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Riz Ahmed is cancelled. Have you seen his instagram picture with actual trash can Lena Dunham?

Listen, not every celebrity is perfect. I am sure John Boyaga or Mark Hamill as innocent seeming as they are probably have done something problematic we do not know about [who knows, John could secretly ship F/innlo while Mark could have cheated on his wife with like Harrison Ford or something I dunno].

Now I am not excusing Lena Dunham. But someone taking a Photo with a problematic person doesn’t make them a Bad person. While yes, denying a person is bad is bad…. Let’s look at some of the things that Riz Ahmed had done you are overlooking due to a photo with a problematic trash can:

  • Marched the Woman’s March in London
  • Speaks out against Racism including the Islamophobia he faces
  • Covers the lack of Diversity in Media [again covering how is typecasted as a terrorist]
  • Was one of the many to be vocal over Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Comercial
  • Supports Enviormental Causes I believe.
  • Worries that he’s disappointing his mother [see the Riz Ahmed Googles Himself Video]

So just like we haven’t canceled Carrie Fisher for sleeping with a married man, and Harrison Ford being said Married Man yet, let’s not Cancel Riz for taking picture with a trash bag. People take pictures with human garbage all the time.

Ps: While I am a fan of Adam Driver….WHY ARENT YOU CANCELING HIM HE STARRED IN THE DAMN SHOW? If Riz doesn’t get a pass he shouldnt either.

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*falls into the ask box* Sooo i heard you ship Nier x Wiess?

hello yes you are correct welcome

headcanon that honoka is the Token Straight Friend, and when she goes to uni she befriends a guy in her class who she finds out is gay and shes like “oh, you’ll love all my friends!” and hes like “oh no are they straight girls who want a gay best friend…” and honokas like “no???? theyre all lesbians” and honoka introduces him to kotori and umi (v gay and v much in love at this point) and they spend the whole time making jokes about The Straights and honoka is like How Did This Happen to Me? but shes a good sport about it because shes the straight friend every gay wishes they had

when honoka falls in love with a man and they have a daughter her little girl comes up to her one day when shes about 4 and asks “why are you and daddy married? arent girls supposed to marry other girls? like aunty kotori and aunty umi? and aunty nozomi and aunty eli? and aunty maki and aunty nico? and aunty rin and aunty hanay-” and honokas like “okay you can stop there i get it honey”

I want a fic or something where everyone is like Disgusted with how /married/ jim and bones are and everyone talks behind their backs like ‘why arent they together???? can’t they see that theyre in love’ ‘oh my god these idiots are blind just have sex already’ and one day someone actually brings it up to them and bones just goes

“What the hell are you talking on about? We’re fucking married.”

Of course everyone is just like “WHAT”

And jim goes “well shit bones i think we forgot to tell people, though i thought we were being pretty obvious.”

wedding night with calum

  • walking into the reception room hand in hand with the biggest smiles on your face
  • calum whispering jokes about how he can’t dance in your ear during your slow dance
  • feeling his tears on your shoulder and vice versa you both would be so happy to call the other theirs you couldn’t help but cry
  • people taking pictures of you guys where you look like the hottest couple to ever get married EVER
  • having the best menu clearly
  • the dance floor just filling with your family and friends and their little kids
  • the venue being very romantic and soft and dimly lit
  • michael dancing with your grandma
  • the cake smushing would be so cute cal would laugh so fricking hard and he’d be smiling so big
  • he’d probably lick the icing off your cheek
  • hi boys have you met my WIFE
  • the boys presenting you with an award that officially lets you into the elite club WiveSOS
  • a video montage mali put together of all your friends talking about how cute you guys were
  • a photo booth with props and all that cute stuff people would absolutely loveeee it
  • calums arm never leaving your waist
  • everyone can literally feel in the air how much you guys love each other
  • staying at the venue for a long time after the guests leave just your close family and a few friends sticking around
  • your legs hanging over calums lap as you guys laugh until the late hours of the night munching on leftover cake
  • renting a little place to stay with calum for the night
  • staying up and talking about the future
  • lots of love making and TONS OF KISSES
  • even more “i can’t believe i got to marry the love of my life tonight”

Ok but why would you wanted to be in a committed relationship with hisoka. He doesnt know how to do his taxes so you would have to do his taxes for him. And you guys arent married yet so you can’t file taxes jointly. For yourself you could probably just fill out a 1040ez, but in all honesty i think hisoka makes too much money to file a 1040 ez. you would be stuck filing a regular 1040 tax form, and then a form 8949 since its the sales and dispositions of capital assest tax form. And not only that, but since hisoka probably has some savings in the bank, he would be making money on interest, which also has to be taxed, so then you have to fill out a 1099 INT. Also i forgot to mention you would have to fill out his W-2 form and his W-4 forms earlier in the year. All in all I just dont think its worth it to be honest.


CHALK DREAMS _(:3 」∠ )_

you guys know that video of the guy who just came out of surgery who couldn’t believe that his wife was his wife because she was so pretty and the drugs didn’t wear off yet?and he was like no way….you’re my wife? You’re gorgeous!! And he was all loopy and cute and she was filming and laughing

Imagine Bucky I getting some surgery on his arm, because Hydra maybe didn’t do a good enough job or whatever, so when he’s finished he’s still on the hospital bed recovering and high because of the drugs they gave him and when he sees T'Challa he’s just like….whoa who are YOU? You’re beautiful whats your name??????

And T'Challa is just kind of laughing softly as he’s like…James…we’re married

And Bucky just kinda loses it. He’s like I’m married to YOU? you’re MY HUSBAND? Holy shit, wow…how did I get YOU? You’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!

And T'Challa is just flattered and chuckling as James tries to wrap his mind around it, and he’s even more in awe when he learns that T'Challa is a king

Bucky’s like I married a king??????and you’re so pretty????i hit the jackpot wow I have to tell everybody bc arent you a doll

And so T’Challa is laughing and Bucky is rambling to the palace doctors and nurses and the staff are all wondering why they chose this job

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Why do you not like the second article?

articles on 1d fans as the subject always make me roll my eyes, regardless if it’s in a positive/negative light. my problem with it is cus it’s mostly with people craving self validation since a positive article (usually by a fan ofc 🙄) is usually written after a bad one, which usually cover the usual “teenage fangirl” shit and how fans want to marry him and talking about larries (dont get me started 🙄) and it’s like… 1d fans arent saints.

while i think it’s incredible that 1d fans have raised so much money each year for charity, since i havent heard any other fandoms do that, it cant erase the gross behavior that’s common (stalking/getting their #s/harassing their families/bullying/etc) in the fandom… articles usually dont mention the gross behavior since they’re usually written from an outsider’s perspective, but you cant cover it with a blanket over that and act like everything this fandom has ever done is good.

obviously being a part of the fandom you experience everything so yall know how really toxic it is right now, and it’s not cute at all. mutuals are always fighting on my dash and everyone is so divided and its like can yall shut up… lmao

but anyway, it’s literally so easy to ignore negative articles. theyve been writing them for years and theyre not gonna stop. we usually give positive articles hits and then the author does something bad and then yall trash them so there’s literally no point in it in the end ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

also the article sounded like it came from celeb mix so uh… another lmao

after botfa thorin proposes that he wants to start blacksmithing again and that he will open a shop in hobbiton and is confident it’s going to be a success cos he’s going to start fight training and obvs they will need weapons and goes on to explain that the young hobbits are defenceless and need to be trained and that he will be their leader and bilbo is fucking frantic wHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WHY DID I MARRY YOU??!? THEY ARE INNOCENT TINY HOBBITS WITH FLOWER CROWNS AND YOU’RE GOING TO TURN THEM INTO ASSASSINS AND CREATE A GANG ARENT YOU .I FUCKING KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN MAHAL WHY DID YOU MAKE ME LOVE THIS IDIOT

forget the revenge and love me (M) jungkook pt.7

BTS member jungkook x reader

genre : smut /mature

summery: ‘she’s the reason why he’s gone’ jungkook said staring at the old frame

who’s this psycho !! i don’t know who kept sending this texts : you will suffer ,you are nothing, you will cry a lot, be ready for your next life, hell is waiting and more….

it was him.. jungkook the one who hurt you so far but marrying him is what drove you insane,. is he going to stop revenging on you ?is he even planning to tell you why?

as much you felt pain as much you felt love; what if he felt the same is he going to stop his revenge ??

A/N this chapter and the next have mature contents and romantic scenes to match the story line 

thx for the messages guys i will work harder :))))))


chapter seven 

virgin ! 

jungkookie arent’ you going to the company “

“no mom i’m going out with y/N “

“oh this sounds good she is suffering since the marriage you are not giving your wife so much time you need to spend more time with her how she will trust you if you keep your self away ? kookie me and your father are old enough i really want to see my grandchild” his mom said patting his hair 

“sorry mom “

“no dear son don’t be i could understand you, we were so cold above you we always took care of junghoon because he was the one who will join the company first and we didn’t notice how lonely you were i blamed my self every time i see your cold eyes, we’re sorry babe” Mrs jeon sobbed slightly “we lost junghoon so please don’t make us lost you too you are our beloved son now 

jungkook stared at his mom his heart ached thinking about memories of a little cheerful boy who smiled non stop than how that smile disappeared little by little he was lucky his brother that time was there for him but than every thing went black and dark he remembered his cold nights in america alone in his brother condo, he saw him every night in dreams, begging god to find the girl who made him suffer til killing his self all the family got a chock after the suicide incident no one suspect that specially every one knows how cheerful and full of life junghoon was no one knows what really happen in america only jungkook tried to find something helped him to find why his brother left him he wanted to kill that one who stole his brother life and made him cry rivers 

jungkook didn’t even know how to comfort his mother he didn’t see her crying before he didn’t really know how? should he hug her ?or just kiss her !!he frowned and clinched his fist”please stop crying mom”he said closing his distance with her “please son be happy and try to build your own family you got a lovely wife don’t lose her i don’t want to see you in pain neither her too 

but that wasn’t his purpose jungkook married you to make you suffer in the first place so why would he stop? it’s only two days for both you than he will try to still the truth from you he wanted to know every thing to feel peaceful

y/N ah, jungkook called you while you were changing the bed sheets “

“i’m here what?

“go dress up we will go out “

“why “

“you ask too much”

i just wanted to know to know what to wear “

“what girls supposed to wear on a date “

“date ! with you! you gasped in disbelief “

“i’m not that handsome to go out with ?

“oh no i didn’t mean that you left him to the dressing part exciting you held your smile as much as you could . you chose a pair of black jeans  and a red cardigan with a pair of black boots you put some make up and a red lipstick you felt satisfied finally but when you were about to go to where jungkook was waiting you stopped and tried to run back but he noticed you and came faster than light 

“ please give me five minutes i want to change again i didn’t like my self you said covering your lips but he already noticed your nervousness 

“you look beautiful i like your outfits and we don’t have time let’s go he grabbed your hand and pushed you to down stairs 

“it’s not wrong to be beautiful for your husband he said helping you to get in his car

you didn’t said any thing just give him a grin 

“where are we going jungkook “

“to buy you a dress “

“a dress for what? i had a lot of dresses already “

“i checked them they aren’t what you need for the big party, you need to be so beautiful you are my wife after all 

“is it this big and important ! that party i meant 

“emm you will meet  a lot of people that you already know your parents will be there too 

your pov

i was happy today i was dating my husband for the first time! it felt awkward as i saw him talking along with me kinda new ;), we went to see some boutiques and enjoyed so much what i saw jungkook told me that i could buy what ever i want i chose a pair of shirts for me and him he didn’t protest and bought it for me i also got a nice bag for taetae i miss that little brat too much he will like it “i asked jungkook and he nodded  

for the dress jungkook took me to a mall, this was the third dress i tried now and he still not satisfied i shout him gave up face and went back to fitting room to try the other one i don’t know why he didn’t like it! i really like it well it was short but it was my style i always wear short dresses for parties the fourth dress was really amazing i didn’t know that i will be that sexy and pretty in it it was a sleeveless creamy dress  with a heart neck , a lace fabric that covered all the top part of it and the bottom was too long i was like a fairy actually i took a photo and send it to Mirae and she exploded my kakoa with emoticons of hearts and thumbs up 

jungkook came to check me i felt shy before going out 

“how is it please don’t tell me to change “i murmured

he stared at me with soft eyes and parted lips than he came closer “no need i like this one you look great he said picking my lips i felt chills ran down my spine immediately when he started to deepen the kiss i didn’t know why he really like to kiss me but i didn’t care i already liked his kisses we stopped kissing to take a breath i didn’t dare to look up in his eyes but he held my waist and picked me up to reach his eyes’s level “what do you want to do for the next part of the day lady”

“i smiled hugely at him “let’s go eat than i will tell you

we took my new dress jungkook paid for it even i had my credit card that he gave to me after our wedding i actually didn’t use any thing of his money i was always using mine maybe because i didn’t feel that i’m his wife yet we went to a coffee shop and we ordered some coffee and cupcakes i was sitting there waiting for my cupcakes while jungkook went to the bathroom 

“y/N a soft manly voice called me “

“oh my god oppa i run to him and hugged him immediately “i miss you so much when did you come back “ i said wiping my tears 

“you supposed to be happy to see me “

“sorry oppa i remembered my dongsang ! 

“i couldn’t forget her too, she was my best friend ever i hope she is resting in peace in heaven ,tell me what are you doing here ?”

“ah i almost forgot, i’m here with my husband i turned my head to find jungkook glared at me with anger he came towards us

“ there he is , oppa this is jungkook , jungkook this is minhyuk oppa my friend when i lived in america before they shook hands but jungkook didn’t say any thing 

“y/N ah gonna see you next time i will visit you sweetie have a nice day gotta go now “

he left us when jungkook stared at me “i left you for five minutes and you didn’t waste time what kind of girls are you “

“he’s my friend what’s wrong in this “

“what kind of friend who hug you and called you sweetie ? bed ? 

i panicked seeing my fingers mark in his jawline… i slapped him !!! my eyes got teary and i ran out of the café “am i a bitch in his eyes? bastard i cursed him in my mind when i felt a hand stopped me i turned to face him as he pulled me harshly “let go of me i’m a bitch to you to stay with let me go jeon jungkook  “where did you think your self going “

“home i want to go home “

“come here he took me to his car and threw me in the passenger seat i didn’t stop crying i was hurt and i wanted to kill him right now 

he stopped the car in an empty place “get off the car he ordered as he did too “this is not home i told you i want to go back home 

“i’m sorry “he apologized to me am i dreaming :o

no don’t come closer, stay there i shouted but he was ignoring me “who are you y/N why you kept teasing me? are you really an innocent girl or you are acting? “

“think as you want it’s my fault that i .. i thought you could be nice to me 

“ah the truce yeah i didn’t forget it i said i’m sorry “

“stop hurting me please i gave up when my tears ran down my cheeks and he hugged me immediately i hated him i love him i loved his embrace i became familiar with his skin i liked it when his breath burned my neck and ears i like it when he tightened his arms around me all that made me weaker to knees i didn’t stop crying and jungkook held my nape with his hand while the other in my waist he crushed his lips on mine and was totally insane to let him do that i know i couldn’t do any thing expect kissing him back the kiss became passionate and i shivered i felt scared to think about what can he do next he smooched my lips and i moaned unconscionably it was damn cold but not anymore my body was rushed by a high hit of fever it was my first time experienced that kind of kisses i didn’t know that i could kiss someone that way even songhyun didn’t kiss me that way i was too closed with him i always stopped when he tried to slip his tongue into my mouth but with jungkook it was different i love him differently 

“we cool now “he said half panting never leave my forehead 

“you really like to kiss me i teased him 

“you like me when i did “

it’s wrong “

“it’s not wrong to kiss your husband he whispered and guided me to his car 

i woke up next morning in jungkook embrace he was sleeping soundly he looked tired i grinned seeing his pure face “am that handsome i quickly looked away “aishhh he caught me staring at his angelic face i felt embarrassed and turned to quit the bed but he giggled keeping me in his arms 

jungkook pov  

i woke up satisfied for the first time since years i even slept well y/N was in my bed i caught her eyes staring at my face when firstly opened my eyes  it’s the day two of our truce  sorry hyung but i’m tired of this coldness i wanted to have a day of warmness then i will try to know the truth please don’t be mad at me i said for my self when i kept my wife in my embrace “it’s early just let’s sleep more it’s Saturday anyway”

“but i..”

“stop struggling and shut up i didn’t sleep for so long he sighed and you looked up to him he was right something told you he was tired as he was thinking of something tough 

i felt something in my face and it was non other than y/N touch, she kept touching my sharped nose my jawline and my forehead she traced my hair i felt relaxed as i kept my eyes close til i slept again…

it was 6 pm when you went upstairs to get ready for the party your parents in law were also going  you grinned remembering how much both of them are in love she looked happy when he helped her wearing the new diamond necklace jungkook’s father brought to her their relation was strong and steady you took your shower and went out to fix your hair you decided to raise it up on a nice ponytail then you put some make up matching with you dress that looked amazing hugging your curves you gave your mirror a satisfied happy look 

jungkook who was wearing a black tuxedo was waiting for you in the living room his fist clinched as he touched the new material in his hand the necklace that he wanted to give to you before leaving but he hesitated as he noticed what was written on the back “everlasting love” he smirked bitterly as it was true he didn’t notice it when the seller shew it to him he just like it it remembered him of you  

a while after he came to check you  you bumped on his chest as you opened the door at the same time as he did 

“oww my head”

“did i hurt you 

“why should your chest be that strong aish !!you looked up to see how freaking handsome he was, you gulped and murmured let’s go if you want “

“you are pretty he said when he was driving “

“thank you for the dress you grinned and he nodded 

jungkook drove slowly as he entered a gas station it was a cool night you arched your head back when you noticed the crazy speed of the coming car and the big dog laying in the corner 

no no you panicked hysterically leaving the car you ran towards the bleeding pet and checked it but it was late you cried your eyes out as you saw the blood already stained your dress and the bang of your coat when you felt hands snatched you “are you out of mind jungkook yelled with angry eyes  he was shaking “

you just kept sobbing hard as he gripped your arms eyeing your fucking new state “shit shit y/N fucking shit you ruined your self how could we reach the party now !!!

“ta..ke..me..h..ome  blood it’s blood oh god you said sobbing 

he didn’t protest and pushed you to his car “you were about to die what the fuck did you thought your self doing what if that car hit you too 

“but he killed the dog it was innocent you shouted back shaking you became paler and jungkook noticed that he remembered that you already get a chock of the blood he didn’t hesitate to wipe the stains in your hands then drove back home

“you have five minutes to wash your self and five minutes to get ready we’re late enough 

“i don’t want to go please “

“shut up and do what i told you you ruined my mood enough tonight i will never be there alone hurry up 

you did as he told you,you chose a new black dress your father bought for you from his last trip it was amazing you put a new silver heel to much with the dress glitters and changed your hair style to make it free down your shoulders 

15 minutes later you showed up jungkook looked at you with a poker face he gave you a new coat and both of you headed to the building where all the gifts were gathered 

“look it’s jeon heir couple his is she his wife ?? “

“oh god she is stunning 

people were gossiping you sighed in relief when you saw your friends and your parents all of them were sitting near each other so you and jungkook joined them 

“you looked pretty sweetheart “

“thanks mom you grinned and sipped a little of your drink it burned your throat and you frowned 

jungkook’s father took his chance to speak “thank you every one for coming tonight ,as all of you know i lost my elder son years ago and this broke my family but i thank my god all the time as i had an other great son who tonight will be officially the new CEO of our company i hope you treated him well and helped him to continue our great works i also want to announce that jeon jungkook my son is married a month ago to the beautiful Min y/N the daughter of Mr Min our partner many guests cheered for us and you felt shy as you felt hundreds eyes checking you and jungkook the newest hot couple 

let’s dance taehyung asked Mirae and they stood up to the dance floor 

jungkook was talking with some elders and you kept drinking your glass well it wasn’t bitter any more you were nervous and you wanted to go back home to sleep 

hello sweetie a familar voice called you patting your bare shoulder

“oppa your eyes brightened and you smiled hugely for the first time since the beginning of the party 

“are you alone come on let’s bring back the past and dance “

“hhh sure 

hosaok who was sitting next to you heard that “oh my god jimin look at jungkook eyes he will eat her alive tonight i think y/N made him jealous 

“who is he? jimin asked 

“he said let’s bring the past do you think he is her ex or something “

“let’s be ready to help kookie any way

minhyunk grinned pulling your waist closer as he kept telling you how he lived the past few years after you coming back to korea he was Min ah ra best friend and she was your twin so he also know you well  

“how is your sister’s son is there any news about his father “

“no sadly we didn’t know any thing even his name you know how protective ah Ra was 

don’t be sad sweetie i will visit your parents soon come too 

“yeah sure 

“can i get back my wife? a husky voice spoke behind you and you froze it was an angry wolf 

“sure take care of her minhyuk winked at you “see you later “

“yeah sure take care oppa 

jungkook wrapped his arms as he was a snake ready to swallow a prey

“i can’t breath “

“you looked satisfied in his arm is he precious ?

“of course he is one of my best oppas you replied innocently 

“best oppas !! “when will you stop flirting jungkook whispered in your ears if someone was near he will though he was kissing your neck when he was just arguing with you 

“you hurt me please stop this jungkook let’s go back 

both of you quit the floor and went to seat with the others but jungkook was thinking to do a stupid crazy thing he took your hand and greeted them all and go back to home he was under a rage of hormones 

why are we here you asked him finally when he wrote his condo password you didn’t want to enter as you felt the danger what if he will do something it was your first time you feel scared of him this way

“this is home too come in “ 

jungkook left you in the room to take a shower  that what you thought when you started unzipping your dress you jumped as you felt a touch in your spine you cried out “what the fuck kook you scared me “

“you didn’t like my touch and you were really cool with that guy one 

the need of cry hit you so bad “jungkook please let go of me i didn’t enjoy anyone touch just let me he was just my friend, your breath increased when his hand rubbed your stomach teasingly you gulped is he thinking of what scared you the most ! no no no please don’t don’t do it you cried louder as he dropped your dress you were in your undergarments in front of his eyes that idea only made your feet shook more

“how many men you make with this body i’m wondering his words hit you so hard the way you forgot about you shame and turned to face his angry eyes with your red hurtful orbs “i’m a virgin !

jungkook laughed chocked as you said that you tried to ran away but he blocked you lifting your half naked body to his bed and laid of top of you you struggled 

“i’m your husband i have the right to do it didn’t i ?

“please don’t you don’t love me this is rape “

“stop talking about love this is not related to love any way he said and crushed his lips on yours you tried to push him but he didn’t allow you, his kiss became hotter and he started to deepen it you gave up finally when you felt the  rush on your naked body his hands traveled   to squeeze your ass you felt weak and you really gave up you love him and you wished for so long to have your first night with him even he will never change you wanted him it was crazy but it was love you kissed him back and the kiss became more passionate you felt your chest was panting against his lean chest  his eyes eyeing your sexy body while his lips traveled south to your neck biting and sucking giving you love bites his thumbs traced your lips and you melt with the new sensation as you moaned at him your hands that were frozen held the him of his shirt playing with it so he took it off now you were staring at his torso he was full display for you you dared to touch his abs with hesitation as he was kissing you again his hands slipped to untied your bra and you shivered gosh it was embarrassing to be naked specially if this one was him he teased your breast and bit your delicate skin “more?” before you could speak he teared off your underwear; you felt his thick lips on your wet pussy as he started off by planting kisses; you moaned at the feeling of his pillory lips and hot breath teasing you core “ah no please “ it was really a new fucking feeling for you to taste you bit your lips and he looked up at you and bit his lips too they were glossed with your juices; he licked his lips; you moaned again when you felt his lips attached again on your heat; this time he trailed your clit with his tongue; taking long awfully slow licks; you needed him now  so your hands were grabbing on his shoulders as you tried to make him do something to release the building pressure; you felt him smirking against you wet pussy you just want him now no more thoughts no more blame but he didn’t seem satisfy as  he fucked you little tight pussy with his tongue again and again while he massaged you clit with his thumb in tight circles; never averting his gaze from yours, “how bad do you want my cock in here? he said pushing two fingers at one time; your walls clinched around his thick fingers; "you feel so tight you cried out as it was the first time something entered you and it wasn’t a pretend cry even jungkook noticed the pain in you face he hesitated to continue pleasing you “ you were really a virgin his mind kept asking he immediately came closer to you and hovered around you “did i hurt you “he asked with a soft tone kissing your eyes to wipe the tears dropping wetting your temples

“jungkook it’s my fir… you didn’t continue as he crushed his lips in yours in a soft kiss totally different of the others one did he believe me now?? you said to your self as you kept kissing him back his softness make it harder for you as you were so horny “let me invite you to the real pain so 

he said and you noticed him taking of the rest of his clothes you closed your eyes head arched back as you felt some thing is teasing your entrance never stop biting your lips your fingers gripped his shoulder “please you begged him as you want him to fix you 

“don’t bit your lip take mine he said and picked your lips while he started to show you how that pain became a pure pleasure jungkook licked your chin and collarbone while you were a moan mess into him you kept your face in his shoulder as he kept thrusting in you gently before make it hard…

it was a hard night for jungkook every thing now was telling him the opposite of what his hyung did he cuddled your naked body with his after you reached your orgasm he grinned as he know it was your first climax you had as you had sex just now he hugged you tightly as there is no tomorrow “y/N “he whispered in your ears and you realized what’s just happened between both of you 

“we had sex”…..

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hiii ^~^ if MC is a kpop fan, how would the RFA members including Saeran and V deal with her constant fangirling over kpop groups (I've been wondering for a while 🤔😂)

hey u guys probably didnt know this but im a big idiot Kpop stan so lets dive right in

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • MC had just woken up to see Yoosung sleeping quietly next to them
  • they didn’t want to wake him yet, so they just take out their phone and scroll through twitter for a bit
  • and that’s when they see the news
  • MC bolts upright, sitting up in bed and shoving their phone close to their face
  • “OH MY GOD!”
  • Yoosungs eyes fly open at the sudden awakening
  • “what?? what is it?? is everything okay? whats going on?!”
  • MC shoves their phone in Yoosungs face
  • “got7 is coming back, Yoosung”
  • he rubs his eyes in sleepy confusion, talking in a quiet voice
  • “got7? isnt is that the boy group you listen to sometimes?”
  • “sometimes?!”
  • MC is practically yelling
  • “try all the time!! and they’re coming back with ANOTHER FLIGHT LOG ALBUM JYP IS SO GOOD TO ME”
  • Yoosung stares at MC, confused as they continue to yell about the comeback
  • he starts to get a little jealous
  • “heeeyy…why dont you get this excited about meeeee”
  • Yoosung whines and traps the excited MC in a hug
  • “Yoosung you know i love you but LOOK AT THIS”
  • MC shows off the album preview pictures
  • he pushes their phone away from his face
  • “im too tired to fangirl with you right nooow. cant we cuddle instead?
  • MC snuggles up to Yoosung
  • ill just force him to look at them later, they think


  • MC visits Zen on the set of a mini drama he’s acting in
  • they’re talking with Zen and giving him some snacks they brought during his break
  • “what on earth would i do without you, baby?”
  • “starve, probably”
  • Zen starts to tell a story about something that happened earlier while they were filming
  • when someone on set catches MC’s eye
  • without any kind of warning, they grab Zen and pull him away from the set
  • “hey, what are you doing?”
  • “why did you tell me you were filming with Cha EunWoo?!”
  • Zen tilts his head a little
  • “oh! you mean Dongmin? why, is he important?”
  • MC smacks their forehead with their palm in disbelief
  • “yes, he’s important!!! he’s super freaking important! he’s in my favorite boy group ASTRO”
  • MC talks in a furious whisper
  • “ASTRO?”
  • “you’ve never heard me listening to them? breathless? hide and seek? AM I RINGING ANY BELLS, HERE?!”
  • “oh, yea. i think i do remember.”
  • Zen turns around to look at Dongmin
  • MC squats down on the ground
  • “so what if he sees us? you dont have a crush on him or anything, right?”
  • “not a crush, just an obsession”
  • Zen’s face heats up with jealously
  • he pulls MC back onto the set where everyone can see him and kisses them
  • “thanks for visiting today, baby.”
  • he was talking loud so everyone could hear
  • “want to meet one of my fellow cast members?”
  • MC wants to scream but just nods furiously instead, not wanting to burst into flames in from of everyone
  • they were gonna meet Cha Eun freaking Woo


  • Jaehee and MC fangirl together
  • they stay up for the comeback releases
  • *after one second*
  • *in unison*
  • “Jaehee, we have to learn this dance”
  • when Jaehee comes home after work
  • “Jaehee, EXO released the dance practice for their new song”
  • they start to laugh
  • “have you watched it yet?!”
  • “no, Jaehee, i was waiting for you”
  • Jaehee and MC also use the messenger to freak out together
  • *Yoosung has entered the chat room*
  • *Yoosung has left the chat room*


  • Jumin was watching TV while MC made some breakfast
  • “MC, do you know anyting about kpop? they’re talking about some group right now on the TV”
  • MC practically sprinted into the room, leaping on the couch next to Jumin
  • “WHO?”
  • Jumin stayed calm despite MC’s excitement
  • “some group called SHINee. i think they’re having a ‘comeback’ soon”
  • MC lets out a scream
  • Jumin makes a face and covers his ears
  • “why are you screaming??”
  • MC jumps off the couch and gestures to the TV
  • “what’s so great about SHINee?”
  • “please, calm down”
  • “MC, do you want to go see them?”
  • MC starts coughing as if they were choking on Jumin’s words
  • they speaking quietly
  • “are you…serious…”
  • Jumin stands up and laughs, amused by how dramatic MC is acting
  • “of course. we can even meet them if you want”
  • MC falls over and Jumin catches them
  • “i am the luckiest human being on the planet”
  • Jumin laughs again and kisses MC’s nose
  • “no, i am”


  • Seven listens to kpop all the time while he’s working
  • but since he always has headphones on, MC never knew
  • until MC’s favorite girl group, Red Velvet, announced their comeback
  • MC was cooking in the kitchen, humming happily as they listened to Red Velvet in preparation for the comeback of the century
  • suddenly they feel Seven’s arms wrap around them from behind, and they take out a headphone
  • “you seem to be in a good mood, MC. what’s got you humming?”
  • “Red Velvets’s comeback”
  • suddenly Seven’s arms squeeze MC so tightly that they drop the spoon they were using to cook with
  • “gah! Seven-”
  • MC whips around, still pressed up against Seven
  • they didn’t know Seven liked kpop
  • especially not the queens of kpop, Red Velvet
  • “hell yea! havent you seen any of the promo pics?!”
  • “NO?!”
  • “honey, you’ve got a big storm coming. Wendy looks amazing”
  • “MINE TOO”
  • Seven kisses MC suddenly, still squeezing them
  • “have i ever told you how much i love you?”
  • “i love you too, Seven”
  • “you know what else i love?”
  • “what’s that?”
  • “Red Velvet. Specifically: Wendy”
  • MC starts to laugh and Seven breaks away from them
  • he starts singing Dumb Dumb, one of Red Velvets most popular songs
  • and doing the dace
  • MC joins in, dancing and singing as well
  • Seven hugs MC again
  • MC is laughing too hard to even breathe


  • V was sleeping when MC practically busted his bedroom door down
  • he sits up, still sleepy
  • “whats the news, sweetheart?”
  • V stretches, yawning
  • “twice? what are you talking about?”
  • MC jumps onto the bed, sitting beside him and shoving their phone in his face
  • V grabs his glasses from the bedside table and squints at the picture of the girls dressed in matching pastel outfits
  • “is this a kpop group?”
  • he smiles
  • “they’re so cute”
  • “I KNOW, RIGHT?!”
  • MC points to one of the girls
  • “oh, she is? i can see why. i really like her hair”
  • MC pulls up a different picture of the girls
  • V thinks MC’s excitement is absolutely adorable
  • he looks at the picture for a few seconds and then zooms the photo in on one of the girls
  • “i think she’s my favorite”
  • “oh my gosh, V! you’re twice bias is Tzuyu! i totally love her!”
  • V giggles a little
  • “i still think you’re cuter, thought”
  • “V i’m flattered, but no one is cuter than Twice”
  • V pulls MC close to him, tickling them a little
  • “well i guess i should start calling you ‘no one’ then?”
  • MC giggles uncontrollably
  • “V let go of me! i cant show you every music video Twice has ever made if you’re ticking me!”
  • V immediately releases them
  • “sounds like fun, sweety!”
  • dang, V really took a liking to Twice


  • “MC, are you watching those Kpop music videos again?”
  • MC turns away from their computer and sticks their tongue out at Saeran
  • “so what if i am?”
  • he rolls his eyes and scoffs
  • “kpop is so lame! it’s just a bunch of dudes dancing around”
  • MC turns all the way around to face Saeran
  • “have you ever even seen a kpop MV? or watched a live performance, or literally anything? ever?”
  • Saerans face gets red and he clenches his fists
  • “i dont need to see that stuff to know it’s lame!”
  • “come here, i wanna show you something”
  • Saeran reluctantly leans down next to MC as they restart the video they were watching
  • it was the music video for a song called Voodoo doll by the kpop boy group VIXX
  • Saeran tries to say something when it starts but MC shushes him
  • “dont talk, just watch”
  • Saeran watches the video closely
  • the video had a really creepy, dark theme. it was even a little twisted
  • and the song was really…cool
  • when the video is over MC turns to Saeran, arms crossed
  • “well, what did you think? was that lame enough for you?”
  • Saeran looks down, blushing
  • “it…wasn’t lame”
  • MC puts a hand up to their ear
  • “hmm? what’s that? i couldnt quite hear you”
  • “i liked it, okay?”
  • MC grabs Saerans hand and pulls him close, kissing him on the cheek
  • “I knew you would! VIXX is one of my favorite groups”
  • “what are some other groups you like?”
  • “whats this? Saeran is suddenly taking an interest in MC’s lame kpop obsession?! am i dreaming?”
  • MC’s voice was dripping with sarcasm
  • Saeran takes MC’s hands
  • “if this is something you like, i want to support you. no matter what i might think about it”
  • “nice try, dork. i know you totally love kpop now”
  • MC kisses him again
  • “but hey i aint complaining”


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I feel like dnp are being so much more affectionate to each other recently and are dropping lots of hints that they're together. After being together for 7 years and seeing how much of a power couple they are I don't believe they will ever breakup and I think they believe that too. So with that in mind do you think they're keeping their relationship hidden for the sake of their careers rather than privacy reasons?? Interested of hearing your thoughts! Love your blog btw xxx

i think both, and maybe even more. i believe remaining ambiguous is advantageous for them professionally in many ways. coming out always bears the risk of their content or their role as legitimate entertainers being overshadowed by their audience’s investment in their relationship. you could argue that that’s already the case (that there’s a significant portion of their audience that follows them due to an interest in their potential relationship more than their videos) but with the ambiguity that they currently have, they don’t really have people demanding for them to make content that is centered on their relationship alone. and also i’d argue that actually wayyyy more people follow dnp for their content than for their private matters just judging on view counts on certain videos in comparison to others, and the sheer number of people in their comments that are very certain that they are just friends and genuinely shocked/appalled that anyone could view them as more. i also think that coming out might put weight on them to take on a more proactive role as spokespeople for the lgbtq community that they might not want, and that again might overshadow their creative content. it might hinder their chances of being hired as a duo by corporations that wouldn’t want to deal w the attention and news of hiring a homosexual couple to host their events. which is obviously upsetting and a bit gross, but also, just the reality of how the world works right now. in short, i genuinely believe that if they were out it would undermine many people’s perception of the content they make and cause many people to take them a lot less seriously, especially as a duo. 

personally, i also feel it continues to be good for them to remain ambiguous because it dissuades questioning and attention placed on their private affairs. we all know all of the stories of youtube couples whose relationships crumbled under the weight of public scrutiny and the consequences of oversharing. while dnp have dealt w this private-public balance for seven years and therefore would probably be a lot better equipped to handle that pressure than most of these other couples, i do think that their relationship remains the most important thing in their lives and so,, it’s probably just not worth the risk that all of that extra attention might pose. i just can envision a universe in which they were out and instead of comments being like “are they dating” “no” “probably not” “ugh i hate shippers” (which, lbr, are annoying in their own right), we’d have comment sections full of 

  • “guys they’re not comfortable w pda leave them alone” 
  • “ugh i hate these pervy people who just want dnp to do gay stuff for them instead of focusing on the content” 
  • “okay phil, so when are you proposing??? ??”  
  • “guys, do you think bc they arent married, theyre not actually in love??” 
  • “omg dan rolled his eyes in this video while phil was talking do u think they’re fighting?!?! i always thought phil could do better anyway ugh” 
  • “why haven’t they made the boyfriend tag, they might be fighting omg” 

wow a 30-second thought exercise and i already want to die from a cringe attack. you get my point. 

edit: want to add a couple more potential comments bc i didn’t even go down the route of future-y things and the gross heteronormative assumptions about their relationship that might be directed at them, but how about “omg dnp when r u guys getting a baby” “omg dan is SOOOO obviously the GIRL in the relationship ha ha ha”  vom. 

“if you dont like Sharon Carter and Steve getting together youre a misogynist” actually you know whats really misogynistic? Marvel only having female characters on the sidelines and cramming them in in shitty, forced romances and making it so women in the movies only have roles as love interests. 

like no shit people dont like Sharon Carter and Steve’s “romance”. shes literally in about five scenes across two films and they talk to each other barely a handful of times, and then they suddenly kiss in the middle of a random fucking scene like they just grind the story to a halt for a moment so Sharon and Steve can kiss. thats just shitty fucking storytelling

whereas Bucky and Sam have actual relationships with Steve that we get to see evolve over several movies. like no shit people are wild for Stucky, Steve’s entire fucking motivation in Civil War is a drive to protect Bucky. Sam and Steve are incredibly close. we get to see that, so we give a shit. that is a basic fucking fundamental of storytelling.

Marvel is misogynistic. Marvel is misogynistic. Sharon Carter is a shitty character. she is introduced purely to be Steve’s love interest, she has no real emotional growth of her own (her being at her aunts funeral is used to give Steve a pivotal moment in his arc), her entire purpose is to help a man have some emotions. that is shitty writing. that is shitty, misogynistic writing, and its the kind of shit that has been happening in big action movies since forever.

you should not be supporting Sharon Carter. you should be fucking furious that yet again, all Marvel sees women as, is some dude’s prize to romance. she is yet another example of movies crapping all over women in order to prop up men. 

and actually, i dont give a shit if shes been in the comics forever. lgbt people have a fucking right to question why shes suddenly Steve’s love interest in the movies. because i dont know if youve noticed this? but there arent any action movies starring dudes in love with other dudes. there arent any action movies about two men in romantic love. or if two men in an action movie can be read as being in love, then theres always a well placed love interest to make sure you know Theyre Not Really Gay. they sure as hell never yknow, kiss on screen. have sex. get married. doesnt happen. doesnt exist.

yet another het romance starring Hot Dude and Cardboard Cutout Lady actually does jack shit for anybody. a romance starring Hot Dude and Admittedly Another Hot Dude? thats actually pretty monumental. thats huge. thats never been done before. i know youve seen a billion fanfics about that kind of thing, but heres what fanfic affects: nothing. heres what huge, multi-million dollar movies affect: kind of a fucking lot, actually.

there are a million other action movies - there are a million other Marvel movies - where badly written “i am a strong female character” gets shoved in by writers who dont care about writing interesting women and forced to make out with a dude. theres a billion of them. it does nothing, for nobody. sga* romances are fucking non-existent in films. especially in big blockbusters. Marvel taking a chance and having a gay love story in a movie would be HUGE. it would be HISTORICAL. it would be the FIRST gay/bi superhero movie. but instead its the six millionth heterosexual action movie. fucking brilliant. thats just great. 

*(same gender attracted)

so yeah speaking as a gay person? its really fucking crushingly disappointing to have a spark of hope that you might actually one day get representation in a movie! only to get told that your relationships, as usual, are unimportant and secondary. it fucking hurts man, it never stops hurting. and dont even get me fucking started about lesbian representation bcs, fucking yeah, there isnt any. and there wont be, until Marvel stop treating women as disposable love interests who only exist for men.

you should not be mad at the fans complaining about Sharon Carter and Steve’s forced romance. you should be angry at MARVEL, for giving you a fucking bucket of lukewarm gruel and expecting you to be happy with it. you should be angry at Sharon Carter for being a shitty character. you should be angry at Marvel for only seeing women as shallow love interests to support men. where the hell was Pepper the last five Marvel movies? where was Jane? they killed Peggy. they killed the Wasp before Ant-man even started. the women Marvel introduce are so unimportant they dont even have to be on screen. that is GARBAGE. that is fucking GARBAGE. 

crappy female characters? not progressive. crappy, forced heterosexual romances that do nothing to further plot or character development? not progressive. pretending gay and bi people dont exist? not progressive. none of this shit is GOOD. why should anyone be content with getting fucking GARBAGE.

het romances fucking suck, what Civil War did with Sharon Carter is fucking bullshit, stop getting angry at lgbt fans for being upset we’re still being shit on, get angry that Marvel is a misogynistic, racist, homophobic company who still keeps giving us fucking turds on a plate and expecting us to be happy about it. it isnt fucking misogyny to question the fucking heteropatriarchy. 

Riddle Time!

Ciel: Ugh… I’m bored.

Sebastian: Well, how about some riddles, my lord?

Ciel: Riddles? Really? Don’t you have anything better?

Sebastian: Well, you could actually do your work for a change.

Ciel: OWKAY! Riddle time!

Sebastian: -smirks- Okay then, how do you put two elephants in one bottle without having them touch?

Ciel: What the-? You can’t put two elephants in one bottle! That’s impossible, let alone one!

Sebastian: Uh, yes you  can. You put an elephant between them! -laughs- Ooooohhhh, that was funny! -wipes tears-


Sebastian: Okay, okay, how about another one?

Ciel:-sighs- Fine.

Sebastian: How do you put an elephant in a fridge with 3 moves?

Ciel: You can’t.

Sebastian: Yes you can, you open the fridge you put the elephant then you close the fridge!


Sebastian: Then what about a giraffe? How do you put a giraffe in a fridge with 4 moves?

Ciel: Uuuuuuhhhh… You… Don’t?

Sebastian:  You open the fridge, you pull the elephant out, you put the giraffe then you close the fridge. -snickers-

Ciel: …. Why? Why do you always have to torment me?! Isn’t having my soul enough to quench your greed?!

Sebastian: Oh come one! My puns and riddles are funny!

Ciel: They’re so funny that I’m slowly dying on the inside. -indifferent expression-

Sebastian: -grumbles and stomps out- I’ll just go to work. WAY TO THANK SOMEONE FOR TRYING TO LIGHTEN UP THE MOOD!

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Hi! :) I just wanted to say I loved your Stars College AU fic. You mentioned that you wished Tyler ended up with Sharpy? What's the stepdad life like for Tyler?

ah! thank you so, so much. that au is so close to my and @saader‘s hearts. when we were writing it, we would be like “au of this where ____” and some of them were sad af but most of them where “au of this au where sharpy and tyler work it out and are so happy and make a family together” and those headcanons still rattle around inside my brain and make me c r y.

stepdad life for tyler is the softest thing you can imagine!!! if everything in that fic went exactly the same way except sharpy and tyler never stopped seeing each other, it would have been this very sweet slow progression of what happened on that snowy-getaway: the i-want-to-be-with-you-desperately, the i-want-everyone-to-know, the i’m-probably-falling-in-love-with-you-but-i’m-very-scared-of-that. and maybe they would have had that big blow up conversation but maybe it went a little differently. tyler wants to have a life, and sharpy has a life, and sharpy being like “tyler, my kids are everything to me,” and tyler is like “that’s okay!! they’re awesome!!! i don’t blame you!! but maybe there can be space for me in that, too? maybe our lives don’t have to be so different. maybe we could, you know, share our life.”

you straight up know that sharpy’s girls would love the shit out of tyler. tyler would be the sweetest stepdad  e v e r. he’d be all about pushing them around Too Fast in the grocery store carts and he’d be all about letting them pick the paint colours to paint their rooms, no questions asked. he’d sneak maddie away one day for Big Kid Time and they’d come back from the animal shelter with a dog, and tyler would be like “it’s not my fault, look at the puppy eyes” and sharpy would be like “….what. the fuck.” and then they’d turn and there would be maddie and marshall, both puppy dog eye-ing them like crazy, and even sharpy would cave. 

when sharpy goes on sabbatical, the girls miss going “to dad’s school” so they start playing tag-along to tyler’s office hours whenever they line up with, like, the end of preschool or whatever. tyler’s students being like “your kids are?? hilarious? you’re so young i didn’t know you were married” and he just shrugs like, whatever, can’t bring that up with sharpy because i am so soft int he middle and what if he says no. and then ofc when they all pile into tyler’s car on the way home, sadie is like “/are/ you and dad married? i’ve never been to a wedding” and then tyler is like “baby, you know you’d be the bell of the ball if we had a wedding” and she’s squinty and suspicious but she drops it. UNTIL. until they’re all eating dinner and sharpy is like “how was school today” and maddie is like “WHY ARENT YOU MARRIED TO TYLER” 

maddie and sadie whispering together at breakfast one day and then both nodding and being like “hey papa can i please have more juice” and sharpy is like “may i have more juice” and the girls are like “not you, dad, we asked papa” and then tyler, like, cries.

we had a deleted scene in that fic that had maddie tricking tyler out onto the roof of sharpy’s house. her being like “i need that thing and i dropped it out the window in my bedroom and i am not allowed to go out there, dad says so.” and so tyler climbs out her bedroom window to get her toy from off the roof and she locks him out and sits on the other side of the locked window giggling like a maniac. and then sharpy comes home and he sits them both down at the kitchen table and is like “what did i say about going on the roof?” and he mostly means it for maddie but then tyler and her answer in unison like “no going on the roof.” and sharpy raises his eyebrow at tyler and tyler, like, blushes and stutters. and then obv when the kids are asleep sharpy is all “so, ty. you, uh, you went on the roof. that was …bad.” and then they have sex and i explode along with the whole sun.

maddie and tyler having heart to hearts as she gets older, sitting on the roof that sharpy disavowed. her struggling when she gets older abt having divorced parents and him being like “yeah, me too.” and they talk about that and tyler is super honest with her, doesn’t treat her like a kid, and she loves him a lot, trusts him and needs him. and she’s like “it’s shitty but it means i get to have you, too. you’re a good dad.” and tyler being fucked up over it even though they’ve been a family for like. 10 years. 

you also just know that they would make a very funny, very sweet family. the girls would indulge tyler and sharpy in their nerdiness. they’d roll their eyes but they’d put on the tacky christmas sweaters and go take picture with santa at the mall well after they were too old for it, just so they could re-create their first family photo every year. and you know they’d have like, a chore wheel on the fridge that got ignored all the time. and you know they’d all cheat at monopoly and they’d never get through a full game because no one would run out of money because everyone would be stealing from the bank or from free parking. 

mostly i just think they could be really happy. once they got past tyler being a student, once he was a prof, then they could just. be together. they wouldn’t have to worry about what anyone would say, and no one could call tyler stupid, and they could just love and love and love each other. they’d laugh a lot. sharpy’s kids would come squish in beside them in bed and they’d all snuggle. there would always be someone for tyler to come home too, there’d always be three people who needed him. and he would need them back, but not in a scary way. they would love each other and they’d be a family and they’d be so, so happy. 

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why are you with your bf if you dont plan on ever setting down? Im not saying you two have to get married, but isn't that the goal in a relationship? to be with someone you can grow with and love and eventually marry? I wouldnt waste my time being with someone if they are just with me to be with me. If im going to be with someone its because I can see myself with them possibly in the future. Especially now, we're in college, we're adults. we arent little kids anymore. Idk maybe its just me.

i just said i dont want children! i definitely want to get married and live a life with my husband and be succesful and supportive of each other.
but i just dont want kids, at least i dont see myself doing that now.
not every relationship has an end point of children. you can be perfectly happy and live a wonderful life with the love of your life without children and be just as fulfilled.