why are you wearing that stupid human suit

Considering Tom DID change his outfit before returning Marco home, it makes me wonder what they were doing when this was going on.

Marco: “Okay, we played 58 games of ping pong-”

Tom: “And I won every one of them.”

Marco: “Yes. You did. But now can I-”

Tom: *Walks into closet*

Marco: “-go… home? What are you doing?”

Tom: *Comes out with his suit on a hanger* “I’m getting dressed. What are you doing?”

Marco: *Sits on Tom’s bed, facing away from him* “I’m waiting for a stupid demon to get dressed, apparently.” *turns back around* Wait, why are you changing?”

Tom: “It’s my Earth outfit. Can’t confuse the humans too much.”

Marco: “Your skin is purple. You have THREE EYES. AND YOUR HAIR IS PINK.”


Marco: “Either way, no one thinks you’re a human! And also, no human wears a suit everywhere! It makes you look more confusing if anything!”

Tom: “Whatever.” *Takes off shirt*

Marco: “I’m… I’m gonna wait in the carriage…”

Oh my frikin god what does “culture appropiation” even mean? WHY IS THIS EVEN A THING? so u telling me i shouldnt wear dreadlocks because its a black thing??? ISNT THAT DISCRIMINATION?? WHICH YOU DIDNT WANT IN THE FIRST PLACE?? what would u say if you said to a white friend “u would suit just fine some dreadlocks” and she tells you “omg no its a black thing” ??????????? 

i mean i dont get it now, im all for human equality and liberty of rights and everything, but it just pisses me off that everybody is cheering nicki minaj up for humiliating miley cyrus internationaly for a fucking stupid comentary… and now they are saying she’s offending black culture by using a fucking hairstyle??? WERENT U ALL FOR EQUALTY OF RIGHTS???

i love nicki minaj, i love her audacity, i dont have any kind of problem with black people (in fact, i support them at all costs), but when it comes to CULTURE APPROPIATION??? it think thats bullshit im sorry. its like saying black people cant dye their hair blonde because its a white thing… its total shit

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

The amount of positive support in my quest to be fit and healthy - has always been HUGE. Always. My parents support my eating habits as best as they can, my friends always lending an ear and not pressuring me to eat bad or cave to alcohol. Always. 

Until I’ve started crossfit…

I had another message from this same guy. Who literally criticized me for starting crossfit and lifting heavy. “Just don’t get too manly” What does this even mean?

 He has messaged me several times before but honestly I refused to speak to him again because if you can handle a little chub from me, then you aren’t worth my time. I actually did a light day, my body was sore and tired and I knew pushing myself could have meant injury, so I did cardio and light weights. Focused on form on snatches and my hang cleans - form is important. He follows my snapchat, and I snapped about the workout. He responds “YAY for light days, don’t wanna look like a professional wrestler…” 


I am a huge advocate of anyone starting a weight loss journey. Whatever it takes, you wanna be hot? you wanna finally wear a two piece swim suit? you wanna just make your ex jealous? you wanna alligator wrestle and make the boys nervous when you walk by? I don’t give a FUCK why you are starting this journey to a healthy you….I don’t care how petty, or superficial or stupid the reason is…JUST DO IT. 


+ don’t tell me I can’t lift heavy – I made two little human beings inside my body, I pay my own bills, and I take care of my business…I don’t owe anyone a damn thing. I will squat 225lbs by the end of next year and I don’t give a single fuck if that scares you or not.

+ don’t tell me I don’t want to be manly. Let me just re-iterate my last point. I have made and carried two little human beings inside my body, pushed them out, one started without drugs, and still managed to make a dress and heels look good. My body is more hardcore and metal then yours anyways, I’ll take the muscles and ripped shoulders and legs that go with squatting 225. Thanks. Peace out.

Fellas. Let me just explain something to you. Even if you have an opinion on weightlifting, crossfit, cross country, running, whatever – make sure that female WANTS it before you start running your mouth. Advice? go for it…I am all ears. How to get heavy weights and a faster time? know a secret? yes….tell me please. Criticism that stems from your own insecurity of having a woman out lift you….choke on it.