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170723 - Rude AF Kai

Today’s bias is Kai.

He’s too sexy on stage.

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There’s no way to handle him all at once.

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And he knows it.

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His ass knows exactly what he’s doing.

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What is that cloth… DID YOU STEAL MY UNDERWEAR?!?!!

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itS jUSt PArt oF thE chOrEogrAphY

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Put that eyebrow away, boy.

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Kai is the worst.  I hate him.

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Kai: “Thank you for watching today~”

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I just… I don’t know what to do…

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Me too, D.O.

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could you do where s/o surprises the boys with a kiss on the nose? cute confuse flustered bros, thank you lovely!

Listen anon, nose kisses are the best kisses and anyone who disagrees can fight me right here right now. They’re just so soft. So pure. 

That being said, I really enjoyed this request! I hope you enjoy these little scenarios :)


He was sitting on the pier of Galdin Quay, feet dangling above the water as he clutched to his fishing rod. Noctis had left to enjoy his favorite pastime as soon as he awoke, but the sun was already high in the sky. You needed to get moving.

The boys decided to send you to retrieve him, insisting that you were the “only one who could take his eyes off the water.” The suggestive wink that Gladio sent your way was enough to make you blush as you turned on your heel, rushing in the direction of your boyfriend before anything else could be said. Within minutes you were only steps away from his still figure, the young prince seeming completely unaware of your presence.

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Thank you all for making sure that a very sweet, humble, talented, loving, supportive, gracious, mature, kind, encouraging, amazing guy had a terrible day. If you were part of this seriously you can unfollow or block me.

This is what your hate does.

And this is how a good person responds to it. Take some lessons folks. Maybe you’ll do better next time.

Bravo, Jeremy Jordan, bravo sir.

no you guys don’t understand I love my cat so much

my perfect fluffy baby

1D Hiatus: Day 587

* An interviewer from ExtraTV mentions Harry’s reaction to the picture of Ryan Gosling that Nick Grimshaw showed him during that heart monitor game on Radio 1 to Ryan Gosling at the San Diego Comic Con

* The music video for ‘Back To You’ is #1 on iTunes in the US

* Liam meets fans in NYC

* Videos of Liam on stage and performing with Zedd during his set at a nightclub in NYC last night come out

* The ‘Sign of the Times’ music video hits one hundred million views on YouTube

* All of Niall’s Flicker Sessions tour dates are officially sold out

* Louis will be joining Roman Kemp on Capital Breakfast this Monday morning from 6AM UK time

* A video of Niall answering fans’ questions for the MTV Show is released

* Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis are all nominated for the MTV Hottest Summer Superstar and you can vote for them using the hashtag #MTVHottest on Twitter 

* Louis posts a picture on Instagram

It’s Jul 22nd, 2017.

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What did I say that was wrong? Being gay is abnormal. Sorry I didn't use the PC term, but I was just dealing with reality. Also that other anon afraid of being out is just a pussy. No one cares that you people are gay. Stop being so self important. Don't expect to get a real answer from you so bye. Unfollow. Have fun with your sin

“if you’re afraid to be out you’re a pussy” says anonymous stranger on the internet


also, i am gonna have so much fun living my truth so thanks


No one asked but here’s my design for Hannibal!

In this world, it is so easy to be rude and greedy and short. Those are the easiest things to be. We don’t have to be mindful to be those things. They are inherent wants, selfish actions that need little to no push to do or be.

Kindness, generosity, and patience-those take time. Those are learned and they have to be actively practiced. It is a conscious decision to think before you speak and decide, “No, there is enough cruelty in the world, I don’t need to contribute to that.” Be kind until you can’t be kind any more. Give when you are able to.

There will always be a majority who aren’t kind. It’s not about expecting praise or acknowledgement. It’s choosing to combat life’s cruelty in small actions. There will always be suffering in this world and there will always be greed and selfishness and loss. Those things are part of what it means to be alive. As long as we live, we know those things and we are born into them. It’s not to say that life is a bad thing. It’s beautiful. However, all it takes is a small kindness to combat the cruelty of life.

Be the good in the world. Make the conscious decision to be kind. Think before you speak and consider your actions before you make them.

Burn it ALL Down: The Story of a Super, a Sidekick and Fans at a Comic Con...

Comic Con is a magical time of year where we get to see the actors out and about promoting their show to dozens of places, chatting about themselves, each other, fans and their characters.  It’s a time where we get to experience behind the scenes of those shows we love, and as fans do we ever look forward to it.

This comic con ran sour for many people, and people feel what they feel and I’ll never invalidate the if’s but’s or why’s.  But I am going to take a moment to discuss some unsettling things I’ve been seeing in the Supergirl orbit, then I’ll address the giant elephant that has been shitting on the carpet.

1.     Representation Matters:  Alex came out in the most amazing way; it was positive, uplifting, embracing and beautiful really – she got to be all of Alex.  Fan-fucking-tastic and about bloody time.

a.     She got the girl.  Yay? Except I feel that Alex lost herself in the girl.  She forgot that she had a sister.  She marginalised Kara in every possible way.  She didn’t plan to spend Earth Birthday with her sister, her sister who is celebrating the day that she lost everything.  The day that represents her being on Earth longer than Krypton – but hey, she got the girl.  

b.     The girl is played by someone who, from all accounts is a lovely woman.  She’s dating Casey Affleck; oh noes fire her, we don’t like him.  Wait, the girl isn’t a POC because she is part Italian and Irish.  People, Italy has black people.  They do.  They can quite marginalised there too.   But she wasn’t good enough to play a POC on TV (which BTW she has never been referenced on the show has Latina)… wow, are you fucking kidding me?

2.     Diversity Matters: James has nothing to do, let’s make him the most useless vigilante since that relationship with Kara didn’t work out (thank god, it was so shoe horned and not sustainable).

a.     Diversity Matters but just throwing a POC on screen isn’t enough.  Give us something more.  James was not my favourite character, still isn’t.  He still deserves better.

b.     Diversity doesn’t mean that the character has to be likeable, but they have to get the same amount of thought as every other one.  But even much of the fandom didn’t care about his side lining, that was disappointing.

3.     Relationshipsare invaluable but the romance, and the ‘shipper wars have not been.

a.     Sanvers I want to love, but I don’t really think I like Maggie, and I don’t like who Alex has become with her.

b.     Karamel Not the best, but I can understand why Kara would latch onto someone when she was literally abandoned by everyone in season 2.  No, I don’t think it’s okay he lied to Kara about who he was, but it was unsurprising Kara forgave him.  Probably the most believable thing in the relationship.

c.     J’onn and M’gann if people want to talk about toxic relationships – she saved his life and he repays her by imprisoning her for no good reason, and during that time M’gann developed Stockholm Syndrome and fell in love with her capture. Yay! Positive.

d.     Danvers Sisters who now?  Were they a band or something, because damn if they didn’t break up in season 2.  They were once the heart of the show, and when that was lost the show was lost.  

e.     ‘ships are important and there is plenty of ocean out there for them ALL to sail.  Problem is that the infighting started and it became every ship for themselves, because obviously the individuals chosen ship was the least toxic of them all.  IMO, all the canon romantic relationships this season were shit, they devalued every one of the characters.  Speaking only for myself, I still struggle with what J’onn did to M’gann…

                                               i.     Some fandom ‘ships were toxic and when a guest star comments on that, at a convention, and the threats and vitriol he received there is a systemic problem.  Thankfully not all SuperCorp fans are like that, but the problem is for the actors and creatives they may not see the flip side.

                                             ii.     All fandom ‘ships had toxic members who screamed loudly and sounded like spokespeople for the ship.  It’s unfortunate, but it happens.

f.      Friendships are important if anyone can remind Kara’s friends of that, I’d be forever grateful.  Remind her Foster Mother and Space Dad for extra points.

4.     KARA MATTERS: The show is called Supergirl, so obviously the most important character should be her.  Although Supergirl did get more time than Kara, but I feel as we moved away from Kara we lost the humanity too.  It’s why I did adore the addition of Lena to the show (if they make her evil…)  I feel that when we lost Cat, we lost Kara.  I’m hoping we get more Cat this season to make up for that.


And yeah, Melissa said that Kara’s world ended when she lost Mon-El but she expanded on it in the ET interview – the woman has lost next to everything and the hits keep on coming.  All she is seeing is loss – and that, that is the product of someone who has terrible abandonment issues.  Now, if they could actually explore this throughout the season…

Now, much of the online fandom has been shitting on each other (I will reiterate not all), the actors and creatives and then Comic Con happened.  One of their first interviews of the day Jeremy was asked to reprise a little skit he did last year and sing the events of last season, so he hit on the main storyline affecting those in attendance (which is why Sanvers was overlooked) – unfortunately he made a tone-deaf joke that hurt people, Melissa kinda joined in and everyone laughed.

I do believe he hit on it because of the SuperCorp fandoms notoriety, but I don’t think it was designed to invalidate the LBGT community.  I don’t believe it was a homophobic remark, I just think it was a stupid moment that any human has had.  Not even a saint could claim they haven’t accidently hurt someone by not understanding something, or joking about it.  It happens, but to assume that the intent was malicious goes against everything else they have both done in the past, and Melissa said later the same day (before all this blew up). It even goes against what Melissa said later in the same interview.

Yes, I am aware that she called Jeremy “brave” for what he said, but no I don’t think that means that she wanted to invalidate the ship.  I think it means that she thinks he is brave to want to take on the fans, and that he was fucking stupid to do it.  Melissa may not really do cons, may not do many signings on set – but she does stop for fans on the street and she has been an ally for years.  I do not believe a single moment erases everything they have done in the past, nor do I think it makes them a bad person now.

What I do believe is that it makes them human.  The problem is in many cases that’s the last thing we want (or need) celebrities to be, we hold them up as the perfect representation of whatever we need them to represent.  We falsely idolise them, so when they fall it hurts, it hurts a lot.  But that hurt, the hurt from our idolisation, isn’t their fault.  That’s like when we discover that our older siblings, or parents or grandparents are just human.  They didn’t hang to moon and the stars, even though we thought they did.

Now, these humans did something well, human.  As a member of the LBGT community I will only speak for myself (and I do ask can everyone do that, no one voted for official spokespeople so lets not pretend to have them), they didn’t upset me.  I don’t feel devalued by them.  They owe me no apology.

Jeremy has issued a 2 part apology, and no it’s not perfect but he isn’t perfect.  None of us are, I’m not going to tell anyone to give him a chance or forgive him.  I am going to say that you should forget but c’mon – people are telling him and Melissa to choke.  They are wishing a show that hires hundreds of people to be cancelled.  They are calling out and attacking their personal lives, how it any of that okay?  So much of fandom is NOT okay with the way it’s responding. Being hurt I get, threats of any kind is just ridiculous and intentionally malicious.

Maybe this can be a learning curve for everyone, starting with realising we are all but human.  And we will all make mistakes.

(I also decided not to tag sanvers because I will not go into a tag when I don’t like the ship)

And for the love of god, don’t ask an actor to validate your ship.  They see what they see, you see what you see.  That’s okay, that will forever be okay, they never have to meet.

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You're watching J-Decker? Primus I love all them bots and characters so much! Yuuta is a great kid. Lil trivia Yuuta was apparently supposed to be a girl. Hence the girly look and would've made "her" the first human female MC in the Braves but they changed her gender at the last second =/.

I was wondering why he’s always dressed like Jubilee from the X-Men…