why aren't you on this anne

  • what they say: I'm fine
  • what they mean: Why is there so little Vampire Chronicles fan activity or content? Where is the fanbase? I understand that it's older but the appeal is still massive. This is something that you can like for years and years and not get over. Why is it there aren't hoards of new fans every year? What can you want more than beautiful bisexual vampires? I mean Anne Rice practically invented the modern vampire genre. There's dozens of shows and book series that owe their creative careers to her. She is one of the bestselling writers of all time!!! The fact that there isn't a bigger active fanbase especially since Prince Lestat's release kind of blows my mind. I mean there was even a blockbuster motion picture with an allstar cast. How are there not more new young fans? How do we get more? Like I know so many people who have seen and enjoyed the movie but where is the huge cult following behind the film and the books?
  • [after meeting louis in the x-factor toilets]
  • harry: Truth is, actually, I'm in love.
  • anne: Aren't you a bit young to be in love?
  • harry: No.
  • anne: Well, okay, I'm a little relieved.
  • harry: Why?
  • anne: Because I thought it would be something worse.
  • harry: Worse than the total agony of being in love?!
  • Classmate: So I heard you started dating Ann!?
  • Akira: Yup.
  • Another classmate the next day: Dude! I heard your dating Ryuji, congrats!
  • Akira: Thank you~
  • Someone from a different school: Aren't you Yusuke kitagawa boyfriend?
  • Akira: Yes, whats up?
  • Later at Leblanc
  • Ryuji sit his hands covering his face the tips of his ears red: I can't believe you. .
  • Ann face completely red: what the fuck akira!
  • Yusuke: what I don't understand is why the three of us?
  • Akira sipping coffee: I love all three of you, I could never choose.
  • Ann and Ryuji collectively die in their sits: Why are you like this!
  • Yusuke tapping his jaw: This give me an Idea. . . I'm gonna never everyone to get naked.
  • Akira: I-
  • Ann and Ryuji: NO!
A list of Loud House ships that aren't Loudcest

Lori and Bobby
Lincoln and Clyde
Lincoln and Ronnie Ann
Lucy and Rocky
Mr. and Mrs. Loud
Howard and Harold McBride (Clyde’s dads)
Leni and Carol Pingrey

Also there’s crossover ships!

Lynn is 13, the same age as the Pines twins. Why not ship her with Dipper or Mabel? Or Pacifica Northwest?

Luan is 14, you could ship her with Star Butterly or Marco Diaz. Maybe even Steven Universe, he’s also 14. Or maybe Beast Boy? I think he’s 14, too.

Luna is 15, you could ship her with Jenny Wakeman (XJ9) or Brad. Or Raven from Teen Titans, I think she’s 15. UPDATE: I forgot about Wendy Corduroy! She and Luna would get along great.

Leni is 16, you could ship her with Starfire or Robin. Or any of the main characters from 6teen.

These are just a few possibilities. There’s literally thousands of other cartoon characters you can ship the Loud siblings with that are better than Loudcest. They don’t even have to be in the same show. Just use your imagination!

studysweetheart  asked:

Hey Anne! I was just wondering why you always seem to be throwing shade at the members of College Confidential. I know that a lot of them are the Ivy-League-or-Bust types, but honestly, I've been lurking on the forums for a while, and a lot of them aren't like that. Plus, the information they present is really helpful to a lot of people. Maybe there's some backstory I don't know about? Please answer, I feel like this is kinda uncharacteristic of you & I just want to clear this up. Thanks!!

I’m sure there are plenty of people on college confidential that are great people! There’s good and bad everywhere. (Even in appblr, there are good bloggers and then Ivy-League-or-Bust bloggers.) When I joke about “college confidential,” I’m usually referring to users on the College Confidential “chance me” forums, who sound a little like this.

The problem with “Chance Me” forums is that they don’t help anyone, not even the original posters. In case you’re not familiar with “Chance Me” forums: Users will post all their stats–their GPA, test scores, their extracurriculars, a short bio about their “hook”–and ask other users to estimate their chances at a university (usually an Ivy or school with a similarly low acceptance rate). There are so many problems with this:

1. It assumes that random strangers on the internet have insight into college admissions. (Spoiler alert: They don’t.) Like, really? You’re going to trust some random College Confidential user to tell you that your “stats are perfect for Harvard”? How does anyone even know that? College admissions change with every school and even with every year.

2. It creates an inflated perception of the applicant pool. If you spend enough time browsing through “Chance Me” forums, you’ll start to convince yourself that every applicant has a 2300+ SAT score and a summer missions trip involving orphans in a foreign country, when that isn’t the case. There are thousands of applicants with regular extracurriculars–babysitting, volunteering locally–and even applicants without straight A’s on their transcript. Those applicants just aren’t posting on College Confidential.

3. Users will start to compare themselves–with ugly results. Again, a lot of users on College Confidential have stellar stats, and it’s easy for other users to feel discouraged. But there’s no need to be! Education shouldn’t be a competition. Trying to catch up to others is a losing cycle, because there will ALWAYS be someone smarter than you, or with more extracurriculars, or with better stats. The only person you should be worried about is yourself. Make sure you’re improving and growing and becoming a better person. And if after all that, your dream college doesn’t accept you, you have to understand that maybe you weren’t a good fit for that college after all.

4. It assumes that every person is nothing but a culmination of their achievements. Perhaps this is true for state school admissions, where stats are heavily weighed, but for many smaller and private schools, personal essays and letters of rec can separate the great from the greatest. So yeah, maybe that College Confidential user has a perfect ACT score, but how do they express their creativity? What can they contribute to a team? People are more than just numbers and letters from A to F, and it’s impossible to judge someone solely on the contents of a post on College Confidential.

5. It’s a sign of arrogance. This one isn’t applicable to all “Chance Me” forum posters, I understand. A lot of them are just lost kids looking for some reassurance. But there have been a few that are posting simply to brag about their stats or opportunities, and I absolutely can’t stand that.

Update: I answered a subsequent, related ask here.

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I can imagine Harry being home over Christmas and Anne asking Harry why he's dressed to go out, Harry saying "I just need to run a few errands, won't be long" Gemma saying "what's in the bag H?" Harry: "oh uh nothing, I'll be going now" Gemma: "you're doing a photoshoot with the Bears aren't you" Harry: "yeah okay bye" *gtg gtg*


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Hi Anne, you beautiful person! I just wanted your opinion on something. So many BTS fans are attacking VIPs now bc both will be going to the japanese A-Nation music fest and Big Bang is the headliner. honestly, there was not one mean comment towards bts from VIPs, but ARMYs were like " bts opas, stay away from those druggies, and why aren't bts oppas headlining they aren't sidekicks", makes me feel ashamed of army. I love BTS and want to support them by sending them love and support but now idk.

Is this on allkpop? If you look closely, those who write the stuff you’re talking about are just trolls they’re really not ARMYs. At this point, I truly believe that all ARMYs know how much Bangtan respects BigBang and there is no way if you’re really a fan that you’d talk bad about other groups in Bangtan’s or the fandom’s name. So you don’t have to worry, there are a lot more level headed fans.

Look, I feel there are really some fans who are atill obnoxious but I truly believe that it’s not as bad as it was before. Some fans just are really really proud of Bangtan and doesn’t know how to properly express themselves. BUT LATELY, there are more trolls that’s taking advantage of this reputation we have and pretends to be ARMYs and keeps commenting stupid things. So every time you come across one just simply tell other people that they’re trolls and to not engage more and just let them be. They’ll stop if no one is paying them any attention.

Also like allkpop comment section is always a mess.