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Given LF's history with misleading marketing (Finn jedi bait and switch, Luke voiceover in a trailer for a film he doesn't speak a word in and implying Rey was Han and Leia's) aren't you a little worried about how they are marketing Kylo? Doesn't this whole lost, sad etc thing seem a little too good to be true? Why would they be giving so much away in the marketing?

No, I’m not worried. I think it’s more about them course correcting - the mass audience doesn’t perceive Kylo as a sympathetic villain, and for the most part they consider him to be going on a darker path because he murdered Han. If the plan is to redeem him (and I believe it is), they need to lead people away from that perception and get them to see Kylo as he is meant to be seen - a lost boy tormented by his mistakes and struggling to find his place and path.

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Why do people put the clowns and furuta into the antagonist or villians role? I mean honestly they aren't even trying to work against goat or kaneki it seems to me that they just want to destroy the ccg and see them fall apart for lols. I feel like for a long time ishida has been building up mutsuki to become an antagonist in the story and if you look at the definition with mutsuki and aura wanting to kill the 'protagonist' they fit into that role more?

Villain-(in a film, novel, or play) a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot.

Antagonist-is a character or a group of characters which stand in opposition to the protagonist or the main character.

Lets keep this definition in mind as we go forward shall we, Tokyo Ghoul is a very grey story in the fact that to meet their goals characters don’t always take the moral correct path. However, I have no idea where you are getting the idea of Furuta and the clowns not being villains from. Your argument is that they are trying to destroy the CCG so they are not evil and that Furuta isn’t working against goat and Kaneki. Yet, one of the basic plot points established in this part of the story is that A. Kaneki doesn’t want the CCG destroyed he wants them to understand that ghouls aren’t all evil. Because in theory the CCG isn’t evil and could be used to make sure that ghouls who enjoy that aspect of killing are not allowed to do that. However Furuta doesn’t want to destroy the CCG because of moral its corrupt, no he wants the chairman position so he can be the one calling the shots. However your argument that Furuta isn’t even working against goat and V isn’t even an argument as A. He is trying to place all the blame of his actions on him

B. He sent V to kill him and the goats and to make it seem that they were working with the clowns in the process.

Also, lets not forget that the clowns and V forced Humans to their deaths in the raids by forcing them to fight and sewing their mouth shut so they couldn’t tell anyone.

Also the clowns have been known to mind fuck people and are helping Furuta with all of this plans, and even though they have there own agenda they are still hurting people in the process.

Then you say that because they are doing it for the lols it’s okay but do you wanna know another character that does a lot of bad things for the lol is The Joker from Batman and he is considered on the greatest fictional villains. 

Also the major theme of an Antagonist is that they stand in the protagonist Kaneki’s way. Kaneki just wants peace and understanding between ghouls, he himself is using violence in his actions but he is an anti-hero not a goodie goodie. Furuta is using everything in his power to keep things the same and make sure Kaneki takes the fall for it and your telling me thats not a villain.

Also, I don’t understand why you are bringing Mutsuki into this argument as yes he has stated that he wants to kill Kaneki. But also he hesitated when he asked to kill him together with Aura

So while he might be a antagonist at the time, he also shows signs of his meeting with Kaneki being the start of his redemption, as Mutsuki is one of the few people who believe that Kaneki isn’t as bad as the CCG is making him seem and image that Furuta is trying to make bigger. What you have used is Mutsuki words in a delusional state.

Also there isn’t just one set antagonist per story there can be multiple antagonists, so it’s not one over the other type of situation.

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So it seems to me radical feminists don't support masturbation (which can be totally incorrect), and as someone who grew up religious and also as someone who loves masturbating, this kind of puritanical outlook radfems take towards porn, erotica, masturbation (possibly?) bothers me. As a woman, I really enjoy porn, like a lot. I exclusively watch people who film themselves and upload it to places like tumblr since I know they aren't apart of the industry, and I just can't rationalize hating it.

We aren’t anti masturbation. The advice was to abstain until you could control yourself. 

As for your porn habits, even if these women aren’t in the industry (which is hard to verify), porn still mucks up your brain, which is why we are against all forms of porn. If you can’t rationalize the hate towards that, then maybe you need to do a little more reading. 

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yoongi already confessed to fucking up a relationship once cause he's too shy and introverted. yoonmin aren't a skinship-fan-pleasing-ship. most of their moments are off camera. there are tons of footage online where they act intimate, then one of them notices that they're being filmed and they stop whatever they're doing. yoongi talks about jimin with so much adoration, it's unbelievable. also idk why they ask you, a yoonmin blog, if you think that yoonmin is onesided??

tbh i don’t get how people think ym is onesided (where yoongi doesn’t reciprocate), jimin is affectionate with everyone. i think it’s be more telling who yoongi chooses to be intimate with. i mean he literally invited jimin to his family home lol.

There is something so special, so different, so unique about yoonmin which is why i love them so much. Their dynamic and relationship is so obviously intimate and adoring on both parts, its undeniable. And the mere fact that they try so hard to conceal it is telling enough, but then they cant even manage to stop themselves easy enough just shows how powerful and overwhelming their love is. I’m in love with yoonmin’s love

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Sharks aren't friends they don't have rights

ACTUALLY anon, sharks are friends and I’ll get to that but first a little trivia.

Did you know that around 12 human beings are killed each year by sharks as apposed to the 100 million sharks which are killed by people. That’s one hundred million. Quite a significant difference wouldn’t you say? In fact, humans are killing sharks faster then they can recover. Researchers and scientists say that if shark killing continues at this rate many of the shark species in the world will be lost forever. That’s it. Gone. And this would leave devastating effects on the environment.

Now even if sharks aren’t friends to you (and who would be with that attitude lmao) they are a vital element to the oceans ecosystem. In a study on the east-coast of the United States, eleven species of shark were removed (and by removed I mean they went extinct) from the environment. This lead to twelve of  the sharks natural fourteen species of prey, to explode in population. As a result the cow nose ray population was not kept under control and so destroyed the population of bay scallops which in turn wiped out the scallop fishery which had been running for well over 100 years. Now their daily catch consists of only 13% of their original high point. 

And if you don’t care about the environment then it definitely impacts tourism too. In Asia there is a high demand for shark fins to use for soup, even though the fins add nothing. However in Palau, half the tourists are brought in by diving excursions and exploration of the reef. In fact, each reef shark brings in about $179,000 annually and about $1.9 million during its entire lifetime where as shark fin soup only makes about $108 from each shark that is needlessly slaughtered.

So no, they might not have rights like people but they sure do deserve it. Sharks are extremely important to our oceans ecosystem and without them we would be stuffed. They are definitely friends in my book. Maybe you should watch less shark movies and more shark documentaries, seeing as most horror films are *cough* BULLSHIT. More or less. And if you still aren’t convinced by me here are some handy websites to teach you why sharks are important.

Good day anon.

yours truly,

a sharks friend.

Nice Days At The Park
  • Young Woman: *pleasantly reading a book in the park* What a peaceful day.
  • Old Man Who Smells of Soot and Oats: You, lady! Stop reading that book this instance!
  • Young Woman: Excuse me?
  • OMWSoSaO: *snatches the book away from the young woman and rips it into pieces* It's Faulkner! Absolute garbage! Forbidden Garbage!
  • Young Woman: My book! What is your issue, you strange old man!?
  • OMWSoSaO: I was a contemporary of Faulkner's. The hack stole all of his greatest works from me. As I Lay Dying was based on the events that lead me to become a homeless old man in this very park at the vulnerable age of twelve. And look at me now, I'm a complete mess!
  • Young Woman: As I Lay Dying is based on your life? Interesting. That'd make a very good documentary. A groundbreaking documentary even. Hmm...
  • OMWSoSaO: I was the mom who died at the beginning.
  • Young Woman: I hardly believe that's true. But, it's of no matter. No one makes it big in the world of film by telling the truth. We'll doll you up, make up some stories about how Faulkner treated you awfully as a child, and pay some people to pretend to know you. Then daddy Cannes has a nice Palme d'Or waiting for me. Come with me, old man.
  • OMWSoSaO: *fist pumps* Wooooo! I'm gonna be a movie star!
  • *at the young woman's mansion*
  • OMWSoSaO: Do you really live here, lady? This house is ridiculous.
  • Young Woman: Of course I do. You see, I'm quite important in the art world. You may have heard of me. I'm Demoiselle Analise.
  • OMWSoSaO: Listen lady, the only art I've interacted with in the last sixty years of my life is the macaroni art that the elementary school sometimes throws out. And that's only when I'm hungry.
  • Young Woman: Whatever, you'll get to know me much more as I groom you to be my perfect documentary specimen. Now please, follow me into my abode. *struts elegantly into her mansion*
  • OMWSoSaO: *waits outside of the mansion, eyes wide*
  • Young Woman: What are you doing, old man? Chop chop!
  • OMWSoSaO: Are you sure I'm allowed inside?
  • Young Woman: Of course, you're allowed inside. It's my house!
  • OMWSoSaO: I don't know about that. Looking at it from the outside, it gives off this mood. A bad mood. A mood that says it doesn't want someone like me inside of it.
  • Young Woman: What nonsense. *grabs old man's arm and leads him into the mansion*
  • Original Rembrandt: *flies off of the wall and straight towards the old man and young woman*
  • Young Woman: *narrowly dodges the painting* GOODNESS, MY REMBRANDT!
  • Original Rembrandt: *hits the old man in the head, snapping his neck, and instantly killing him*
  • Young: GOODNESS! What is this!? Witchcraft!? Alchemy!? Freemasonry!?
  • Shadowy Spirit: *manifests* It is I.
  • Young Woman: Who are you?
  • Shadowy Spirit: I am avarice made manifest by your life of excess. I am a reflection of your inner darkness and I've taken your house as my residence. I control each part of it as if it were my own body, and I refuse to let anyone as lowly as that man into my home.
  • Young Woman: This would make a great documentary!
  • Shadowy Spirit: What?
  • Young Woman: You're sleeping on an artistic goldmine, spirit. We could take the film world by storm!
  • Shadowy Spirit: Yeah, but aren't you disturbed by my existence at all? I'm not exactly a good thing. Or a rational thing at that.
  • Young Woman: Disturbed? Why would I be? You're but a reflection of myself, and I love myself more than anything. Not to mention, you're a walking Palme d'Or! Can't you picture it. An epic documentary chronicling my descent into greed starting from my childhood, and ending at the creation of a dark supernatural entity that took the life of an innocent, if disturbed, old man. All because of the uncaring monster that lives within the minds of all humans, avarice!
  • OMWSoSaO: *gets up off the ground and cracks neck back into place* Jesus Christ! If I weren't so resilient your dumb painting would've killed me!
  • Young Woman: You're alive!?
  • OMWSoSaO: Of course I'm alive. I've had my neck fatally snapped more than once. I've been around the block more than once. And I mean that both figuratively and literally. My ex-wife lives around here and she's got a restraining order. I'd rather not get thrown in jail again, and I don't want to be involved with your dumb documentary anymore. I'm taking painting, though. It'll make a good dinner.
  • Young Woman: Fine, I don't care, you stinky old man. I don't need you or the painting. I've got a much better documentary on my hands thanks to the darkness from deep within my broken soul.
  • OMWSoSaO: Bah! *walks off with the original rembrandt tucked under his arm*
  • Young Woman: We're going to become international superstars! Just you and me, spirit! Our faces will be on IMDB lists for years to come!
  • Shadowy Spirit: I don't want to be involved with this.
  • Young Woman: Nonsense, you're me. I know what you want to be involved with more than anyone! We've got a bright future ahead of us.
  • *the documentary went on to be a critical and commercial failure*

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If you don't think comic fans matter as much as non-comic fans, why are you writing a comic book-based show? Aren't the shows/films that are comic-book accurate, or at least honor the comics and the iconic versions of their characters, more successful and beloved? Even among non-comic fans? Deadpool, even, was relatively accurate and was hugely successful in spite of it being an R-rated film. Even Supergirl and Flash pull story-lines straight from the page.

I don’t think that comic fans matter less than non-comic fans.  What I’ve said in the past is that a hit comic sells 80,000 copies.  80,000 viewers means you’re canceled immediately.  In other words, a TV show – or for that matter, a film – needs to reach beyond comic book fans in order to survive.  That’s just simple math.

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Why is the fandom absolving the actors of all blame for S4? They contributed to the hype about "groundbreaking" "television history" and how "amazing" the script was for the season, knowing full well what they had actually acted out. Can you explain why people aren't as angry at them as they are at Moftiss? I sure am. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts!

Hi Lovely! 

And you have every right to feel what you feel about the actors.

I think, for me, it’s more a “contractural” thing. I don’t know how script-to-actors work for television, but my guess would be that the actors signed contracts before they saw the scripts (this is supported by the fact that they don’t get scripts for the episodes until a couple weeks before filming, if we’re going by setlock evidence), especially with a series that everyone is familiar. So really, the blame WOULD be on Mofftiss, since the actors are only puppets. As far as I understand, I believe I read somewhere that Mofftiss really doesn’t consult their actors about how a character should react to a situation; that Mofftiss are really secretive with the scripts until the readthroughs. I think they all did the best with what they were given (Ben and Martin were so fantastic), but sadly are also dragged down with Mofftiss when they fail. Especially since the scripts do have to pass through several channels before the actors even see them.

Not to make them sound like objects, but the actors are literally tools for the writers. It’s like blaming a paintbrush for a shitty painting. BUT I do think that their biggest stars should probably have spoken up if they thought the episodes were not really making sense; you can kind of see in interviews with Martin, at least, that he was really kind of forcing his answers to questions. Makes you wonder how much pull they’re A-List actors actually have for the show in relation to the content.