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I know that a lot of us headcanon the Zimmermann parents as being really protective of Jack, but god do I hope this extends to hockey

Like, they come to one of his games and afterwards Bob is like “Oh my god, hockey is such a dangerous sport, why did I ever let you play it when you were a kid?”


“I lost so many teeth when I was playing. I’m pretty sure I’m singlehandedly responsible for saving my dentist’s career. And the fights.”

“Dad, stop-”

“I let you start this game when you were a child!!!”

“Mum, can you stop him-”

“I’m an irresponsible parent!!!!”

Pretty much spam

So even I did this- but lets stop with the paragraphs of “I stand with Jack” and stuff and instead why don’t we just spam the Jacksepticeye hashtag with loads of positivity. And I don’t mean, “I’m here to support you over what has happened” I’m not a hater yet I’m saying that maybe the best way to move passed this is by literally ignoring it. Let’s all do fan art of Jack playing detention or fan art of Anti or even fan art of Jack playing swords with swords. Let’s all make awesome gifs and lets all write Fanfictions of whatever! 😁 Lets post as much as we can so that when Jack does come back all he will see is the community being the community. It may just encourage him to come back. He doesn’t need so many discussions and I realised it after I posted mine. So come on! I’ve already made this too long so this won’t count as me trying to cram as much normality as I can. So get ready whoever is following me because I’m going to get active- and I am going to try and get this community focused on something else. Who’s with me? :D

freakybeanburrito  asked:

hello! i just wanted to stop by and say that your books We All Looked Up and Thanks for the Trouble have put me into really deep thoughts. they remind me of being human and why i love writing so much. i just wanted to thank you for giving me little treasures of happiness that keep me going, and you should keep it up. i mean, it's worked pretty well so far right?

Ha! Yeah, I’d say it’s worked out well enough! Mostly because I get nice messages from people named “freakybeanburrito.” I also really like the phrase “little treasures of happiness.” If you ever write an autobiography, that’s what you should call it: “Little Treasures of Happiness: The Freakybeanburrito Story.”

  • Person A: *holding person B's face between their hands and squeezing*
  • Person B: Will you please stop squishing my face?
  • Person A: Nope
  • Person B: Why?
  • Person A: At the beginning it was because I wanted to see how ridiculous you would look like this but instead you still manage to look adorable and pretty and now I want to keep holding you because your skin feels nice
  • Person B: ...
  • Person B: These are the moments where half of me is asking why I fell for you and the other half is wondering how could I have lived without you for so long
a word on dark fuck archie

so i’ve had this theory brewing in my head for a while re: riverdale - a show i am not watching, btw. i’m trying to figure out why, in 2017, a teen soap opera on the cw which is inarguably going for the queer teen demographic like a heat-seeking missile is utterly failing to deliver anything resembling real representation.

like, if you can air betty and veronica kissing, surely you can portray one or both as openly gay or bi? if you can explicitly depict jughead as asexual in the comics - have him say the word, even - what’s stopping him from being asexual on the show? if you’re going to insist your show isn’t “fanfiction,” why pad your show wall-to-wall with queer UST and beg fans to write fic about it?

so i’ve been puzzling all of this out, right, and up until now i’d just dismissed the show as pretty flagrant textbook queerbait.

but then today i saw a post that was like, discussing a storyline in which ms. grindy fucks archie - like, yes, in this show, the matronly senior citizen english teacher is a thirty-something predator who goes after her teenage students? - and the OP of the post was like, “do NOT blame archie andrews for this, blame the writers.” blame the writers. which struck me as an odd choice of phrasing. because we’re three weeks into this show. and the writers have apparently done nothing but make batshit, morally objectionable decisions. and because nobody watching or talking about this show appears to actually enjoy it?

and then it hit me: riverdale isn’t queerbait. oh, no. no, no, no. this is something we’ve never seen before, at least not on this scale.

it’s discourse bait.

there is no reason to believe that every single element of riverdale was not concocted in a corporate laboratory to bait teenagers into arguing about it online. first, lure social justice-minded kids in: diverse casting - polynesian archie, latina veronica, an all-black josie and the pussycats! hint at queer representation - betty and veronica kissing, kevin keller existing, barb from stranger things making an appearance and maybe being a lesbian? 

so do all of that, promote the shit out of it, get your fanbase in order before the show’s even aired - and then blow it all to pieces from episode one. 

why bother writing a plot when you could write the basis for a million furious micdotcom thinkpieces? why bother writing representation when hinting at representation and then ripping it away generates so much more twitter traffic? no such thing as bad publicity, right? a kid hate-watching the show is still watching the show and running up the ratings. every person who blogs about how shitty this show is inevitably inspires a few more people to go witness the trainwreck firsthand.

it’s like. a breathtakingly clever trap. and thousands and thousands of well-meaning young people have walked right into it. this show literally exists for no other purpose than to generate controversy in an age where teenagers who watch the CW also read bell hooks and foucault. fucking wild.

Nothing can stop Victor...
  • Victor: why so nervous?
  • Yuuri: In don't know how my family would react to me marrying a guy. They would rather me marrying a pretty, asian girl.
  • Victor: I can be pretty and girly, I just have to grow my hair.
  • Yuuri: but you're not Asian.
  • Victor: of course I am, where do you think St. Petersburg is.
  • Yuuri: Europe.
  • Victor: but hear this, Eurasia.

But like - here’s the thing, really.

In a world where you can bring people back from the dead, but it doesn’t always work and it’s very difficult to do so, that’s a pretty big question. Why do some people come back but not others?

Last night, Percy stopped to consider that he’s died twice and been brought back to life both times, to his mind because people still needed him. Vex still needed him, Keyleth still needed him (and she said as much while resurrecting him), Vox Machina needed him to help save the world, Cassandra needed him, Whitestone needed him, so okay, he came back for a reason.

So now Percy is forced to consider that when people die and stay dead, it must be because they served no further purpose. They didn’t have a greater fate ahead of them.

Percy’s entire family, save Cassandra, is dead and so far as he knows, they cannot be brought back. In game and meta terms, he’s right. It’d be ridiculous to drop a dozenish expensive diamonds on bringing back all the dead de Rolos and Matt would almost certainly rule that their spirits had passed on and they could not be revived (the same as Tiberius could not be).

But within the story, that means that Percy has to realize that he is alive and his family isn’t because his family wasn’t important enough in the grand scheme of things. Percy had a fate to fulfill and the rest of his family didn’t. Scanlan, a tiny asshole of a gnome who writes dirty songs and has slept with enough women to fill a dozen brothels, Scanlan they could bring back, but not Percy’s siblings. Not Percy’s parents.

Percy’s not allowed to die yet, he has to go on living because others need him. But apparently Johanna and Frederick weren’t needed. Julius and Vesper weren’t needed. Oliver and Whitney and Ludwig weren’t needed.

Just him. He was needed.

It’s not fair.

my judgement of you as a person based on your main
  • genji: chill or complete dick. sometimes both in a weird chill/dick cocktail
  • mccree: their outward calm is deceiving. when they are on tilt you will want to hide.
  • pharah: pretty cool
  • reaper: need to calm down & take things less seriously
  • soldier 76: you frustrate me
  • tracer: stop. stop. stop. do not pass go. do not collect $200. do not speak. stop. bad.
  • bastion: not a bad person, but as an ow player, why are you like this
  • hanzo: either soft and nice or AWFUL douchebags. this is a hard, non-negotiable dichotomy.
  • junkrat: hilarious and mildly enigmatic
  • mei: no. would shank you and giggle while doing so.
  • torbjorn: fundamentally as a human being you are flawed
  • widowmaker: tired and need a break. generally aight
  • d.va: you're pretty fun but like, chill dude
  • reinhardt: quiet. terrifying. intimidating.
  • roadhog: not terrible people but i hate you anyway
  • winston: i'm not entirely sure winston mains exist. i've been told they do but i'm really not sure
  • zarya: great person, 12/10 tbh
  • ana: will fuck you up. will not be sorry. be cautious. you'll live forever playing with ana mains, but do not trust them as a person.
  • lucio: deserve better. i'm sorry.
  • mercy: inexplicably masochistic
  • symmetra: salted my crops
  • zenyatta: surprisingly high tolerance for bullshit. dry humour, very funny

hhhHHHhhhhhhh i am so tired

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Just dating Noctis Lucis Caelum things:

  • Hoooooooly shit do you have a good looking boyfriend. The worst thing is he knows it. Noct is so vain. Prince Pretty Boy loves it when he catches you looking at him. He shoots you a smug little smirk and there’s that super annoying cheeky glimmer in his eyes. He doesn’t do it with anyone else. Lots of people look at Noct all the time, either in envy or awe, but he doesn’t care. He only takes notice when you look. Noctis only cares when its your eyes on him.

  • Noctis gets a little bit reckless when you’re around. The guys notice and of course you notice too. It’s sweet in a way because he’s totally trying to show off to you, but it’s so scary! If you witness a fight, there’s some pretty expert warp strikes going on. Sometimes the boys will help Noctis entertain you and the banter makes you laugh and not think about the immediate danger.

  • Since Prompto is Noctis childhood friend, you should probably try to get along with him. That being said, it’s not like it’s hard. The blond is sweet and totally invested in helping you and Noct preserve your relationship and keep you connected. It’s Prompto who sends you random pics and messages when they’re on the road and you have to stay home.
    Thought you might like this photo. Noct looks pretty good in this light, don’t you think? ;)
    He misses you a lot! Not sure if he’s told you, but I can tell.
    We’ll be home soon. Noct needs hugs and kisses asap!

  • It’s not like you don’t get plenty of messages from Noctis himself though.
    Getting up at dawn isn’t fun if you’re not with me.
    Specs cooked your favourite. Here’s a pic so you can be hungry and jealous.
    Missing you. I’ll be home soon.

  • While Noctis can be cool and suave, he has a casual and carefree side that makes for a very sweet contrast. It’s actually very charming and comes with cute side effects like his inability to function when you flirt with him. He just doesn’t know how to take it on the spot. Should he be cool? Because he’s really hard to play it cool when you are being very forward and flirtatious and his thoughts are just slipping away because holy shit you’re flirting with him and his heart is beating really fast what the fuck kind of magic are you using because this isn’t normal??????? ????????? ???????? The guys internally scream when they see this phenomenon one day; he can’t possibly be this hopeless when it comes to romance?!

  • Noctis makes the best nap buddy, hands down. There might have been a few times before the two of you date where you end up napping together from sheer exhaustion and it’s great. There are some times during that period where it was a bit stressful because the both of you were mutually pining for each other. When you guys are dating, naps are wonderfully lazy, indulgent and relaxing. Sometimes you’ll fall asleep with your head on Noct’s chest and he’ll have an arm around you, sometimes Noct will cuddle up to you and bury his face in your shoulder. He’s such a big lazy cat. Nap with your boyfriend lots and lots! 


Made it to Lestallum. Tired, but okay. See? The guys say hi. Call later, but I need a nap right now. Missing you.’

Meth may not seem so addicting when you first try it. Your probably wondering to yourself why people claim this drug is so “addicting”. Yeah the come down may suck but it aint nothing you cant handle. The next few times you try it your wondering why people say your always “chasing that first high” cause your getting high as fuck, just like the first time you aint chasing shit, this drug aint so bad. STOP. Right there. Do not be fooled by the devil in disguise. Meth is a sneaky little bitch. Pretty soon you will have to use just to get up and do anything. To feel “normal” . No your not gonna die without it. The come downs still arent that bad.But when your not high you feel so lost and confused. Because you dont find happiness in anything, meth,made you loose yourself. You dont no who you are any more and you get so frustrated trying to figure it out. Your embarrassed at the person you have become and how others treat you and look down on you and so now all you wanna do is get high so you dont have to give a fuck. 

Haikyuu!! Characters React To: The HQ Fandom.
  • Requested By: Anonymous.
  • Karasuno:
  • -
  • Daichi: Why.. Is everyone calling me dad/daddy??
  • Sugawara: Why am I so kinky to them?
  • Asahi: Not far off from the actual-
  • Sugawara: SHUT UP ASAHI.
  • Tsukishima: I do not like strawberry shortcake and dinosaurs that much..
  • Yamaguchi: Are you sure about that?
  • Ennoshita: People actually.. Like me?
  • Sugawara: *Grabs binoculars* Yep, they look pretty good today.
  • Daichi: STOP THAT!
  • Nekoma:
  • -
  • Kuroo: Hah everyone thinks I'm a bad boy..
  • Kenma: Key-word 'Think'
  • Yaku: Boom.
  • Lev: Look Yaku-san! People are drawing us-
  • Yaku: BURN THAT.
  • Kenma: Burn that all. Right now.
  • Kuroo: Wait what- Is that us?
  • Kenma: Did I stutter?
  • Inuoka: PUPPIES!
  • Yaku: This is all.. Disgusting..
  • Lev: Look! Kenma-san as our mascot!
  • Kuroo: Oh man we should totally do that..
  • Yaku: Absolutely not!
  • Yamamoto: This is why Yaku-san is on team-mom..
  • Kenma: This is insanity.
  • Aobajousai:
  • -
  • Iwaizumi: That's your only complaint? When everyone draws you in a skirt?
  • Hanamaki: Yo Matsu look at this.
  • Matsukawa: Shit, is that art of us having sex?
  • Hanamaki: Yeah... Wanna go do it?
  • Matsukawa: Sure.
  • Kyoutani: ..Why did someone draw me with sparkly eyeliner?
  • Hanamaki: You could totally pull that off.
  • Kyoutani: You think so?
  • Kindaichi: WHY AM I SO DUMB TO THEM?
  • Kunimi: It's called 'Accurate Representation'
  • Iwaizumi: Oohh burn.
  • Oikawa: Look Iwa-chan! I found fanart of you bottoming!
  • Iwaizumi: Burn it.
  • Oikawa: No, instead I think I'll make copies.
  • Matsukawa: What? So you can jack off to it?
  • Hanamaki: Oohh burn.
  • Iwaizumi: I hate you all.
  • Fukurodani:
  • -
  • Bokuto: Akaashi look-
  • Akaashi: No.
sleepy sex

warnings: swearing, smut.

“Are you ok?”
“Do I look like I’m ok?!”
It was 1.30am and you were cuddled up with Dan in his bed, having just finished watching Spliced on his laptop.
Dan laughed and closed the computer.
“It wasn’t even THAT scary,” he teased as he got up to put it on charge at his desk.
“Yeah, ok, maybe not, but it was fucked up!” You exclaimed, pulling the duvet up over the lower half of your face so you could still shoot Dan disapproving glares from across the room.
“Yeah, it was pretty fucked up,” he agreed, climbing back into bed. He reached for you but you stopped him.
“What?” He asked.
“Why do you do this to me?” You continued with your glare.
“Do what?” He asked, incredulous.
“Make me watch horror movies before bed! Now I’m not going to be able to sleep! And I blame you entirely.”
He laughed at that.
“Oh, baby girl, it’s ok, don’t be scared, I’ll fight off the monsters for you,” he teased, holding your face and squishing your cheeks like a child.
“Don’t patronise me, you fucking spork. No, get off me. I don’t cuddle people who rob me of sleep. Daaaaannnnn,” you whined as his arms slid around your waist and he rolled you on top of him, hugging you to his chest.
“It’s ok baby girl, Daddy’s got you,” he teased.
“You’re not my Dad!” You imitated the meme and Dan laughed.
“Excuse me? Stop trying to take over my title as meme king, thanks. Besides,” his voice lowered but the smirk remained. “That’s not what you said the other night.”
You rolled your eyes at his obnoxious wink and punched him softly in the shoulder.
“Ow!” He complained.
“Oh please, it didn’t even hurt,” you rolled your eyes again.
“Yeah but it’s the thought that counts!” He replied, pretending to look hurt.
You just laughed and rolled off him again, before cuddling into his side. His long arms went around you automatically, and his lips pressed to your forehead in a tender kiss.
“I thought you said no cuddling-” you felt him smirk against your skin.
“Shut up, consider yourself lucky that I’m a charitable and forgiving person.”
The laughter made his chest rumble and you felt it hum against your own.
“I’d consider myself lucky even if you weren’t a forgiving person,” he murmured softly, the loving line making you smile.
“You know why?”
“Why?” You asked.
“Because nobody else can manage to trip over a crack in the cement, land in the bush by the sidewalk and somehow let go of your ice cream in the process and have it hit the window of a passing car.”
“I’m glad I am a constant source of amusement for you.” You mumbled sarcastically into his chest, but you could feel sleep creeping in, not enough to shut off your brain entirely, but enough to make you you close your eyes, and feel tired and warm and safe. And happy.
“You are incredibly amusing. My favourite time was probably at Peej’s party, with the lemon incident. Ooooh, maybe not, I think the time we went to buy the Halloween pumpkin, that’s a clear winner. Although-”
“Shh, I’m trying to sleep here.”
“How convenient.”
“Shut up.”
“Ok fine.”
You lay in silence for a while, drifting towards sleep but never quite getting there. The frustrating kind of dozing because you just want to sleep but can’t.
Eventually you sighed and checked the time. 3am. You groaned inwardly and snuggled back into Dan. He stirred.
“You ok?” He asked sleepily.
“Yeah, just can’t sleep,” you whispered tiredly.
“Hmm, me either.” He yawned, rubbing your arm affectionately.
You tilted your face up slightly and kissed the exposed skin by your mouth in reciprocation of his loving gesture. Except the area of skin was Dan’s throat.
A small sound of pleasure escaped him.
“Stop that, you,” he smirked down at you.
“Sorry, that wasn’t intentional,” you replied.
“Actually,” he continued with a little glint in his eyes, “that’s not a bad idea.”
“When is sex ever a bad idea?” You asked as he rolled on top of you this time.
“Never, not with you anyway,” he grinned, kissing you softly before tugging down the collar of your shirt so he could attach his lips to your collarbone. He continued moving down your body, tugging off your underwear and tossing it aside. He let out a barely audible groan at the sight of you, before spreading your thighs and ducking his head between them.
Dan was a very attentive lover, and he was always a giver. He loved going down on you, and would ask if he could, every time you got intimate. And he was exceptionally good with his mouth. You often teased that it was because he talked so much, but now, as he licked up your folds and sucked your clit into his mouth, you were forever grateful for his silver tongue. He knew exactly how to make you elicit the sounds he wanted to hear, how to make your fingers grip the sheets or his hair, how to make your thighs spasm and hips buck up into his mouth. He had unrestricted access to your control centre, and he could make you react however he wanted, just with his mouth. That was scary, and exciting, and right now, insanely pleasurable.
Dan could sense your orgasm approaching, and with a smirk, pulled away from between your legs. He pulled off his shirt and own underwear before reconnecting your lips. You could feel how much he wanted you, the precum dripping onto your stomach was more than enough of an indication. He reached into the drawer for a condom, rolled it on, and positioned his body over yours. He looked at you expectantly, albeit a little sleepy, and you nodded your consent.
Low, soft moans spilled from both of your lips as Dan slid into you, inch by inch, and he kissed you again. Your movements were slow and gentle, the rolling of hips, eyelids fluttering shut, lips parting to let out the occasional moan. There was no need to speed things up, not tonight, as you placed sleepy kisses along Dan’s shoulder and neck. It was a long and pleasurable session, a change to your usually more kinky sex, but this was a time to enjoy each other. You gazed at his face lovingly, admiring his cheekbones and lips and baby freckles, your fingers gliding slowly up his spine, making him shudder.
“What’s wrong?” He whispered, noticing how you were staring intently at his features, trying to memorise every freckle.
“I just love you a lot,” you whispered back. He smiled, and kissed your shoulder.
Minutes later he was bringing you undone, this time with soft caresses and gentle kisses and thrusts that made you both moan with each one. You watched Dan hit his own high, an experience you always felt you didn’t deserve to witness, because he glowed angelically, and the sounds he made were so desperately melodious, you felt as though your heart could explode in your chest from the gratitude of even having him in your life, let alone being in a relationship. As he disposed of the condom and collapsed next to you, he barely managed to whisper “I love you too” before he was asleep.

Got7 reaction S/O child from previous relationship calling them Dad.

fuckrealityihaveablog said:Can I get a GOT7 and BTS reaction where their S/O has a child from another relationship and one day they call them Daddy/Appa? Thanks 😊


BTS Version   // Visit my page for other reactions, I didn’t link the masterlist (don’t search masterlist tag on my page, a very old post might pop up, just scroll and you’ll find the up to date masterlist.)

JB:  He was tired from all the playing with the kid and just wanted to sit down and relax. But the kid didn’t want to stop, he wanted to play more. “Why are you sitting down Appa?” Those words gave him all the energy in the world, to continue playing.

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Jinyoung: (ok so i’m pretty sure that’s a kid, but just act like if the kid was really young like 3 or something) .Ever since then he would actually introduce you to others as his own.

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Jackson: He was trying to help the kid say their first word, and “Appa” sure wasn’t one of the words he had on his list…..But after the kid called him Appa, he couldn’t stop smiling, all the other words he had in mind, soon vanished.

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Mark: He was so shock, he wasn’t expecting that, especially since most words that came from the kid was gibberish. But “Appa” sure was clear as day, also was the smile on Mark face.

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Youngjae: He doesn’t want the kid to be confused and really think he’s the kid Appa, so he tries to explain the best way he can to the kid without getting the kid confused. But the kid wouldn’t hear his explanation, he just kept saying “Sssh Appa”. He found it so funny and cute.

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Bambam: Confused as hell, that sure does catch his attention tho. “What you talking bout boy?”

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Yugyeom: Mom to kid: “What are you doing sweety?” Kid: “Walking with my Appa” Him: “Did you hear that? she’s walking with her Appa, now we can’t stay long for questions, I’m taking my daughter for ice cream.”

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BTS Version   // Visit my page for other reactions, I didn’t link the masterlist (don’t search masterlist tag on my page, a very old post might pop up, just scroll and you’ll find the up to date masterlist.)


  • Person who's pan, ace or bi: finally a word to describe my sexual/or romantic attraction. I can't wait to be accepted by the LGTB community!!!
  • Assholes in LGBT Community: excuse me!! You are pretty much straight. 🚫🚫🚫 you arent part of the lgbt community!! Straight af ❌❌❌❌ Those are just different words for straight. ❗❗❗

If you’ve seen the promo pictures for 2x08, you know Alec introduces Magnus to Max. And they look pretty happy. So this is exactly how I want next episode to go…

Magnus and Alec have a really beautiful discussion about why they didn’t have sex (probably Magnus stopped Alec). Magnus will admit to his fears of falling in love after being rejected many times throughout his lifetime. Alec will tell him they’ll wait until they’re both ready (in my head I see him kissing his forehead for some reason but that’s not likely to happen, let’s be honest…). And then Max will show up with Maryse. Alec will look over his shoulder at him, turn back to Magnus with a smile, and say, “There’s someone I want you to meet.” And everything will be fine. 

And eventually Malec will get their sex scene, when they’re both ready. It’ll feel more natural, less forced, and so beautiful. I’m sure my headcanon for next episode isn’t accurate, but I do trust the writers. I genuinely don’t think we’ll be disappointed.

  • normal californian boy: wassup you guys it's so hot here like
  • me: stop. ew. why do you sound so white. no.
  • joshua hong: wassup you guys! my name's joshua hong and i was born in LA!
  • me: *sobs* the sound of angels right there. im so blesst.

Special thanks to @x-aa for allowing me to use her art for the thumbnail!


He looked up to see Marinette standing in front of him. It was the middle of the night and he was sitting on a park bench, not wanting to go home quite yet. “Princess? What are you doing out so late, alone?” He asked.

“I… was trying to catch some footage of the Akuma fight as a present for Alya!” She exclaimed.

“That’s not safe,” He said, patting the space next to him as a gesture for her to sit down.

“I guess you could call me a rebel.”

“A pretty cute one,” he winked.

“You never stop flirting, do you kitty?”

“It’s im-paw-sible.”

“You’re starting to make me feel bad for Ladybug,” she joked, sitting down next to him.

“Why do you say that?” he asked.

“How would she feel if she knew that you were flirting with other girls?”

“Oh, but Marinette,” he said, leaning in towards her, “You aren’t just some other girl.”

She was a bit taken aback by his words. “What’s that supposed to mean?” She laughed, glancing away from his gaze.

“I’m sorry, did I fluster you?” Chat grinned, pulling away from her face. “I’m only teasing after all.”

“Are you hungry?”

“A little, why?”

“I guess I’m the kind of person who likes to feed stray cats.”

Chat couldn’t help but let his grin grow wider. A home-cooked meal is everything he wanted in that moment. “What’s on the menu?” He asked.

“How about we stop at the store first and you can pick out your favorites.”

“Really? You’ll make me lumpia?”

“Lumpia?” Marinette turned around with a question on her face. “What’s that?”

“Filipino egg rolls.”

That’s your favorite food?”

“I just want to eat it.”

“…Chat?” Marinette glanced over at him, “…Did you see this in an Anime?”

“What? No!”

“Reeeeally?” Marinette asked, skepticism bleeding out of her voice.


“Okay. I’ll look up the recipe online,” she said, pulling out her phone. “Let’s see… We’ll need meat, green onions, carrots, egg roll wrappers…” She quickly typed up what ingredients her parents didn’t have at home and started walking ahead.

“Wait for me, Princess!” He called after her. Several phones were out by the time they reached the store, recording Paris’ favorite superhero racing shopping carts with a random girl.

“Don’t you think we’re a little old for this?” Marinette asked, balancing herself on the railing of her cart as her feet hovered above the floor.


“Coming from the guy wearing a mask.”

“Touche,” He smiled, grabbing a package of ground turkey, “Would you prefer this, or pork?”

“Ground turkey will be easier to cook,” She said, comparing prices. “Anything else you’d like before we check out? Some chocolate, perhaps?”

“Chocolate?” Chat’s ears popped up at the suggestion. “I can have some?”

“Yes?” Marinette wasn’t sure why her partner was so excited at her recommendation. Was he not allowed to eat sweets often?

“What kind? Like, a chocolate bar, or truffles? Or maybe something dipped in chocolate! Or, because it’s almost Christmas, Orange-flavored chocolate that you can peel ‘slices’ off of?”

She bit back a laugh at the sight of so much excitement in the young man’s stature. “Yeah, okay. We’ll get two orange-flavored breakaway chocolate balls.”

His face light up and he sprinted to the candy aisle, leaving Marinette to follow him like a mother with her five-year-old son. “Milk or dark chocolate?” He asked, his arms filled with the seasonal chocolate.

“Whichever you’d like,” She said, “But you can only get two, and one of them is for me.”

Chat stood up after a few minutes, proudly holding out his selection- one dark chocolate and one milk chocolate. “Are these two okay?” he asked.

“Perfect choice. Shall we go check out?”

“Yeah!” He returned to his place at her side and waved at a passing child looking at him in awe.

“I bet you just made that kid’s day,” Marinette said, patting him on the back.

“You think?”

“If you go ask to take a picture with him he’ll be the most popular boy in school for a week.”

“I… guess. I mean, I never really thought of myself that way.”

“Come on, Chat. All of Paris looks up to you,” Marinette said, unloading the cart onto the checkout.

“Do you really think so?” He asked.

“What makes you question it?”

“I mean, do you think Ladybug views me in that light?”

Marinette froze with her hands on the onions. “What do you mean?”

“Do you think Ladybug looks up to me?” He unloaded the chocolate onto the conveyor belt.


Chat looked up at her in surprise of her stern answer and didn’t know how to respond. The cashier checked them out and they made their way back to her place in silence. He was on the edge the whole time, unable to tell if the quiet between them was uncomfortable or not.

“Here’s a spatula. If you’ll start the meat I’ll start dicing the onions,” Marinette said, handing him the utensil and the package of ground turkey.

“Medium heat?” He asked.

“Sure, sounds good. Throw some oil in there with it.” Marinette said, turning to dice up the vegetables. A few minutes later she heard an unusual noise and turned to see Chat on the brink of tears.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, suddenly worried about her partner.

“Nothing, I’m just… really happy right now. Sorry, I guess I’m a bit of a crybaby,” Chat said, trying to sniffle his tears back inside him.

“No, really, what’s going on?” She reached up to touch his face in support.

“Nah, it’s stupid.”

“I don’t care. Tell me.”

“It’s just… shopping for food together. Cooking together. It feels nice.”

“What do you mean?”

“I guess I’m just not used to this feeling.”

“And what feeling is that?”


Marinette froze at his bold choice of words. “Home?” She asked.

“I would imagine that this is what shopping with your family feels like,” he sighed, mixing the meat into the bowl and giving her a weak smile. “I think it’s time to start rolling them up.”

“…We need to add the soy sauce first,” Marinette said, unsure how to respond to his remark.

“…Do you plan on having a family, Princess?” He asked.

“As opposed to what?”

“Being a career woman,” Chat said, pulling out a wrapper and spooning the filling on it.

“I think… family would come first,” Marinette said, sealing the wrappers he filled with a beaten egg.

“It would be a nice life, wouldn’t it?”

“Cooking with your family each day?”


“…I think so too,” Marinette said, throwing the rolls into a pot of oil. “But Chat, you already have a home whenever you need it.”

“It doesn’t feel like home,” He sighed.

“I’m not talking about where you sleep at night, silly kitty,” Marinette laughed.

“Then… where are you talking about?” He asked, furrowing his brows.

“Here!” She pointed to herself. “Friends can be family too you know.”

“We’re… friends?” Chat said in astonishment, his eyes growing wide.

“Of course we are! I don’t make lumpia with just anyone, you know!”

“Friends…” Chat whispered, staring at his classmate. A warm fire flickered in his heart that brought a smile to his face. Perhaps this feeling of home wasn’t going to be temporary.


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