why are you two the way you are

Hooooomygod okay so I don’t even have the strength to make this coherent and articulate so bear with me. I work at this automotive place as a service writer, and on Sundays we’re open from 9-6

1. We have two mechanics in my shop. One of them is the laziest most childish piece of shit I’ve ever worked with. He’s a 22 year old boy like you literally come to work to get paid. You literally applied to work here so I’m confused as to why you don’t want to work??? See the thing about the mechanics is that they get paid a flat-rate for every completed hour of work they do. (Google flat-rate technician for a definition) so they complain when there aren’t customers who come in, and they complain when there ARE customers who come in. Like literally the only way they’ll make money is if there are customers who need work done. So this fucking Neanderthal comes in two hours late (around 11) and then says he’s going on lunch at 2:00!!!! Mind you there are about, and I shit you not, 20 customers who’s keys I have who need work done.

2. This one customer says he was going to sue me lmao y'all listen to this bs. He wanted to sue me because I told him I was booked for the rest of the day and had no more room/time to take in another customer. I was like???? Bruh you don’t even make sense. Then he wanted it in writing me saying I wasn’t going to accept his car for service. I typed it all up real pretty and handed it to him and he called me a liar and crumbled the paper up and threw it away. I was like okay??? I guess he thought because he was a delivery driver for a pizza place that I HAD to work on his car. No.

3. Oh my god THIS guy okay he comes in with a loose tire, and he’s like yeah my car is sitting on the side of the interstate I just need a new valve stem in the tire. I said to him okay that’s cool but I have about 15 people in front of you (I wasn’t exaggerating in the least like it’s a fucking weekend I’m busy) I can get to it when I can. So then we do the back and forth about how oh wow a new valve stem takes about five minutes why do I have to wait so long and me telling him there’s a line and I only have two mechanics so you’ll have to get in where you fit in etc etc … this one ended in screaming from him and it wasn’t a good day and I’m like okay it’s not my fault your car is on the fucking interstate you will wait just like everybody else

4. My assistant manager decided to leave at 12:00 to go to his nieces birthday party. He washed his hair in the shop sink, which … I worked the counter by myself basically all day anyway because he’s one of those managers who likes to disappear and not do work

4. I had about four people walk out of the store and say they didn’t wanna wait any longer, about two people who got free shit, four guys who screamed at me, and the one guy who said he’s gonna sue me

I honest to god could go on but I’ll spare y'all. Today was marvelous. I cannot wait for another job to come through because this place is in shambles. At any rate, I’m glad I’m well adjusted and know how to handle my shit mentally. I do have high blood pressure though lmao

i’m laughing so hard rn i started a shitstorm in the facebook group of my hometown… there’s mostly people of the age of 30-50 posting shit and they posted a picture of a small cabin in this town, which was filled with trash and garbage, empty bottles and what not (obviously someone has celebrated or been having a party and didn’t clean up the place afterwards)

the comments were filled with really hateful stuff like “this generation sucks ass and when i was young i was way better, kids these days don’t know how to behave properly” (stuff like that happens all the time, every two days i see a post in how they brag about how their generation is so much better than these rebellious youngsters these days, ugh)

so i commented “lol, if it disturbs you that much to see trash, why don’t you clean it up yourself? lololol jk, of course i don’t support them leaving their trash behind like that, but honestly, comparing yourself to them like that is pointless. this whole hatespeech against the youth and how they can’t be taken seriously is silly and at most makes them do stuff like that even more out of a rebellious mindset. instead of putting yourself on a higher pedestal and talking behind their back like that, how about you approach them directly and kindly tell them not to do stuff like that.”

all i got for response was 4 middle-aged people telling me “your room probably looks exactly like that hahahaha” and “why should i clean up your trash wtf?” just???? they basically did exaclty what i said, they don’t listen to me properly nor do they take my words serious, because i’m a teenager and they’re so much better than me apparently.

so i left the group. and accidentally reported it as well………… if it’s gonna be deleted, i’m going to laugh like a maniac, i really hit “report for spam” by accident but i wouldn’t mind if that group disappeared from the internet lmao

Request: Couple Fights and Blowhorns

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You were rather spiteful.
The guard could see why you and Caius were together, you both enjoyed the luxury of cruelty. However it was like being in the crossfire when you two fought. They hoped to avoid you more than him. You often liked to go out your way to make his life hell when you two fought. This was one of those times.
Not to be misleading, you showed kindness behind stern words. You were prickly and very new.
You hadn’t been around long and so the guard gave you the benefit of the doubt. Not even the twins were an exception to your attitude unlike Caius. This immediately made you the meaner one of the two.

Afton and Chelsea muttered slightly as they headed to your room.
It was their turn to watch you and do what you said. They knocked on the open door and saw you sat at your desk writing away. No one knew what you were doing, not even Caius knew what you did.
Well- except Aro but not even what he saw the sense. Your eyes flickered to them briefly before continuing.
“My name is (Y/N) (L/N), and before you dare say it you will not call me ‘mistress’. I am no one’s ‘mistress’ in any sense of the word and it makes me sound old. (Y/N), is fine or hell even ‘miss’ since the last few struggled with that.” Afton and Chelsea looked at each other in shock with the sudden dominance you held within the conversation.
“Pleasure to meet you miss, I am Afton and this is my mate Chelsea.”
You looked up again, eyes narrowing. “Have we met already?”
“Somewhat, you threw a book at us the first time.” Chelsea said.
“Oh, did I hurt you?” You suddenly seemed interested- perhaps in concern?
“No, no.” Chelsea smiled at Afton who returned the smile.
“Damn, well, there’s always next time.” You smiled.
Or perhaps you weren’t concerned at all.
“Word of warning, I won’t be remembering your names as of yet as I don’t seem it necessary. It’s not personal, it’s that I don’t care and don’t know who I will be seeing regularly. Well- except for two, those twins. So you,” you pointed at Chelsea. “You will be thing One and you,” you pointed at Afton “will be thing Two.”
The meeting was formal, business like and extremely uncomfortable -yet oddly familiar.
This was how they treated humans, now this human was treating them the same. “Now, Caius sent you to watch me however im not playing his games today. So now that we’ve finished introductions, you can bring me those twins.” They nodded and turned away.
“I don’t like them.” Chelsea whispered.
“Prickly is not the word for them.” Afton muttered.
“Hold it.”
The two froze and turned around.
“I may be human but I’m not deaf. You may want to learn how to lower your voices efficiently because I can hear you perfectly. Now you are idiot one and two. You two can also take the rest of the day off. How generous am I?“ You smirked before waving them off.
“I love them.” Chelsea said much lower.
“They’re great!” Afton grinned also lower.
You smiled slightly, they’ll get the hang of it eventually.

The twins stood at the doorway, staring at you.
“Already making impressions by not making your presence known and staring as though you’re entitled to being noticed. Whilst my mate and his brothers may tolerate it-i will not. You’ve lost brownie points.” You said before turning to the twins. “So, I decided that I wanted to meet you two today and so here we are. Don’t bother giving me names, I have no intention of remembering them. Lets just agree that you don’t torture me then I won’t torture you.”
The twins nodded slowly. “We are not permitted to hurt you to begin with.” Jane said fighting back anger of being talked down to by a human.
“Then life should be easy for you two. So, it’s no secret that I am fighting with Caius and I am really mad. You two are coming with me. Oh and before any protest, no you will not be punished for following my command.”
You went into your wardrobe bringing out a horn. “This is my ‘irritated horn’. I blow it when I get irritated. We’re doing rounds. But first nick names. You two are blondie and sassy- I’m sure you can figure out who is who.”
You turned to Alec. “Before you question your name, don’t think I don’t hear how you speak to the lower guards. Now roll onto my mate. I know him, you know him. He’s been talking. It’s no secret we’re fighting. Boohoo. Now why are we fighting?“
“You disagree.” Jane answered.
“Blondie, vague answers get you nowhere.”
“Because our master wants to follow routine by having you in the tower as to which you refuse.”
“Sassy stole the point, now why did I protest?”
“Because you were born in modern era which embarks on equality rights for women just as men. You also believe in independent, strong women who live by their choice and not in conformity of the rules your partner. Therefore you explaining your issue with our masters demands.”
“Behind every mother is a strong woman. Well done, Blondie stole the win. Now, let’s go.“

The first the trio saw was Felix, who was tormenting the secretary. You lifted the blow horn and the twins winced at the noise. Felix looked at you.
“BFG, you have better things to do than torment our receptionist, get to it.”
You moved forward to the receptionist, taking her pen and scribbling on a sticky note. You stuck it to her head and walked off. The receptionist peeled off the note and read the words. ‘i will not flirt with guards.’

The twins were very uncomfortable to witness you purposefully move Caius’ stuff to the most unthinkable places and simply because you could. You then marched into the throne room, right up to Caius.
“Get up, please.”
He did so with a scowl before being startled as you dragged his throne out of place.
“What on earth are you doing!?”
“You’re talking crap about our problems to the guard and everyone else in this castle? Then don’t mind me as I inconvenience you.”
“This is ridiculous.”
“Maybe, but now you’ll see how I feel when you go fishing out our problems for the world to hear. We’re not a perfect couple, I’m sorry, but you are deluded if you think I’m going to sit back and watch as you gossip about me to everyone here.”
“You say as though you are a saint and you don’t disrespect the guard.”
“Oh I do, sweetheart. Let’s not pretend you’re much better.“

TXF rewatch

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So I know @startwreck is doing some screen caps (because she loves us) but tonight was epic and I had time so I found some non episode related rewatch quotes. Flor you are on here way too much. 

Jen_xfile-cabinetx: I may or may not have had an afternoon delight
Bailey Jo_sure-fine-whatever-nerd: MOM YOU KNOW I AM HERE

Lila_startwreck: when I first dipped my toes into the fandom there were two legends of fanwork that I was immediately made aware of: 1. chili’s fic. 2. msrafterdark


Jen_mobygirl21: If Hank Moody was your spirit animal you would have just fucked him then and there

Flor_Defnotmeyo: However I did take my frustrations out on a gentleman named Daniel, who I don’t specifically remember but who left me a very nice note the next day.
Flor_Defnotmeyo: The note said, “Hi Daniel, we had sex. I didn’t steal anything. Call me. XXX-XXX-XXXX”

Clarice_contrivedcoincidences6: Mulder probably has slide shows that he uses as foreplay
kristin_kateyes224: Dramatic slideshows = foreplay

Jill_imasquint: Scully can point the laser pointer where she wants his mouth
Jill_imasquint: Or put it on mulder for her mouth

mel_thethirstisoutthere: y'all notice how the evolution of scully’s suits is like… she wears suits s1 waiting for mulder to make a move and its clear he wont
mel_thethirstisoutthere: so she just wears pantsuits until s7 when they fucking and then its skirts all the time?
leigh_lepus-arcticus: skirts are easier access mel

Flor_Defnotmeyo: Hand veins and forearm veins do it for me.
Flor_Defnotmeyo: And bicep veins.
Flor_Defnotmeyo: And penis veins.

Flor_Defnotmeyo: Scully hates his scruff in season 1. It’s not professional. In season 2 she hates his scruff because it means he’s worn out and tired. In season 3 she hates it because they’ve hard a hard case. By season 4 she hates it because she can’t picture it anywhere else but scraping up her thighs.

juli_i-just-knew1013: This is the one where I get to see my *current* bathroom tile(because it’s that old)

Sorry if I missed something funny you said. You guys cracked me up tonight. @therobbinsnest I didn’t have you on here specifically but your responses to everything tonight made me laugh so hard! 

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Okay seriously I get told all the time that bi and pan are the same and it's always people who are just. 'There's only two genders, boy and girl how can you be into more than that' But. Here's the thing. Fun fact. There's only two SEXES genders and sexes aren't the same!!! Why do you?? Do this?? My gawdd.





Daddy Ryder wasn’t the best father

“Honey, we have two beautiful twins”

“Can I hold them?”

“Sure…oh by the way now that it is done, I’M off to explore an unknown relay..I might die…see you in a couple of year!”

*many years later*

“Dad, can we spend sometime together?”

“I’m very busy with that whole Andromeda thing”

“Well we knew you’d say that and this why me and Sara decided to join the program”

“Awww….cra….great, great”

so like, i’m going to start shit: you people, the “Queer Community”, really, really hate faggots and you keep finding ~SJ-sanctioned~ ways to hate us and it’s so fucking transparent and so fucking tiring and i hate it and i hate you and this is why i’m like two shitty tumblr posts away from becoming a faggot separatist i swear to fucking GOD

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Hi, I'm not trying to be mean or anything so please don't take this the wrong way but why are you reblogging the same two jack things over and over again? XD

There’s a bug on tumblr if you reblog something on mobile and it will repeatedly reblog it over and over again. I hate it so much! It’s very annoying!

daehyun x reader (part 1 of 2)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Daehyun (B.A.P) x Reader
Rating: G
Comments: I’ve been snooping through my AU prompt list and my fantasy list had caught my attention and sparked my writing bug, so I thought I better get that out of the way so it stop distracting me. Then, it turned into a two parter somehow. ANYWHO. The dragon names were ripped from FFXII cause why not.

Summary: You and Daehyun are both dragon riders who don’t get along, and you’re about to be assigned your patrol duties after years as trainees.

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I don’t know where this recent idea came from that fiction has to be perfectly healthy anyway. Fiction is not inherently healthy and never has been, its not real, its for exploration and imagination. Fiction is separate from reality and that is why we like it. What you write about is not what you condone, Stephen King is not serial killer for writing about murder. People are not being “abuse apologists” for shipping two characters in a less than healthy way.

I’m sick of this new trend.

You don’t have to like a ship but you want to know what is actually hurting people? What is not promoting healthy behavior? Harassing shippers, telling them they’re disgusting over fiction, that kind of shining behavior antis exhibit.

“I was first exposed to ballet at the age of seven when a traveling company came to my church in North Carolina. By the time I was eleven I was practicing six days a week. It became my all-consuming monastic devotion. I eventually made it to the New York City Ballet. I’ve always seen ballet as my way of serving God. I think it’s what God has called me to do. You can call it frivolous, or superficial. But you can stretch that argument to infinity. Why do we have painting? Why do we have architecture? I think it’s all a form of worship. In a secular age the theater becomes the cathedral. There can be such a lack of empathy and collaboration in this world. But in the theater we see beauty and order and harmony modeled for us– two hours at a time. And it took a lot of sacrifice to make that possible.“

do you ever wonder why things turn out the way they do?” she asks but doesn’t wait for a reply. 
“i mean, do you question how two people can love each other so deeply, but no matter what, love isn’t enough? i think about it all the time, and i can’t seem to grasp the fact that in a society where love is so rare, it’s still not enough for two people to fight for each other.

a contronym is a word which is the opposite of itself, having two meanings which defy each other, two reverse Janus faces. for example, when you look at her she is both your whole world and why you are massively and horrifically empty. for example, kissing her on a sunday both feels like prayer and hellfire. 

for example, you are your own contronym. someone who is solely intent on self-destructing while somehow also the only one working to save you. it is the mornings you can’t get up contrasted with the nights you can’t fall asleep. it is the way you feel everything at once like a meteor is reflecting off the solar panels of your bones while also feeling nothing at all. it’s that you want to be in love and you’re also not good enough. it’s that you’re terrified that tomorrow won’t come and you’re also terrified of what happens if it does. 

for example. one shaking hand dusts to remove dirt, white gloves around a white throat, or one can dust dirt over a grave to replace it. a contronym. you are alive and yet completely unsure if this is living.


“Meg, can you describe your thought process as you tackle a new drawing?”

*pushes up glasses*

Why, yes. It’s the simple formula of, “How can I make two characters groping each other in the fluffiest way possible? I call it The Shmoopy Octopus.”

Your ships don’t need to be “healthy”

I don’t know where exactly* this idea that your ship needs to be „wholesome and healthy“ comes from, but can it disappear again, please?

Ships can be variety of things. Yes, there’s the ship where the characters are great together, make each other happy and complete and the world a better place. There’s those people who are scorching hot together and should totally hook up. But there are also ships that are all about imperfect people coming to terms with each other’s flaws. People who should be really bad for each other, but somehow find happiness against the odds. Terrible people loving no one but each other. People being really, really bad for each other, but in an interesting way. There’s the ship that’s a beautiful disaster and the one that will end in murder and bloodshed. Ships are just two (or more) people who are interesting to you when they’re together.

Also, there’s a variety of reasons for why you would ship, why you want to read fic, write fic, draw art, write meta, chat with your friends about it. „I think they should be canon!“ is common, butfar from universal. „I want some hot porn with attractive people!“ is totally legit. „I want to read about people like me!“ is great, but so is „I want to read about people who are not like me at all!“  „Life sucks and I just want a happy escape“ is fine, as is „I want to safely explore things that scare me in real life.“ „This ship lends itself to my narrative and/or sexual kinks.“ “They interacted a lot in canon and I want more of it.” “They didn’t interact much in canon, but I thought it would be interesting if they did.” And so on. 

The thing is, none of this makes your ship any more valuable or right. It does not reflect on your morality or your worth as a person. Some of the sweetest people I’ve met in fandom have written the filthiest, most “problematic” smut.

You are allowed to let Kylo Ren and General Hux find true love in each other. Or have them hate each other’s guts and still do it like rabbits. Have Snoke arrange a marriage between them for political reasons. Explore what it would mean for them if one of them changed sides. Have them meet in an alternative reality where they’re a Jedi and a rebel, or baristas or high school students.

Let Rey rescue Kylo from the Dark Side with her love. Let Kylo corrupt her. Let them be star-crossed lovers who are eternally caught on two sides of a conflict. Reverse their roles from the beginning. Let them be strangers, let them be cousins. Hell, ship them as siblings; it’s Star Wars after all.

You are allowed to ship Shiro and Keith as a 24-year-old instructor and a 16-year-old cadet having a forbidden relationship. Or maybe you prefer mutual respect growing into a relationship after they have fought in an intergalactic war for a few years. Or maybe Keith is an enemy Galra prince and Shiro is his prisoner?

It’s all good.

Your ships don’t have to be healthy role models for RL relationships. Your ships don’t have to be “pure”. The only one your ships have to be good for is you. And you are the only one who gets to decide if they are.

*actually, I do have some ideas.

I have been a childcare professional for almost six years and been a parent for ten.

Whenever someone says that children are too young to learn about ‘gay’ stuff, I practically die laughing because, ladies and gents:

I have seen small children do WAY more stereotypically ‘gay’ stuff than straight without a care in the bloody world.

I have seen little boys happily put on dresses, kiss each other, hug, take care of babies, expertly put a nappy on a doll and be completely unafraid to cry when they’re hurt.

I saw two little boys being Dads and when one of them asked me ‘Can you ask one of the girls to be the Mummy?’ I replied ‘Well, some houses have two Dads, why don’t you guys have two Dads?’ and THEY SHRUGGED, NODDED AND WENT OFF TO PLAY TWO DADS.

I have seen little girls declare loudly they will marry their best friend, marry two dollies together, play house with two mums, build aeroplanes out of lego, get angry and love dinosaurs.

Why? Because they don’t give a shit what you think and they haven’t been told any of this is ‘wrong’. Maybe none of these children are gay, but the fact that they think- KNOW- that this stuff is just stuff and any basis in gender or sexual preference is completely arbitrary, is so important and it gives me so much hope.

Also, I asked my daughter if she wanted to marry a boy or a girl, she said girl.

Because it’s an option. So there.

-posting my masterlist just for the heck of it-

Full-lenth oneshots (typically around 1,000 words) are posted first under each name, separated from shorter works by a line. Enjoy!


“I Want to Try It With You”




It’s Just That…



“I Wrote This For You”

“Excuse Me For Falling in Love With You”

Cha Cha Malone



See You Around

Nice To Meet You


Five Years



“It Brings Out Your Eyes”

“He’s Going to Be Fine”

“Why Don’t You Just Crash at My Place For Tonight?”


“Birds Can’t Fly Without Wings”

“Take the Long Way Around”







“I’m Sorry… I’m Just Stressed Out”

“Please Don’t Do This”



Good Morning

Don’t Tell




Of Course






“What Happened To You Two?”

“He Really Needs Help”

“I Heard a Noise”






“I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Mean To”

“You’re Warm”


1:30 AM


Goodness Knows Why




“I Could Never Lose You”

“You Need Some Sleep”

“You’re Not Happy Here, Are You?”

“Your Feelings Don’t Matter Right Now; We Need to Do This”

“I Want To Wake Up With You Like This Every Morning”

“Why Don’t You Just Crash At My Place For Tonight?”

“I’m Coming Home”


Let Loose

Out Of the Blue

Next Time




With You


“Cross My Heart and Hope to Die”

“Hold My Hand So He Gets Jealous”

“Don’t Say That”

“Sorry I’m Protective Over the Things I Love”



My Pleasure


I Insist



“I’m Not Going Anywhere”

“Keep Your Eyes Open”

“I’m Sorry I’m Protective Over the Things I Love”

“Take Notes, Sweetheart”




“You Look Good”

“Someone Will Find Us”




“The Key Is Under the Mat”

“You Look Good”

“I Couldn’t Do It Without You”

“Why Don’t You Just Crash at My Place For Tonight?”

“Keep Your Eyes Open”

“Have I Ever Told You How Much You Mean To Me?”

“Who Was That Guy?”

“Pillows Are Over-Rated”

Jay Park



Give It a Shot

Go For It

Thank You

One Reason


Little Fish




Just You


“Go Back to Sleep”

“I Wrote This For You”

“Slushies Aren’t Just For Kids, Fuck Society”

“You Got a Cute Butt”

“Do You Do This Every Day, By Yourself?”

“Do You Know How Long I’ve Been in Love With You?”

“You Still Have Me”

“I Cheated”

“I Swear, I’m Not Scared”

“Can You Just Leave Me Alone?”

“Get Over It”



“This Is For You”

“She Really Loves You, Doesn’t She?”

“Sleep Tight”


The Truth

Too Late

You Know That


Any Chance


“Who Was That Guy?”

“If You Fall, I’ll Catch You”

“Do You Know How Long I’ve Been In Love With You”

“I Want To Wake Up With You Like This Every Morning”

“I Just Wanted To Get To Know You Better”

“We’re Going On A Trip”

“Let’s Give This Another Shot”


You’re All Mine


“Why Do You Only Kiss Me When I’m Sleeping?”

“I’m Pregnant!”

“Yes… But You’re Prettier”

“And Then On Top Of All That, I’m On My Period”

Mad Clown


“Who Was That Guy?”


You Promise?


“I’m Not Going Anywhere”

“What Happened to You Two?”

“Tell Me What Happened, From the Start”

“We Still Have a Long Way To Go”

“You’re Not Happy Here, Are You?”




“Don’t Cry”

“Take My Jacket, It’s Cold Outside”

“Who Was That Guy?”

“Someone Will Find Us”

“You Look Good”


Roll With It


“I’m Ready”

“Do You Know How Long I’ve Been in Love With You?”



Everything I Need


“Can I Kiss You?”

“I Had a Dream About You”

The Quiett






“You Still Have Me”

“I Love You”

“Can You Come Over?”

“You’ll Stay By Me Forever, Right?”

Rap Monster




“Stay Over”

San E




“I Think You’re Beautiful”


Study Buddy



“Why Don’t You Crash At My Place For Tonight?”

“He Really Needs Help”

“I’m Sorry, But That Was Adorable”

“But, I Said I Love You” (Angst Version)

“But, I Said I Love You” (Fluff Version)

Simon Dominic







Your Turn

I Don’t Need You

Remember That

Come Back


Some Other Day

Day 1

I Believe You

Just Check It


Don’t Remind Me

Good Night

No Big Deal





“I Was in the Neighborhood”

“You Should Have Told Me”

“I Wrote This For You”

“You’re Competitive and So Am I, and It’s Going to Lead to a Fight”

“Don’t Say That”

“He Really Loves You, Doesn’t He?”

“I Need You”

“Let’s Give This Another Shot”

“I Don’t Think I Ever Told You, But…”

“No, You’re MY Bitch.”

“Excuse Me For Falling in Love With You”

“You Have No Chill”


Keeping Score

Happy Birthday

Ugly Duck



“Stay There. I’m Coming to Get You”



“Someone Will Find Us”

“I Bet You Can’t Go 24 Hours Without Cussing”



“You’re Important Too”



“You’ll Stay By Me Forever, Right?”



Happy Birthday


“What Are We?”

“We’ve Become That Clingy Couple That You Used to Complain About”

“Do You Really Have to Do That?”

“Please… Don’t Lie To Me”

“I Want to Wake Up With You Like This Every Morning”

“Get Out of the Way Before I Murder You”

“I Think I Busted a Rib”


Tell Me It Again

“Don’t Be an Asshole. Asshole”

“Leave Me Alone”

“Sleep Tight”

My two cents on the first ‘you’

Alright so I have been thinking about the thing and I have concluded that I think that “is the first you singular or plural” is pretty much a particularly fruitful way to approach the scene. Hear me out.

Who is Cas referring to up to this moment? The three of them. After saying “you’re my family” he turns specifically to Mary and nods, like he’s telling her “yes, you too”. So far, “you” means “Dean, Sam, and Mary”.

Why would he suddenly shift from a “you” that means “Dean, Sam, and Mary” to a “you” that means something different? He’s making a speech and it makes no sense for him to change who he’s addressing to with no indication he’s doing so. I think his addressee is the same - the three of them.

If the speech ended here, if he said the thing about not wanting to see them die now, the scene would be Cas tells Dean, Sam and Mary that he loves them. Period. Dean wouldn’t stand out particularly - yes, the camera cuts to him immediately and the direction of Cas’ eyes and everything, but Cas’ words themselves wouldn’t give you reasons to think that there’s something in them that hints at specific feelings he has for Dean.


Cas feels the need to clarify what he meant with that “you”. Which would be absolutely unnecessary and make no sense unless you assume that Cas loves Dean in a way that differs from his feelings for Sam and Mary.

He’s been talking to his family, to the three of them, why would he feel the need to clarify that he means the three of them?

Because there is a chance that they might have assumed he was referring to Dean. There is a chance that Sam and Mary would think he was talking to Dean only, not to them. Because everyone in that room knows that Cas’ feelings for Dean are not the same as Cas’ feelings for Sam and Mary, so Cas is saying “I am expressing my love for all of you”.

Sam’s face here could either mean (or mean a mixture of both, more likely) “oh, you mean you love me too” or “oh you love Dean so much and it’s so obvious I thought you were only talking about him”. Kinda.

Basically Cas says I love you. And by you I don’t just mean Dean which I know each of us knows I love because literally every pebble outside knows that because the entire universe knows, in fact it’s so obvious you’re probably thinking that’s what I meant with ‘I love you’ right, so what I’m saying is that I mean that I care deeply about all of you because you all are my family and you all have been important to me and made me into the person I am now.

Basically the point is that everything he’s said before the “I love all of you” can be interpreted in two different ways - i.e. applied to Dean only (and it gets certain connotations) or applied to the three of them (and it gets different connotations). And the fact that Cas clarifies it, means that he’s aware of that possible dualism and he’s aware that everyone in the room is aware of it.

And if Perez is making the characters acknowledge that dualism (i.e Cas’ feelings for Dean being different than Cas’ feelings for the others), it means that that dualism is real.

Basically the scene isn’t telling us the nature of Cas’ feelings for Dean. That needs to happen still. It’s a little sign telling us that they’re different than Cas’ feelings for Sam or Mary.

In 11x23 Cas made a pained face when Dean told him that he was their brother. That’s what we’re exploring right now: is it possible to use the same label for Cas’ and Dean’s relationship as for Cas’ and Sam’s relationship? It’s pretty much what Robbie Thompson foreshadowed at with the line “what about Sastiel” - in the context of the episode it was a joke, but nothing is just a joke from a meta point of view it means, what’s the difference between ‘Dean and Cas’ and ‘Sam and Cas’?

Basically, in order to make Destiel shift from subtext to text, you have to answer the question ‘what about Sastiel’ first, i.e. elaborate on the difference between Cas’ feelings for Sam and Cas’ feelings for Dean. And Cas’ speech in 12x12 of course doesn’t mean all of this stuff textually, but, extradiegetically, it’s a sign that the show is setting the ground for the answers to that kind of questions.