why are you so obsessed with him

rogelio de la vega is honestly the best male character ive ever seen on television 

  • he doesnt give a shit about masculinity. moisturizing, avocado masks, etc.
  • the episode where he realizes how attractive rafael was, and he was so unapologetic about it.
  • he openly became best friends with his daughter’s lover, instead of trying to act like that stereotypical father thats mean to the man his daughter dates.
  • him renaming his grandson, matelio. 
  • his obsession with twitter.
  • he puts his family first all the time, i literally want to cry, he’s such a good man. 
  • he compliments people in the cutest way ever. :(
  • he loves shopping for clothes.
  • he knows the importance of lighting when it comes to photo taking.
  • ‘why are you so afraid of having your pelvis touch mine?’
  • his dedication to concealer is the greatest thing ive ever seen. 
  • when he left the AC running for 30 minutes and explained by saying ‘i didnt want your makeup to run’ on jane’s wedding day, what a dad! 
  • he owns up to his mistakes whenever he can. ie: when he told xo to get an abortion. 
  • he knows damn well that he can dance. 
  • HIS SKIN CARE DEDICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • when he payed for jane’s education and literally set up a fake scholarship so she wouldn’t find out that the money was coming from him, like come on…
  • him constantly calling michael is best friend :( 
  • his moment of blatantly checking out rafael’s ass on the elevator one time after saying ‘i never realized how attractive you were until now’
  • again, he doesn’t give a shit about masculinity. 
BTS reaction to you doing aegyo

Jin: He would fall in love all over again. He’s a sucker for cute stuff. He would ask you to do it for him all the time! He would be obsessed!

“Jagi~ please do it for me?”

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(Ignore Rap Mon)

Suga: He would be a little unfazed by it on the outside, but on the inside, he would be fangirling to no tomorrow!

Outside: “Not gonna work”


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Rap Monster: He would probably get flustered, and a little embarrassed if you were in public, but would low key love it.

“Why are you so cute?”

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J-Hope: He would be highkey fangirling. He would be bouncing off the walls overloaded with how cut you look! He would probably start doing it with you.


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Jimin: He would insist he’s can be cuter than you, but I need the end, he can’t help the cuteness!

“Ok fine jagi, you may a little bit cuter than me”

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V: He would never admit you being cuter than him until you either wouldn’t talk to him all day, or you were on the brink of tears (fake tears though)

“Aww I’m sorry please don’t be mad at me! You’re 10000000000 times cuter than me jagi I swear!”

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Jungkook: He would be so overcome with emotions he would freeze on the spot and become JUNGSHOOK in an instant

“……..why so cute……….”

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let me tell you something about my weird goth ex. we were party friends in high school. i know, right? it’s so embarrassing. i don’t even… whatever. so then in junior year, i started hanging out with my third best friend kyle who was totally gorgeous but then he moved to indiana, and he was like, weirdly jealous of him. like, if i would blow him off to hang out with kyle, he’d be like, “why didn’t you call me back?” and i’d be like, “why are you so obsessed with me?” so then, for my birthday party, which was a pool party, i was like, “dude, i can’t invite you, because i think you’re a frog.” i mean i couldn’t have a FROG at my party. there was gonna be water there that it could like. CONTAMINATE. i mean, right? he was a FROG. so then his mom called my dad and started yelling at him, it was so crazy. and then he dropped out of school because no one would talk to him, and he came back in the fall for senior year, all of his hair was cut off and he was totally weird, and now i guess he steals people’s eyes.


“Back off, Ren! I’m TRYING to make my daily ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!”

Kylo interrupts the General during one of Hux’s daily intercom announcements to the crew of the Finalizer.

//i’m obsessed with Hux’s daily announcements (x) hux says that only people who are acting “suspiciously” should be detained… and the stormtroopers detain him! Why was he being so suspicious ? maybe a little kylux action on the bridge? #LET HUX LIVE 2017!

Les Amis as thoughts I had when I found this fandom

Combeferre: Wow, people write fics about this book!

Courfeyrac: Hahaha! Enjolras would never do that, let alone with Grantaire!

Bossuet: Why is everybody so obsessed with first names?

Enjolras: Incredible, everybody seems to love Marius! Doesn’t anyone find him as frustrating as I do?

Bahorel: Why is everybody talking about Vikings?

Feuilly: I’ll never be able to spell Blad Blagen Blagden correctly.

Jehan: What do they all have against the word “book”?

Joly: So much angst can’t be good for your health.

Grantaire: I don’t know how I ended up here, but I know I won’t leave even if it means my death.

  • Zen: omg i hate jumin i actually hate him so much are you guys listening to me i can't believe how awful he is it's like he doesn't care about anyone around him he is a cold heartless man with no soul like i literally hope he dies i
  • Jumin: hey
  • Zen: bitch what the fuck literally how dare you speak to me like that i feel so assaulted right now why are you so obsessed with me you vile disgusting trust fund piece of shit what a jerk lmao

(”ノ°▽°)ノ   The secret behind Bokuto’s hot body…BOYFRIEND TRAINING MOTIVATION GO!!

errr. So while i was obsessing over Bokuroo with @snowflakers I came to realize that everything i’ve drawn for them up till now was just…either being retards or suffering. So have some smooches.

That is all.

So, even though no one asked, here's my take on the demigods and why they aren't necessarily how we portray them:

Percy: He isn’t obsessed with the ocean as much as we think he is. Sure, he likes swimming, but it isn’t his entire life. He talks about more than the ocean, and you can actually hold an intelligent conversation with him. He isn’t completely at home on the ocean, he sometimes gets seasick. And he’s actually more at home in the water rather than on a boat with a barrier separating him and the water. The barrier makes him nauseous.

Annabeth: Yes, she’s definitely intelligent, there is no conceivable way for me to even think otherwise. But she also has what are often be dubbed as “blonde moments”, although gods have mercy on anyone who actually says so. I mean, sometimes she doesn’t know the answers, and that terrifies her. Especially when it’s Percy looking at her, eyes alight with expectation and hope, because she’s his Wise Girl, and she always has the answers.

Jason: He actually hates leadership, and the expectation of greatness constantly pressed upon him as a leader causes him serious anxiety.

Piper: Her entire character arc was pretty much based on why she wasn’t anything like her mother. But I can give it a try.

She isn’t well taught on the art of romance. Having the blood of Aphrodite running through you veins does not automatically entitle you to an awkward-moment free romantic experience. She doesn’t have a clue when it comes to love – she’s faking it just like the rest of us. And, if she happens to get something right along the way? Great. She doesn’t know what she’s doing, so if she does something right it’s always a surprise.

And she doesn’t give good romantic advice. In fact, she recommends that people don’t even ask her. She doesn’t want to subject anyone to her terrible advice. She often jokes that Percy probably knows more about romance than she does.

Frank: Damn, Frank. Your character is pretty much the exact opposite of your parent. Urgh. I’ll just skip this for now, because we all no exactly how much he isn’t like Mars.

Hazel: Sweet little cinnamon roll that she is, open spaces are absolutely her domain. When she visits CHB, she always insists on spending time in the Strawberry Fields. Despite her rather poor upbringing, and her father being the God of Riches, money isn’t a priority at all for her. Quaint living is for her.

Also: fcking flower crowns and braiding everyone’s hair. And giving up her seat to old ladies on the bus – because she wants to, not because she has to. And she absolutely embraces being able to wear pants, and you should just see her little face when Annabeth takes her to the theatre for the first time, because she’s an absolute theatre nerd.

Leo: Some things are unfixable. Leo knows that more than anyone. And he can’t just build anything – being a son of Hephaestus doesn’t automatically make you a master engineer capable of building or fixing anything. He has limits. And so does physics.

Nico: He cares way to much about his friends, and is terrified of losing them. In fact, he’s terrified of death in general. He’s already lost too many to Thanatos’ gentle embrace. 

Reyna: She’s a strong, determined leader in front of her comrades, but appearances definitely aren’t everything. Nico is the only person who she acts herself in front of for a long time after the war, and even that took a lot of getting used to. 

Will: He isn’t sunshine all of the time. He gets grumpy, and chagrined, and stressed just like everyone else. He’s a human being, and, as one of the main medics at CHB, has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. 

Clarisse: She’s an absolute sweetheart really, but only to those she’s close to. But she never allows anyone too close to her, she prefers a small circle of loved ones. To those who she does care about, she would probably sacrifice anything for their safety. Also, she doesn’t enjoy war as much as she pretends to, particularly as she grows older. The war-relishing, reckless person she pretends to be is merely a facade for acceptance and respect from Ares and the other campers.

periods 😂

Dude, I’ve had like other boyfriends and I swear to god I have never had any guy other than my Dad buy me tampons or pads, but you best know my boyfriend today literally went. I texted him that I ran out and he literally said, “I’ll buy them, just let me know which brand Love.” Guys this boy came back with tampons, pads, and oreos. You guys know how obsessed I am with oreos. I GOT OREOS and feminine products. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME WHY I GOT SO LUCKY WITH THIS BOY 😫

mike getting invited to rachel’s wedding, and ginny volunteering herself to be his plus one (’well you went through a very awkward mom and daughter’s dinner so it’s the less i can do, old man’). ginny realizing that she likes to hang out with mike, no matter if it’s in a wedding where she knows no one or in the field waiting for mike to say the play. mike taking every chance to touch ginny; holding her hand while leading her to the dancefloor, his hand on her back and her face only inches away while dancing. ginny being a brat and mocking rachel’s parents after they treat mike like shit. mike realizing that the most beautiful woman in the room, the one for him, it’s not the one marrying, it’s the one standing next to him. mike offering his jacket and driving ginny home. ginny saying i am sorry and mike answering don’t be, i am not. ginny saying goodbye and kissing him on his cheek. ginny turning away and not hearing mike saying maybe we should do this another time.

I wish that JKR took more time to write a Draco Malfoy redemption arc rather than a Snape redemption arc. It have made so much more sense within the series than a Snape one. Malfoy was literally forced to do what he had to do while Snape made a choice. Giving Malfoy a redemption arc would have showed that here was a boy forced to make these choices because he didn’t know anything else and he found a new way and a better way rather than what he was forced to believe. Snape’s redemption arc to me was rushed and didn’t make sense. Oh hey this asshole who’s been bullying innocent children for the past 6 books is suddenly wonderful because he was obsessed with a married dead woman who he hadn’t known truly since he was 15 and he was bullied as a kid so that automatically redeems him as a person. (Assholes can still love it doesn’t make them less of an asshole. Plus bad experiences explain why something happened but it doesn’t excuse it. ) You could’ve shown that Malfoy got passed his upbringing and was a redeemable, amazing Slytherin rather than a bully who was kinda ok with Harry in the epilogue.

In the future, if someone asks me why I really like this man and his work, I will show them this picture. Why? Well, let me explain it to you.

So: First of all, let’s look at that overall janitor’s uniform. Now, not many men (or women) can wear something like that well. But by God, he can. The belt snugly secures the overall in one place and gives him a more defined body-shape. It accentuates his hips and allows the contrapposto (assymetrical pose or counter-pose) to become more prominent. 

Evidently, his left leg is acting as the engaged leg (the leg carrying his body weight) and his right leg is free to move as it wishes. This and the crossed arms give him such a level of sass, that Robo!Sam could never even dream of achieving. Oh and those crossed arms? I dare you to not stare at them. I dare you. 

Moving on to the unbuttoned shirt: no actually, I’m ignoring that because I’m sure that I’ll give someone a heart attack if I start describing that area. 

The ¾ portrait view of his face gives us a small insight into what sort of man he is, or what sort of man he is currently portraying. That small pout, the skeptical raise of his eyebrows and the casual quiff of his hair only further support that sassy disposition that is mirrored in his entire body. 

You can easily spot that easy wit and sarcasm that is just waiting to burst out of his mouth; you see it in his eyes, you see it in the way his mouth forms that pout, you see it in his hips (and tbh, general body language). 

So yeah, I kinda like this pic (and man) 

Omg its freaken 12 but im so obsessed with Newt here some cooking headcannons

Its late. But i want to write

•Being Muggleborn so learning how to cook the muggle way and Newt being absolutely amazed
•Him begging you to teach him how to cook and you reluctantly agreeing because you know Newt isnt the best at cooking with Magic so god knows how it will go cooking like a muggle
•Newt being confused on why you had to do things by hand. Or why you started the fire with gas instead of Magic. Until you remind him its the muggle way and its much more satisfying this way
•Him taking detailed notes on you making a simple grilled cheese.
-“what kind of bread is that?” “White” “what about the cheese?” “Its american Newty” “How long do you cook it for?” “As long as it needs” “Okay but how long would that be?”
•You finish making the grilled cheese and he eats it with care as he wants to show you hard muggle work meant a lot.
•You telling him he cant cook unless you’re home. Which he does anyway which results in the kitchen almost catching on fire, Burnt cheese on the celling and half the living room covered in bread.
•You don’t have a clue how that even happened because you didn’t even have that much bread to begin with.
•Him looking defeated and sad because he wanted to surprise you with grilled cheese but he messed it up.
•You giving him a very grateful look because you think its so cute he wanted to impress you.
-But you make him clean it up anyway.
•Him practicing making a variety of recipes with you and Jacob and eventually he was able to make dinner for you, Jacob and the Goldstein sisters.
•You being extremely proud because you taught a wizard how to cook and him being embarrassed when everyone praised him for his cooking but happy that everyone enjoyed it
•Cooking becoming something the two of you do together and becomes a routine of Sundays to make breakfast no matter what.
•Getting into the occasional Flour fights when making pancakes.
•Hosting dinner parties and serving home cooked meals
•BUYING NEWT A KISS THE COOK APRON which he is flustered by but wears it a lot.
•Him making you breakfast in bed a lot and vise versa
•The kitchen smelling really good 24/7

Update. im really hungry and craving grilled cheese and its 12:30 now oops

Hear me out dudes, it's about Lusamine, Guzma, and Ultra Space

*spoilers fyi*

When Lusamine became obsessed with finding the ultra beasts it corrupted/possessed her right? Later, in Ultra Space, Guzma confronts you saying how he tried to catch an ultra beast but it possessed him, and that Lusamine, one of the very few people who recognizes his strength, is beyond reasoning with.

Here’s what I gotta say though.

Guzma was not in control of himself and was feeling true fear for the first time. Lusamine, one of the only people he looked up to, was extremely manic. Now I know the game’s PG and all so I get why they treaded lightly over this, but if you think about it, Guzma was in legit mental torture and exhaustion; while Lusamine was actively hunting him down in an environment completely unfamiliar to him.


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Imagine being plus-sized and Elijah catching you obsessing over your weight, so he proves to you that you’re beautiful.

——— Request for gabby227 ———

“Why do you look at yourself with such upset?” Elijah breaks you from your observation of yourself in the glare the courtyards lights made on one of the closed windows of the mansion. You realize that in the time you’d spent fretting over your weight, the other Mikaelsons had abandoned the courtyard, leaving you and Elijah to remain.

Speechless, you find yourself unable to vocalize the uncertainties and self-consciousness that was plaguing you, most of all to him. He brushes his suit back from his hips, replacing the fabric with his hands as he cocks a brow at you.

“You’re beautiful,” he offers a smile, but it wavers as you break eye-contact.

“Maybe if I lost a few pounds…” you trail off, waving to the reflection of yourself in the glass and causing a troubled look to flash across his face.

“You’d still be wonderful. Do you think your weight makes you less beautiful?,” in an instant, he’s at your side, pulling you to look away from the reflection of yourself and back into his eyes, “Banish the notion from your mind. You’re perfect just as you are.”

i need a fic where bucky develops an obsession with high school musical and everyone’s like “why?” at first but then he starts dragging other people down with him, starting with sam and natasha but steve just refuses to break

steve: “no, sam. not you, too.”

sam: “the music is dope, dude.”

natasha: “yeah, steve, stop being so boring!”

bucky: “WHAT TEAM?”

sam and natasha: “WILDCATS!”

steve; “who are you people?”