why are you so sweaty

He doesnt know why he’s so worked up, honestly.

They’ve been dating for a month, now. Surely that’s more than enough waiting for something so small. And Yuri was always comfortable with being physically close to him, even before they got together.

So why are his palms so sweaty?

“Beka? Are you alright?”

Shit. He spaced out too long and now Yuri’s noticed. “I’m fine, Yura. Are you done?”

“Yeah!” he lifted the leopard print shopping bag to show him, grinning happily. “You still didn’t have to pay for it, though.”

“It’s your birthday, Yura. Whatever wish you have, I’ll grant it.”

Yuri’s face flushed so quickly Otabek was scared he’d combust. “Why- you- god, you’re so fucking sappy and gross. I can’t handle it sometimes.”

“You love me,” Otabek chuckles, prodding Yuri’s forehead lightly.

Yuri scoffs, but his blush doesn’t move. “Whatever. I’m starving.”

“Ah, right. I know a place, it isn’t too far from here.”

“And this time, I’m paying, alright?”

He chuckles. “You wish.”

And this, he realizes, is the perfect time for him to do it. Dinner is their last stop for their date, so this might be his only chance at doing this…

Quickly, before he loses his nerve, he casually slings his arm over Yuri’s shoulders and starts leading them away from the store.

He feels Yuri’s shoulders tense, and suffers through a brief second of panic - oh god, I’ve probably overstepped his boundaries. He probably feels so uncomfortable right now, how do I take this back - before he feels them relax, and Yuri brings his hand to the one Otabek has on his shoulders and entwines them together, as if they’ve done this many times before.

This time it’s Otabek’s cheeks that are burning, and Yuri doesn’t let it go unnoticed. He laughs, poking Otabek’s cheek. “You’re so goddamn cute sometimes.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re talking about yourself, Yura.” Otabek replies, and he leads them through the busy streets with his arm wrapped tightly around Yuri’s shoulders.

Sick Starter Sentences...
  • “You’re so pale…”
  • “You’re sick, admit it!”
  • “I think you should sit down.”
  • “Bathroom, now.”
  • “You look like you’re about to pass out.”
  • “You’ve got a fever!”
  • “Why are your hands so sweaty?”
  • “Are you shivering?”
  • “Hey, I got you…”
  • “We have to sweat the fever out of you.”
  • “You have to eat something.”
  • “I made you some chicken soup.”
  • “You’re gonna crash.”
  • “Cover your mouth when you cough!”
  • “Have you slept at all lately?”
  • “Hey, Rudolph.” 
  • “Did you just cough– blood?”
  • “I think we should take you to see a doctor.”
  • “Can you at least vomit with the door closed?”
  • “Here, take your medicine.”
  • “Is there anything I can get from you.”
  • “Let me take care of you.”
  • “You can barely stand!”
  • “Go home and get some rest.”
  • “How long have you been sick?”
  • Camila: Can we turn our beds into bunk beds?
  • Dinah: Yeah, can we?
  • Ally: Why are you guys so sweaty?
  • Camila: Alright, we've already figured out how. The beds match up perfectly.
  • Dinah: And here's the thing. It'll give us so much extra space in our room to do activities.
  • Camila: Please say yes.
  • Lauren: You don't need permission from us to build bunk beds. You're adults. You can do what you want.
  • Camila: So...?
  • Normani: We're not making ourselves clear. We don't give a fuck. Now, we have several interviews tomorrow. I would think you'd be focused on that and not building bunk beds.
  • Dinah & Camila: So...?
  • Dinah: We can? No?
  • Lauren: Yes.
  • Camila: Sweet!
  • Ally: Yes, you can build bunk beds.
  • Camila: I knew it.
  • Dinah: Okay. You are not gonna regret this. We're gonna get so much more activities done.
  • Camila: This is the funnest night ever!
Can they hear?

I just came home from the gym and took a quick shower,

“Kian? Jc?” I shouted

“In here!” Kian shouted

I headed into the editing room where kian and Jc were with headphones looking at their rather large computer screens. I smiled and went to give kian a kiss, he was so focused… Which made it extremely attractive. He quickly kissed me and laid his eyes back on the computer screen while moving the mouse around and replaying some clips over. I could tell he was tense, so me being witty I glanced at Jc and seen he was too into editing to even notice his surroundings which meant I was in the clear. I stood up looking over kians shoulder and rested my chin on his shoulder while moving my hands up and down slowly behind his back. I got up and started to rub his shoulders, I could tell he enjoyed it by the way his eyes relaxed at each time I unknotted a knot. Sneakily I slid my hands down to his waist and gripping not too tight his bulge, I looked at him and giggled as he bit his lip. He took off His headphones and sighed in sexual frustration looking at me,

“Baby what are you doing?” He asks

“Nothing, I’m just… Helping you relax?” I say giving him puppy dog eyes while I bite my lip

I could see his eyes traveled from my eyes to my lips,

“Jcs right there… And I’m editing… You’re making it really hard to” he says

“He doesn’t seem to know what’s going on, and am I? Maybe we could…” I say signaling him

“You know I would but I have to finish up this video” he says

I get closer to him and whisper in his ear,

“Maybe you could finish me” while lightly nibbling on his ear

He groaned, “fuck..” He says under his breath

In that room we both felt heated, but Jc on the other hand… He was just editing away

“Jc!” Kian shouted

“Yeah?” He says taking off one ear set

“Uh.. I think I’ll finish editing later. I need to help y/n with something” kian says

“Yeah no prob. Just make sure to finish it” Jc says

Kian nodded then we headed upstairs, I was in front of him walking up the stairs. He slapped my ass and it made me giggle running up. He slammed the door shut and locked it,

“I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you baby” he says in a husky voice which caused me to bite his lip

“Please do” I responded

As we laid down we started making out, he gripped my ass and began to spank it which I yelped because I loved when he did that

“Now get on your stomach” he demanded

I did as told and lifted my ass into position, “God this is so worth it…” He says

I could feel his tip teasing me, “just do it!” I say

“I will, but you have to be quiet, Jc downstairs and Dom is a couple rooms down” he says

I nodded, then I felt him. He trusted in me and out of me. So fast,

“Fuck baby, faster… Harder” I moaned

As he continued to thrust into me he managed to continue to slap my ass and moaned. After we both finished we laid there, hot and sweaty.

“So why out of all day did you choose today to be so sexual with me?” He asks

“I like to see you edit, it’s turns me on” I laugh

He laughs too, “you’re weird babe” he says

We throw on our clothes and head back downstairs where Jc gave us the look,

“Dude I could hear you guys through my EARPHONES” Jc laughs

Kian laughed and there came Dom rushing down the stairs,

“Kiian Kiiiiian faster!” Dom mocked

“Shut up Dom” I laughed

“Surprised that you don’t like to be called daddy” Dom jokingly said to kian

“You’ll hear a lot more” kian responds

So much for being quiet…


and that chenbaek was going so well…


{synopsis} dallas winston asks you for a lighter, igniting more than just his cigarette’s flame

{warnings} sex god dally in all his naked glory, fingering, dirty talk, smoking, drinking, smutty smut smut, get out your bibles kids, oral sex (fr), literally the whole package, sensual dally, dom!dally

{pairing} dallas winston x fem!reader

{word count} 1526

   The night was cold, bitter, and dark. Your eyes shifted from the lit cigarette in your hand to the velvety black sky above, the expanse of it adorned with tiny white lights. The pounding music from inside Buck’s had given you a splitting migraine, and even as you took drags from your cigarette your head was dizzy. You peeked back inside the red-lit room, watching the dancing bodies move together along with the beat. Your eyes widened, though, as the people began to part for a darkly dressed, stumbling figure. He was tall and shaggy looking, chestnut colored hair sticking out at all angles from his head. He had pale skin and a mischievous smirk on his lips, a sign of trouble you didn’t want to deal with.

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  • Harry: Can we turn our beds into bunk beds?
  • Niall: Yeah, can we?
  • Liam: Why are you guys so sweaty?
  • Niall: Alright, we've already figured out how. The beds match up perfectly.
  • Harry: And here's the thing. It'll give us so much extra space in our room to do activities.
  • Niall: Please say yes.
  • Louis: You don't need permission from us to build bunk beds. You're adults. You can do what you want.
  • Harry: So...?
  • Zayn: We're not making ourselves clear. We don't give a fuck. Now, we have several interviews tomorrow. I would think you'd be focused on that and not building bunk beds.
  • Harry & Niall: So...?
  • Harry: We can? No?
  • Louis: Yes.
  • Harry: Sweet!
  • Liam: Yes, you can build bunk beds.
  • Niall: I knew it.
  • Harry: Okay. You are not gonna regret this. We're gonna get so much more activities done.
  • Niall: This is the funnest night ever!
Engraved 17

<– Engraved 16.5 | <– Crowned 3 | Engraved 18 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 6771
Notes for Update: 40
Warnings: Anger, fighting, blood, so much foreshadowing an vagueness XD whoops.
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: pls don’t kill me….talk to me!

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Angel pov

Suho was laying in the back of the car, his eyes closed and breath slow. There was an emergency kit in the trunk and you were not trying to put in an IV so that you could give him blood before he bled out.
“Are you sure you can do this?” Minseok asked, trying to hide his panic at the lifeless body of his best comrad, holding his vest against the wound in his side.
You didn’t look up and pushed the needle through into his arm hitting the vein just right. “Shut up.” Quickly you attached the blood bag and held it up high. “Chanyeol go, drive. Minseok call Lay.”
Chanyeol sped away with the car but took care around the turns. Suho was lying with his head in Minseok’s lap and his legs over yours, there was no other way.
“Lay? He’s been stabbed, lost a lot of blood. Left side. I don’t know if it’s deep, there’s a lot of blood. Artery?” Minseok talked on the phone and then turned to you. “Do you think they hit an artery?” 

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You Can Stay Here As Long As You Want - Daryl Dixon

can i have an imagine where reader and daryl grew up together and he comes over her home and runs from his dad. and reader hides him in her room so her parents don’t know he’s there and they have their first kiss. maybe meeting back in atlanta years later? thanks! – a/n: okay i’m being bad again and got waaay too excited about this request and the idea is in my head so i have to write it!! – warnings: mentions of parental abuse 

You had met Daryl Dixon in fifth grade in the most unexpected ways, you stood up for the boy in the hallway when someone had mentioned that his father was known to be a drunk and that the kid’s father had arrested him earlier in the week. “Ha ha, your dad is a loser and a drunk. My dad is the sheriff and arrested your dad, haha!” the boy laughed with his friends. “Shut up!” Daryl shoved the boy hard, defending himself. But this pushed you over the edge, taking the mean boy’s hair you pulled on it hard and gave him an even harder push, knocking him onto his behind. “I’m telling on you!” the boy cried back and ran off, “I’m not scared!” you yelled. Daryl was shocked by what you did for him that his jaw was wide open and his eyes were just as wide, “What’d you do that fer?” you smiled and shrugged your shoulders, “He’s an idiot anyway. You’re nice and shouldn’t get bullied by him.” you stuck your hand out and shook the young Dixon boy’s hand. “Name’s Y/N/!” you smiled a huge grin. “Daryl.” the quiet boy smiled slightly, keeping his head down a tad. With the shake of a hand, the two of you formed an unbreakable friendship. 

You learned that you only lived several blocks away from Daryl and he often spent time at your home but your parents were very strict about allowing boys over so he was never allowed over when your parents weren’t home. Daryl never invited you over to his house however and at first it was something that you did not understand, “Why can’t I come over sometimes?” you questioned your dear friend as the two of you swung on a pair of swings. Daryl always tried to avoid answering your question every time that you asked and you knew it made him feel uncomfortable but you felt as being his best friend, you should know what made it so hard for him to allow you in his home. “My dad, he ain’t nice. My brother ain’t nice sometimes either.” he kicked a piece of mulch that was scattered throughout the playground that the two of you were swinging at.  You reached your hand out and grabbed a hold of Daryl’s hand. “What does he do?” you were very concerned because Daryl was still dancing around your question. “He gets drunk sometimes an’ gets angry. Takes it out on me an’ Merle.” you wiped a tear that trickled from the corner of your eye, it broke your heart to hear that someone as sweet as Daryl had to struggle with living with someone like his dad. You knew that his mom had passed away in a house fire so it’s not like he could go and live with her. “Well, come live with me.” you squeezed the young boy’s hand. “I’ll just keep you in my room. My parents won’t know you’re ever there. You can sleep in my bed and when I’m not home, you can lock the door or stay in my closet.” you put your index finger up to your lips. “But it’ll have to be our secret.”

It was a weeknight and you were already in bed by the time a small tap came to your window. The tapping grew louder as you finally rolled out from your sleep, looking at the clock it read 11:30 PM. Rubbing your eyes you looked over to your window to only see Daryl crouching down and peeping into your window, waving at you when he realized that you noticed him. Your room was on the second floor of your house and when you opened the door to let him in, you could only imagine how he made it up the side of your house, onto your roof, and knocked on your window. “How did you get up here?” you asked, still half asleep. “I climbed up your storm pipe.” the Dixon boy hugged you, he smelled like cigarette smoke and was sweating. “Why are you so sweaty?” you hugged him back and proceeded to wipe your now sweat covered hands on your sleep shirt. “I ran away from my house again.” rubbing your eyes, you were now awake. “What? Why?” “My dad was being mean again and my brother left. So I didn’t wanna be there anymore and you said I could stay here.” With a nod you grabbed a hold of Daryl’s hand and tip toed past your parent’s room and into your bathroom, closing the door slowly you locked it and flipped the light on. “Here let me get you cleaned up.” taking a washcloth from the hamper in the corner, you quietly turned the faucet on, got the washcloth damp, pumped soap onto it and slowly wiped Daryl’s face clean. Once you got up around where his eye socket and cheek met, you noticed a small purplish mark that would not wipe away, this made your heart drop into your stomach because you knew what it meant. 

After you helped clean Daryl up, the two of you tip toed back into your bedroom where you let him wear a shirt that your dad had left in the hamper in the bathroom. “Closing my eyes.” you joked as you covered both of your eyes with your hands as you let Daryl change his clothes. You couldn’t help but peek slightly through your fingers as you watched Daryl change out of his dirty, smoked stained clothing and into your dad’s baggy shirt and your bright pink monkey pj pants. “Aren’t you cute.” you joked. “Shut up.” Daryl rolled his eyes but yet, still smiling. Daryl proceeded to take a pillow and extra blanket that you had on your bed and sleep on the floor but you stopped him, patting the spot next to you. “My bed is big enough for both of us.” you scooted your butt closer to the edge so he would have enough room and could be comfortable. Daryl inched his way onto your bed and covered himself up with your down comforter and the two of you laid next to each other, looking up at your ceiling. “Daryl?” “Hmmm?” he replied, turning his face over to you and you sat up, Daryl following. Leaning in slowly, you placed a soft, sweet, kiss upon his lips which caused both of your faces to light up with a flash of vibrant red. It only lasted a minute, “Sorry.” you apologized, looking down at the both of your hands, embarrassed. “Why?” taken back by his response, you were surprised when he didn’t stick his tongue out and gone “Yuck!!!” like most boys your age would do. “I dunno. Cause you’re sweet.” you poked his forehead and the two of you laughed quietly, trying not to make too much noise. “I think you’re sweet too..” Daryl muttered out quietly. “You can stay here as long as you want.” you held onto your dear friends’ hand with all your might, maybe the two of you were just destined to be. You both stayed up all night long, sitting in your room talking about what you wanted to do when you grow up and how nothing will come in between.

I’m Not Kissing You - Chapter 5

Richard Speight jr x reader

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Flirting, More Angst because I’m Satan, Steamy Make-Out Session, Almost Smut.

You and your best friend are taking a holiday for a few months in america. Your friend has invited you along to a big house in the countryside where some of their friends are staying. It’s July the 6th, known as kissing day and Richard and Rob have made a bet to kiss every girl they can.

tagged: (let me know if you want to be tagged in the next chapter/s) @bat-lucario @izzyweisz @ladycerule @queen-of-shanath @cyaa-niide @crowleysprincess159 @pumacat69 @angelspeight

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Bed Rock (Part Three)

Word Count: 3. 942

Prompt: Hi!!!!!!! I am kind of new to this whole requesting thing, but I was wondering if you’d be up to writing one where the reader is dating Dean and finds out he has cheated on her multiple times and at first tries to stay with him and doesn’t say anything, but later she sees him with the other girl and goes out, gets drunk then sleeps with another guy and Dean finds out? I’m so so sorry that it’s so so long and I get it if you don’t want to write it! Thank you!

Warnings/Notes: Part three! HEY! So don’t kill me okay? I tried to keep it “clean” but I also felt like I could get a little “’dirty” because they had been drinking. And this ending. HARD TO WRITE GUYS.

Part 1 (Cheater Cheater) / Part 2 (Hello Stranger)

The cab ride was awkward. Sam sat on his side of the car and you on yours as you ordered the driver around. The air was thick as you both tried desperately to keep your hands off one another. But eventually you found your hands touching in the middle of the seat. Sam interlocking his fingers with yours. The heat was back, the warmth of his skin against you.

The ride was too long, and you couldn’t help but glance over at Sam. He was getting more nervous as the ride went on. Which confused him. He’d picked up women before. Why were you making his palms so sweaty?

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Just Fun- Part One

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(This is not my gif but look at those eyes ugh)

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader
Word Count: 794
Warnings: Mentions casual sex, slight swearing… I think that’s all for this part.
A/N: Sooo this is based on a situation that’s happening in my life right now. Unfortunately, it’s not with Jim in real life. SIGH. There will for sure be a part two! Also, if you have a request idea feel free to let me know. Anywho, enjoy!

Part Two is HERE

Part Three is HERE

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Sports AU Headcanons

Hamilsquad part 1


•He has a “season pass” he just comes when his friends are working the gate and gets in free.

•The first game of the year is Volleyball and he goes all out. He gets the res of the guys to help too. He paints Eliza’s number over his heart and they paint the letters of the mascot on their chests (They’re the Patriots)

•Eliza is Embarrassed when he cheers really loud at away games.

•At boys basketball games he begrudgingly stays quiet when Thomas is up for free throws.

•Alex hangs around practices for every sport so much he’s considered part of the team. Which also means he has to work concessions and gate, and at volleyball games he has to call lines.

•He manages the football team and he wears the nice white shirt they give him and Eliza loves it. (And so does John)

•"What play is this" “It’s fucking Crack Play pay attention dumb ass”

•He knows more about football than some of the players. Mostly so he can debate with Jefferson about plays and effective tactics.

•He gets the Spirit award at all the banquets, cause some how he ends up asked to all of them???

•Alex didn’t so much as start going to the games as in he just appeared with best friend with star athletes status.

•The coaches all love him

•he manages most of the sports.

•No one knows this, not even Eliza, but he runs track.

•"Alex practice ended thirty minutes ago, you were supposed to pick me up. Where were you?“ "Sorry betsey time got away from me.” “Why are you so sweaty.” (Even tho track isn’t in season at the same time as Vball as far as I know)

•Alex gets really flustered at John’s games because his butt looks really good in those baseball pants.

•He gets kicked out of at least three games in every sport except football.


•He runs twenty four seven so when they run stadiums he isn’t passing out.

•The track coach tries to recruit him but Alex talks him out of it.

•He plays travel ball anyways

•He’s a power hitter, and a slapper (that’s what it’s called right where there hands are apart and then they come together in the swing?)

•He’s the best third baseman

•He doesn’t like sliding, his socks some how always slide down and his shins get cut up.

•"John throw a little softer you’re breaking people’s fingers"

•Him and Peggy are best friends they’re always tossing a ball around.

•One time Charles Lee told him baseball was shit and he punched him so hard he passed out but John was so terrifying he didn’t tell anyone