why are you sooo adorable

We should kiss more often

parring: peter parker x reader 

warning: kissing, clingy peter, fluffy 

A/n: this gif is sooo cute!! why is Tom holland so adorable? hope you like it.

request: Can you do an imagine of Peter with #1 & #6

requested by: @captain-mystique  

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Peter’s been acting strange the whole day. It wasn’t a bad strange in the contrary you quite liked it but you weren’t going to tell him that. Peter was being very clingy. You didn’t mind it at first but as the day went on it was getting annoying. 

It all started this morning when you went to your Boyfriend’s place to pick him up so you can all go to school together something you did all the time since you live right next to each other. 

“hey, May” May smiled at you as you walked inside their small apartment. You knocked on Peter’s door, he opened the to let you come in. The moment you walked in he pushed you to the door and roughly pressed his lips to yours. The kiss was heated and intense but in the same time, it was filled with passion and love. 

It was rare when he would kiss you like this but whenever he did. He would leave you breathless and wanting for more. 

You (unfortunately) pulled away and looked at Peter “good morning to you too” you pressed your forehead to his and smiled. 

Peter got ready and now you were on your way to school. You decided to take the subway since it was the fastest way to get there and you didn’t need to walk a lot. Peter kept holding your hand or kissing you the whole ride.

At lunch when you were talking to Ned, Peter would pull you close to him and would leave kisses on your neck, “ will you two Stop” Ned and MJ said at the same time. 

You didn’t mind at first but after math class, it started to get very annoying he wasn’t letting you concentrate and would constantly ask you to give him a kiss. When you would say “no” he would give you puppy dog eyes and pout. 

You were currently sitting in the back of your science class with Peter, your teacher wasn’t there so you had a substitute. Your wonderful teacher had left some pages to do in your activity book and more for homework. 

The poor substitute didn’t know anything about the subject and when some students went to him to ask questions he would give them a blank stare, it was like they were talking in another language. He would kindly tell them that he had no idea what they were talking about and that if they had any question for their history class he would be happy to answer then since he was a history teacher. 

The replacement teacher was pretty young he was most probably in his mid 20’s. He was quite good looking he looked a bit like Daniel Radcliffe you thought. You saw some girls flirt with him and you couldn’t help but laugh. 

 You knew Peter’s gaze was on you as you did the pages that your teacher had asked you to do even if you didn’t feel like it. You really didn’t want to do it at home. “What?” you asked Peter, “Your hotness is distracting me.” You felt your cheeks become red as Peter’s suit.  He laughed at your adorableness  “do your work” you told him still not looking at him, he laughed at your blushing state

His laugh was adorable, he would squint his eyes a bit, you looked at him in awe” You’re making it really hard for me not to kiss you right now” your eyes grew wide at what you just admitted and you blushed again. 

A smirk grew on Peter’s face “ So what are you waiting for” he said squeezing your thigh. “I’m not going to kiss you in the middle of class Peter,” you told him even though you wouldn’t mind. Peter smirked and pulled you closer to him “oh yeah” he said on your lips and kissed you. 

When you pulled away you heard people cheering. You turned around and saw the whole class starting at you and Peter, the replacement teacher was cheering with the students. You were sure you looked liked a tomato. When everyone settled down Peter lead down and whispered in your ear “ we should kiss in class more often”.

Can’t Wait (Victuuri)

Author’s Note: I gotcha covered, nonnie~ Though this is kinda shitty because it’s like 5 AM and I haven’t slept and my inspiration is just not. working. but I still wanted to get something out for you guys! So I hope this is enough for you..? Thanks for the suggestion! ^^

Description: Those bored days that we all have can be made much more fun with just a bit of tickling

Word Count: 882





Victor stood up from his chair and walked across the room to the couch, where Yuuri was sitting, reading a book, and draped himself across his lap. “Yuuuurrriiiiii!”

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