why beyonce


If that’s not proof that awards ≠ success or impact I don’t know what else is. 

These are the only black artists to ever win Album Of The Year Grammys:

Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, Lionel Richie, Lauryn Hill, Outkast, H. Hancock, Whitney Houston & Quincy Jones. Now Adele and Taylor Swift have won album of the year twice and Beyonce has never won it. 

White mediocrity is always rewarded we know this.   

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your art is really cute!! i wish i could draw people that well! so in the doodle of nursey and dex where dex is eating biscuits from red lobster, is that an intentional reference to the beyonce lyrics about taking a guy to red lobster? because that's where my mind went straight away (and then to dex's back story with fishing etc) and it just made me laugh and brightened my day a little because nurseydex is so good and it'd be so funny


they get kicked out like 10 min later bc nursey cant stop singing the song but thats ok bc dex snags the biscuits

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I think it’s so funny how society is quick to brand those problematic lily white women (Taylor swift, Lena Dunham, Amy schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, etc) as feminist examples, but Beyoncé who has been singing feminist songs since destiny child and has always stood up for women had to write Feminist in bold on a mainstream scene but still people questioned whether or not she was a feminist

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lena jokingly calls kara daddy one time and it becomes like... an inside joke between them even before they're together so long story short one time they're chilling with the rest of the superfriends and lena offhandedly says "daddy, can you pass the salt?" and neither realize why everyone is staring and money is being exchanged across the table

half of me is yelling “yes!! !” but the other half rly wants 2 say “unrealistic. blockt” bc i cant stop thinking abt the ask elly @luthoring got abt lena having a mommy kink,