why are you two so god damn adorable

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You said in one of your asks that Henry has accepted Killian into his family, "but only just" and you are so fucking right. I mean think about all the trauma that kid has gone through, Graham (he even blamed himself for this one and he was 10) , Neal. That kid is a God damn warrior to open himself up again to a male role model.

Yes, as much as I adore Captain Cobra, I’m not currently under the impression that the two of them are the closest, best buds in all of Storybrooke. I think 6x06 “Dark Waters” was a wonderful way of showing how far the two of them have come together, but by the end, I still wasn’t under the impression that Henry was like, “Heck yeah! Killian’s the best! He’s like a father to me!”

You’re completely right about Henry’s past with adult male figures in his life. Probably the only one he’s 100% confident in at the moment is David, because he’s always been a hero and he’s always treated Henry with nothing but love and respect. (Ignoring the AU that didn’t matter.) Other than him, Henry’s had to deal with the loss of Graham, then finding and wanting to connect with his dad only to help bury him later. August got turned back into a child at one point. I mean, there’s also Gold, who’s supposed to be Henry’s grandfather, but I don’t really see the two of them ever bonding or anything. I’m sure Henry’s not exactly feeling so great about the fact that he’s still pretty much a villain constantly doing things to mess with his family.

So then there’s Killian, who was their enemy in the beginning, but also helped rescue him from Pan (who was Henry’s great-grandfather and tried to kill him, so yeah, what a fucked up family to be stuck in), and also has been building up a friendly relationship with him since the Wicked Witch arc when Emma kept asking him to take care of Henry. Even though Henry was super not cool with Dark!Hook trying to kill them all, I’m sure that his sacrifice to fix that was a big blow to him. Clearly going to the UW to save him was a priority. But there’s definitely a difference between being friends with someone and accepting all that they are into your family. I think they’ve just now gotten to that point, but not, like, to where Henry’s ever gonna be calling him “dad” or anything.


4 months ago I watched this show for the first time, and like many others, instantly shipped either Coconuts x Saya or Coconuts x Hotaru. I predicted the birth of yet another harrowingly intense ship war.

And then 4 months later I come back to everyone, and I mean EVERYONE - even the show itself - shipping and teasing and endlessly shipping and teasing Saya x Hotaru


What was I thinking assuming Coconuts has to be either girl’s partner


The yuri flag has risen yet again

God damn it just kiss already you two!!!

These two are so hot and adorable together I can’t even