why are you so hard to photoshop

for now i post the gif, bc somehow i hit “tumblr video upload limit” while waffling over which version of the animation i should upload (aka none of them bc photoshop FUCKS UP EVERYTHING). Gif plays a little slow compared to real time but I like that you can see pretty much all of the drawings.

intended to be a ~stretch your animation muscles~ warmup but it took way too long for a warmup haha… full blown exercise tbh.

Prompted by @flamelscross: Goto refuses to admit that he actually LIKES wearing Masayoshi’s Samurai Flamenco hoodie (despite being caught wearing it). 

I didn’t animate with specific dialogue in mind so the lip flapping is a little random! Also my “cleanup” is pretty rough around the edges.. every time I look I see more stray lines making the animation kind of “jump” and im like o)-( why can’t i keep things consistent

I was thinking about coloring this but.. maybe for another day. 

fairy tales based on love songs: never forget, greta salome & jonsi

morning will come and I know we’ll be one, 'cause I still believe that you’ll remember me. chosen by @sigyn-briarrose

once upon a time, there lived a girl and her best friend. they loved each other and planned to be married when they were older. but the snow queen, a wicked and jealous witch, cursed her best friend and turned them into a reindeer. the girl stayed by her friend as they aged, despite the local townspeople telling her the animal had taken over. and she searched through the snow for the snow queen to turn her friend back into the person she loved.

Jay Z - Picasso Baby shoot. (July 2013)

How did you decide what you were going to do when you were in there?
I didn’t! I just responded to what he was giving. You know it’s funny because you’re being observed and you’re also observing and then suddenly you’re trying to block everything out. He has such a strong connection with language that it’s hard to focus on anything else. And part of why he’s so good is because he’s so vulnerable. So when someone is giving you that much vulnerability, it’s a very brave, very bold.

It was kind of a competition there of who was going to crack first.
Yeah, I think he won.

Is there one word you would use to describe Jay Z?
That’s almost impossible because he’s so good. I would say perseverance—no, that’s terrible. Sounds like a drink in a 7-Eleven. It’s impossible!


Trying to finish this series before next weekend!

His eyebrows were hard to do. I don’t know why, but they looked funny no matter what I did. Like something wasn’t right, but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. And I still think that I could make them better somehow, but I had to give an ending to this piece. So I’ll leave them like that XD.Hope you guys like it! (Next one, the leader!)
So I Reached 100 Followers...

and wanted to do something to thank all of you. As previously stated, I have no artistic talent whatsoever, but I am ok with photoshop, so I made group profile pics based on the main ships using velvet’s emblem.


This one’s a bit hard to see in the post because the background is transparent, making the white part of the image blend with the white background of tumblr posts. Will look much better when applied as Profile Pic.


God damnit blake. Why’d you have to bitch out last second.


So close….


The one ship that has a chance in hell. Cross your fingers everyone.

Anyway, I know it’s not much but thank you all for supporting my blog. I never believed it would grow as fast as it has.

I got bored with working on it so it’s being dumped until I can get some refills for my pens. Or until I can bring myself to try and sort my photoshop settings to get smooth pen lines, and do real colour. 

anonymous asked:

Do you recommend learning how to use photoshop over painttool sai? I've been trying to use photoshop but sometimes the program makes my lines appear as though I'm not using a tablet (like a giant flat line chunk if that makes sense?) and it frustrates me.

Learn both! If you have access to it, you should learn any tool possible since they have pros and cons.


  • Pros: text, editing, grid and snap features, color adjustments, 3D and animation capabilities, more options in customizable brushes, layer and grouping system is very organized, easier for structural painting and lighting (like classic Western oil painting)
  • Cons: higher learning curve, pen stabilizer (this is why lining is hard for you), heavy duty and takes up a lot of RAM, very very dense program so while there’s a lot of great things to learn, it’s hard to know how to access them

Paint Tool SAI:

  • Pros: pen stabilizer is HEAVENLY so lines turn out lovely, painting process is smoother (can simulate water colors or copics), takes up less RAM/runs faster
  • Cons: less features, folder/grouping system can be limiting, color editing and selection is very limited (honestly sometimes better to just redraw instead of fixing), give up on text, snapping options, and formatting


  • Photoshop has more stuff but is slower and line-weight is weird. Use for blocky painting, animation, 3D texturing, or templates/other more technical things
  • SAI is faster and easier to use but is pretty lightweight. Use for lineart and smooth coloring, more “art-only” than PS (which is more well-rounded as a graphic program)

Three steps to weasel-woodpecker acceptance.

This picture is magical. This picture is confusing. This picture is full of amazing science. It’s a weasel riding a flying woodpecker, and it’s making you feel some #feels. Fortunately, weasel-woodpecker acceptance is within reach, and these steps will get you there.
1) Denial: is this shit real?
It’s hard not to question the veracity of this image. You mumble “photoshop” as you look at it. Fortunately, the internet has answers: this is the real deal. A man by the name of Martin Le-May took a series of pictures of the pair when he heard distress calls from the bird — a European green woodpecker — in Hornchurch Country Park in East London, according to NBC.
You finally accept that it’s real. After all, this has happened before.
2) Searching for truth (or why is this happening?! OMG.)
The Rescuers were on a mission, so what’s up with this weasel? You do some googling and find out that real life isn’t nearly as rosy:  this is a sneak attack gone wrong.
This species of woodpeckers feeds on the ground. The weasel likely tried to pounce on the bird while it was looking for insects to eat. When the woodpecker realized what was going on, it took off. All the weasel could do at that point was hold on for dear life. “This was a struggle for life,” Le-May told ITV News. The pair got about 10 feet off the ground before landing again. Back on the soil, the woodpecker was able to break free from the weasel. Both animals appeared unharmed, Le-May told Slate.
3) Embracing the magic
I can’t take you there. You have to get there on your own — or you can ask a bare-chested Putin for help.



hiiiii! so throwback to when i made a blog called so-swiftie but then it didn’t get many followers in the three days that i had it so then i deleted it cool story. so throwback to april 2 years a go when i made the blog again with the same url, so-swiftie (vintage ellie) and decided to actually stick with it. and now here we are a little bit older, same mediocre photoshop skills, jokes that aren’t getting any funnier and trying a little too hard to be quirky. but 10,000 of you seem to like it why why why SO THANK YOU! so as a form of appreciation i’ve decided to make this thing, i wish i could do something bigger like a giveaway but i am a poor little tadpole in a pond of rich frogs so this will do.

anyway i just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you and please follow me i mean i love you i get those two mixed up a lot

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Anduin’s Legion model (which I hope is a WIP) currently looks kinda goofy, so I took matters to my own hands. It’s only Photoshop, but one would assume that fixing the tiny, tiny head of the actual 3D model wouldn’t be that hard, either.

so some people have pointed out that fassy looks a lot like sir ian in parts of the xma trailer. basically this is me pointing out how that’s possible without any cgi magic whatsoever :3c

okay so first, let’s compare their faces.

what’s interesting is that while their individual features are very different, their general placement is pretty similar. and when you’re not really looking at someone up close, their facial proportions are what we first notice! (that’s why imitating faces is so hard when you start out drawing–we focus too much on the details and not the whole face!)

here’s a quick overlay i did, and aside from matching up the sizes of their heads, there’s no other photoshop magic involved. so the obvious parts that don’t match up are the ears, jawline, and a bit of the brow. now what does magneto’s helmet cover again? hmm…

ta-da! the helmet itself covers up the most glaring differences, so now all we see is how similar their facial proportions are. all michael has to do is squint a little and scrunch his nose up a tiny bit, and i can guarantee his resemblance to sir ian will be quite… uncanny :’D

(tagging @mc-meow-avoy-fassbender because she wanted to see!)

It wasn’t easy for me to write this 1 year ago; but I share it with you because it’s a message so lost from our discourse and understanding…and yet so needed:
In an age of selfies and photoshopped Facebooks, it’s hard to resist the impending need to display our false perfection. Pop culture teaches us to dance and sing along to songs that obnoxiously repeat “because I’m happy!” It seems that somewhere along the line we bought into the myth of perpetual worldly happiness and perfection. So we put on our happy masks and photoshop our Facebook. But it’s all just a farce. Why can’t we admit that we *aren’t* perfect? Why can’t we admit that our lives aren’t perfect? That our relationships aren’t perfect? Why can’t we admit that we struggle too? That we are human, living a human existence in a painfully imperfect world? If there’s anything that this Ramadan did for our ummah around the world, it is this: it has torn away at the veils over our eyes, showing us the Reality of Dunya. So maybe we can stop pretending. It’s okay to be broken. If all the horrors and tragedies of this world don’t break us…maybe our hearts are already dead.
Maybe it’s time to finally put away the false, edited photos, and statuses. Maybe it’s time to set aside our masks and just be real. This world isn’t perfect. We aren’t perfect. Our lives aren’t perfect. And that’s okay. If all of these things were perfect, how would we know our need for God? How would we see it?
How would we know our utter, desperate need?
But you see, that’s just it. It is only through that need, that we are given. It is only through breaking, that we can be made whole. Tears can be like medicine.
And tears to God–the only cure.
Salvation doesn’t come through feigning perfection or false strength. Salvation comes through breaking, through humility, through admitting defeat, and utter need, to the only One who can save you.
To God. And God alone.
Look at the stories of the Prophets and how they were each saved. Look at the duaa of Nuh (AS) and Yunus (AS) and Ayoub (AS). They didn’t pretend. They didn’t feign strength and ability and perfection. They humbled themselves completely and admit that they had no strength or ability, because they knew that truly, truly, all strength and ability comes only from Allah.
Allah kareem. Wa Allahu akbar.
—  Yasmin Mogahed