why aren't you two dating

Master Fu being the guy who seems like hes avoiding questions but is actually getting you to realize something deep and important.

Like Marinette is like asking him about superhero stuff, maybe how shes really stressed about keeping her identity from Chat, and Fu is like making tea and she’s like “Are you even listening?” and Master Fu hands he a cup of tea, telling her to drink it.

So she does, and then she notices the tea leaves have formed a sentence at the bottom of the cup:


anonymous asked:

Same anon that said Emma does not care for you...you say that I don't know Emma nor about the two of you, but it is pretty obvious that she does not like you. Why isn't she with you? Why aren't the two of you going out on dates? She clearly only talks with you when she needs you. The sooner you face that reality, the better.

Perhaps because of the curse that caused everyone to be returned to where they were from, Regina’s altering of Emma’s memories, because Emma was involved with a monkey during that time and has had her heart broken, because we are currently trying to find a wicked witch. Any one of those matters alone would complicate matters, but together it forms a myriad of reasons why Emma and I are not together that has nothing to do with how she feels about me.