why aren't you reading this it's really good

There’s someone saying that James is prejudice against werewolves because he didn’t trust Remus to be secret keeper. That wasn’t why he and Lily didn’t have Remus as secret keeper.  you’re talking about the boy who stayed friends with Remus after finding out he was a werewolf, who became an animagus so he could be with Remus when he transformed, the guy who helped support Remus out of school. Where are you getting the idea that James was prejudice against werewolves? It’s the furthest thing from the truth! And saying that he was prejudice against werewolves because him and Lily didn’t make Remus secret keeper is dismissing everything James did for Remus and how much he cared for Remus.. We don’t know why they and Sirius thought Remus was the spy; maybe he was hardly around or was in the wrong place at the wrong time multiple times or Peter said things that made Remus seem suspicious. It wasn’t because he was a werewolf; that wasn’t the reason for why he wasn’t secret keeper. They most likely had a reason for not trusting him; we just don’t know why they thought Remus was the spy. It was never because James was prejudice against werewolves.