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Professor Seth pls :))

“Hey, everyone! Welcome to this course, ‘Introduction to Animation Techniques’. I’m Professor MacFarlane and for the next couple of months I’ll be your instructor. By the end of this course each of you will be the creator of 6 short animations with seperate, synchronized soundtracks. We will use this course to have a closer look on different animation techniques and materials, which includes working directly on film, drawing on paper, object animation, pixilation and much more. Let’s start with a little introduction round, seeing as we are a rather small group of people. Hey, you! That girl in the red sweater! Why don’t you start?” And then cut to me, wearing a red sweater, blushing, sweating and violently trying not to call him cute.

Somebody please write that fanfic!! @inspieos maybe? Or @evs14u or anyone who wants to do this???

Remington (my OC)

You /MC  go shopping with a friend you end up dressing something too sexy and a RFA member happens to see you

I need some fluff lol

 Works for all genders -use males the term too sexy for clothing thoe o-o? -

spoiler free

I hope you enjoy it anyway

Common story

You want to go on a date with someone from the RFA you yet have to ask them out. You feel like you need something special for the date too so you ask a friend. You go together shopping sadly the friend is a bit too much on the naughty side and recommends you something really sexy. You try it on and step out of the cabin just to stand in front of your potential date.


  • You step out standing right in front of him
  • He greets you surprised
  • you happily greet him then he notices what you wearing
  • Zen is blushing nervously asking why you wear that
  • You assume he does not like it even when its very sexy
  • somehow it makes you sad you feel like you nothing compared to his handsomeness anyway
  • Your friend pokes at you and says its for a date
  • He then notices that friend being like WTF you have a date
  • With who -already ready to punch someone-
  • Not with that friend of yours their -looks doubtful at your friend even when its a same gender friend he can not be too careful-
  • You tell him no that’s just a friend your date is someone else
  • Then somehow hoping your friend asks him if he likes the outfit
  • -your friend knows you want to ask Zen out but you had no courage to do so just yet-
  • He gestures a bit around then tells you that that outfit is not good for a date
  • You are a bit sad over that and ask him if it really looks that bad on you
  • Zen says that not the issue while avoiding to look at you
  • That makes you suspicious so you wounder out loud if you not looking pretty
  • Zen stats thats not the issue at all while slightly looking at you
  • You are like huh? somehow end up standing in a way that reveals even more of your skin
  • Then Zen breaks tells you Nooooooooooo never ever wear that in public at all going on a date dressed like that will cause a commotion and all men are wolves after all
  • He dramatically covers you with his coat
  • Zen blushing at you
  • You say you will thing over what else to wear now but you also wonder if it makes sense now when Zen had no showed no real interest -you accidentally mumble that -
  • Zen is like wait a second
  • You want to go on a date with him , that is why you are dressing that
  • You quietly agree
  • Well now you have a date you will dress something cute and you still buy the outfit for private use


  • In front of you standing now the blushing mess mess -formally known as Yoosung
  • -Rip Innocent Yoosung-
  • He stutters a hi and asking you what you up too
  • your friend telling him you here to get a outfit for a date
  • A d-d-date ? -with someone else -
  • Yoosung stares at you not wanting to but he is unable to move
  • He trys his best to not die again he needs to know
  • With who ? He asks, he is kind of angry now.
  • You think he hates the outfit so you try to play it off
  • You tell Yoosung that you are just trying outfits on for the future
  • He is kind of relived
  • You ask him what he is thinking over the outfit
  • It should be obvious but you are blind
  • He trys to tell you as polite as possible that its not good for the public but manages to make it sound like it looks bad on you
  • Your friend then comes with something even more sexy to you
  • -how your friend found that you dont know-
  • Your friend asks Yoosung if he would like that one more
  • The image makes him unable to speak again
  • lucky for him you refuse
  • You pretty much say its useless to be even more sexy if he does not like the current one
  • -whoops you hope Yoosung did not hear that-
  • Yoosung wakes up from his trance
  • Huh wait what – his brain is putting the clues together he comes to a conclusion-
  • You dont mean the one you wanted to date is him o.o is it ???
  • Dressed like that… with him… … focus Yoosung …. focus…
  • You admit it telling him if he is not interested it okay for you -friend glares at you like wtf-
  • Their is nothing in the world he wants more but still like that no that will not work
  • You will dress something cute and still kill him on the date
  • will have sleepless nights because of that sexy outfit


  • Jaehee is rendered speechless
  • She asks politely why you dressed like that -some sort of costume maybe-
  • You try to avoid the answer your friend strait out tells her its for a date
  • You defend yourself right away since Jaehee is really not happy hearing this
  • You are only trying outfits on after all
  • She strait out tells you that would be not good for a date at all
  • You agree and ask her what she would recommend
  • Jaehee tells you it depends on the person and the place of the date.
  • She asks you about the person you want to ask
  • You avoid telling her any details but pretty much vaguely describe her
  • She does not get it she seems a bit upset for some reason
  • She tells you that something more classy would fit you then
  • You wounder why she sounds kinda cold now
  • She still offers you her help and your friend gets a bit shoved behind remarking how sexy suits you better.
  • Jaehee is not disagreeing but she is not comfortable with it either
  • Together with her you pick something else out you try it on and she likes it better
  • She hopes that your date will also like it
  • You spill the beans since she looks so sad now
  • You tell Jaehee that you wanted to ask her out and you say that you are sorry for not saying that right away
  • She agrees on having a coffee date with you


  • Your friend convinced you he would loosen up with a sexy outfit
  • But as you now stand in front of the man he seems really not interested
  • He is actual even more distant now how was that possible
  • You know how he is regarding gold diggers and such people
  • He asks why you are dressed like that
  • You tell him you only trying some looks out
  • Your friend says its for a date
  • Is their anger in Jumins eyes oh shit how bad have you messed up -find out next episode lol-
  • You tell Jumin its only for future dates not now
  • He asks if there is someone you like then
  • You nervously try not to admit anything but he is very suspicious
  • Somehow you feel like you committed a crime
  • The more you talk around it the more the air feels with tension
  • Your friend trys to help you by telling Jumin that its more just in case of a date
  • That only confuses Jumin so you try changing the subject to cats
  • that works usely after all
  • but not this time he tells you that you not have to say anything he just concludes there is someone
  • He suggests that you change and dress more appropriate before more people notice you like that
  • You are agreeing not that was room for saying no
  • So you go and change back in your normal outfit
  • meanwhile Jumin talks – interrogates- your friend to get information over your potential crush
  • Your friend does its best but Jumin can be quite scary after all
  • So it comes down to a basic loose description of Jumin but since its pretty much how you see him he does not really get it
  • – I mean funny, generous and cute is not really what people describe him as -
  • So he is thinking really hard who fits to that traits …. Luciel maybe or Yoosung or that pretty boy no … your taste is not that bad
  • After you are done he is still thinking you ask him what is up
  • Her is kind of relived to see your normal outfit
  • Jumin says it suits you way better
  • You ask him half joking if that was a compliment
  • He says it was -the world stands still -
  • You are so surprised that you say it was not even necessary to get a new outfit for him then
  • Jumin looks at you half absentminded -processing data-
  • Wait you wanted to go out with him why did you not just asked then
  • You say you where afraid since you out of his class and all
  • He waves that off and invites you to dinner right away
  • You wounder if you really are dressed good enough for that
  • He says you are very nicely dressed so its all good


  • He blushes turns slightly away avoiding eye contact
  • You greet him and wounder right away if you look that bad
  • He makes awkward jokes that have nothing to do with the current situation
  • Also saying you should have a license to wear such thinks
  • He asks if you plan to go to a party dressed like that
  • You say no , your friend adds its for a date
  • good- wait whaaaaaaat he is confused
  • “a date you why, how ,who…. “
  • looks at your friend drawing wrong conclusions
  • before you can even say anything he looks away from you checking your friend out
  • He feels like that person is much better for you then he is
  • You tell him you are only trying some different thinks on with the help of your friend
  • So you don’t like that friend in that way ??
  • You say you don’t its just a good friend
  • is it good or bad the vote falls on good
  • 707 is kind of relived but now he needs to know more
  • but then again does he really want to know…
  • He is conflicted he is overheating so he just asks anyway if you are liking someone
  • You don’t really tell him since you are too embarrassed  
  • Your friend sees that this will lead no where at this rate so your friend just flat out says there is someone but that person is an idiot
  • You tell them to stfu that’s not true at all 707 is no idiot he is really smart
  • 707 just looks at you -707 error-
  • -Processor error must restart. Restart fail blue screen error. -
  • What… wait.. him  …no way there is no way you would like him
  • You must be joking you are broken……
  • After a heavy breath you admit its true you have a crush on him but you where to shy to ask him.
  • He still can not understand he tells you he is dangerous -insert 707 route here-
  • You say he is not and you really want to go out with him
  • 707 knows better but agrees anyway but you have to wear something else
  • You are agreeing

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hi pup!~ I have a au/scenario request for you! Whichever member from bts is fine with me (jimin would be nice though ;~;) Waking up to their soulmate countdown being 0:00 and finding out their S/O has just died, but five or so years later the countdown starts up again (full lifetime count). I hope this made sense? I lub you..

I gave this a whirl, so hopefully you like it! I LUB YOU MORE!

Park Jimin x Reader // Soulmate AU // 1072 Words

Originally posted by belenusjenchu


I woke up to a shooting pain in my arm, my hands clawing at my skin before my eyes had even opened to register what was going on. 


The numbers that were tattooed on my wrist were no longer giving off a light blue hue. Instead they were solid black and mocking me. They were gone, my soulmate was dead.

I clenched my chest as I struggled to breath. My mind was racing. My heart was frantic. My lungs were begging for me to take just one breath, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t understand how this could happen. We had thirty-seven years left just a few hours ago. There was no way she was gone. It just didn’t make any sense. 

When my cellphone began to ring I knew there was no mistake.  The man on the phone said it was a car crash. Just like that- she was gone.

Five Years Later

I wish I could say that I picked myself up and moved on. I wish I could tell you that after five years the tattoo on my arm no longer made my heart ache, or that I wasn’t a complete wreck every time the anniversary of her death crept around. But the truth is I’m a mess without her.

She reminded me to eat when the day’s work had kept me too busy to realize my stomach had been clenching from hunger, not nerves. She left me little notes in my jacket pocket to brighten my day, and sung me to sleep when I was too high-strung to relax. I can remember sitting in our living room floor, tears streaming down our cheeks, my stomach aching with laughter from something she said. I can remember all the times we ordered Chinese take-out, because her forgetfulness had her burning our dinner. And I can remember the day we said our vows, her shaking hands in my own as she promised to never let me go. She was an absolute god-send in this god-forsaken world, and then God went and took her away from me. 

I was angry, I was bitter, but every day I pushed on. I told myself I had to keep going, I had to make her proud, because even though she wasn’t with me physically anymore, she was watching over me. 

Her hand guiding me along my path was obvious. From the familiar sound of her favorite bird singing in the morning, to her favorite color lighting up the add of the current job I landed when I lost mine to my tunnel of grief. I couldn’t let her down.

I smelled her perfume that day. I know it sounds crazy, but when the goosebumps crawled across my skin and my heart began to beat frantically- I knew she was there with me. I almost ripped the sleeve of my shirt as I tried to pry the buttons loose with shaking hands. The ink I had come to hate was glowing in a familiar blue hue: 394199:57.

I watched the minutes tick by with disbelief, before my eyes started searching the crowds of people on their way to and from work. This had to be some sort of cruel joke. You couldn’t be here right now, it wasn’t possible, you were dead. My eyes met a pair of wide y/e/c eyes and gravity tilted, a band in my stomach tightening and forcing me towards her.  

“It’s you,” she whispered, her voice full of disbelief. “I can’t believe it.”

“T-this isn’t right,” I stuttered, my heart clenching with grief as I looked at her beautiful face. “My soulmates dead.”

“She told me you would be here,” She mumbled, not paying attention to anything I said as she studied my features in awe. 

“Who?” I demanded, electricity shooting up my arm as I gripped her wrist tightly. I knew the answer somehow, even before she said it, but I needed to hear it. 

“You’ll think I’m crazy,” she blushed, sliding her fingers in between my own.

I laughed, unable to help myself, “try me.”

She described her perfectly, not even leaving out the mole underneath her left eye, and I struggled to accept that this was my fate. This was what she wanted for me; This was who she wanted for me. “I know it sounds crazy to jump on a plane and fly to a country you’ve never been to all because of some angel in a dream, but it felt right.”

“I-I’ve been searching for you for five years,” she admitted, kicking the ground softly, before her y/e/c eyes met my brown ones. “I figured this was my last chance.”

The wind blew and I smelled her familiar perfume again, “what scent are you wearing?”

“Oh, um…it’s Versace,” she blushed, “Why is it too much?”

“It’s Bright Crystal, right?” I could feel my hands still shaking as I struggled to breath. It was all happening too fast. I don’t think I could do what she was asking of me this time. Falling in love again was asking too much. When she nodded I felt my knees buckle, her arms rushing out to catch me before I hit the ground.

“You know they don’t mean you’re literally supposed to fall in love right,” she giggled, her soft hands pushing my pink hair from my face. “Just breathe Jimin.”

“She told me this might happen,” she whispered, fingers dancing across my forehead. “She said you might not accept me at first, but that I couldn’t take no for an answer. She picked me herself, you see?”

“She told me- ‘I saw you, so bright, so full of energy- and I knew that you would be what it took to pull him out of the darkness, so no matter what Y/n, don’t let Jimin walk away from you.’“

“So we’ll lay here for as long as it takes, Jimin.” She smiled, my name sounding like a prayer on her lips. “We’ll lay here until you’re ready for me to walk you home and I’ll wait patiently for you to let down those walls you’ve built up so high. I’ll make you a cup of hot coco, because those little marshmallows fix everything, and you’ll tell me all about this angel who came to me in my dreams.”

“We’ve got 45 years, after all.” And for the first time in five years I felt my heart rise, instead of sink. 

“Don’t worry it’s my first time too! …Huh? Why is your face red?”

“S-shut up, dolt…”

Cold (Eddie Kaspbrak x Reader)

Pairing: Eddie Kaspbrak x Reader

Requests: “1 and 8 with Eddie spaghetti”


Prompts: 1. “Give me your jacket, I’m freezing.” 8. “Why are you blushing?”

A/N: Ahhh Eddie Spaghetti :)


The cold, winter wind blew through Derry, Maine. The Losers Club had decided to ride their bikes to the quarry.

As the eight friends sat over ledge, peering down at the water below them every so often, the air got colder and colder.

Y/n, who was sitting between Eddie and Beverly, shuddered.

She bumped Eddie’s shoulder with her own.

“Give me your jacket, I’m freezing.” Y/n demanded.

Eddie laughed but complied.

He shook his jacket off his shoulders and wrapped it around the girl.

Beverly smirked, watching the two interact, then silently got the attention of everyone else.

Richie furrowed his eyebrows as Beverly started making hand gestures pointing behind her. He looked behind her to see Eddie blushing bright red and Y/n wearing his jacket.

“Why are you blushing?” Y/n giggled, poking Eddie’s red face.

“I was just thinking about how cute you look in my clothes.” Eddie smirked, poking Y/n’s side.

She laughed, kissing Eddie’s cheek gently, then laid her head on his shoulder.

Eddie kissed her forehead as the two looked over the quarry.

The Seducer ( vii )

Chapter 7: Pavement Talk

chapter: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven


Excerpt“I mean, I came from violence,” he rubbed a hand over his knuckles, remembering the bruises accumulated from punching through walls in anger, “so it must run in my blood.”

Genre: drama, action, humour

Length: 1.6k

A/N: the title is a play on pillow talk what do you guys think so far? i hope it’s okay!

Originally posted by glittersoo

The street was loud and cold, as you began to shiver before Taehyung hung an arm over your shoulder, “who taught you to fight like that?” You shrugged in response, deciding against telling him the combination of your old obsession with watching WWE fighting, taking self-defense classes and enough first-hand experience was what gave you your edge.

Taehyung watched you in interest, placing a fag to his lips before offering you one to watch in amusement as you nodded eagerly. But as he clicked his lighter, flames flickering in the wind and illuminating your face, he felt his heart flutter slightly.

Taehyung found he was only this quiet when smoking or high, and as you leant towards him, to light your fag from his, he wondered if you could stay this close to him for a bit longer. But you leant away quickly, but he could still smell the champagne on your breath and count the eyelashes the framed your sparkling eyes and suddenly he was filled with the urge to break the silence, “I’m not surprised I ended up here,”

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“Why are you wearing my shirt? Please, don’t take it off. It looks good on you.” With Isaac Lahey pls❤️❤️

You had a small collection of clothes you’d stolen from your boyfriend.  There was the sweatshirt he had given you after your first date, the sweatpants he gave you when the two of you got caught in the rain, a scarf or two and, the ever-growing pile of shirts you’ve taken from the nights you’d spent cuddled up together in his bed when you’d stayed the night.  You were wearing one of those shirts tonight as you cleaned up your room, singing into your hairbrush and dancing around. “She worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes, hard liquor mixed with a bit of intellect!”  You jumped up onto your bed, shaking your hips and flipping your hair.  “And all the boys, they were saying they were into it, such a pretty face, on a pretty neck.”

“I gotta say if you look like that, I’m into it too.”  You yelped in surprise, spinning around to see Isaac leaning against your doorframe.  With your hand to your heart, you fall onto your bed and use the bounce to end up standing on your feet.

“You nearly gave me a heart attack.”  Calming your racing heart, you smiled at your boyfriend, happy to see him.  “Ever heard of knocking?”

He took a few steps into your room, remaining close to your door.  “I heard the music and figured you wouldn’t hear the knock.  Besides, you gave me a key to use right?  And I did text you but I see that you were too busy to check.”

You laughed and ran a hand through your hair, a small blush blooming on your cheeks.  “Yeah, I was a little preoccupied.”

Isaac tilted his head, eyes locked on the shirt you were wearing and a smirk curling his lips.  “Why are you wearing my shirt?”  You looked down and the blush spread from your cheeks to your neck, your fingers picked at the hem and lifted it slightly.  “Please, don’t take it off. It looks good on you.”

A small smirk of your own twisted the corners of your lips and you raised the shirt a little higher.  “Are you sure?  Because I bought a new set of lingerie the other day and I’m trying it out…right now.”

With a low growl and a flash of golden eyes, he kicked the door shut and swept you up in his arms.  “How about I take it off for you?”

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(Don’t expect this to be good)
Boys accidentally walking in on their s/o changing:
Shuichi Saihara
-Squeals when he sees you
-Kinda just stands there for a second, trying to register the situation
-When he realizes the situation, he blushes *intensely* and apologizes over and over again
-You looked good though ;)))))
-Avoids you for the rest of the day
Korekiyo Shinguuji
-Just stares
-For a loooooooong time
-Until you eventually yell at him telling him to get out
-Still doesn’t get out. He just talks about how humanity is beautiful of something
-You have to force him to get out
Amami Rantarou
-Walks in
-Walks out
-Thats all.
-Although while you weren’t looking he may or may not have taken a picture of you ;))))
-He was just going to use it for… *scientific purposes*
Ouma Kokichi
-He stares, but not as long as Korekiyo.
-He comes over to you, AND HUGS YOU
-It’s not like he was trying to do anything, he just wanted to see how you would react.
-You though…
Kaito Momota
-Walks in
-“Hiya s/o!”
-Starts walking toward you
-Is instantly kicked out
-Covers his eyes when he sees you
-Is ashamed of himself
-Walks out
Ryoma Hoshi
-Sees you
-Walks out
-Walks in
-Stares at s/o, kinda confused
-He didn’t really understand the concept of clothes
-“Why do you wear clothes, when your body looks so beautiful?”


Pete: *wears a cute little tuxedo*

Patrick: *giggles*

Pete: Why is my sunshine giggling?

Patrick: Nothing *giggles*

Pete: No really, why?

Patrick: You look cute.

Pete: *blushes*

Ryan: *wears a cute little tuxedo*


Ryan: Oh shut up, Brendon. As if you could wear it better than I do. *hair flip*

Brendon: *removes Ryan’s clothes and wears it*

Ryan: I hate to say this but, you’re fucking hot let’s recreate the Milk Fic.

Brendon: I should wear this more often.

Love Bites?

Love bites?

Previous Imagine: You Suck!

“Hey what’s up you guys, today we’re going to do something different. Pranks! I’ve done maybe 2 pranks on this channel so far, and I’ve never managed to prank the prank king himself Joe Sugg. As you all know he is my boyfriend, and I’ve decided the perfect prank for him is the “I cheated,” prank. Here’s the situation in the past I was a bit of what we call a “Fuckboy,” now, so this shouldn’t be too hard. I went out last night with Mikey, Alex, Oli, Josh, and Caspar, I didn’t come home until around 3. Joe was asleep, and he’s a pretty hard sleeper in fact he still asleep now, so I’m going to go out to go over to Conor’s because Anna’s there and she’s going to draw some hickey’s on my neck, Joe’s going to think I just went out to get breakfast since I left a note. You’ll see me in a bit,” With that recorded Jack turned the camera off and went on his way to Conor’s.

Once Jack arrived at Conor’s he quickly briefed them on the prank and Anna got to work with her makeup. “So how many Hickey’s do you want?”

“Just decorate them around my neck, I want to look like I’ve had a pleasant night,” Jack answered getting excited about the prank.

“Aren’t you scared that he’s going to break down or something. What if he kicks you out?” Anna asks while applying the makeup to Jacks neck.

“Well it’s just a prank so hopefully he doesn’t take it too seriously, if it does end our relationship I’ll just have to win him back won’t I?” He replies rather cockily.

15 minutes later Anna was done and Jack’s neck was littered with 7 hickeys 3 on both sides and one in the middle. He wrapped a scarf around his neck so Joe didn’t see anything yet, then headed out to grab Joe’s favorite breakfast item from McDonald’s.

By the time he got home Joe was up and moving around, Jack was greeted with hugs and kisses. “Good morning to you too,” Jack smiled into the kiss before pulling back and handed Joe his breakfast.

“McDonald’s y’know I’m not allowed to have this,” Joe whined as he opened the bag and grabbed his bacon and egg biscuit.

“One morning can’t do too much damage, now can it?” Jack teased while pinching Joe’s side, causing the older man to chuckle.

“I guess not, I missed you what took you so long?” Joe sat himself down on the couch while Jack moved into the kitchen quickly setting up his camera while Jack was distracted with finding a channel to watch.

“I went to visit Anna and Conor he picked her up last night, she wants to have lunch later,” Jack halfway lied, while checking to see if his camera was in the perfect position.

“Yay! I love little Maynard,” Jack smiled at Joe’s nickname for his sister, Anna and Joe got on so well it always made him smile when the two had fun together. “What did you have in mind?”

“Nandos probably, or she could come over here and you can make us a delicious lunch,” Jack walked over to Joe, leaning down to steal a piece from his biscuit.

“Hey!” Although Joe let him have it, before shoving the rest in his mouth. “Maybe, only if you go run me a nice hot bath.”

“Can I join you in this bath?” Jack gave Joe a flirty look, causing the man to blush. Even after being together for 3 years he still managed to make Joe blush.

“Nope, since you went out last night and came in late,” Jack pout appeared after hearing this, but Joe just gave him a kiss and shooed him off. “Now go draw me a bath peasant.”

“Yes Master,” he walked over with a laugh, Joe was just too cute for him.

An hour later Joe was finishing up with his bath which meant show time. Jack just finished explaining the hickey’s, and was on to the little friend that was helping him out with this prank.

“Okay guys so I’m going to have Josh texting me every second and instead of it saying Josh my phone is going to say Sarah with kissy face,” Jack held up his phone to demonstrate the name, it read: Sarah 😘😘. “Joe will be down in a minute he’s going to be suspicious since I’m still wearing this scarf and not paying him any attention whatsoever, God please don’t let this backfire, let me still have a boyfriend in the end.”

Jack quickly set the camera back up before going to sit on the couch and texting ‘Sarah’ things like “last night was amazing, we should do it again,” and “what are you wearing at the moment,” even going so far as to send ‘her’ the most fuckboy picture he had of himself.

“Babe, what are you doing? Taking a picture for Snap?” Joe asked entering the room, he looked super cuddly in his glasses and his favorite green Sugg hoodie. Jack quickly dropped his phone on his lap, wanting to make it look like he was being caught doing something wrong.

“Yeah something like that,” he answered as he sent ‘Sarah’ another text telling her ‘she’ looked beautiful. Joe came and sat down next to Jack wanting to cuddle with him, Jack had to do everything in his power to ignore the older man.

Joe pouted but shook it off before making himself comfy on Jacks shoulder and watching whatever was currently on. “So I was wondering what you wanted for lunch?”

Jack let out an ‘mmhm’ before texting ‘Sarah’ something else, which ‘she’ quickly replied to with something super inappropriate. Joe just sat and watched his boyfriend for a minute who was sending text at a mile per hour and receiving them in the exact same speed.

“Who are you texting?” Joe reached for Jacks phone but he quickly snatched it away, causing Joe to flinch back in confusion.

“It’s just Mikey, we’re having a argument on whether or not he’s a good driver,” Jack lied, while his face blushes at the new message ‘Sarah’ sent.

“Why are you blushing then? And why are you still wearing that scarf Jack, it’s like 98 degrees in here,” Joe quickly yanked the scarf off Jack’s neck revealing the hickeys. When Joe’s eyes settle on Jack’s neck he felt his heart literally break. “What the fuck are those?”

“Nothing, Joe what are you talking about?” Jack quickly moved his hand to hide his neck, which leads to revealing the ones on the other side.

“Jack I’m not an idiot you love bites all over your neck, and I definitely didn’t give those to you… So you cheated on me,” Joe looked so defeated that Jacks heart squeezed in pain at the thought of all the pain Joe must be going through.

“I didn’t cheat Joe, it’s just a few love bites you acting like I had sex with this person, I didn’t,” Jack weakly defends as his phone bings three times in a row.

“Who the fuck is texting you?!” Joe manages to snatch Jacks phone off his lap, the lock screen turning on to reveal dirty messages from ‘Sarah’. “Huh I thought you said it was Mikey, is this the girl you cheated on me with? Must be the first text from her is, “Last night was amazing, when can we do it again?” You can’t be fucking serious, what is this Jack?” Joe threw Jacks phone onto the couch, and stood up making a move to leave.

“Joe where are you going?” Jack asked panic could be heard in his voice, a he stood up and went after Joe. “Look babe I’m sorry! It didn’t mean anything.”

“If it didn’t mean anything why are you still texting her morning prior? Does our relationship not mean anything to you?” Joe had made his way up the stairs, ripping open their bedroom door. Luckily Jack put a hidden camera on in here.

“Of course it means the world to me, I love you,” Jack stood back watching his boyfriend grab his suitcase. “What are you doing Joe? Where are you going?”

“I’m packing, I need to be in a place that you’re not so I can think,” At this point Jack could see the tears coming down Joe’s face, and hear the little sniffles his boyfriend was releasing.

“Joe it’s not that serious, babe come on,” Jack walked over and began to remove the clothes that Joe was putting in the suitcase. “You’re seriously going to leave me over some love bites?”

“Jack just leave me alone, if you love me so much like you claim, you would have never let this happen in the first place,” Joe ripped the clothes out of Jack’s hands and threw them back into the suitcase.

“Fine, I’m going to leave you alone because you acting like a psychopath at the moment,” Jack sneered, as he got up and left the room. He waited a few minutes out the door just to hear what was going on, Joe was full on crying at the moment he seemed to be making a call to someone, probably Zoe.

Jack left downstairs to explain the situation, he feels like the worst boyfriend in the world. “Okay guys update on what’s happening, Joe is upstairs packing and bawling his eyes. I feel so horrible, like shit actually. I believe he’s going to try to leave, which frankly I can’t let happen so let’s see how this one plays out.”

Jack moves the camera to where it’s able to see Jack standing by Joe’s stares, it isn’t long until you can hear someone moving down the steps which happens to be Joe. Once he gets to the final step, Jack comes from the corner with his arms crossed.

“So you’re really going to do this?” Joe just huffed and made a move to go past Jack, causing Jack to immediately grab both of Joe’s sides. Joe may have been working out and getting into shape but Jack is still strong than the smaller man.

“Jack get off me, I’m asking you nicely,” Joe states while trying to remove himself from Jack, but instead Jack just manages to back Joe into the wall, where he can actually get a good look at his boyfriend. He looks like his whole world has been torn apart.

“You’re just going to leave, leave me after these past 3 years we’ve shared together,” Jack tries to make himself sound angry and threatening, Joe just crosses his arms, while trying to look at anything but Jack.

“You’ve thrown it away once you decided to do whoever knows what with Sarah,” Joe states angrily, while finally looking into Jack’s eyes his swimming with hurt.

“I didn’t do anything with Sarah, Joe. In fact there is no Sarah, this is a prank, here take my phone and call her,” Jack handed Joe his phone, and Joe quickly went to his contacts calling Sarah.

“Hello?” Josh’s manly voice rang through the phone as clear as day.

“You guys are both fucking assholes! I hate you,” Joe sounded angry but his face was shining with happiness. “But the love bites?”

“Fake, Anna painted them on with makeup,” Jack licked his thumb and proceeds to wipe the hickey’s off which they come off pretty easily.

“I was seriously going to leave you! Why did you do this?” Joe asked while Jack pulled him in for a tight hug. “I called Zoe, and my dad!”

“I just wanted to prank you baby, the Prank King has now been pranked,” Joe pinched Jack’s ear tightly, but stayed buried in his chest. “The hardest part was not calling it off when you started crying, you cried babe!”

“Because I love you, and I thought you cheated on me with bloody ‘Sarah’, you’re so cruel!!!” Joe whined while Jack placed multiple kisses on Joe’s face, and the top of his head.

“I would never, why cheat when I come home to the most amazing person in the world?” This earned Jack a kiss from Joe, it was a small and delicate one that was going to grow into a full on passionate make out in a minute. “I’m surprised that you’re not angry.”

“It was a prank, I got to admit you got me good, but I hope you know I’m coming back 10 times harder,” Joe threatened while Jack shivered, his boyfriend is the Prank King, anything is possible.

“Please don’t cause bodily harm to me,” He begs while Joe just smiled in a devilish way.

“No promises,” Joe says before pulling Jack back down wanting more kisses, which he happily grants his boyfriend.