s me, live and in stereo. No return engagements, no encore and this time absolutely no requests. Get a snack. Settle in. Because I’m about to tell you the story of my life, more specifically, why my life ended. And if you’re listening to this tape. You’re one of the reasons why. I’m not saying which tape brings you into the story. But fear not, if you received this lovely little box, you’re name will pop up. I promise

Reasons I’m Glad Teen Wolf Is Ending
  • The Queerbaiting
  • The mistreatment of all of their minorities
  • The way the show and fandom excused everything Scott did
  • The treatment of Lydia Martin
  • And Vernon Boyd
  • And Allison Argent
  • And Erica Reyes
  • And Kira Yukimura
  • And Isaac Lahey
  • The mistreatment of their cast 
  • The unresolved plot holes
  • The mistreatment of all of their minorities
  • I don’t have to cringe at Scott’s stupid decisions anymore
  • The bad writing
  • The queerbaiting

is it just me or did anyone else think of Erica & Boyd & Allison during the last scene when they were talking about the last day of school and moving on with their lives and kinda got sad because those three rays of sunshine also deserved that last day of school bliss. those three deserved to live to see their last day of school, to see their graduation and deserved to go away to their college of choice and leave the craziness of Beacon Hills behind. 

it’s probably just me.

do u ever actually forget that a character is dead in canon because the fandom denies it so consistently