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you know, I know its taboo and shit to say but like … just because dialectical behavioral therapy has been shown to have a lot of good results doesn’t mean it works for /everyone/ with BPD or other mental illnesses DBT is used to treat.

like we can’t just keep faulting people individually for not getting better with certain systems of treatment? Which is why I don’t mind that so many people are interested in studying psychology, because there’s always more you can do and theres always new things that may help those who aren’t getting better with existing methods of treatment for mental illness. 

basically: u go you psychology nerds. create new shit.

You deserve more of their attention than their phone does.
You deserve quality time, not just time.
You deserve effort, not just routines.
You deserve to be treated as if you are a priority, not the last thing on their checklist.
You are special and you deserve to be the only option.
If that is too much to ask, you are asking it from the wrong person.
—  Pierre Alex Jeanty
Reasons why 5SOS aren't a punk rock band:
  • •Nowadays dying your hair is a very popular thing
  • •They legit only get called that because their fandom doesn't have much/very little knowledge on actual punk rock artists (ex: Ramones, Sex Pistols, Descendents, BUZZCOCKS, Operation Ivy, Green Day, Dude Ranch era Blink-182, etc)
  • •They legit are best friends with the world biggest boyband rn (1D)
  • •Did I mention that the whole fandom is just a bunch of 4-20 year olds?
  • •Did I also mention that pizza isn't punk rock either..
  • •The fandom is also just like 1D's fandom so...

I use my photoshop skills to make more memes. Why am I like this.



This started out as one of those shitty panel redraws that I always do when I have an art block but it turned out MUCH better than planned. Now I want to finish painting it. 

Thanks to Shuggazoom’s climate being tropical, the Hyperforce’s suits were not at all equipped to deal with a sudden climate change, so they had to abandon them in favor of good ol’ fashioned winter wear. At least, that’s my excuse for drawing them all in cute hats and scarves. :D

urata and pancakes

@uratasama:  うらた「明日パンケーキたべよ」 さかた「LIVE終わるまではむり!!!!!」 うらた「お願い致します」 さかた「むり」


urata “Let’s go eat pancakes tomorrow”

sakata “Until the (USSS) LIVE ends, it’s impossible!!!!!

urata “I humbly request”

sakata “No”

@sakatandao: うらたぬき「一緒にパンケーキ食べよ」 ってライン攻撃されてる!!!女子か!!!!!!!!!!!!


uratanuki “Let’s go eat pancakes together”- is what I’m being attacked on LINE by!!! Are you a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

@uratasama: @sakatandao パンケーキ食べない?

urata: You don’t want to eat pancakes?

@uratasama: パンケーキを食べる旅にでそう

urata: It is likely that there’ll be a trip taken to eat pancakes.

I ended up doodling Yona today. Because YONA~<3


‘I chose this life and I chose you. And I don’t understand why we can’t have both’

[Felicity’s version] [Oliver’s version]

Harry Potter & Pansy Parkinson


I hate you. I hope you know this. You make me feel things I do not want to feel, and you make me write things that rhyme. I thought of you as a quick fuck; a way to release the toxins my body was pumping through my veins. The sad part is, you just injected more poison into me. You will laugh at my verbiage for that, you will mumble “that’s what she said” to yourself, and you will have that stupid grin on your face that I want to smack off. I promised myself I wouldn’t love again, and you’re making me break that promise to myself. I hate you for it. I also hate that I don’t hate you for it. I hate that I now regret wanting to hand you over to the dark lord, I hate that I consider you mine, I hate this feeling of attachment. I’m known as a stone cold bitch; I don’t let my vulnerability show. I’m happy about that. I want to keep that image up, but you’re fucking it up. Now I’m happy you’re fucking it up. Nothing makes sense anymore because of you, yet I look to you for answers. You drive me crazy. I love you. I hate you. I don’t need you. I need you.

Don’t leave me,


Why the signs aren't texting back
  • Aries: mad at you for some reason
  • Taurus: eating food
  • Gemini: texting someone else because you're boring
  • Cancer: you hurt their feelings or they're watching anime
  • Leo: too many people texting them
  • Virgo: more important things to do than text you
  • Libra: doesn't know how to reply to you
  • Scorpio: you're hella annoying
  • Sagittarius: lost their phone
  • Capricorn: doesn't feel like talking rn
  • Aquarius: they don't like to text and/or they forgot
  • Pisces: wrote the text but forgot to press send
Aomine protecting Momoi

Heavily Aomomo. Most scenes are from Replace which is somewhat dubious!canon and reads like a shoujo manga, but I love protective!Aomine and I just had to compile them.

Honestly, here he’s just a little more than a baby himself and he still manages to get the doki-dokis across. 

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