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group shot! they’re Drops because they were inspired by the Sailor Moon Drops game. :D

also a question: should I do Sunset in her first/second movie colors and outfit, or Sunset from Friendship Games+? I like both versions and I can’t decide. :( (I also need to figure out which SciTwi I wanna do but that’s assuming I have time for her.)




Sorry guys I just need in of help, my tablet is about to die and has been glitching badly. So I am opening up only 1 slot for 200$ paypal only Reference sheet of a character of your choice!

What comes with the package:

  • Front/back full body
  • 4-5 Expression sheet
  • Color chart
  • Option choice of; Painted Head shot / Alternative Outfits / Waist Up

If interested or not, Signal boosts will be appreciative!! 


Hey guys whats

hey guys whats up im starting commissions!


  • Sketch: $2 bust, $5 knee up, $7 full body
  • Lineart: $5 bust, $10 knee up, $15 full body
  • Flat Color: $10 bust, $15 knee up, $20 full body
  • Full Color: $15 bust, $20 knee up, $25 full body


  • Extra character: ½ the first characters price
  • Simple bg: free ;)
  • Complex bg: $5-$10 (depending on complexity)
  • Simple gif: $5-$10 (depending on complexity)

If you want a specific thing not listed (colored sketch, lineless painting, etc) ill discuss a custom price!

i am also willing to do other art styles besides my own, although the price will vary and i cannot guarantee it will look correct

Will do: 16+ nsfw (non sexual nudity, implied/mild sexual stuff, drug use), semi-realism, gore, anthros/furrys, ocs/sonas (WITH REFERENCE!)

Wont do: 18+ nsfw (the sex), mecha/complex machinery, certain ships i disagree with, super detailed backgrounds, realism

i will not make any exceptions to these rules!

pm me if you want to commission me!

paypal only and payment upfront~

your commission should be done in around 3 days to a week after purchase!


uhhh i have no excuse for this….. (phone doodle)

Today is a very special day. It’s my Taekwondo Sensei’s 57 year old birthday.

I basically grows up in his dojo since I was a kid. Because of him I got my black belt at 14, and things he taught me were way more than just martial arts. He’s a very important person in my life. I see him as my second father, and he makes me a better person.

Happy birthday, the Sensei of my life.