why aren't you 18

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Anyway, I'm quite glad Liam's in LA. I feel like he won't return to England in a really long time, he's rumored to perform in some festivals in June and July, so… maybe he'll come back to the motherland when Ruth is most likely to gave birth, so September or even later. Truly #DaddyGoals, isn't it? I'm finding it funny to read some comments on his latest IG pics, like: “Aren't you a father now??? Why are you acting like you're 18???” Like, bitch: you just have to open your fucking eyes.

LOL nonnie. Don’t get ahead of yourself. It seems Liam will be performing at Capital FM’s Summertime Ball, as solo Zaynie did and solo Nialler as well, and collective 1D before that. So that will be this summer in the UK. It is an interesting thing to note that Liam has “left Cheryl/the baby” to go back to L.A. to record.

Of note, and confirmed by @madat-55, is that Liam looks hella sunburnt for a new dad in the UK. All the new dads I know, and I know many, are in the house with their partner and new baby, looking tired and pale, unlike Liam.

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Why aren't you allowed to talk to girls under 18?

It doesn’t say anywhere that I’m not allowed to, lmao. I’m not a registered sex offender or some shit.

I choose not to.

And this isn’t me making the assumption that any girl I meet through tumblr will want to sleep with me, that’s very rarely happened. It just makes me really uncomfortable.

I’m 22 years old. The idea of hanging out with a 16 year old just really fucking creeps me out, and I don’t think that requires any sort of explanation.