why are you so hot ugh

Figure skating photos are perfectly demonstrating my day to day emotions and i don’t know why I’ve never used them til now



‘… why you do this?’:

‘What the FUQ u looking at me for, mate!?’



When a hot stranger walks by:

When they ask ‘who was the weak link in the group project’:

When you find that REAL GOOD FIC:


When your boss tells you to do something,
so you do it,
but then realise you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing:

When you keep doing the job but still dont know what you’re doing and how has no one noticed yet!!???

fuck it i’m done

So this is a totally useless rant, but as a skinny girl, I’m getting extra, extra tired of fat-shaming.

I work for a corsetier at a Renaissance Faire. We sell corsets. Not flimsy bullshit costume corsets; like real, durable, waist-training corsets. Today a woman came in with her boyfriend, so I helped her pick out a corset and try it on. While her boyfriend—who was decidedly enthused about the whole corset thing—sat watching me lace her in, he told me, grinning, “Of all the good jobs at the Renaissance Faire, I think you have the best.”

I shrugged in agreement. “I touch butts and reach down cleavage all day; I mean…” Because we like to be a bit rakish at the Faire, and, y’know, it’s true. Tying people into corsets pretty much invariably requires getting handsy.

The couple laughed at that, and the boyfriend said, “That’s the job I would want!” But then he chuckled again and said, offhand, “Or maybe not; while we were looking at the racks, there were some pretty big sizes on there!”

Our sizes are all done in inches, and the biggest we make is a 46. And you’d better believe our large sizes sell. For a second I wasn’t sure what to say to the guy’s comment, but I answered him casually. “We get a lot of beautiful big ladies in here.” Because we do. “We make corsets for real women, not Barbie dolls,” I added. Wasn’t trying to be smart, just kind of tossed it out there because that’s the line we like to use when people ask about larger sizes, and because, again, we do.

The boyfriend went quiet at that; I didn’t think anything of it, I just kept on lacing. A moment later, he said, a little awkwardly (but sincerely enough), “Didn’t mean to be offensive.”

I quickly smiled and brushed it off, said he wasn’t, said I was just saying. (Don’t want to make the customers uncomfortable, you know?) And that was the end of it. His comment had rubbed me the wrong way, but it wasn’t a big deal. Now, I wear a 20-inch corset. I’m a few cup sizes short of being one of the Barbie dolls. Like his girlfriend, I’m one of the “hot chicks”; he doesn’t have to worry about offending me by implying that I wouldn’t be fun to poke and pull at.

Honestly though, of all the people I fit sexy technically-undergarments to in a day, fat girls are maybe my favorite people to lace up. Because they are just so damn happy that we have stuff that fits them. They are so damn happy that the corsets we make in their sizes are all the same pretty, shiny colors and cool flower/dragon/skull/etc. prints that the smaller corsets are, not ugly beige and boring “granny” colors. They are so goddamn happy that at least one (of several on the grounds) corset shop carries things that they can wear, that they actually want to wear, and that they look fucking awesome in. This is only my second season working, and we’ve fit 60+ inch waists and double-K busts. The only people we’ve ever had to tell sorry, we don’t have anything that fits them, are twelve-year-old kids.

It’s half-wonderful, half-heartbreaking how excited those women get. Women who say with sad smiles, when we ask if they want to get fitted, “Oh, no, you don’t have anything that fits me,” and then are stunned when we’re 300% confident that yes we do, and we have options. Women who can’t stop smiling and looking at themselves in the mirror after we’ve got them laced in.

I had a lady last week whose waist I measured (cinching the tape tight, as per procedure) at 41 inches—honestly not all that big. So she picked out a 41-inch corset to try on. I could tell halfway through getting her laced that it was going to be a bit big for her, so I mentioned it and said she might do better to try a smaller size. She started crying on the spot. She was so overwhelmed; she couldn’t believe someone had just told her that a 41 was too big. She told me about how hard clothes shopping was for her, how her mother would tell her she needed an XXXL instead of an XXL, how she had recently lost weight but still couldn’t wear certain colors because they didn’t fit or she wasn’t confident enough.

She did end up getting her corset, and after I checked her out she asked if she could give me a hug, so we ended up standing there hugging each other for a minute. While we did, I told her, “Do not ever let anyone tell you any bullshit. You are gorgeous.” She said, “I have a new boyfriend and he keeps telling me that.” I told her he was right, and to just keep telling herself she’s gorgeous; it was okay if she didn’t always believe it, but to keep telling herself anyway. (That’s how I talked myself through shit when I had bad anxiety.)

We all know fat-shaming is bad. The stupidity, fatphobia, and misogyny of it has pissed me off since I first became aware of it. But working with clothing, especially as figure-hugging and precise as corsets, has given me a new perspective on it—how much it affects people and just how shitty it is. Like, what does it say that I had a grown, only average-big woman crying into my shoulder because she was so overjoyed not to be the uppermost extremity of what a manufacturer can clothe?

My job rocks and it’s really rewarding, but sometimes it highlights some of the ugliest shit about society. I’m so glad I work at a shop that’s not bullshit about body types and operates with more people in mind than just scrawny white chicks like me. The fat women I work with are a ton of fun to lace up, and they’re so much more than their size—they’re cool, they’re smart, they’re funny, they’re sweet, they’re great to talk to, and yes, they’re hot. I’m so damn done with them getting short-changed and shamed by petty fucks who refuse to make them nice clothes, who refuse to even try to work for them, who refuse to consider them pretty. This whole rant was useless and won’t get read, but I had to vent because it’s been driving me nuts.

So actually, screw you, random dude. Fat girls are the highlight of my job.

12.18 coda

Sam tells him in the diner that satyrs lure people away with a promise of pleasure just so they can eat them raw.

Dean thinks that well-meaning waitresses might work the same way.

She gives him a smile, a sweet one that’s everything right with a world so far from his own, and he’s able to let go of his stress after days of stewing in desperate silence. She grabs his hand and leads him out back after the dinner rush slows, and Dean knows he won’t be going back to the motel with Sam tonight. He’ll be wandering, bare foot and chasing a half-real high.

And it works. His body takes over as soon as that door shuts and it tells him he’s happy. But he can feel her teeth digging into him just the wrong side of too hard when they kiss. Her nails gouge deep into his shoulders, leave marks, remind him again that he’s hurting. Her pours his passion into her and he leaves himself cold and empty in the process. 

She devours him and she doesn’t even know she’s doing it.

He lies there in bed with her long after she’s curled up and gone to sleep but invited him to stay, facing away from him in a strip of exposed moonlight. Dean runs one hand softly along the swell of his chest, the closed cavity of his heart, just to make sure that he’s still all there. He stays.

Taptaptaps his fingers. Just can’t seem to help himself. Still longing. Still worrying.

He rolls onto her again in the morning after a bad dream wakes him up and they fuck against her bedroom door before they leave. Dean keeps his tie askew even when he drops her off at the restaurant. He arches desperately closer into her in the doorway, seeking warmth, and he forgets to care if anyone is watching him.

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Whoa wait what? Can you elaborate? I always thought Erika and Matt were alright! I've been reading their stuff for years

“god it’s so sexy when women TURN INTO MEN ugh so hot wait why are you angry i’m just trying to say that i want to fuck you #kinky”

“aren’t all of these [SLUR] going to murder us both if they see you with a MAN?? are we in DANGER here at pride?? i’m legitimately frightened wait look over there lets loudly objectify strangers in public AT PRIDE haha #couplegoals”

“tasting myself makes me gay har har hyuck”

“why won’t you objectify strangers out loud with me anymore dont you remember the fun we had at pride”

Random Prompts

- “You eat kitkats like a monster, honestly I don’t think I can love you anymore.”
“At least I know how to cough into my elbow like a civilized being.”

- “Do you ever realize that we act like an old married couple sometimes?”
“We are an old married couple…”

- “Do you know how to cook anything besides ramen?”
“Um… microwave popcorn.”

- “You are so weak when it comes to spicy food.”
“No I’m not.”
“Name 1 spice you enjoy.”
“Pepper counts, right?”

- “I would do anything to prove my love for you.”
“Drink that entire bottle of hot sauce then.” “I don’t love you that much.”

- “Dude, you cry over everything.” “No I don’t.”
“You cried when a fly you called your ‘friend’ flew out of the window, you left open.” “Listen, I just felt really close to Fred.”

- “Why do we have a dog? We didn’t have a dog before I left.”
“Yeah, well, get with the times. Things change. Ugh, you’re just another old guy who doesn’t wanna accept that the world is changing.”
“1, You’re older than me. 2, You still haven’t told me why we now have a dog.”

- “Hey, do you love me a lot?“ “Of course!” “Enough to give me your garlic bread?” “F**k no.”
Juliette Ferrars throughout the series
  • Juliette in Shatter Me: I fucking hate Warner I hate him I need him to die he is such a terrible sadistic man ugh but omg Adam Adam Adam I love Adam he and I were meant to be and I love him omgggggg
  • Juliette in Unravel Me: Okay so maybe Warner isn't so bad but idk I still kind of fucking hate him but wait Adam isn't so good he's actually kind of a jerk but idk ugh why do I have such terrible taste in guys aND WHY AM I ATTRACTED TO WARNER WTF IS WRONG WITH ME HELP MY EMOTIONS ARE CONFUSING ME HELP IM DROWNING
  • Juliette in Ignite Me: You know what? Fuck it. Warner is hot. Warner is sexy. Idgaf anymore, the cat is out of the bag like omfg he is fineeeee. I love Warner, all he needs is love, all he is misunderstood he just needs to be loved and I love him so yeah. Also fuck you Adam I never liked you anyway k bye
Cool Down

// Hope you guys like this.

Title: Cool down.

Rating: Mid-fluff.

Warnings: Flirty Jerome. //

Y/n groans and sprawls out on the floor. “Can’t we call someone to fix it?” She mutters, rolling over onto her stomach. Tabitha turns around and shakes her head, placing her hands on her hips.

“We already did, y/n. They can’t get here until tomorrow. It’s not that hot anyways,” she motions around. “Do something to take your mind off it if it really bothers you that much.” She turns back around and heads into her room, slamming the door shut. Y/n sighs when Jerome, Barbara and Greenwood all walk into the room. Jerome instantly turns his attention to her, tilting his head.

“Why don’t you go into your room to nap, sleepy-head?” He teases, leaping onto the couch and crouching on it, staring down at her. She groans again and rolls back onto her back, resting her hands on her stomach.

“The air conditioner’s broken.” She murmurs. “It’s so hot in h-”

“Well, that would be my fault, I’m sorry.” Jerome places a hand over his chest in mock sincerity.

“Ugh, shut up. I’m not in the mood for your crap.” She covers her face and closes her eyes, hoping that he’ll leave. The sound of chairs being pulled back let’s her know that Barbara and Greenwood are sitting at the table. She can hear the thud of feet landing on the tile and she sighs. Y/n tries to relax, laying out on the living room floor in minimal clothing; a tank top and cotton shorts.

After he hasn’t said anything after a while, she assumes he has left. So, it came as a surprise when she opens her eyes to find him staring directly down at her.

“Jesus! Jerome, what the he-” He reaches down and pulls her up, holding him close to her in a typical movie embrace, pushing a strand of her h/c hair out of her eyes, one hand behind his back.

“Hey gorgeous, I’ve got a great idea to cool you down.” Y/n scoffs, pulling away from him and beginning to walk away. She was expecting a flirty comment or sexual joke to follow his remark, but instead feels a water balloon explode on the front of her shirt, followed by his hysterical laughter. Her eyes pop open wide, and her arms stick out to her side, palms out.

“Jerome, you little piece of-” he pulls a show of his talent in magic, pulling a water gun out of nowhere, pointing it directly at her, raising an eyebrow in warning. “Okay, well, it doesn’t seem really fair to-” Y/n doesn’t have a chance to finish her sentence as a spray of icy water hits her in her face. She holds her hands up to protect herself, stumbling backwards. “Jer-Jerome,” Suddenly, he knocks her to the ground, pinning her and pointing the squirt gun down at her face. “Okay, okay. Peace- I want peace, just stop this stop god dam-” Despite herself, despite trying to make herself sound angry, a giggle slips past y/n’s lips. She begins to laugh, shaking her head, cursing herself slightly for not being able to stop laughing. Jerome smiles, standing up and pulling her up with him.

“So, we’ll just have to do this all day, or you could listen to my other idea.”

Y/n laughs, smiling up at him. “What, Jerome?”

“Cold shower. Of course, I valiantly offer to keep you company,” he places a hand over his heart, smiling innocently, although the glint in his eyes is anything but innocent.

“Oh, shut up, you!” She playfully slaps his arm.

“Hey, don’t blame me for trying…so, is it me? Am I the problem with that idea, or…” Y/n leans forward, her face inches from his. His eyes meet hers briefly before focusing on her lips. After what seems like an eternity, he moves forward slowly, his gaze not moving from her mouth, only closing a few seconds after he presses his lips against hers. Y/n sighs softly against his lips, which Jerome takes as an invitation to pull her closer, and tilt his head, deepening the kiss.

Y/n is the one to break the kiss, breathing in deeply. Before she can move Jerome goes in for another kiss, his hand traveling to the back of her head, attempting to pull her closer to him. She shakes her head, grinning widely.

“No, Jerome. I actually liked your idea, and I think I’m going to take your advice.” She raises her eyebrows, and turns her attention to Barbara. “Hey, could you make sure that he doesn’t try to follow me? Just keep an eye on him please.” Barbara nods, picking up a magazine.

“Keep your boy toy away from the shower while you’re in there, got it.” Jerome growls slightly, staring after y/n as she saunters away.


Summary: Y/N and Peter have been best friends since childhood, but when they enter middle school, Y/N joins the popular crowd and leaves Peter behind.

AN: this may become a series lol

Peter Parker x Reader

Send in prompts from this list! // Masterlist

Originally posted by gryffinclaw-in-wilde-times

I ran as fast as I could and hid behind a tree. I peeked from the side to see if he was following me and saw no one. He was right behind me. I thought. I faced back and waited for Peter to call out for me. I went to peek behind me again. Nothing. I turned back and -


“Ah!” I let out a high pitched scream. Peter Parker was hanging upside down from a low branch and laughing his brains out. “Peter! That wasn’t funny!” I crossed my arms.

Peter swung down from the tree. “Oh, come on Y/N. You have to admit that was pretty funny.” He gave me a grin, showing off the loss of his two front teeth.

“For you.” I said, still pouting. I turned around and walked away from Peter. 

“Hey! Y/N! Wait!” Peter yelled out. I stopped and waited for him to catch up. He stood in front of me. “I’m sorry for scaring you.” He looked down at his shoes.

“Okay!” He looked up and I gave him an equally toothless grin. “Let’s go play another game! I’m thinking…tag! TAG YOU’RE IT!” I tapped his shoulder and ran off, laughing. 

“I’m gonna get ya Y/N!” 

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Can we have some jealous Lance thinking Keith has a crush on Shiro (and maybe background Allura/Shiro)?

Here you go! Enjoy :D

Poor sad space boys are bad at feelings

           Keith and Shiro came out of their lions exclaiming in disbelief about the stunt they’d just pulled in battle, both of them flying straight through a ring of exploding battleships in order to escape the collapsing star behind them. Shiro was caught halfway between “That was insanely dangerous, Keith, everyone, we need to never do anything like that ever again” and “holy shit I can’t believe that actually worked how are we even alive…” Keith was whooping, high on adrenaline and the thrill of success, pulling off his helmet and throwing an arm around Shiro’s shoulder with a grin on his face. Shiro took his helmet off too, leaving Lance, Hunk, and Pidge with only the muffled sounds of their laughter and exclaiming while they pulled the lions into the castle’s main dock. Lance guided Blue down and stared after Keith and Shiro ambling down the hall together. He chewed his lip.

           “Hey, Hunk,” he said into the helmet. “Do you think Keith and Shiro are like… together?”

           “What?” Hunk squawked.

           “Well just look at them,” he said, gesturing after them even though Hunk couldn’t see him. “They never act like that with any of the rest of us.”

           “Keith and Shiro have known each other longer than they’ve known us,” Pidge said, sounding entirely bored by the idea. “Why do you care anyway? Got a crush?”

           “What? Pffffft. No,” Lance said, rolling his eyes. “I’m just curious. It affects the team dynamic, you know?”

           “Whatever you say, Lance,” Pidge said. “I need a shower. I’ll see you guys at dinner.” Lance saw her hop out of Green and stride off to her room.

           “Do you have a crush?” Hunk asked him, now they were alone on the coms. Lance made a face.

           “Shiro’s, like, my idol, man. I had a celebrity crush on him before I actually met him but now it would just be weird.” He heard Hunk snort on the other end of the line.

           “I was thinking you probably had a crush on Keith.”

           “What?” Lance spluttered. “Hunk, has space made you crazy? In what universe could I possibly have a crush on Keith?”

           “Well, you talk about him all the time—”

           “I complain about him all the time!”

           “You want his attention—”

           “I want him to know I’m better than him!”

           “You can ‘recognize that mullet anywhere’—”

           “Because no one else in this century has a mullet, for God’s sakes,” Lance grumbled. He could hear the smug grin in Hunk’s words.

           “I’m just saying.”

           “You are so wrong dude.” Lance slid out of Blue and waved up at Yellow. “I agree with Pidge, I need a shower.”

           “Somehow you picked rooms next to each other even though you supposedly hate each other…”

           “Would you shut up?” Lance grumbled. He heard Hunk’s laughter before he pulled the helmet off his head and stomped away towards his room. Just his luck, Keith and Shiro were in the hall, still talking. Keith was murmuring something so soft that Lance could barely hear him speaking, and he saw Shiro go red and wave his hand in protest. Keith shoved at him playfully, and Shiro walked away. Keith watched him go with a fond smile on his face. Lance felt like he was about to boil over and he had no idea why, but at least Keith was right there and always a good target for his aggression. He marched up to the guy and whacked him on the back of the head. Keith spun around, fury overtaking his expression, and glared at Lance.

           “What was that for?” he demanded, rubbing the back of his head.

           “You almost got yourself killed today, how can you and Shiro just go off and laugh about it?” Lance demanded. Keith gaped at him.

           “Seriously? You’re mad at me because I’m pleasantly surprised to be alive? What is your problem with me?” Lance crossed his arms and glared, a hot coil of guilty pleasure in having a chance to speak his mind.

           “You’re always pulling stupid stunts like this – and Shiro is just fine with it ­– what’s with the two of you, anyway? Huh? Why are you all… so buddy-buddy all the time, and just neeeeeeever a bad word to say about the other and… ugh.” Keith’s hands balled into fists.

           “Shiro’s like a brother to me,” he said. “He’s saved my life in ways you would never understand, so don’t you dare say a word against him.” He took a step in closer, shoulders squaring up against Lance.

           “Like a brother. Sure,” Lance rolled his eyes.

           “What’s that supposed to mean?”

           “You two are totally dating, aren’t you?” Keith blinked, brought up short.

           “I— what?”

           “Come on, don’t lie.”

           “We’re not… What?” Lance rolled his eyes, not sure why something sharp and hot seemed to be swelling in his throat.

           “I’ve seen the way you two talk to each other. Why are you keeping it a secret?”

           “Because it’s not happening. You’re seeing things.”

           “Oh yeah? Then what was all that just now?” He gestured down the hallway where Shiro had gone. “All that lovey-dovey whispering to each other, and, and Shiro blushing like that?” Keith pressed his lips together. “Yeah, don’t have an answer, do you?”

           “I was encouraging him to ask out Allura!” Keith blurted out. “God, Lance, have you not seen the way those two look at each other, or are you totally blinded by your crush on her? He just needs a push to actually do it.” Keith paused, eyes roving over Lance. “But you can’t tell anyone that, okay? He doesn’t want anyone to know.” Lance blinked, the hot and sharp feeling in his throat suddenly gone.

           “Oh,” he said, deflated. “But you…” Keith crossed his arms.

           “Why do you even care, anyway?” Lance paused, Hunk’s words in the hangar echoing in his head. A flower of an idea blossomed in his chest, petals thinner than paper and as fragile as glass. He met Keith’s eyes and a terrifying certainty jolted through his chest like lightning. He opened his mouth, wet his lips, but didn’t speak yet. Keith continued to glare at him, and Lance clenched the flower in his chest and crumbled it into dust.

           “No reason,” he said, the words sticking in his throat. “I’ll see you later. Keith.” He took off down the hall, slamming the door to his room shut behind him, before Keith could see the tears in his eyes.

Feverish || Dick Grayson x Reader

I’m really sick right now and have been reading dick grayson and peter parker stories to keep me company 。゚(TヮT)゚。

this is the first time i’ve ever written for a dc character, so if it turns out a little “meh”, and is ooc, forgive me.

Warnings: none, tho my style of writing may be a little off since I’m running a lowkey fever while writing this.

**dont repost/plagiarize this story.**


You were so sick; your whole body was aching and you felt the sweat collect all across your feverish body. You moan and bury yourself deeper into your bed, trying to ignore the incessant vibrations coming from your phone.

You knew that it was your boyfriend checking on you, but you were honestly too weak to move. Even the slightest movement such as tilting your head toward your nightstand was enough to make a wave of nausea go through you.

There was a special kind of hell that came with getting sick in the middle of summer. The hot days became nearly unbearable against your flushed skin, and the fact that your air conditioning was practically broken certainly didn’t help with your situation.

Because of this, you were bedridden with the window to your room wide open. The cool and refreshing winds that blew during the night was soothing for you, and you sigh in a deeply content manner at feeling something cold against your heated skin.

Your throat was parched when you groan, forcing yourself to sit up while steadying your shaky body to the best of your abilities. Looking to see the tall glass of water settled on your nightstand, you drink the rest of the warm water, shakily placing the glass back on the table. You could feel your body getting weaker since you hadn’t eaten anything since last night, but this fever was honestly ruining your appetite.

You honestly wanted to cry. It seemed impossible for you to get better, and you wanted desperately for your boyfriend to come and take care of you-

But you didn’t want to burden him, or worse- make him get sick because of you.

This is what prompted you to ignore all of his texts and calls. You knew that you would get over this fever eventually, so long as your body decided to stop hating you.

While you had your face buried within the palm of your hand in hopes of lessening the ache against your temple, you heard a sudden movement coming from your window. Looking toward the source of the sound, you let out a gasp at seeing Nightwing enter your bedroom.

He looks at your haggard form through his mask and gently calls out your name, “Darling, you look awful. Why didn’t you tell me that you were sick?”

“Wha- wha- what? My- my n-name, how you…know it?” Your fever was definitely making your mind feel a little woozy. Why else would you suddenly conjure up image of the hot vigilante of Gotham City in your room?

Despite how you were 75% sure that this was a fever dream, something about Nightwing felt very real to you. When he joins you in your bed, you felt the mattress actually dip down with his added weight as he places his gloved hand on your face, “Ssssh, don’t speak. You sound awful and your whole body is burning up.”

His touch seems to linger on your skin, and you had to slap his hand away before telling him with a slur, “Hands off meeeee!! I have a very handsome boyfrieeend and he could kick your ass!!”

Nightwing was not fazed by your words, seeming to find great amusement in them when he lets out a chuckle, “Oh believe me, I know about you and your boyfriend.”

He finally gets off the bed, running a hand through his jet black hair while you respond, “Good! Because Dick Grayson is a fucking god and I love him so fucking much!!” Just thinking about your boyfriend made tears form against your eyes when you begin to whine to Nightwing, “God, I really wish Dick was here right now so that he could take care of me and spoil meeeeeee. Ugh, I feel so sick!! But at the same time, I don’t wanna be a shitty girlfriend and get HIM sick!!”

Nightwing lets out a tiny chuckle, “Don’t worry babe, that’s why I’m here.” He playfully ruffles your hair before stepping out of your room, seeming to know the way to your kitchen when you heard some noises coming from it.

After waiting for ten minutes, Nightwing finally returns to your room with a tray containing a steaming hot bowl of soup, some medicine, and a glass of water. He sets the tray on the nightstand and holds the bowl of soup, “Here, you need to eat before taking your medicine. I’ll feed you.”

The soup smelled delicious, yet you were hesitant to allow Nightwing to feed you because he wasn’t Dick. “You’re not my boyfriend.”

You could tell that he was rolling his eyes at you, “Well your boyfriend is busy right now and can’t take care of you, so I have to.”

“Don’t talk shit about Dick!”

“I’m not talking shit, I just want you to let me take care of you!”

“You’re an ass-” A spoon filled with lukewarm broth cuts off your words, and you practically moan at how good the soup tasted against your tongue. It wasn’t too heavy and the warmth felt heavenly against your empty stomach.

No longer arguing with Nightwing, you allow him to feed you, and you end up finishing the soup in just a few minutes. Feeling a bit better with some sustenance in your system, you wipe your moist lips with the back of your hand and look up at Nightwing, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The handsome hero was smiling now when he takes out two pills for you. Holding out the green gel tablets with the glass of water in his other hand, you see Nightwing lift his eyebrow in question, “So can you be a big girl and take these by yourself, or do you need my help?”

You manage to glare at him weakly for teasing you, “I can t-take them!” You hold out a hand to him, making him drop both tablets on your hand. Placing both pills in your mouth, you take the glass of water from his hand and take a big gulp from it-

Only to have both pills come out of your mouth as you choked a bit on the water. Several painful coughs came out of your mouth, causing Nightwing to let out an exasperated sigh at your antics. “You idiot, you’re supposed to take them one at a time.”

He takes the pills and glass of water from you, shocking you when he places the pills in his mouth before drinking the water. Leaning down, he grasps at your chin with his strong hand before suddenly kissing you. Your gasp was all he needed to transfer the pills and copious amount of water into your mouth, helping you swallow the medication when he moves the pills and water down your throat with the tip of his tongue.

With the medication finally in your system, you pull away from the sort of kiss to shyly look at Nightwing with a blush on your face, “Y-You kiss like my boyfriend does.”

His chuckle was filled with an unbidden mirth, “Is that so? Your boyfriend must be quite the lady’s man, then.”

“He is, but he promised me that he was mine and mine alone.” You let out a sleepy yawn, feeling your eyelids turn heavy when you continue, “Shit, Richard’s gonna be so mad at me when I tell him Nightwing kissed me. I gotta be truthful or else he’s gonna break up with me…”

“He won’t be too mad at you. I just helped you take your medicine.” Nightwing then coaxes you to lie down, throwing the blankets around your form before placing a kiss against your forehead, “Now sleep, sweetheart. And get better soon.”

You were close to dozing off when Nightwing stepped toward your window, ready to jump out of it when you hoarsely called out to him, “Nightwing?”

His back stiffens at the sound of your voice, “Yes?”

“You remind me…of Dick Grayson. I love him so much…”

He chuckles and looks back at you, “I love you too, [Name].”

Before you could ask him why he loved you, Nightwing was long gone as he escaped from your room through your window. His words made your cheeks heat up, and you found yourself falling asleep with a smile on your face.

Whether this was all a fever dream or not, you knew that this night would be an unforgettable one for you.


Read It Wednesday

Week 11! My apologies if I missed a fic this week! I was getting multiple notifications when things were being reblogged from certain people and it really crowded my activity. So, if you don’t see a fic here, I’m so so sorry. If you’d like to me read it, send it to me via message and I will get it read and added to next weeks Read It Wednesday. Also, I decided against adding gif drabbles from smut day in here, just to save the space. 

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Goblin in Review: The Kisses

As specially requested by @mynameishassie​ Here’s a review/reaction of all the kisses between Shin and Eun-Tak in Goblin. Just to play around cause I have nothing better to do.

Gif Credit | Rating: Innocence = 10/10, Dirty = 0/10, Satisfaction = 4/10

Ahh… good ol’ memories. The very first kiss between Shin and Eun-Tak in episode 6… a kiss so pure, innocent, and naive that all the snowflakes started floating upwards. What is gravity? Apparently it doesn’t work in the presence of these two sweethearts. So what makes this kiss important being their first kiss? Well this kiss set the stage for Shin to start thinking about life instead of dying. This kiss was initiated by Eun-Tak not because she necessarily loved him at the time, but because she didn’t know the consequences of Shin’s sword and what love really encompasses. This kiss compared to their last kiss is totally different in terms of romance and their mutual feelings. Shin was still only learning what it meant to be in love and Eun-Tak was still only desiring love. This is seen in their body language as Eun-Tak was struggling to stay on her tiptoes to hesitantly peck him and Shin’s shoulders were completely slumped forwards in utter dumbstruck. A perfect way to get our silly couple rolling. Despite this kiss being not hot and sexy, I appreciate this kiss as I love Shin’s reaction to Eun-Tak kissing him… to think this supposedly “weak” and “defenseless” girl can easily make this 939 yo Goblin confused and break down his defenses. But I desperately needed more than this kiss.

Gif Credit | Rating: Sweetness = 10/10, Hotness = 2/10, Satisfaction = 7/10

Now this was a proper “first kiss” of them being an official couple; what better way than for Shin to redeem himself by initiating the kiss while Eun-Tak asked for it in episode 10. The setting was perfect for our silly couple: fun date in a tent while drinking soju, a kick-ass entertaining performance, and a sweet and happy kiss shared between the two. This kiss was literally the definition of happiness as their kiss even has it’s own Sun shining a random light of unknown origin. It was quite hot of Shin to grab her face so gently as he kissed her and then Eun-Tak stole another kiss right afterwards. This made me love Eun-Tak more as she’s not afraid to ask for kisses… I understand why, lol. Just look at who her boyfriend is. I do like this kiss a lot, as said by Eun-Tak herself, “It’s perfect.” It was the perfect kiss to show how they mutually love each other after coming to an agreement that they will both fight to be together as compared to episode 4′s kiss. I wasn’t expecting anything hotter or sexier since our couple finally got together after jumping the hurdle of Eun-Tak finding out the truth behind Shin’s sword. But still, I needed more! lmao

Gif Credit | Rating: Cuteness = 10/10, Crime = 0/10, Satisfaction = 6/10

The cute photo booth kiss. That’s all that really needs to be said about this kiss, lol. It was a cute and off-guard peck that Eun-Tak gave to Shin which left him flustered and giggling like a little girl. >.< The funny thing is that Eun-Tak had pure intentions while it left Shin thinking about (most likely) not so pure thoughts … this girl can literally kill Shin on the spot whether she removes his sword or not, lmao. I just can’t get over how Shin caught himself using “tiny” and “small” in the same sentence! And then he proceeded to say he wants to come here every day, lmfao. This entire scene in episode 12 is adorable and especially how pure Eun-Tak’s intentions were to 1) get a picture with him and 2) give him an excuse to see his sister. Of course, it wasn’t enough to satisfy my fangirl desires and I was desperately hoping… praying… for a kiss that would exceed my expectations.

Gif Credit | Rating: Hotness = 10/10, Passion = 10/10, Satisfaction = 100/10 

Now we’re talking… this kiss swept me off my feet when Shin turned back to give her such a desperate, passionate, and engraving kiss before his imminent death. THIS WAS THE KISS WE WERE ALL WAITING FOR 13 EPISODES LATER!!! Just look at this beauty! Till this day… I love this kiss so damn much, it’s the kiss of the century. Just look at how Shin cupped her face as he kissed her with such a passion knowing that he might disappear forever. Look at Eun-Tak unable to say or do anything as she just closed her eyes in compliance… worried why he would suddenly kiss her like that. It was the perfect hot and passionate kiss to show how our couple loves each other and wants to be together. THEIR CHEMISTRY WAS OFF THE CHARTS! OMO! The only that that disappointed me about this kiss was how they DIDN’T FULLY CLOSE-UP FILM IT! Like why you gonna film a friggin hot kiss but not show us the whole thing close up??? Ugh… That was the good stuff there. >.> Despite my love for this kiss, I was praying that an even better kiss would happen once she was 29 yo. 

Gif Credit | Rating: Feels = 10/10, Longing = 10/10, Satisfaction = 10/10

This kiss was sooo good… a slightly melancholic kiss that was filled with feels as Shin immediately embraced a frantic Eun-Tak into a kiss as she finally remembered him. All I can say is that this kiss was so good from the angle it was filmed, from how it focused on Shin’s hand tightening on her, and to how both Eun-Tak and Shin’s eyes were filled with so much pain, sadness, and longing for each other. I started ballin like a baby cause they needed to be in each other’s arms and I was so happy when she finally remembered him! Ugh… To think this all happened in episode 15… T.T But this wasn’t the kiss I was waiting for… there was something else I needed to see from the episode 14 preview. 

Gif Credit | Rating: Lovey Dovey = 10/10, Rainbows & Unicorns = 10/10, Satisfaction = 8/10

Just another really lovey dovey peck between the two… oh wait… two pecks cause Shin wanted another one, lmao. I just love their height difference… *incoherent giggling* BUT I’M STILL WAITING FOR THE BEST KISS DAMNIT! DON’T FAIL ME GONG YOO!!! 


Gifs Credit | Rating : Sexiness = _(꒪ཀ꒪」∠)_, Dirty thoughts = ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ), Satisfaction = ∞ w/ too much salt

What more can I say about how much I am absolutely obsessed with this long over-due sexy make out between these two? Just look at how Shin launched at her… but at the same time Shin is such a gentleman as he stopped to make sure she was okay with it.. OF COURSE she would reply back enthusiastically! BUT I DIED WHEN SHE JUMPED AND WRAPPED HER LEGS AROUND HIM! OMG! AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL MAKE OUTS, when Shin started planting kisses on her face and she was smiling from enjoying his touch… that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!!! BUT DAMNIT! WHO THE FUCK CUTS IN THE MIDDLE OF GONG YOO AND KIM GO EUN’S KISSES??? WHY WOULD YOU DEPRIVE US OF THESE TWO WONDERFULLY AMAZING KISSERS??? WHY COULDN’T YOU SHOW US THE WHOLE DAMN THING??? (╯°益°)╯彡┻━┻

Seriously, the only issue I have with this kiss is that they abruptly cut the kiss at the GOOD part. They could have gradually transitioned out of the scene instead of just cutting in the middle of the kiss; they had plenty of time to add 30 more seconds – oh for goodness sakes, I would’ve been glad to see another hour. PLUS, WHY WOULD YOU NOT SHOW SOMETHING YOU TEASED US IN THE FUCKIN PREVIEW??? Two lovers who defied time, God, death, and were finally together would NOT just simply call it a night after sharing a passionate kiss on the couch AFTER staying together overnight in fuckin luxurious hotel (with probably a huge ass bed)… just saying. ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

And that’s all folks… I can’t really say that I’m completely satisfied since I love Shintak so much… It makes me sad that Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun will probably never costar together again since it’s rare for people to costar together a second time. WHAT A SHAME! YOU HAVE TWO AMAZING KISSERS COSTAR TOGETHER AND THAT’S IT? Like I would have been okay if they didn’t show any skin… just some more steamy moments between the two because their love is so fuckin tragic that they deserve some more lovey dovey couple scenes. Ugh… just because I’m a salty grandma, friggin 15 age rating ruined it! At least the kisses got better and better and we got a few Gong Yoo certified kisses in Goblin. T.T 

“The kiss itself is immortal. It travels from lip to lip, century to century, from age to age. Men and women garner these kisses, offer them to others and then die in turn.” ~ Guy de Maupassant, The Complete Short Stories of Guy de Maupassant, Part One

JB Imagine (College AU Part 4)

A/N - Part 4 to my little JB series! I’ve been enjoying writing this one since it is a college AU so I hope you have all been enjoying it as well! 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5

As time past, you found herself drawn ever closer to JB, or Jaebum as he had told her to call him. The two of you had been for a coffee a few times after a lecture or seminar and had become quite good friends but there was always some kind of tension there between them. You couldn’t help but just want to spend more and more time alone with him. He still mesmerised you and had you completely intrigued in him. What you didn’t know was that JB was just as obsessed with you. He thought you were so beautiful and could barely cope with the way he felt.The tension he felt whenever you were alone together was undeniable but he could never tell if you felt it too. He so desperately wanted to know if you needed him as much as he needed you. But as the weeks passed, JB was no closer to finding out if you returned his feelings. Luckily for the two of you, there was a chance for you to tell the other of your feelings. Jackson and Mark had planned a little bonfire for a group of friends to spend the Saturday night. As well as you, Mark, Jackson and JB, Jinyoung was going to be there and your friend Mina too. Jackson had also invited a girl from his physics lectures called Sarah. You’d never met Sarah before but had heard less than pleasant rumours about her. Not wanting to judge a girl you’d never met, you tried to forget about the whispers you had heard. 

When Saturday came about, the seven of you had to walk to a large field off campus where the bonfire was to be held. Everyone had chipped in with some money for food and drinks meaning they were all in high spirits because even if the bonfire didn’t go to plan, at least they had alcohol to keep themselves happy. You walked with Jackson and Mark, watching Mina and Jinyoung together while JB and Sarah walked together. You couldn’t help but feel a slight pang of jealousy towards Sarah, half wishing it was you that JB was walking with. Not wanting to spoil the mood, you kept your feelings to yourself and joined in with Jackson and Mark’s teasing towards Mina and Jinyoung. Neither of the two had confessed yet but their feelings for each other were so very obvious. Anyone could see from a mile off that they liked each other.

As everyone arrived at the field, the excitement of the night really began to set in. All of you were itching to get the bonfire going and to eat some food. The atmosphere was great and you constantly had a smile on your face. The only downside to it all was that Sarah was constantly next to JB. She would always react dramatically to whatever he said and seemed to be trying very hard to get him to notice her. It made your blood boil seeing how touchy she would get, feeling up his arm and not so subtly squeezing his muscles. While you wouldn’t have complained about being in her position, you were also livid that she thought that was a normal thing for her to do, considering she barely knew the guy. Some of the others had noticed her attempts at getting JB to flirt back and seemed rather uncomfortable too but no one said anything. Poor Jackson as there trying to distract everyone from her inappropriate comments. You felt sorry for him to have to put up with her during seminars. Sarah’s actions aside, you were all having a good night and thoroughly enjoying the company with friends.

As the night continued and people started to drink more, that’s when Sarah’s actions got the best of you. She had flirted with JB one too many times that you had had enough of it. He wasn’t responding in the same flirty way and clearly had some kind of issue with her that she just wasn’t realising. Before you could say anything to her, she leaned in to JB and tried to kiss him. Her actions caught JB off guard and he didn’t have enough time to move away from her. Their lips met in a sloppy one-sided kiss. As soon as he could, JB pushed her away and stood up, anger over his face. 
“JB, why did you move away? I just wanted to kiss you.”
“But I didn’t want to kiss you. So I moved.”
“Come on, you’re hot, I’m hot. We go well together.”
“Sorry, Sarah. But I don’t like you like that.”
“Well who do you like then? Because I bet I’m prettier than her.”
“So what if you were? Not that it’s possible anyway.”
“So you’re saying I’m ugly? Ugh well screw you, JB. I didn’t want to hook up with you anyway!” She said, storming off to go and complain to Jackson about being rejected. Part of you felt bad for smiling at JB’s refusal but another part was just happy that she was no longer interfering where she wasn’t wanted. JB walked up to you, smiling shyly. 
“Sorry about having to see that. I was hoping she’d get the message but evidently not.”
“Don’t worry about it. You did what you had to do. I could see she wasn’t exactly getting the hint.”
“Yeah, a persistent one, she is.”
“I could tell. She didn’t like hearing about that other girl you like though.”
“I’m glad. Because it means I can talk to her without worrying about Sarah interfering.”
“Yeah? Well let’s hope she likes you as much as Sarah does. Or did.”
“And do you, (Y/N)?”

The Most Beautiful Thing on the Planet

Alec and Magnus travel to the Maldives Islands for some much needed rest and relaxation. Their alone time gets interrupted by something unexpected. Alec is full of sass and Magnus is his usual magnificent self. Basically, just these two lovebirds in paradise.

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Or Here:

It was amazing how everything was better on vacation, even the coffee tasted better in paradise. Alec stood in the doorway to the deck of their overwater villa. They had been keeping the large sliding glass door opened all the way, so that the indoor and outdoor spaces merged into one. Even at night, there was no need for privacy, the only thing as far as the eye could see were the crystal turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and a blue sky filled with puffy white clouds. They were but a few steps away from water so clear you could see all the marine life below, as your feet settled into soft white sand. It was a stunning sight, but even the idyllic scenery had nothing on the sight that was currently capturing Alec’s attention.

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thing-you-do-with-that-thing  asked:

Are you taking requests for the dialouge prompts thing? If so 13 for Dean x reader 🙄

Trapped - Dean x Reader


Why can’t the world just chill for one second? Just one. You know, the time to catch a damn breath,“ you said, then shook your head. "Unbelievable.”

“You’re in the wrong business for that, kiddo,“ Dean stated, seated on the cold floor, his forearms resting on his knees. "We’ll catch a breath when we’re dead.”

“Okay, so considering our current situation, pretty soon, no?”

“Uh,“ he shrugged, not too worried about it. Or pretending not to be, anyway. "Sammy’s gonna break us out in time.”

“He’s probably still at Jody’s with no clue we’re about to die. So I wouldn’t count on him.”

“What’s with the pessimism today?" He asked, eyes narrowed at you. 

"I just don’t get it. For once, we decide to take a few days for us, and I think we’re entitled after all the crap we’ve gone through. But nope. We go and pick a haunted hotel, cause that’s just our luck.”

“Hey, you picked it. I said we should go to the seaside, you wanted the cold. Now we’re cold.”

“Ha ha," you said flatly. "I meant more like sitting in front of a fireplace and have hot chocolate. Not like trapped in a walk-in freezer with no cell reception and meat everywhere. Seriously, this is the worst place to die.”

“No one’s gonna die. Come sit here," he gestured with his hand. "I’ll keep you warm.”

“Why are you so calm?”

“Cause you aren’t. C'mere. We’ll pretend that’s a fireplace instead of a - what’s that?" His eyebrows knitted together - "Pork? Yeah.”


“It’s actually kinda fitting. All this.”

What the hell was he going on about now? "What? How?“ You asked, frowning, your arms now crossed.

"Well, isn’t this how we met?”

“In front of a dead pig? I don’t think so.”

“No. Freezing our asses in North Dakota. Who knew we would be back here 6 years later. You almost shot me with that crossbow. Remember that?”

“I should have.”

“Cause I was hitting on your friend and you were jealous? You can tell me now," Dean smirked, wiggled his eyebrows too.

You successfully managed not to smile and kept your tone serious. "Cause you were an ass, and you still are.”

“Great ass, though.”

Okay, you were smiling now. "Man, you’re such an idiot.“

"Made you smile, though, didn’t I? Will you come here now?”

You let out a long sigh, then uncrossed your arms and went to sit in front of him, your back pressed to his chest, his arms embracing you. It was kinda comfy, all things considered.

“Man, this fireplace is terrible," you then commented.

"I know, right? No sense of aesthetic. They aren’t getting a good review on Yelp from me, that’s for sure.”

You smiled again and turned to kiss his cheek. "To the seaside when we get out of here?“ You proposed.

"Yeah," he said, holding you even closer, his nose nuzzling your ear. "First thing in the morning, sweetheart.”

Making Out With Day6

Originally posted by mino-sonq

This is purely what I think, this doesn’t reflect the members whatsoever. Don’t take this to heart. I may have gotten carried away. This is PG-16 lmao. This was requested by @clumclumsos! (Also requested making out with TD, History, UNIQ and 24k so those are next. Thank you! Without further ado, enjoy!

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This fandom is so sexist and judgy its kind of funny. 12 year olds transforming into hot naked girls and distracting fully grown adult men with bloody noses? Classic! 5 year olds killing people? Seems legit. 12 year old girl dressed in heels and a miniskirt? OMG WHY?! SHE IS TWELVE HOW COULD YOU SO GROSS UGH

so emotionally scarring small children, turning them into emotionless tools of war? totally okay

boys exploring their sexuality and using it as a weapon against other men even though they have 50+ year age gap and power dynamic differencesw? also okay

girl wearing an outfit that suggests she might be confident or explorative in her sexuality, or might even just be “I think this looks cute”? HOW DARE YOU SEXUALIZE AN INNOCENT CHILD THEYRE SO INNOCENT AND NONSEXUAL AND YOU ARE GROSS

so if its a boy its okay but not a girl. okay. so that is sexist.

The present

I wrote this for @mustardyellowsunshine‘s Writing challenge 1: A story composed entirely of dialogue.

And here it’s my attempt at following rules xD

“Happy Birthday Dogboy!”



“Shut up, it’s too early”

“Come on! Stop hiding!”

“I’m not hiding. You’re too noisy!”

“Let’s celebrate your birthday

“Too early… come back in a couple of hours”

“Don’t be like this, come out of there and open your presents!”

“Don’t wanna”



“Open your presents… pleaseee.”

“Do they have legs?”

“What? No. Why would they–”

“Then they won’t go anywhere. Let me sleep”


“If I open the stupid presents will you shut up?”

“Maybe… Hey! Don’t throw that”


“This is the first one!”

“That face of you is pissing me off.”

“I’m just smiling!”

“No, you’re not. Is this a prank gift? Is this why you woke me up at this hour?”

“Stop sniffing at it! It has nothing bad inside!”

“Don’t believe you”

“Just open it! Stop staring at me that way and move!”

“I don’t want to open it anymore…”

“Ugh…Could you please do what I say, for once?”

“If it has something like Miroku’s gift last year I’m gonna make you pay.”


“So you say…But that face is creepy.”

“Nice thing to say to your wife.”

“Nah! You are hiding something. I can FEEL it.”

“Inuyasha open the fucking present, Now!”

“I really don’t want to…”

“You know what? Give it to me! I don’t want you to have it anymore! You ruined it! Give. It. To. me!”

“NO! It’s mine! I can decide when to–Stop doing that! Kagome! You will… fall. See? Are you ok?”

“Just gimme.”

“Are you ok? Why are you crying? You hurt?”

“Don’t touch me!”

“Kagome! Answer me!”

“I don’t feel like it”



“I’ll open it! See! I’m opening it! Look at me! I’m opening the fucking present!”

“I don’t care.”

“Don’t go! Kagome!”


“W-what the…? What are these?”


“Kagome. KAGOME! Why did you give me these?”

“I don’t want to tell you anymore. You ruined the surprise”

“Are you? …Are we?”


“Kagome, fucking answer me!”


“Why two? Stop doing that, I don’t understand when you do that! Use your fucking words!”

“The doctor said they are two.”

“REALLY?! Wait…Doctor? You went to the doctor without me?”

“Yeah… You said it was too early.”

“I thought you only had a fucking flu!  I don’t care what I say next time, drag me there!”

“I promise…”

“See! That is the face that freaks me out! That is–Ouch!”

The  end XD