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Is using honey bad? It would be hard for me to give that up because I love it so much.

16 oz of honey requires 1152 bees to travel 112,000 miles and visit 4.5 million flowers.

Most of the honey we get at supermarkets and stores don’t come from natural hives. 

Honey is an animal product, produced when bees digest nectar they have collected and then regurgitate it. It is an animal product, just like an egg or milk. Yes, a bee is an insect and not technically considered an animal by many people, but a bee’s body changes the composition of what it ingests, just like other animals.

However, there is another reason vegans won’t eat honey, and that is because it is harmful to another living creature. According to Daniel Hammer, bees do experience pain and suffering while they are being exploited for their products (not just honey but also beeswax, royal jelly, and more). There is simply no way beekeepers, humane or otherwise, can avoid harming or killing bees while they are extracting the bees’ products. Many vegans choose their lifestyle because they wish to avoid harming any other creature, and so they choose not to eat honey.

Check out this couple of articles that are pretty complete about everything around this topic :) 


This little goon was scheduled for slaughter two weeks ago today. Luckily, some dedicated souls brought him to our sanctuary and rather than spending the day on someone’s plate, he spent it playing ball, burrowing in hay, giving copious pig kisses, rolling in the grass, and chewing on my shoes. Pigs have feelings too my friends 🐷

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there's no need for kara to dress that gay

kara, probably: they wont notice i look like supergirl if they’re too busy wondering why i look like my vegan wife and i live on a small farm with our two dogs but during the week we drive our matching subarus into the city for work

just a thought...

It seems like a lot of people I know who are recovering from an ED end up adopting a plant based or vegan diet. And we often get a lot of shit for it because “veganism is another way to restrict.” I think that on the whole that’s BS. ED’s are destructive, reckless, unhealthy. So recovery pushes us to reverse this and be constructive, careful, healthy. An awareness of food combined with this idea of minimizing harm/suffering–to ourselves, and the animals that food often comes from–makes veganism seem so logical. My life and my health shouldn’t come at the cost of the health of another living being. I think veganism embodies compassion for all lives, self-awareness, PEACE, self-love, HEALTH, sustenance, LOVE.  

I’m poor. B12 and vitamin D deficiency runs in my family, as well as anemia. I have multiple allergies, PCOS, and depression/anxiety. I’m basically a walking poster-child for all the “why people can’t be vegan” excuses.

I’ve been vegan since 2005. I just went to my PCP and she said I was healthy. Stop using my real problems as your hypotheticals. You clearly don’t care about me, or people like me, and just want a half-assed excuse to shit on veganism.

i feel as if i always have to act like the ‘cool vegan’ and it really bothers me. why should i brush off the exploitation and slaughter of billions of animals like it’s no big deal?
why should i silence myself to make you feel comfortable? those are my friends. please don’t eat them.

Climate change is devastating the globe but it has been for a long time now, so I don’t believe in this rush of nihilism that I’ve been seeing among various political circles. I also don’t think nihilism will do anything to help the indigenous people and poor nonwhite people (particularly in nonwestern countries) who are facing the brunt of the destruction. They’ve been dealing with it for so long, and frankly I think taking a “oh god, the world is ending” or “oh, we’re fucked, wake up” approach is impractical and selfish. 

Nothing is going to happen if you believe we can’t change anything. The most vulnerable people in the world have no choice but to keep living and keep fighting, and for westerners, who are just now confronting the reality of climate change, to give up or take the most cynical approach, is cruel. 

It’s also not intellectual, despite what nihilistic thinkers would have you believe.

I do think that it’s time for those who’ve had their eyes shut to wake up, and if a healthy dose of cynicism is necessary for them to smell the roses, so be it, but I’m really tired of fellow westerners sitting around proclaiming our doom and apocalypse. 

For so many communities and for various reasons, the world has ended everyday. We have to help those communities. We have to learn about climate change and the science behind it. We have to learn about its toll on indigenous and nonwhite communities. We have to understand what environmental racism is. We have to analyze how neoliberalism, globalization, and capitalism are the primary forces behind the acceleration of climate change, and how corporate expansion is suffocating nonwhite communities around the world. 

None of that will happen if you sit back and type “the world is ending right before our eyes, lads”. The world is not ending. The world is fucked up and that destruction won’t go away if you think it’s already ended. It’ll continue, and continue, and continue, and it’s up to all of us, not just the most vulnerable people, to fight it and institute permanent change.