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The Elf and the Dwarf

Overall Summary: Erebor was reclaimed and the line of Durin had not ended. You were an elf and now that your quest was over, you didn’t know what to do especially since you gained feelings for a certain King Under the Mountain. 

Chapter Summary: Your meeting with Thranduil doesn’t go as you expected.

Categories: Humor, Romance, Angst

Pairings: Thorin x Fem!Reader

Current Chapter: 2

A/N: Reader is Bisexual. All italicized sentences are sentences spoken in Elvish because it makes it easier.

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You continue to watch the sky as it turns from black to a pretty shade of pink.

Putting on your armor and weapons, you make m your way to the front gates and notice Bilbo walking towards Dale.

“Where are you going Master Burglar?” you ask him, curious as to why he’s up so early. He turns around and smiles.

“I have decided to explore the city myself and what better way to do so then at first light?” He asks me. You let out a laugh.

“If you are going to Dale, please give this to King Elf and tell him that I have found it a few days ago, but did not have time to send someone out,” a new voice says. You turn to find Thorin holding a parcel.

You nod accepting it, already knowing what it is.

“Be back by sundown, I do not know what lingers still,” he says. You both nod and you walk with Bilbo.

“I can’t believe it. I’ve been on an adventure. I’ve met elves, dwarves, wizards, shape changers, goblins, orcs, wargs, men. I’ve met them all and I’m going back with a bag full of treasure. I’ve done it all,” he says, happily.

You smile at the hobbit. Such little things could please him and none of it could be found in the comfort of his home.

“That you have master burglar. However, you have yet to fire a bow,” you tell him.

“That is right, my dear friend,” he says, laughing.

“You’ll visit me right? After the coronation?” he asks.

“Of course. I will be coming by often. It should not take me long to reach from here to the Shire. Definitely less than 7 months,” you say, chuckling.

He smiles back.

“Are you going to talk to Thorin?” he asks.

You glare at the tiny man.

Before, he would’ve cowered but not anymore. He learned to stand his ground.

“There is nothing to talk about,” you growl out.

“Come on y/n. It’s obvious that you like him.”

“Maybe I should stay away, then? If everyone figured it out then what’s to say that Thorin didn’t? And if he finds out, it cannot be a good thing,” you tell him.

“Y/N. You cannot leave those dwarves behind. You are the only sane thing left. You are the only thing that’ll calm those dwarves and you know it,” he argues.

You sigh.

“I know, but still the thought of being in the same room as the one person who would never love me bak will not be good for me,” you say.

You end that conversation and pick up another one. You two talk about the Shire and Rivendell and all of your adventures from the past. Including some of your rendezvous with a few elves and men of both genders.

“So he was tall, but small?” Bilbo questions, choking on his laughter.

“Oh yeah. Wasn’t the best elf I’ve bedded. That would probably be the male elf I met about 1000 years ago. However, the female elf I met 200 years ago was pretty amazing as well,” you tell him, smirking.

His eyebrow disappears into his hairline and you can’t help but laugh.

You both make your way into the city and part at the gates, Bilbo off to find seeds of some sort.

You hurriedly make your way up to the city, sure that King Thranduil will be mad at your tardiness. You never really understood the elvenking. When you and the company had been captured by the elves, you had been given a room instead of a cell, which confused you at first, but when he called you to his throne room, you understood. He did not want to cause issues between Mirkwood and Rivendell and throwing the oldest daughter of the Lord of said realm would do just that.

The guards let you through and tells you where you find Bard and King Thranduil. You go to the council room and open the door to find Bard, Thranduil, Legoals and your father, Lord Elrond. It takes all your strength not to run up and hug him.

“My daughter. Do I not get a hug?” Lord Elrond asks, standing and opening up his arms.

You look at him, shocked for a second and run up to hug him muttering, “ada.”

You fail to notice the look of sadness that passed across Thranduil’s face

He hugs you back tightly and you cannot help it as a few tears fall down your face.

“You have fought well, my daughter. Very well indeed. I am so proud of you,” he says, looking at you and wiping your tears away.

“So much of our kin. So much,” you whisper.

“I know. You did the best that you could. You saved those dwarves and that is the best thing that you could’ve done,” he tells you.

“I should’ve done more,” you whisper.

“Nothing more could’ve been done. I am happy that you are safe and in need of a bath,” he tells you.

You laugh, wiping the tears away.

“We’ve been busy lately. The dwarves have been busy trying to figure things out and probably looking for these,” you say, taking the parcel out.

You hand them over to Thranduil and he opens them to reveal White Gems of Lasgalen.

“He found it a few days ago, but did not send anyone out because of the preparations that were being made. Are being made. Their kin are due to arrive tonight,” you say.

“I’m sure you keep them sane,” Thranduil states, closing the parcel once again.

“I sure hope so. They need all the help they can get. Now, why have you requested my presence, my lord?” you ask him.

“I was simply doing what Bard intended to do himself. I just sent Legolas because I know it would bother Thorin to no end,” Thranduil states, leaning back in his and chair.

So the king did not want you for his own personal needs and you roll your eyes at the pettiness that is the elvenking.

“Take a seat. We shall discuss this now that everyone is here,” Bard says and you do as he has told.

“The men of Dale are in dire need of help. We are not making any progress with rebuilding and its been a month,” Bard announces.

“We can send some of our men to help, but we are all the way in Rivendell. I do not know how long it will take for my men to get here,” Lord Elrond states.

“I will ask Thorin if he can speak to Dain’s men about extra help. I am sure that they will listen to the King Under the Mountain. However, the other dwarves will want to take a rest after their long journey here so I am unsure about them,” you announce.

“But they are dwarves. You know that they are a selfish bunch,” Thranduil argues.

“I agree, but I have been with this group from beginning to end. They have changed. Trust me, they have. If they didn’t, do you think I would have delivered those jewels to you today? After the war, Thorin has kept his word. A large amount of gold was given to both the city of dale and the elves and if you can’t get over the past then there will be nothing for you to look forward to in the future,“ you say, glaring at the older elf.

“Why do I sense fondness for these dwarves? You have nothing to gain from them,” he tells you coldly.

You stand and lean on the table, glaring at him.

“I have gained much insight from these dwarves. I have learned about what it is like to love and to be loved. Something you should learn to do yourself King Thranduil. Bard, I will speak to Thorin as soon as I return. If there is nothing else to discuss, I will take my leave,” you say, bowing.

You leave the council room and start heading back to Erebor. 30 minutes later, you walk back into Erebor.

“Where’d you go?” Fili asks as you pass him.

You ignore him and walk to the training room. You attack the dummies there letting all your anger out. Frustration seeps its way through your body and you fall to the ground in a heap of tears.

“I was not kidding when I said you needed a bath,” you hear a voice say. You stand quickly as you recognize the voice. You wipe your tears away.

“Father? How?” you ask.

“After a very, loud, exchange with Thranduil, I followed you here. King Thorin let me in and Prince Fili pointed out the direction in which he had last saw you heading. Now, let’s get you cleaned up,” he says, holding out his hand.

You intertwine your hands with his and walk to your room.

You draw a bath and relax in it no matter how cold it is.

“You were very vocal with the king,” you hear your dad say from the bedroom.

“He has no right to say what he did, ada. Especially after his precious jewels were returned. Is our kin really that bad?” you ask him, scrubbing off the months of dirt and grime.

“Not at all. Am I like that?” He asks.

“Of course not, father, but one bad apple can always ruin the bunch,” you say.

“We elves are distrustful of dwarves and even men. Especially me. After seeing Islidur fail to destroy the ring, I have thought of but weakness. You were just a babe then. Men are weak and dwarves are greedy. Six thousand years I have been in this world and that is all I have witnessed. Weakness and greed,” is his reply.

“But I have been traveling with these dwarves for 8 months. They figured out I was your daughter when we reached Rivendell and yet they have treated me the same. They are good people. They really are. I can’t see why others can’t see that. No one is perfect, not even elves. Everyone thinks so, but we are an emotionless race who cares only for our own kin. How are we different from others? While Dwarves, hobbits, and Men are greedy, ignorant and weak, we are vain. We are not as great as everyone thinks we are. We look at the other species as if they are below us. We are not better,” you respond, washing my hair.

“Is that how you really feel?” He asks.

“After today, yes,” you say, stepping out of the bath and grabbing a robe. You tie it close and look at your vanity. Your skin is back to its normal shade. You look at yourself, contemplating your question that you’ve been thinking of for the past couple of centuries.

“You are in need of clothes, are you not?” He asks.

“I’m afraid so. Most of clothes are filthy,” you say.

“There are clothes on your bed. I shall leave and seek King Thorin,” he tells you.

You wait till the doors are closed to go into your room. Majority of your wardrobe from back home is on your bed and you can’t help but think that your father already knew of your choice to stay.

You pull on your clothes, noticing that the colors that you have chosen is that of the house of durin. You shake your head and grab your weapons, leaving your room to find your wandering father.