why aren't i at home


remember when I used to draw mass effect stuff


Assumed you were a hobbit in another life time? Enjoy saving the planet but also living comfortably? Here are Peter Vetsch’s Earth Houses in Dietikon, Switzerland. Out of the nine houses on the lot, there are between 3-7 bedrooms, a parking lot and space for gardening. Peter placed the houses under the natural hills in order to provide insulation in the winter and cool breezes in the summer. I imagine this is where the Teletubbies are hanging out right now. 

“Why Aren’t I Here?” - Rebecca 

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I'm even wearing my mcr shirt because I can't find my mourning band

the mcr shirt is a telltale sign ur mourning b don’t worry i understand

Trying to get Jake interested in playing ball in the house. Our house was safe from the wildfire that came across the freeway the other night, but we are still in danger from high winds and a fire that is 0% contained in the hills. All the media says don’t go outside if you don’t have to, so I’m afraid to go for my regular walk with Jake because of the smoke. I feel so bad for him, it’s the time of day we usually go on our walk and he just keeps coming and staring at me! Doggies don’t understand it’s for the best….😢

Last Man Standing is the most unbearable sitcom on earth

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It's snowing hard and we can't close because people keep coming in. They come in saying "oh it's bad out there, it would be better to be at home." So why the fuck aren't you? I literally can't go home until you dumb cunts stop coming in here.