why be specially responsible

A comedian’s job… I think that we’re responsible just for being funny and being original. That’s where our responsibility begins and ends.
What about the responsibility of a fucking audience member? What about their responsibility to comprehend that they’re hearing something that they know is being said in humor and they know they have the ability to laugh—or not laugh—accordingly?

Why do bloggers, audience members, and special interest groups suddenly have zero responsibility for accurately interpreting the content of what they’re hearing? Why is it only the comedian that has a responsibility?

Why is it the audience has zero responsibility for willingly walking into a situation where they know they’re going to hear something that could be offensive, or upsetting, or objectionable, and still getting offended?

There’s no responsibility by them and their reaction. All of a sudden a room full of people who enjoy something are invalidated… And the one person bothered by it is suddenly the focal point where everybody goes: “You are right. You walked into a situation where you knew something could be made fun of but you are right to have gotten upset. And all of those people are wrong for enjoying it. And that person is wrong for saying it.”

When did comedians become someone you were supposed to interpret literally, word by word?

—  Jim Norton

Really, is it so hard to understand why Jews might not just nod along as they’re told about how privileged their experience is?

Let’s just take the twentieth century…

Got off to a smashing start with Kishinev. Then, pogroms, the Beilis trial, the Leo Frank lynching, Jerusalem, Jaffa and Hebron. The ethnic cleansing of Jews from Western Russia. The ethnic cleansing of the Jews from Afghanistan.The Soviet Union. The Evian Conference, the turning back of the St.Louis, the Wagner-Rogers Bill.  The Nuremberg laws, the death camps, and the murder of a third of all the Jews in the world. Baghdad. Then the ethnic cleansing of the Jews of nearly all of the Middle East and North Africa, another 900,000 displaced. The forcing out of the surviving Jews of Poland. The Doctors Plot trials. (Did we mention the Soviet Union? Continued persecution of Jews in Ethiopia. The Paris synagogue bombing. The Goldenberg restaurant attack. Refusniks. Arrests and executions in Iran. The LA JCC shooting.

And this is just a kind of haphazard Greatest Hits list. For one century. And this shit did not stop in 2000, either.

Looking at this, is it so hard to figure out why the response to “you get extra special treatment because you’re white, well, most of you, not all of you, but anyway, you’re rich and influential,” gets a response that is less “gosh, let’s examine our privilege!” and more “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT NOW, EVEN MORE BLOOD?”

Especially when our presumed wealth and influence, half the fucking time,was used as a REASON to come and kill us?