why are you winking emma

a life-altering secret...
  • Emma Swan - in her office, reading the Daily Mirror, taking a sip from her coffee.
  • Evil Queen: (quietly poofs behind Emma, leans down and sensually whispers in her ear) Miss Swan...
  • Emma Swan: (jolts, burns her mouth with the brew) Regi- You... (evil cleavage at her eye level) What are you- What do you want? (nervously)
  • Evil Queen: To see you. Can't I visit my son's other mother? I've quite missed you since our last... encounter.
  • (EQ moves from behind Emma to come sit over her desk)
  • Evil Queen: I can still feel the grip of your cuffs on my wrists, dear. (grins) So dominant, so naughty, Sheriff. I see why she fancies you. (winks)
  • Emma Swan: (swallows hard) What?? I- a- Look, first of all don't Miss Swan me, it pisses me off. Secondly-
  • Evil Queen: Does it? (raises a suggestive eyebrow) "Em-ma" -is this how you prefer Regina emoting your name? Is this the way you'd like her to pronounce it in the bedroom?
  • Emma Swan: (blushing profusely) Whoa! That escalated quickly. Regina- Queen. Whatever- you're getting weird... (licks lips nervously) I only see Regina as a friend, and as my son's mother.
  • Evil Queen: Really? What a shame, Savior. (fakely sighs, gets down the desk to prepare to leave)
  • Emma Swan: Uh... Why? (confused puppy eyes)
  • Evil Queen: Because she sees you as... More. (smirks)
  • Emma Swan: Huh? (puppy eyes)
  • Evil Queen: Goodbye, Miss Swan. (poofs)
  • Emma Swan: No, wait! Come back! (scoffs)
  • Regina Mills: (entering the office, take-out bags in her hand) Who are you talking to? (looks around)
  • Emma Swan: You. Other you. Never mind.
  • Regina Mills: The Evil Queen? What did she want, what did she tell you? (nervous)
  • Emma Swan: (smiles sheepishly) Nothing...
  • Regina Mills: (stares) Miss Swan. What did she say?
  • Emma Swan: Don't "Miss Swan" me. (grumbles)
  • Regina Mills: I know it pisses you off, but that's what you get when you're not been cooperative.
  • Emma Swan: Actually, it's because it fucking turns me on.
  • Regina Mills: (blushing brightly) What on eart--
  • (Emma kisses her deeply)
  • - Rainbows burst out of Regina and the curse is broken -
  • Regina Mills: I'm whole again. (teary-eyed, smiling)
  • Emma Swan: We both are. (heart eyes)

Emma frowns in confusion as she walks in to find Regina blinking at the mirror before glaring at the reflection. Emma lingers in the doorway watching for a few minutes before her girlfriend lets out a frustrated curse. 

“Okay,” Emma says, “Why are you blinking at the mirror?” 

“I’m trying to wink,” Regina huffs, all but stamping her foot in a way Emma can’t help but find utterly adorable. 

“What do you mean, you’re trying to wink?” Emma asks.

“I want to wink at you,” Regina replies, “And I can’t wink. Watch.” 

Regina attempts to wink at her but it turns into a squinty style blink. Emma smiles at her finding the attempt kind of cute. 

“Why do you need to wink at me?” Emma asks. 

Regina blushes slightly as she murmurs, “For flirting.” 

“Oh,” Emma says before walking up and kissing her. She taps the brunette’s nose playfully as she assures her, “First of all I know when you’re flirting with me and second, if you say something to me and give me the ‘I’m taking an eye-test blink’ I’ll know what you mean.”

“You don’t care that I can’t wink?” 

“Regina, I love you, not because you’re perfect, but because you’re you. You’re human and the things you think are imperfections I find kind of cute. I love you whether you can wink or not.”