why are you squishing his chest

Shots Fired

Word Count: 2440

Pairing: FBI Agent Dean x Pharmacist Reader

Warnings: Language, Violence, Some Angst, Some Fluff

A/N: Written for @dancingalone21 ‘s funny quote challenge. My quote was: “That attitude right there. That’s why I always got the extra cookie.” Also written for @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms Shit My Patient’s Say challenge. I used a ton of quotes from that one. They’re all bolded. 

A/N 2: Unbeta’d and unedited. Probably a shit ton of mistakes. My bad.

A/N 3: Most/All of the stories in here aside from being robbed (at gunpoint anyway) have happened to me in my career. More than once. Fun times. 

You left your 12 and a half hour shift at the pharmacy over 30 minutes late. Some asshole had decided to wait until 9:00 to come get their prescription filled that they needed right that second. Of course, they’d had the prescription in their hand for over three weeks. Not that you could turn them down. Your district manager would surely find out and chew your ass out for it the next day.

Grabbing your bags and sliding out of your car you realized Dean wasn’t home yet either. Your husband’s Impala was nowhere to be seen. Ever since he’d taken a job as an FBI agent, he’d been working crazy hours too. The two of you barely saw each other anymore and it sucked. Sighing, you trudged into the house and dropped your stuff, kicking off your shoes. You made your way into the kitchen, grabbing all the junk food you could find and a bottle of Captain Morgan before throwing yourself in a heap on the couch.

You were mindlessly watching TV when Dean came home, discarding his jacket and tie before he lifted your legs and sat down, resting your legs in his lap. “Rough day?”

“Whatever gave you that idea?”

“The completely eaten bag of chips, the leftover ketchup on the plate where you probably had a frozen cheeseburger, oh and the uh…half drunk bottle of Captain Morgan that was totally full yesterday.” Dean pointed to the bottle in your hand and you rolled your eyes, sarcastically scoffing into the air.

“Good job, detective.

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[ insomniac ]

words; 11.7k (this is a fic i wrote like 4 months ago, never got around 2 it posting lol) 

genre; mostly the fluffs, first kiss n stuff like that :-) i guess there is some suggestive stuff but its quite light. 

synopsis; wonwoo is the strangely quiet boy that sits in the back of class and would rather be reading than listening to the lessons. his appearance is also quite questionable, with dark rings under his eyes and disheveled hair. 

he’s earned the nickname, insomnia, and you’re curious to discover if the quiet boy matches what everyone seems to call him. 

There is nothing but silence, a still unsettling silence that sticks to every corner of the room as watery streaks of moonlight bathe the boards of oakwood. A clock sits on the bedside table, the black numbers being highlighted by the bright blue that lays behind them. At this time, the world is quiet, the only sound being the blood rushing through your ears or the steady heart beat thumping in your chest.

A bed is placed snuggly into the corner of the room, a thick comforter lying neatly over the old mattress that carries the stains of spilt coffee and tea. Nothing is out of place, all the clothes are folded with precision and tucked away inside the dresser, every book on the shelf has its spine turned out, each series perfectly aligned with the next. It might even look as if no one ever stayed inside the room for it was always too clean and organized, or maybe whoever slept there had too much time on their hands. 

Just as the digits on the clock struck 3am sharp, the door handle slowly swiveled and a figure emerged from the hallway, a tall glass of water curled in its fingers. After sitting down on the mattress and taking a very long sip of its beverage, the figure shifted to the centre of the bed and crossed its arms over its knees, back slouching and tufts of ash coloured hair falling carelessly over its eyes.

Noise. Why was it always so noisy?

The hallways acted like a speaker, amplifying every little clink or clank down the long corridors until it faded away. Only a few more weeks left of school, only a few more weeks left of angsty students who were constantly slamming their lockers and scuffing their shoes, only a few more weeks of fed up teachers who couldn’t even bother to yell at their class because they knew it was worthless. 

You could hardly wait to get away from it all and finally be able to isolate yourself back into silence, sweet, sweet silence. After navigating your way through the morning crowd of zombies that moved slower than molasses, you set your heap of books down and pushed in your earbuds. You liked being alone in class, before the lights were turned on and curtains were tugged open. You could just slouch at your desk and let your foot tap against the tiles while listening to something you actually wanted to hear and not the brainless conversations of the people around you.

Then the door was opening, and a streak of yellow light washed over the floor for a few seconds before disappearing. Another student was here, though he hardly looked like a student. His frame was tall and lean, prominent collar bones resting under his milky skin tone while messy ash tinted hair almost covered his eyes. 

Yes his eyes, they were dark, very dark, like someone dropped a splash of black food colouring into his irises. Discoloured circles lay under his lash line, like the result of someone who hadn’t slept in weeks while his attire consisted of a loose long sleeved white shirt and dark grey sweatpants tucked into worn out sneakers. His name was Wonwoo, but everyone called him Insomnia because that’s exactly how he looked. Like someone who couldn’t sleep.

Wonwoo stared blankly across the empty classroom as he readjusted the books swept under his arm, his hollow gaze sweeping right over you like you weren’t even there. Suddenly the bell began to ring and before you knew it, the zombies were flooding into the class, their voices still drowsy from the morning atmosphere as they plopped down lifelessly into their seats. Everyone was sitting except for Wonwoo, he just stood there with his usual blank stare, his back slightly slouched while he remained like a statue.

“Wake up Insomnia and take a seat already.” Someone called from the back of the class, but Wonwoo didn’t take a seat until Mrs. Kang the English teacher walked in, her heels clicking against the tiles while she pushed up the glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose. She patted his should while slipping past him to get to her desk and it wasn’t until then that he finally moved, his eyes flickering slightly before finding an empty desk near the back. Wonwoo was just as fascinating as he was strange, and one day you wanted to have a real conversation with him just to see what was going on inside his head.

“You’re bringing a guy over?”

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Long Distance (Chapter Ten)

Long Update! Over 3000 words!
Our boys get to meet up again and there are some more Bucky feels, but nothing too sad. Just getting to see our boys interacting together, some light sexy times and then honestly enough romantic sappy texting at the end to about kill you.

Can’t wait to hear what you guys think :)


Enjoy :)

“Tony!” Steve called as he and Bucky walked through the doors of the hotel lobby. “Tony!”

Tony was leaning against the check in desk, and turned with big grin. “There’s my boys.” He leaned up and pressed a chaste kiss to Steve’s cheek, then turned to do the same to Bucky.

“No, no.” Bucky protested. “Why are we kissing on the–”

“Maybe we wait until we get in the elevator before you try to suck my face off.” Tony interrupted softly, dark eyes twinkling. “If there was just one of you then I wouldn’t protest, but you know… there are two of you.”

“Fine.” Bucky grumbled and Steve laughed, looping his arm around Tony’s waist and herding him towards the elevator.

“Glad to see you, babe. Are you already checked in?”

“Yeah.” Tony wrapped both arms around Steve’s waist and buried his head in his chest. “Glad to see you too.”

“Honey.” Steve chuckled and handed Bucky the bag so he could hold Tony tighter. “Tonights going to be so fun.”

“So fun.” The words were muffled since Tony refused to let go, and once they were in the elevator Steve eased Tony away from himself and right into Bucky’s embrace.

“Hey sweet thing.” Bucky murmured and grinned when Tony just grabbed him around the neck and dragged him down for a kiss. “God damn I missed you.”

Tony sighed into the kiss and Bucky slid his right hand off Tony’s waist and down to hold his ass, pulling lightly until Tony stood on his toes and pressed right up against him. “There you go.” Bucky coaxed, stepping back against the elevator wall so Tony could lean into him. “Come on babe.” Bucky’s voice went deep and Tony shivered against him.

Then Tony let his hands run up Bucky’s ribs, up over his chest and over his shoulders, and Bucky tensed up instantly, freezing when one of Tony’s hands trailed down his right arm… and the other stopped at the edge of his left shoulder.

Bucky wasn’t wearing his arm.

And Tony was touching him and…and…

“What?” Tony pulled away when Bucky stopped kissing him. “What’s wrong Bucky?” Tony frowned. “Hey…hey come on. I thought we were gonna suck face once we got in the elevator.”

Tony moved closer and started planting kisses up Bucky’s neck, stroking his right bicep, his other hand squeezing and pushing into Bucky’s left shoulder. “Babe—”

But Bucky wasn’t listening, was just staring over Tony’s shoulder at Steve with something like awe and maybe tears in his blue eyes and Steve had to cough to cover the emotion in his voice.

“Tony. Quit smothering Bucky and maybe give me some love too.”

Tony turned around, keeping his back pressed firmly to Bucky’s chest, but opening his arms for Steve who put both of his big arms around Bucky’s waist, sandwiching Tony in between them. Bucky sent Steve a quick look of gratitude, then pressed his lips to Tony’s head, closing his eyes and breathing out a shaky sigh.

“You’re stupid to think I care about your arm.” Tony mumbled, and when Bucky sagged in relief against the elevator wall, Steve held them both a little bit tighter.

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Conflicting Love

Originally posted by mintsugakookies

Genre: romance/Fluff/Angst/Semi smut (maybe ?)
Pairing: Jungkook& Unknown 
Length:  754 words
Summary: Your friend Jimin is a new intern at your workplace and your boyfriend Jungkook ,who happens to be a superior, isn’t pleased at the sight of you and Jimin together.

You stared at him and he stared back at you. You knew something was wrong with the way his piercing eyes were glued onto you. He had this way of staring you up and down as if it was something natural. Jungkook never had any shame to express how he felt and this time his blood was boiling with anger at the sight of you and the new intern Park Jimin. Watching you from afar was only adding fuel to the fire.

“Are you sure this is alright?” Jimin stuttered as he watched jungkook’s orbs darkening at the sight of jimin whispering onto your ears

“Are you scared of my boyfriend, jimin?” you chuckled in response “He doesn’t bite! I promise”

“No, he doesn’t bite but he probably has a plan to murder me” Jimin bit on his bottom lip

“Relax” you rub your friend’s arm in reassurance

“No, how can I relax when Jeon Jungkook is staring at me”

“What?” you raised a suspicious brow “Do you like him or something?”

“E-Excuse you!!!! I do NOT LIKE HIM! WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?!”

“Oh lord” you sighed before tapping his arm “You’re the third one”


“The third friend who falls for him” you rolled your eyes

“Pardon?” jimin stepped back

“Get in line buddy, Jungkook is quite popular” you comment “I, myself can’t even believe he’s my man”

“I don’t like him!” jimin protests “I’m about to shit my pants because he keeps on staring at me with knives in his eyes!”

“Jungkook does kill people though” you nod


“He’s amazing at seduction that’s what I meant “you add before whispering in his ear “One smirk and he gets what he wants”

“Just exactly…” Jimin runs his tongue across his bottom lip in frustration” why are you so cool about this?! He could be a player! Why are you dating him?”

“I got used to it” you cross your arms on your chest “Jungkook is not a player if that’s what you want to know. He may get what he wants, but once he’s stuck onto something, he never leaves it.”

“Are you sure this is a healthy relationship?” Jimin rubs his temples in frustration

“Oh no jimin, you don’t understand” you shook your head “there’s nothing healthier than a relationship with jungkook”


“This kid forces me to eat vegetables everyday” you growl “Can I just squish his face” you express discontentment

“Am I allowed to puke now?” Jimin cringed

“You do like Jungkook” you nod

“I do not!”

“Oh look! Jungkook is coming over here!” you comment

“F*ck” Jimin pulls your arm and hides behind you

“Why are you hiding? Does he makes you nervous?” you smirk

“Stop speculating shit like that! And why did you lie! I almost shat my pants you son of a @#$E@#$@$”

“I’m a female” you stare at him

“And I’m a mochi! So what?! You’re still being unfair to me!”

“Jimin…” you turn around to face him “It’s okay to fanboy over my boyfriend”

“I am NOT FANBOYING” jimin scowled

“Who’s not fanboying?” Jungkook’s voice made every nerve in jimin’s body freeze

“I-I-I… Good morning sir” jimin bows

“Is he the new intern we hired ?” Jungkook stared at you

“Yes” you smiled “He’s very cute isn’t he?” you poked jimin

“You better shut the front door before I—“jimin glared at you “I mean… yes sir…” Jimin bowed to jungkook

Jungkook stopped on his tracks to analyze each and every feature of the new worker. From his clothing style, to his hair to the way his eyes crinkled every time he made that dumb smile. One thing that caught jungkook’s attention was…

“Very small…” Jungkook smirked

“S-Small?” Jimin stuttered

“Jungkook” you furrowed your brows “Don’t be so rude”

“Not rude. I was just stating facts” he responded staring at jimin “ I believe you might want to make your presence as small as you are if you want to keep on being an intern here , Park Jimin-ssi”

“Jungkook” you pinch his arm “I-I’m sorry jimin-ah, he can be a bit cranky in the mornings”

“No… It’s all good” Jimin stuttered “I’ll just go do my work” he stammered before leaving both of you in a staring contest

Jungkook wasn’t being his usual self and the way his dark orbs locked onto yours, gave off a completely different feeling than the normal Guy you were used to. What was wrong with him?

To be continued…


I wrote this on impulse lol and I wanted it to be more dramatic than that but I ended up writing fluff/crack.Request for a part 2 if you want more :) <3 This is just a drabble I wrote for fun, so I hope you had fun reading it as well <333

It’s a Surprise

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,707 

Warnings: Swearing, mild nudity, hint at smut, general fluffiness and lots of it.

Prompt: Sam decides that instead of a boring Valentine’s day of exchanging beer and chocolate, he wants to take Y/N out on a real Valentine’s Day special getaway.

Prompt 2: Gif choice from @supernatural-jackles birthday challenge.

A/N: This is written for @supernatural-jackles birthday challenge. I know I am so late, but my excuse is that I have changed this idea a billion times! I chose a gif for her challenge, and it is located within the fic.

Also, side note yes I know it’s not even close to Valentine’s day, but don’t pay attention to that.

This is unbetaed so any and all mistakes are mine.

Originally posted by hallowedbecastiel

23 Hours Before Valentine’s Day

“Ectoplasm. I thought we were done dealing with this disgusting crap!” Y/N complained as she strode into the bunker, wiping the towel over her arms. “I’m gonna need, like, seventeen showers just to rid myself of this goop. Yuck!” A giant splatter of the black goo was flicked from Y/N’s jacket and onto the floor, making Dean and Sam cringe.

“Really? In the bunker, c’mon…” Dean groaned.

Y/N turned angrily at Dean, hurling the dirty towel in his direction. “You’re lucky I didn’t get any in your precious Baby! This is your fault you know!”

“What?” Dean rolled his eyes. “If you knew how to swing an iron bar, you wouldn’t have gotten yourself into this mess. Literally.”

“If you wouldn’t have pushed me in front of the monster barf, I wouldn’t be in this mess. It would’ve been you in this mess.”

“Whatever,” he scoffed. “Just go take your damn shower.”

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Just Long Enough

SPN FanFic

~Steal away backstage with Jensen at a con…~

Jensen x Reader, Jared

1,727 Words

Warnings: RPF. NSFW. Smut. 

A/N: Thanks for @frenchybell for the encouragement. This is just a fantasy. Let’s not read too much into it. It makes zero sense, but a girl can dream, right? Feedback is… ya know, important. Hope you enjoy.

Jensen pressed her back against the wall. He was heat and muscle, soft yet firm at the same time. His body fell against hers, knocking her breath away as his hand settled on her cheek.

His plump lips crashed into hers, sweetly yet full of fire, the spark of which traveled through her body, settling between her legs with a deep pulsing throb that could only be relieved one way. When she tasted his tongue, hot and wet between her lips, her mind wondered as her fingers fell to the buckle on his belt, what the rest of him tasted like.

The details weren’t important. The hows and whys of how it came to be faded into the background as Jensen’s big hand roamed her chest. Every hesitation fell out of her mind as his tongue swept over hers.

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anonymous asked:

Sakamaki/ Mukami reaction to waking up and finding that their so has sneaked into their bed in the middle of the night to sleep next to them

Shu: *feels a warmthness snuggled up to him and fusses a bit* Laito…Get out of my..*smells her scent and opens his eyes* Oh it’s you…And you’re knocked out huh?  It’s cute that you trust me enough to sleep next to me woman…or maybe you’re awake and want me to do dirty things to you~. Heh just kidding *pecks her cheek and closes his eyes*

Reiji: *feels weight shift in bed* Hmm? *turns over to find his lover curled up next to him, staring at him with scared eyes* *sighs* I’m guessing you had a nightmare… you didn’t have to sneak in here, you could have just asked *gets up* I’ll make you some hibiscus tea, it calms anxiety, that should put you back to sleep… *kisses her forehead then gets up*

Ayato: *feels someone rip blankets off of him* …The fuck!?!? *gets up angrily and sees his lover curled up in a blanket cocoon* Hey who gave you permission to steal my goddamn blankets!? I don’t mind you for sleeping with Ore-sama but not if you’re gonna take my shit!! *angrily shakes her awake* Give em’ back!!!

Kanato: *turns over and sees his lover sleeping next to him* what the hell… I didn’t give you permission to sleep in MY bed!! …but you look so cute sound asleep. Okay, I’ll allow it *clings onto her* mmm you’re so comfy…. *rests his head on her boobs* but you better ask next time.

Laito: *Doesn’t even need to open up his eyes to know it’s her* Mmm~ does someone need a good fucking~? Fufu how dirty Bitch-chan…*climbs over her and then realizes she’s asleep* Oh?  Aww…did you think sleeping with me would make you feel much safer~?  You’re so naive…but I’ll let it slide.  *brushes hair out of her face and kisses her forehead*

Subaru: *wakes up* Damn it’s so squished in here… *looks over to find his lover curled up in a ball besides him* How the hell did she manage to squeeze into this coffin… *strokes her hair* she looks so cute when she sleeps though… must’ve had a nightmare or something *grabs her and holds her* you’re safe now.

Ruki: *feels someone climb ontop his chest and sees his lover curled up ontop of him*  Livestock? Wanna offer an explanation? (”…the thunder scares me”)  Hmm…you know thunder can’t hurt you right? It’s only a sound caused by sudden increase of pressure that lightning produces from- *sees she’s dozing off and sighs* Sweet dreams Livestock. *holds her*

Kou: *turns over in his sleep and is face to face with his sleeping lover* Aw, how cute, my little kitten wants to sleep with me~! *kisses her nose and pulls her in so her face is in his chest* why don’t you just sleep with me every night! *chuckles and strokes her hair* sweet dreams m-neko-chan.

Yuma: *feels nuzzling in his chest and looks down* …Sow?  Haha you’re so small that if I hadn’t noticed you I would’ve rolled over ya and squished ya.  Well…since we’re both here and and everyone is asleep. *bites his lip and climbs over her, slowly grinding* (”mmm no!! I’m tired”) Cmon babe. *gets a pillow thrown at his face* Tch fine bratty pants!! *lays back down and lazily drapes arm over her*

Azusa: Oh, you’re here…I was beginning to feel lonely anyways… *holds her* you’re so warm…I like you here…you should sleep with me every night…. *smiles and interlocks fingers* goodnight beautiful.

Just you.

I just wanted to do something fluffy for Bruce and Batmum so this happened instead! Anyways, to everyone who sent in their requests, don’t worry, I will get to them as quickly as I can so don’t worry if you don’t see your requests posted yet! I received all of them, just in case anyone is wondering. Enjoy!

Bruce is not a light sleeper – that much you are sure of – which is why the moment he rolls on top of you sometime during the middle of the night, you know something is wrong. You let out a small moan when Bruce squishes his face on to your chest, wrapping his arms around your waist. Most of the time you would wake up and entertain Bruce whenever he wakes up in the middle of the night but right now, all you want to do is just continue sleeping.

“Bruce,” You mumble, lifting a hand to thread your fingers through his hair, lightly scratching his scalp, the way you know he enjoys. Bruce lets out a satisfied sigh, squeezing your hips. “What’s wrong?” Your eyelids are getting heavier and you are sure you might have slurred your words together but you aren’t sure. This ought to teach you not to indulge Timmy with playing games on his PlayStation.

Bruce nuzzles your chest, pressing a kiss on your chest right where your heart is located. “Nothing; just go back to sleep.” Bruce murmurs, laying his head on your chest to listen to your heartbeat. It’s comforting. He is slowly drifting off to sleep too. “Just wanted to hold you.”

You pat his back with your free hand, wrapping your legs around his hips. “Okay; good night, Bruce. Love you.” You are already asleep by the time Bruce chooses to respond to you but he smiles instead, holding you close to him. Your steady heartbeat is lulling him to sleep and Bruce hopes nothing can ever take this away from him.

Baby Blues | Yoongi | BTS

Prompt: “I’m not jealous.” from this drabble game [x]. Requested by anon (hi there friend!) For more, request here!

Summary: Yoongi had planned for a quiet night with you after a tiring day at work. However, a catastrophe arrives in the form of a six-year old Jeon Jungkook. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader (again?!)

Genre: Fluff. So much fluff.

Words: ~870

A/N: Yes, my two favorite things in the world: pouty Min Yoongi and bratty Jeon Jungkook. Bless.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

“Who is the cutest baby in the world? You are!” You cooed sweetly at the little bundle of wiggling blankets. Only one of Jungkook’s tiny fists was visible from underneath the mountain of plush covers, but you could still clearly hear his muffled giggles spilling happily from his lips.

Jungkook had suddenly decided in the middle of movie night that he wanted to play hide and seek, but due to the lack of hiding places in your boyfriend’s apartment, he had quickly chosen the pile of blankets on the couch to be his optimum hiding spot.

While you had regarded Jungkook’s antics as painfully endearing, Yoongi could not say the same for himself. He had planned for tonight to be a quiet one, where he would put on a nice movie for the both of you while you snuggled happily into his chest. Maybe, if he was lucky, the night would descend into something a little more, which he would definitely not be opposed to. Instead, however, you had been tasked by your aunt to babysit your little cousin for the weekend, much to his displeasure.

Don’t get him wrong, though. Normally, he loved the little tyke—hell, he even spoiled the brat much too often than he should have. But when the little kid was effectively cockblocking him into the next dimension, he couldn’t exactly stay fond of Jungkook.

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You'll Regret It

Originally posted by mountean

You’ll Regret It

Word Count:907


~Admin Winter

“Jihoon I swear to God, I need to finish this project please leave.” You whine as your boyfriend continues to pester you about every mistake you make while hurriedly working on a school project.

 “You spelt their wrong.”

 “You know maybe you should’ve started the project earlier.”

 “Pfffft what’s that supposed to be?” 

 You snap your head up in irritation tightly gripping your pencil in your hand almost breaking it in half, “Jihoon, you’re gonna regret it if you don’t shut up soon!”

 Jihoon lets out a laugh and grabs your face in his hands kissing your forehead, “Sorry sorry sorry.” he chuckles pressing another kiss on your nose. 

 You push him away from you still aggravated about his annoying teasing, maybe he was a little right, and maybe you shouldn’t have waited two days before your project was due to start it, but that didn’t mean he had to be so bothersome about it.

 “You’re so cute when you’re angry.” he says

 You ignore him continuing to scribble nonsense that hopefully your professor would give you a decent grade on. You manage to finish the project without anymore commentary from your lovely boyfriend.

 You stand up from from your seat stretching out your limbs “You’re so short (Y/N).” Jihoon blurts 

 You stare at him in disbelief, “Jihoon please, you’re the shortest person I know.” you scoff

 “Ahh are you upset?” he playfully asks while squishing your cheeks together.

 “I hope you realize I’m gonna get you back for this.” You bluntly reply.

 Jihoon smiles at you ignoring your threat, “let’s go to bed i’m tired.” Despite your boyfriend’s annoying banter you fall into his arms cuddling into his chest as you fall asleep. 

 Of course you don’t forget about him teasing you or your plans of revenge. That’s why when you wake up early the next morning you decide to tag along with Jihoon to Seventeen’s dorm. You know how embarrassed Jihoon is when it comes to PDA and normally you would totally lay off but after all, you did warn him. 

 As soon as Seungcheol opens the door for the two of you, you cling onto Jihoon’s arm not planning on letting go anytime soon. He gives you a questioning look, and you just act like you didn’t see it. You already knew this was going to be Hell for him. 

Nobody would ever guess that he’s the clingiest person when no one else is around with the way he always pushes away anyone trying to initiate skinship with him in public. 

Jihoon walks towards the living room where the other members are sitting together and takes a seat on the couch. You sit as close as possible to him and let your head fall into the crook of his neck, grabbing his hand and playing with his fingers. 

 Jihoon visibly squirms under your touch, “What are you doing?” he whispers. 

 “I told you you would regret it, didn’t I?” You smirk. 

 Jihoon pulls his hand away from yours and instead clasps it together with his own to avoid you picking it up again. When he attempts to put some space between you guys he immediately wishes he hadn’t as it only made it worse. You throw your arms around him pulling him closer to your side and his eyes widen in shock. 

 Mingyu laughs at the scene pointing it out to all the other members who had been oblivious to it just seconds ago. Jihoon only gets more embarrassed at everyone’s eyes on him, and a bright blush appears on his face only causing more laughs to fill the dorm. His attempts to push you away are futile as you just cling onto him tighter even placing a few kisses on his face. 

 “Aw wait let me take a picture!” Seungkwan suddenly yells and Soonyoung and Seokmin are quick to back him up, pulling out their phones to snap a few pictures they’d probably use as blackmail later on. 

 “CHAN close your eyes! YoU’re TOo YOung!” Seungcheol stresses as he throws his hands over Chan’s eyes. 

 “Ah Jihoon you’re so mean, you’re acting like you don’t even wanna see your own girlfriend.” Soonyoung states. 

 You pout at Jihoon, “But I love you, you don’t love me anymore?” you say in the most annoyingly sweet voice you could muster. 

 The members bust out laughing when Jihoon’s eyes shoot wide open and he finally manages to scramble out of your grasp. He falls to the floor trying to regain his composure before getting up and glaring at Soonyoung, Seokmin, and Seungkwan. The trio instantly put their phones down and the smiles gradually fall from their faces. 

 Seungkwan lets out an awkward cough as Jihoon continues to stare at them, “Sorry.” he blurts before quickly turning to run away, shoving Seokmin right in front of Jihoon in the process.

 Seokmin scratched the back of of his head awkwardly and lets out a nervous laugh while Soonyoung starts to slowly back away from your fuming boyfriend. You let out a loud laugh and grab Jihoon’s hand pulling him back down onto the couch, “How about not scaring your members to death, huh?” 

 “Fine.” he grumbles You finally give Jihoon his space, being satisfied with your payback. 

 “I don’t like you.” He pouts while crossing his arms.

 “well I love you.” You laugh in response 

 “I love you too.” He says just loud enough for you to hear.

Seventeen - Hip Hop Unit Reacting to Finding Out You Have Freckles

Request: Hey, Can u do a Seventeen’s hip hop unit when they discovered that their girlfriend has freckles because she always hide them with make up?

I tried my best with this! (I think I got a little carried away with Wonwoo’s reaction oops) Thank you so much for sending me this request, I enjoyed writing it!


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It was your first inside date with Seungcheol since it was raining outside (you always hung outside because of the sunny weather), so you decided that you weren’t going to try to ‘casually’ dress up and left your face bare with make up. You lounged around on the couch and waited for him to enter your home. Considering you had already given him a spare key to your house once you two started dating for three and a half months, you weren’t worried about who was entering the door right this second.

You put your phone on the coffee table and sat up with a beaming grin on your face, looking at the door to see Seungcheol with his hand on the wall, slipping his shoes off and neatly pushing them to the side. You stand up from the couch to walk towards him while holding your arms out, the grin widening on your face when you feel his strong arms wrap around your waist to bring you in for a warm hug.

Brushing the tip of his nose along your cheek, he then picked you up, causing you to squeal involuntarily when you felt that your feet weren’t touching the floor anymore.

He carried you back to the middle of the living room, laughing mockingly as he then threw the both of you onto the couch with his hand bracing the back of your head so you don’t hurt yourself. You shift around a bit to get comfortable before Seungcheol frames your cheeks with his large, warm palms, leaning down to sponge a bundle of noisy kisses on your face. He continues to kiss your bare face when you giggle for him to stop before he presses a loud smooch to your nose.

“I missed you, sweetheart.” he cooed, pulling away slightly to brush his fingers through your hair with a fond smile. His eyes sweep over your face to admire every one of your features before pausing, his breath catching. He gently squishes your cheeks with one hand and grins, kissing your chin and forehead. “Why didn’t you tell me you had freckles, cutie? They’re so adorable.” he claims, firmly squeezing you to his chest.


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Wonwoo decided to stay over at your house because he found it very warm and comfy. He liked how you used scented candles to make the rooms smell nice instead of air freshener and your place just had a soft ambience to it.

You both were currently laying on the sofa with him underneath you. Your back was pressed against his firm chest, your head tilted to the side so it rest on the front of his shoulder.

You were reading a book while (half asleep) Wonwoo was watching something on his phone with his cheek resting against your temple, earphones snug in his ears. You snuggle against him comfortably to gain more warm from his body, turning a page in your book as his arm curls around your waist, twisting his fingers around with the hem of your shirt. Carefully, you put your bookmark at the beginning of another chapter before closing your book, putting it down on the coffee table with a faint ‘thud’.

Wonwoo yawned quietly and pulled you closer to his chest while brushing his thumb back and forth along your hip, his lips printing a featherlight kiss against your forehead. Tilting your head up, you carefully take his glasses away from his face, slipping them on yourself. You readjusted them so the pair of spectacles rested on the bridge of your nose.

He looked down at you curiously with a blank and sleepy gaze, moving his hand from your hip to the curve of your jaw so he could lean your head back to get a better look at your face. He hummed in appreciation at how pretty you looked with his glasses on you and framed your cheek with his palm, noticing how there were freckles spread across your face. He brushed a few of the little spots with his thumb and smiled fondly, his eyelids fluttering just the slightest as he leans in to kiss your freckled nose.

His lips then brush along your cheekbone which causes you to shiver a little, “Your freckles are so adorable, baby.” he murmurs, running his fingers through your hair, “I wish you can wear makeup less often so I can see your freckles much more.”


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Vernon dramatically flops onto your couch with a groan, rolling around to get himself comfy before he starts to stretch his arms above his head with a yawn. “That movie was really good,” he comments and you hum in agreement, patting his cheek with a pleased smile as you take off your coat and rub your arms to warm your skin up.

“I’m just gonna go change, okay?” you tell him and he responds with a quiet yes, turning the television on with the remote as you went up the stairs to your home.

You stretch your arms above your head, tilting your head side to side to stretch your neck. You walk into your bedroom and shuffle towards your closet to change into a t-shirt and a pair of sweats, moving towards your dresser where you pick up the bag of makeup remover.

Sitting down on the stool, you remove your fake lashes while delicately wiping away all of the makeup you had put on your face.

Vernon walked in on you thoroughly wiping away at your eyelids and watches in interest, making a face while walking towards you with a smile on his face.

He hugs you from behind and looks down at you before watching you through the mirror, “You’re taking too lo-” he doesn’t get to finish his sentence when you glance at him through the mirror and he sees the freckles that adorn your face.

He gazes at you in awe, his lips parted as he runs his fingers through your hair. “You have freckles?” he mumbles shyly, bending down a little so he was leveled with your sitting form, taking a closer look at your soft skin with a look of amazement, “they’re so pretty, babe.”


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Mingyu was fiddling with his empty cup as he pouted his lips. He was waiting for you at the cafe, but it seemed that you were running a bit late. He kept his scarf wrapped around his neck so he could stay warm and cozy inside, bouncing his knee up and down while looking down at his watch.

Ten minutes late.

That’s okay, he thinks to himself and changes his position on his chair, feeling like his left leg was gonna become numb if he didn’t move. Exactly three minutes later, Mingyu, who was looking at the cafe door, saw you run into it.

He quietly laughed to himself because it seemed like you thought it was a push and not a pull. Moments after struggling to get the door open, Mingyu was restless in his chair for laughing so much because you took so long to get inside. He wiped under his eyes to catch the tears that were forming at the corners and he grins when he sees you rush towards him.

“I’m sorry I’m late.” you pout and pull your mitts off so that you can slip off your scarf. “I know I don’t look that good - I didn’t put on any makeup because I was rushing to get here.” you tried to make an excuse and rubbed your hands together while your cheeks reddened in embarrassment.

“I took a longer nap than expected.” you smiled pathetically and sat down across from Mingyu as he listened to you rambling, a fond expression on his face.

“It’s okay, cutie.” he hums and reaches out to you, tapping your freckled nose, “even though I waited a while, the situation blessed me with the image of your freckles.” he cooes, lightly pinching your cheek with an awestruck grin.

In the hayloft - Hal Carter Drabble

Pairing: Hal Carter x Reader
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex. Dirty talk.
Word count: 553

“Fuck.” You moaned out as Hal pounded into your dripping core, your back rubbing against the jacket he laid across the straws of hay along the creaky wooden floor boards of the hayloft.

“You like that? Your being such a good girl for me baby.” Hal drawled out, rolling his hips into your own, his dick hitting your g-spot perfectly.

You cried out, hands clawing at his bare sweaty back as he placed his forehead on yours, squishing your breasts against his naked chest; both of you panting and moaning into each others mouths.

Suddenly Hal stopped and you were about to complain and ask why before you heard footsteps below you.

“(Y/N)?” A feminine voice asked. Millie. She was your best friend, ecstatic when she found out you and Hal were gonna get married.

You both were still for a moment, willing her to go away; but before the footsteps even started to leave, Hal started slowly grinding in and out of you again, eliciting a small whimper from your lips.

He placed a strong hand over your mouth, “Shhh baby girl, you don’t want to get caught do you?” He whispered quietly into your ear as his hips rolled into yours, your hands gripping his clenching ass-cheeks and pushing him harder into you as you whimpered into his hand when his abs pressed against your clit.

The footsteps started to fade away, insinuating Millie had left. Hal picked up the pace, not even bothering to take his hand off your mouth as he drilled you into the floorboards.

Your eyes rolled into the back of your head as his cock quickly slid in and out of you, letting out a muffled moan into his hand as he hit that special spot inside of you. The wet sound of skin hitting skin filled the hayloft as Hal fucked you, whispering dirty things into your ear.

“You feel so good baby girl. All nice and tight for me.”

“Y'like it when I fuck you like this sweetheart?”

“Oh baby, look atchya, takin’ my cock so good.”

You spread your legs wider, allowing him to hit deeper within you, gripping his hair as you breathed heavily through your nose and moaned into his hand, tears of pleasure pricking your eyes.

“Cum for me.” He groaned out, taking his hand off of your mouth and moving onto his elbows, caging your head within his arms. “Fuck, Hal! Right there, don’t stop!” You moaned out as your legs and arms wrapped around him, burying your face into his neck as your walls tightened around him, screaming into his neck as you came.

Hal came right after you, letting out a husky groan as he spilled inside of you. You panted into his neck before your head fell back onto the floor boards with a thump, heaving for breath. Hal started to lovingly nuzzle your neck, one hand rubbing up and down your shaking thighs.

“That was kinky.” You finally breathed out after a while.

“It was so good though. I’ve always wanted to fuck you senseless in the hayloft.” He said smirking into your neck.

You just chuckled and replied.

“Now it’s my turn to live my fantasy.” As a devious smirk grew on your lips, Hal shivered, knowing what would come next.

Ten and Two. (Steve/reader, Bucky x Sam)

Summary: “Oh, you think you’re a better driver than me? Prove it.” Sam lets go of the wheel. or the one where Bucky and Sam won’t stop fighting and you and Steve are absolutely, 100% tired of their BS.

TW: cussing (because that’s who i am as a person), almost car crash, sarcasm and a whole lot of Bucky/Sam interaction.

my sad, sad, sad attempt at humour that went a bit angsty, sorry fam

Pairing: Implied reader/Steve,  Bucky and Sam just love to hate each other

You would never understand why Steve ‘Captain America’ Rogers, leader of the Avengers and role model to the people, decided the only way to get his best friends to get along was to make one drive while the other sat shotgun. He was the smartest person you’d ever met when fighting aliens and Hydra goons alike, but when humaning was involved? That man acted like a little boy afraid to tell the teacher he shit his pants.

“10 and 2 Barnes, were you raised in a fucking barn?”

“No, I was just frozen for decades. Sorry, didn’t really learn the rule changes in fucking Hydra driver’s ED.” Bucky’s man bun sat high on his head, the man’s face shaved for once - okay, you totally had Steve sit on top of him while you calmly chopped the fur off his little rat face but it was still looking sharp - and the tick of his tense jaw was unmistakable. Great, another fight in the span of 30 minutes. What was this? Number 12?

“Buck.” Steve sighed, flipping the page of his honest to goodness newspaper. “Sam, please stop. Bucky is doing fine.”

“Fine? He almost hit a mailbox!” Sam was being dramatic. “On the other side of the road!”

“I did not! You’re the one who decided to grab the steering wheel when that leaf hit the window. You made me veer!”

“I thought it was a bird, you asshole.” Sam hissed. “And at least you have a steering wheel, and it wasn’t stolen by some metal armed masochist.”

“Nope, just a grown ass man who likes to fly around in a bird suit talking to his fake bird plane.”

“Red wing is a drone, and he’s better company than you!”

“Sam!” Steve’s voice was harsher this time as he noticed your exhausted face. “Can you tone it down? Some of us are trying to nap.” Sam apologized - to you, not Bucky - as he glanced over his shoulder at you. You just gave him a tired smile, leaning against Steve’s broad chest when he lifted up an arm and allowed you to snuggle underneath. You’d been on the road for weeks, bouncing from place to place to stay hidden from the public that viewed you as fugitives and fighting was the last thing you needed right now.

You must have dozed off because when you woke up next, the sun was at it’s peak and Sam was the one driving. And they were still arguing. You sighed, burying more into Steve’s chest and noticing that his right hand cupped over your ear as a way to keep it quiet enough for you to sleep. They must have been at it for a while if the pained smile, and whole hand over ear thing, were any indication.

“You are literally going 10 under the speed limit.”

“We are in an unfamiliar area, it’s bumpy and one of our passengers is trying to sleep so excuse me for being a bit more careful!”

“Careful is following the speed limit signs because we’re not getting up the next hill going 30 miles an hour. What are you? A grandma?”

“Well, you’d know. You’re old enough to be one.” Sam snapped back. It was Bucky that apologized to your sigh this time, noticing you stretching in the back with an even more exhausted look on your face. Steve didn’t look much better, his eyebrows furrowed as he realized the plan of his you said would fail, actually was failing. But it kept them quiet for the next few minutes til Sam was literally going 20 miles an hour and Bucky couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

“Woah, did you see that?” Bucky exclaimed, startling the whole car. You all tensed, expecting it to be another one of Ross’ tailgating minions but Bucky dispelled your fear with a single comment. “I think a turtle just passed us!”

“Are you shitting me man?” Sam exclaimed. “I almost wrecked the car.”

“That’s because you’re a shitty driver.”

“Oh, you think you’re a better driver than me?” Sam glanced over at Bucky, barely taking his eyes off the huge curve up ahead to see the man’s shrug. “Prove it.” Sam let go of the wheel, Bucky’s quick reflexes the only thing that kept you all from veering off the road into a ditch.

“What the fuck?” You screeched as Steve soccer mom’ed you in the chest, watching as Sam put his hands back on the wheel as they continued to bicker loudly. You shared a look with Steve, his more irritated while yours was filled with panic. He was only going 20 on flat land, so you weren’t exactly worried about getting hurt but this was getting out of hand.

“Alright, nope, no, absolutely fucking not. Pull over.” They ignored you. “Samuel Wilson, if you do not pull this car over right now, my next call will be to your mama!” You had never seen a grown man pull over so quick. It was silent for a long, blissful moment.

“It’s his fault, he’s always gotta be making comments.” Sam pointed at Bucky, turning in his chair to see you and Steve. “All I’m trying to do is drive and he just keeps running his mouth-.”

“Me?”  Bucky intercepted. “You’re the one who always has to be making some dumbass comment.”

“Yeah because you said one first-“

“Both of you shut the fuck up!” Silence fell over the car, all eyes on Captain America as he put a steadying hand on your thigh. You tangled your fingers with his, mouth slightly agape as he gave them both harsh looks. “Bucky is going to drive for the next few hours, Sam is going to sit in the passenger seat and we are going to take a nap back here because both of us are so exhausted from your bullshit that if we don’t, we might conveniently forget you at the next stop, understand?” He spoke so quickly that you barely understood him but the boys got the message, silently getting out of the car to switch seats with a glare that was not missed by either of you.

“You okay?” Steve turned his attention to you while they were both out of the car, rounding the hood. You nodded, pressing your lips to his quickly as the boys slid back in.

“Just tired, freaked out a bit, and ready for an actual bed.” He gave you a sorry smile, moving to lay on his back and then opening his arms up for you. You hummed in the back of your throat, squishing your face into his chest as you fell into him and he laughed. “This’ll do.”

It went silent, the car purring to life and rolling back onto the highway. Steve didn’t use his captain voice a lot, but when he did, it got things moving in the right direction. Mostly.

“Wait, why do I have to drive?”

“Because I’m tired and that gasp thing you did pissed me off Buck, you know I hate that.” Sam snickered. “I wouldn’t start Sam, you’re lucky you aren’t locked in the trunk for that little no hands trick you did that almost got us all killed; now, both of you be quiet!” They both went silent again and you started to lull into a calm, heartbeat lullaby induced sleep.

“Bucky, 10 and 2, for fucks sake!”

Living with Jooheon

request: hey bro hey friend can i get that friends to lovers mess with jooheon pls and thx
note: i truly hope i did this right. i tried to keep it about stuff that would happen in the house so. also,,,,,, i really don’t know who jooheon thinks he is dying his hair like that
- i don’t know if you noticed but “jooheon” spelled backwards is “loud as hell”
- he’ll blast music at like, 3 in the morning
- or break a plate
- or turn the tv on with the volume all the way up accidentally
- he doesn’t mean to be loud it just ends up being that way
- he’s a heavy ass sleeper
- he’ll set an alarm that’ll wake you up so you wake him up
- so confused when he first wakes up until he sees you
- but then he’ll give you a lazy smile & use aegyo to try and convince you to let him so back to sleep
- when you don’t let him, he blows his wrank ass morning breath in your face
- hums while brushing his teeth
- he’s one of those that squeeze the tube. i feel it.
- the first time you brought home groceries, he was so,,,,,,
- “egg… yogurt… cheese… okay, stop playing. where’s the Oreos?”
- now you wake him up in the morning to make him go grocery shopping with you
- & he’s not having it
- “look. here is a list of every reason NOT TO GO TO THE GROCERY STORE IN THE MORNING.”
- “borrows” your hats
- if he likes it, you ain’t getting it back
- he throws goldfish @ you to get your attention
- “they really didn’t have to die, y/n.”
- “you didn’t have to throw them. you could have, i don’t know, tapped? my?? shoulder???”
- “… anyways,,,,,, pass me the remote.”
- yells “boneless pizza” in your ear to wake you up from a nap
- one time you and him were so slap-happy that you tried to make your own cooking show
- he’s a goof, but he’s super sweet
- during exam periods, he’ll make sure you’re eating properly and taking necessary breaks from studying
- watches the cooking channel with you
- he loves cake wars. @ me on this.
- he’s super overdramatic when you cook for him
- he’ll clap and make a disgusting sound and slap his hand on his leg and rub his stomach
- “wow. marry me. right now. i can’t miss out on someone that cooks like this. did you secretly have this delievered? wow. this is really the dream.”
- he hangs up your jackets when you throw them on the couch
- makes sure you drink water before bed
- you two do face masks & funny sheet masks together
- makes your bed for you sometimes
- n e v e r barges on you in the bathroom or when you’re in your room
- he always knocks on the door
- tries your food before you do
- “just making sure it’s not poisonous”
- if he wants to hang out with you at home, he hides your keys
- the boys come over quite freuquently
- they have a key to your house for emergencies
- they overuse them bitches so much
- one day wonho swung the door open and said, “jooheon, it’s getting old. just tell her you like her. what’s she going to do, move out?”
- both of you looked up from TV, y'alls cheeks stuffed with ramen
- “wait, shouldn’t you be at work it’s Tuesday….”
- “i had the day off………..”
- okay, honestly, i feel jooheon would just go back to eating
- “yeah, wonho, you can leave now.”
- the moment you started to speak up, he’d sigh and lean back
- “y/n, you don’t have to say anything. it’s okay. i promise.”
- you’d shrug and go back to eating
- “alright, i won’t say anything.”
- when you two take your bowls to the kitchen, he snaps
- “really? you’re not gonna say anything? absolutely nothing?”
- “should i have to? do you think i’d put up with you constantly putting the empty cereal box back in the cabinet if i didn’t like you? i’ve made it so obvious that i like you, jooheon.”
- he’ll sigh and mumble “goddamnit” under his breath
- he’ll cup your jaw and smash his lips against yours and :’)
- when he pulls away, he kisses your nose and gives you the cuteST smile ever and dimples showing and his eyes are smiling and oh my god he’s so beautiful
- “at least i’ve never left the stove on”
- living with jooheon while dating wouldn’t be very different honestly
- although sometimes you come home to sparkling grape juice and pizza with a couple candles
- he really really tries to make you happy
- sometimes he magically wakes up before you to make you breakfast
- or he’ll just squeeze you super tight so you can’t get out of bed
- movie night is common with you two
- it’s also common for him to hold your hand on top of his head until you play with his hair
- sometimes he’ll lay in between your legs with his head on your chest and pass out
- ice cream will magically pop up in the freezer when you’re in a bad mood (& it’s always your favorite kind)
- refuses to buy you stuffed animals
- “you have me. why would you need that thing?”
- sometimes he wakes you up in the middle of the night to go for a midnight walk
- he gushes over you so much
- sometimes he just squishes your cheeks while you’re making dinner
- “you’re just so cute. i can’t help it.”
- asks you to read to him randomly
- the first time he saw you cry because of a movie, he hugs you so tight and laughs
- “oh my god. you’re too cute. it’s just a movie.”
- plays with your fingers when you two go to bed
- dude,,,,,,,,,
- he loves you so much

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What about a prompt with Nialls first 'fathers' day to emery?

I am so in love with Niall and Emery stories. Ugh, my heart hurts.


He’d never been called ‘Daddy’ before. He didn’t think he’d have a name ‘Daddy’ until he was at least ten years older, but he didn’t expect to meet his dream girl at an early age of twenty-three, either.

He didn’t anticipate any expensive meals or gifts, after all, she absolutely hated when he treated on a fancy dinner on their anniversary. He made an agreement with her – he wouldn’t splurge on his girlfriend unless her birthday, their anniversary, or a special event had popped up.

He’d fallen asleep with his girlfriend and daughter tucked underneath his arm, Emery’s palms pressed flat against his tummy as she cuddled into his chest, her cheek nudged against his collarbone as her eyelashes lay against her skin.

He couldn’t feel her wiggle out of his hold, her tiny footsteps quiet against their carpet, her giggle slipping off her lips as she open and manoeuvres around their master bedroom’s door. She padded into her bedroom, her walls freshly painted lavender, stickers of clouds and scattered above her bedframe, her toys and dolls neatly aligned against her mouldings, ready to be played with and adored. She smoothly opened her dressers drawer, her tiny fingertips digging against her stacks of fresh, clean laundry, her tongue poking between her lips as she furrows her eyebrows together in confusion, searching helplessly for her Father’s Day present, her gift hidden in a spot her daddy wouldn’t find.

“What’cha doin’ over t’ere, Em? Did y’a lose somey’in’ in your laundry?” Niall smirks, leaning against her doorframe, his arms folded in front of his chest, his ankles crossed as he stands in front of her.

“Daddy!” she smiles, hugging his waist tightly, giggling as he lifts her onto his hip, his fingertips tickling her tummy as she clutches onto his shoulders. “Stop!”

“What’re y’a hidin’ from me, Piglet?”

Nothing,” she smirks, her palms cupping his cheeks as she squishes his lips together. “Daddy, you’re supposed to be in bed! Mummy and I can’t bring you breakfast and give you your presents, if you’re out here.”

“Why can’t you?”

“Because you’re ruinin’ your surprise! C’mon. Let’s go,” she whines, wiggling off his hip, her tiny fingertips pushing into his back as she attempts to shove him forward, huffing in annoyance as he nudges his heels into her carpet, refusing to move on her demand. “Daddy.”

“Fine, fine,” he concedes, scooping her up, leaning her over his broad shoulder, his palm patting her bum playfully as he pads into their master bedroom. “Should I lay in bed, too?”


“Does Mummy know what you’re doing?”

“Yes, Daddy. She’s helpin’ me, too. Stay here,” she grins, patting her palm against their comforter, her giggles echoing in their bedroom, Niall’s tall form flopping onto their mattress, her petite figure bouncing in air, his heart swelling with love as she cuddles into his chest, pressing a kiss to his cheek before shuffling into her bedroom, stumbling and bumbling bouncing off their walls as she searches through her wardrobe.

“Happy Father’s Day, baby,” you smile, placing a wooden tray of his favourite breakfast on his bedside table, your palms cupping his cheeks as your lips kiss his plump flesh, his smile bubbling warmth in your heart, his arms wrapping around your waist, squeezing you tightly against his chest, his nose nuzzling in your neck as your fingertips lace together behind his neck. “I love you so much.”

“I love you so much,” he whispers, kissing your neck lightly, pulling his torso back, kissing your lips, before chuckling quietly. “Hey, Piglet. Did y’a find what you were lookin’ for?”

“Mhm, I did! Now, sit down, ‘kay?”


“Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. I love you,” she smiles, hugging his waist tightly, kissing his cheek, placing her carefully wrapped present in his palms, her cheeks blushing pink as she rocks on her heels, waiting patiently as he peels open her wrapping paper.

“I love you, too, Little One.”

His heart swelled as he peeled open her perfectly wrapped, decorated paper, her soft handwritten letter tucked underneath a fresh, leather wallet, his fingertips opening one portion, his blue orbs hidden with tears as he admires their favourite pictures of their family, a picture of him and her cuddling on a beach making his heart bubble with love. He lightly swept a tear off his cheek, his lips pressing a kiss on her cheek as he smiles, holding her picture against his heart as he smiles, admiring her nervous behaviour as she nuzzles into his hold.

“Now, y’a have to read my letter, okay?”

“I love you so much, y’know t’at? I love you to the moon.”

“I love you, too, Daddy. I love you all the way back.”

He smiled, his lips curving into a grin, kissing her forehead lovingly, peeling her envelope’s seal as his fingertips pry her letter out. She tucked her figure underneath his arm, her hands wrapping around his waist as he acknowledges her handwritten note. His cheek lay against her hair, her ankles crossed and tossed over his lap, his girlfriend padding around their bed frame and sitting on their mattress’ edge, his bright blue orbs bubbling with tears as he carefully read her letter.

Dear Daddy,

Happy Father’s Day!

Thank you for being such a great daddy.

Daddy, you are so nice and you love me and Mummy so much.

Thank you for being my daddy.

I love you to the moon and all the way back.

Love, Em x

He chuckled quietly, carefully setting his letter on his bedside table, lifting her onto his lap, squeezing her figure against his chest, his lips pressing against her cheek as he embraces her, her cheek flat against his collarbone, his whispers barely audible, his heart swollen and content with love, her thumb swiping a stray tear off his cheek.

“Em, t’ank you for lettin’ me be your Daddy.”

“Didn’t have a daddy before. But, I have you, now – and you love me and my mummy so much – and you’re my favourite daddy.”

“I love you so much – and you’re my favourite girl, too. Promise, I’ll always be your daddy.”

“I love you to the moon.”

“I love you all the way back.”

niallhoran: special thank you to my girlfriend and my little gem for making my first ‘Father’s Day’ so special. i love you to the moon and all the way back. xx

Kim Donghyun || Post-it Note

Genre: Fluff

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“Ideal type? I don’t care much about looks. I like a girl who I can have fun with, connect with when I talk to her, and I’d like it if we shared a lot of the same hobbies.” Y/N couldn’t help but blush as she held her phone in her hand, watching Donghyun’s, one of her fellow trainees at Brand New Music, V-Live and talking about his ideal type since a fan had asked him what it is. ‘Could I possibly be his ideal type?’ Y/N thought to herself, slightly squealing as she thought that she might actually be his ideal type.

Y/N continued watching Donghyun’s V-Live, scrolling through some of the comments and thinking if she should send in a comment herself, especially since she uses a fake account that doesn’t reveal her identity. As she was contemplating on whether or not she should send in a comment, Donghyun mentioned his subway ad and how he’s never visited it before. Y/N thought of an idea and smiled to herself. She checked the time on the right corner of her phone and grinned. ‘It’s only 6:20, I have some time before I have to train again.’

Y/N frowned slightly as she exited out of Donghyun’s V-Live, since she didn’t want to miss out on it. ‘I’ll just watch the rest of it when I finish training.’ She turned off her phone and stuffed it in her jeans pocket and sat up, telling Rhymer that she’s gonna go out for a moment. Rhymer just nods and Y/N walks out of the building, making her way to the subway station, where Donghyun’s ad is located at.

Y/N spotted Donghyun’s subway ad and her mouth gaped in awe, amazed at how beautiful it is. Totally not because Donghyun is beautiful, right? Y/N approached Donghyun’s subway ad and blushed, wanting to take a picture with it, but she didn’t want any fans to see her taking a picture with her own fellow trainee, she didn’t want any rumors or scandals to happen.

Y/N grabbed a few post-it notes from the side of his subway ad and a pen from her pocket and thought of what to write. Ever since she started training at Brand New Music entertainment, she’s always looked up to Donghyun since he was the first one to greet her and show her around the whole building and become close friends with her. She always admired him, and had strong feelings for him but doubted that he’d ever feel the same way. She noticed how hardworking and passionate he is, and thought he deserved the best.

Y/N nodded as she finally came up with what to write on the post-it notes. As she was writing on the post-it notes and stuck it onto Donghyun’s ad, Donghyun stood behind a pole watching her as she left. He watched her walk up the stairs of the subway and saw her leave. He approached his ad and took off her post-it notes, looking at it and read it.

‘Kim Donghyun! Seeing you work so hard and push yourself to the top makes me so happy and aspires myself to do the same. You’ve done so well during the show, and I enjoy seeing you smile as you continue succeeding and following your dreams. You’re so amazing and anyone will love you at first glance. You’re already a real idol in my eyes, not just a trainee. And I’m already a fan of yours. Continue working hard, and I hope that smile never leaves your face! You deserve the best!’

Donghyun smiled to himself and felt his heart beat fast. He thought back to Y/N and all of the moments they shared together before. She’s always loved hearing him sing and once asked him to sing her a song while playing his guitar. She’s always been interested in him and his talent. He’s always appreciated her company and loved how she’d always smile while being around him. He held Y/N’s post-it notes in his hand, planning to re-read them everyday from now on just to smile at how sweet and kind she is, which made him love her even more.

He held out his phone in front of him, taking a selfie in front of his subway ad, noticing his manager taking a photo of him taking a photo of himself. He held Y/N’s post-it notes in his hand while taking selfies. As he finished taking selfies, he took all of the rest of the fans’ post-it notes and carried them in his hands as he walked back to the Brand New Music building, hoping to see Y/N there.

As Donghyun opened the door to the training room, he noticed Y/N training. And by training, she was actually dancing to I Know You Know. Donghyun chuckled as she saw her trying to do the body wave move on the ground. Y/N’s eyes widen as she heard him chuckle and saw him through the mirror. She turned around and saw Donghyun standing by the door. Her face was all red and sweaty from dancing, and she ran over to the stereo and turned off the song before Donghyun approached her.

“Y/N, you dance to my song well.” Donghyun says, grinning. Y/N blushes and looks down at the ground, fiddling with her fingers nervously. Donghyun’s heart melts as he sees how flustered Y/N is and leans down, staring up at Y/N. Y/N’s eyes widen and she tries to avoid eye contact with him. He smiles and holds her post-it notes in the air.

“I read your notes.” As he says this, Y/N stares up at him holding her notes and widens her eyes. “I really loved it. It made me so happy, you don’t even know.” Donghyun said. Y/N blushed furiously and couldn’t think of what to say.

“I just want to say thank you. So much. You’ve always been there for me, and I just get so happy when you’re around. It’s such a strange feeling to me, you know? I get all happy and excited when you’re near me, I just don’t want you to ever leave.” Donghyun felt himself blush as he looked at Y/N, staring her straight in the eyes. “I really like you.”

Y/N’s eyes widen once again and she felt like she was about to faint. She noticed how serious Donghyun looked, and she knew he meant everything. “D-Donghyun I-I like you too.”

Donghyun smiled widely, getting all giddy and his heart beating 100 miles per hour at this rate as the girl he likes the most just confessed to him too. He leaned closer towards Y/N and pulled her into a tight hug.

“H-hey, don’t hug me, I’m all sweaty and gross!” Y/N complained as she was being squished by Donghyun’s chest. Donghyun didn’t care, though, and continued hugging the life out of her. He pulled back and kissed her cheek, making her blush a dark shade of red.

“You’re so cute, Y/N~” Donghyun sang, making Y/N both embarrassed and flustered from Donghyun’s sweet yet cheesy words.

“Stop, you’re embarrassing me.” Y/N whines before Donghyun pinched her cheek. “And also, about your ideal type…”

Donghyun widens his eyes and blushes. “W-why? Did you already figure out that I was talking about you?”

Y/N’s eyes widen and she shakes her head. “N-no! R-really, though?!”

Donghyun nods. “I never really had a set ideal type, but that was until I met you. You became my ideal type ever since we began hanging out with each other.” Y/N turned into a blushing mess at this point from Donghyun’s sweet words. Donghyun leaned in and gave Y/N yet another kiss on the cheek. “Now come on, I’ll go buy us some melon milk.”


Word Count: 681

Genre: fluff

Requested by anon

A/N: I really think Wooseok is the forgiving type about material things because he seems so nice and carefree. I’m glad this was requested, I hope you enjoy! - Admin Spring

Originally posted by yeo1


Oh no

You stared at the broken glass bottle in pieces across the floor. You crouched down holding parts in your hand. The liquid slowly spilling out and the scent wafted through the air strongly.

You jumped when you heard the front door open. In came your boyfriend, Wooseok with two drinks in his hand.

“Hey babe,” he said smiling as he put the drinks on the table, “I got you a lemonade.”

He had his back turned to you and before you could turn tears uncontrollably welled up in your eyes. You felt horrible.

“What’s that strong smell-”

He turned with a concerned look on his face when he heard sniffling. You had your hands covering your face and only heard as he stepped over closer to you.

“Babe, babe, what’s wrong? what-”

You opened your eyes to see him leaning over picking up the shards of glass.

“Oh…” he said with so much disappointment in just his one word. He picked up pieces and made several trips to the trash. You leaned over and began to help him. You got a paper towel to wipe up the spilled liquid before it could soak deeper into your flooring.

“I-I’m so sorry,” you said huffing as you helped, “I bumped the dresser and it-it fell off.”

The glass was once apart of a beautifully made cologne bottle that his mom had gotten him on their trip to Thailand. You remembered how excited he was when he got back and showed it off to you.

He stood back up and quickly grabbed your hand that was limp by your side. He brought it up to his face examining it.

“Did you cut yourself on it? Are you ok?” he said as he checked your other hand too.

“I’m fine, but I feel so bad. You really liked it.”

He used the hand he had been checking to pull you in closer before he wrapped his arm around your back. The other hand was on your head holding you to his chest.

“Babe, why are you crying about it?”

You leaned back to look at him in the face. You had a pout on your lips and you were trying to stop the slow tears from falling.

“Because I broke it and it was expensive and I can’t go get another one for you and-” you rambled on.

He grabbed your face in either side squishing you and gave you a heart warming smile. His eyes shined at you as he leaned his forehead on yours.

“It’s ok!”

“But your mom got it for you-”

“It’s ok-”

“You only wore it for special events so it would last.”

“It’s ok.”

“It was so important to you.”

“Babe, c’mon,” he said dragging the word out in a whine and shaking your shoulders jokingly, “it’s cologne for heaven’s sakes!! You are what’s important to me, don’t be so materialistic.’”

Your face was still in his hands even after he backed away, only to lean back in. He placed a kiss on your forehead, then on your nose, then on your lips.

“How much was it?” you ask, “Maybe I could find it on an online store…”

“Seriously, baby, it’s really ok,” he pulled you back into his chest for another hug, “Please stop crying now.”

You stayed in his arms for awhile as he swayed the two of you side to side. He was patting rhythmically on your back.

You finally stopped tearing up and you separated to look at each other. His thumbs wiped the wet trails off your cheeks and he gave you another sweet peck.

“Are you good now?” you nodded in reply. 

“I don’t know why you were the one crying, I should be crying, it was my cologne.”

“So…maybe there is something you can do for me to make up for it?” he continued.

“What’s that?”

“I want you to go to Thailand with me next time and we can buy a new cologne for me together. And I will forgive you for all of this!”



Just Friends

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Genre: Fluff/Angst/Suggested Smut ;)

Word Count: 1,434

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

“He was too close to you Y/n!”

”You aren’t even my boyfriend Tae why do you care if he was too close!”

Masterlist ♥︎


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“Be My Beautiful Burden”

Originally posted by rapdaegu

Genre: Fluffy smut w/ some angst

By: Admin Podo


Words: 2,579

A/N: This was requested a long time ago so I wanted to finish it now even though I’m not quite satisfied with it. I hope you like it dear anonnie!

When Jin went on tour you knew you would miss him, but you didn’t realize it would be this bad. Whenever he is free he texts you and you readily answer him. Sometimes he will even call you. Late at night, when the other members are sleeping he will also sext you, telling you how much he wants you.

One day at work, while on break, you watch an interview of BTS. Jin sits closest to the interviewer, so he answers a lot of the questions. You are so proud of your boyfriend. Halfway into the interview you notice something and try not to think about it but it does not go away.  The female journalist keeps touching Jin. She is very pretty and skinny. Your jealousy skyrockets. She touches his knee and his hand and you also notice her scooch closer.

Any logical or realistic thinking leaves you after that moment. What had you been thinking? How could you date this beautiful man so far out of your league? You were not good enough. Did he even like you that much?

You shut down completely after this, and barely kept up appearances. You went on a “diet” (you stopped eating a healthy amount) and did not really answer any of your friends’ messages.

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