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Spencer Reid + #someone please tell him that life isn’t a photoshoot

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Hello ? i've been feeling little bit down lately .. cause i was told my Original Attack on Titan Character was told to be a Mary-Sue because of her hair color .... that is modern bright red ... i mean i don't saw anyone in the anime having a red hair i don't if its possible to have red hair in that world.. can't talk about that with my parents they won't understand :(

Ugh, hair color does not make a Mary sue! The term Mary sue has turned into “I hate your female OC just because” anyway. So try not to worry about it too much! How about you show me your OC? I’d love to see her! I mean, sure having bright red hair would be a bit hard in the snk setting, but if you want it like that, why the fuck not? Some people want their characters to fit in more and others prefer them to stick out!

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May I ask why you hate white fans so much? If black fans can hold up Finn as a role model and Latinos hold up Poe, why can't white fans enjoy Hux? He is interesting. He had a tragic past and is set up as the likely big bad in this trilogy. I don't dislike Finn or Poe, I just don't really care much about them in the grand scheme because they are coded as heroes and likely will survive the movie. It has nothing to do with race. I was equally meh on Luke and Obi-Wan in their respective trilogies.

I don’t hate white fans qua them being white - I’m white myself - I hate the racism and Anti Blackness they perpetuate actively and passively, and can’t be arsed to do anything about. That they can’t even admit to perpetuating but will come up with a million and one excuses for why it’s not about race this time.

Hux has a tragic past? You know what, so does Finn. They sure a hell don’t come any much more tragic than his, but somehow Hux is the interesting one?. And Hux is not the big bad, that one goes to Kylo Ren and Snoke. Hux is if anything the Tarkin/Dooku of this trilogy, the irrelevant villain that’s only there to promote the plot.

Yet fandom will gush over him in a way that they never, ever gush over a background character of color. Simply because they can’t be arsed with any of them, but random white villain #23223 who has literally committed genocide and have not a single redeeming quality - because he doesn’t have one goddamn quality to him - oh yes, him we need to concern ourselves with.

Also you say that Finn and Poe qua being heroes a destined to survive the trilogy. You obviously have no a single freaking clue (and have never cared to observe) how mainstream media treats all characters of color. Poe is not a lead character and Finn is played by a Black man, there is nothing self-evident about their survival. White fandom needs to stop pretending media treats characters of color the same way it does white ones.

So no, Finn and Poe are unfortunately not pre-destined to survive. In fact, Poe died in an earlier version of the movie script, only Oscar’s intervention prevented it. And I’m still worried about both of them, because their fates are not self-evident. And fandom’s hatred, especially of Finn, leaves me even more worried.

Because with the way fandom behaves there’s every chance that TPTB would chose to kill of Finn for Hux. Because TPTB observes fandom and when it keeps on seeing that random white villain #372468 is popular, and that the Black lead isn’t, then that Black lead character’s life is in even greater danger than before.

So I really want white fandom to take a long, hard look at itself and ask itself how it would feel if the only (non stereotyped) Black lead a major scifi franchise have had in years, if not ever, is killed off? Because if Finn is killed then I am 1000% blaming white fandom for it. It will be on you, your aggressive indifference and your hate for anyone who isn’t white. If you’re okay with that, then please carry on as you are, but if not maybe start doing something?

This is another reason why I hate white fandom so much, it literally cannot see how differently characters of color are treated by media and then complain when non-white people get one or two characters and immediately starts to stan for the background white guys because “omg, where are the white people? Why can’t deal with all this lack of whiteness. We need to be central. We can’t connect with anyone who doesn’t look exactly like us.”

White people are so goddamn used to being center that most obviously can’t handle being sidelined in media, not even once. And can’t relate to anyone who doesn’t look exactly like them.

And then it can and will go and ignore the consequences of its actions. Because if Finn is killed white fandom will never, ever admit that it is completely and utterly responsible for it.

I would link you to a meta from a Black fan that explains in excruciating detail why it is always about race, but quite frankly she’s had to deal with fucktrumpets like you that’ll tell her how it’s not far too many times already. I don’t have the heart to have her have to deal with you as well.

If you can literally say that it is never about race for you, how many characters of color with a tragic past have you squeed over? How many characters of color who’s modeled after real life horrible villains have you humanized?

Because if you haven’t ever done that, then it is 1000% about race for you and that you can’t be arsed about anyone who isn’t white. If you can’t see why that is a bloody problem that you should do something about, then you’re beyond my ability to help.

P.S. Obi-Wan never had a trilogy. Anakin had one, Obi-Wan was always a side character.

it’ been too long.

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Let's celebrate the confirmation of Pidge's birthday with some autistic pidge headcanons!

pidge is an aries??? what the fuck…. i’m gonna need an in depth post analyzing both the character and the sign and relating them to each other before i believe in aries pidge but ok voltron whatever u say!!

but happy birthday to my girl!!! i love her so much ok here we go

- special birthday themed hc: frosting is way too sweet and overstimulates her tongue, plus she thinks the texture’s weird. none of her birthday cakes have ever had frosting

- she won’t stop infodumping ever. you had a question about coding? she’s gonna Infodump Educate you on how to become a hacker. she’s hyperverbal when she infodumps and she talks really fast so it’s hard to keep up with tbh

- you know that special Great Autistic Feeling™?? pidge gets that every time she hears herself typing. it’s so good.

- she hates slime. the way it looks, sounds, feels. if you even say the word “slime” she’s grossed out beyond belief. it was so hard for her to watch nickelodeon when she was younger. why was there so much slime. why was it that gross color. gross

- she’s that one kid that chews on everything. all of her pencils have teeth marks.

- she’s got fluctuating empathy!!! it’s really low for real live people but for fictional people and stuffed animals it’s through the roof

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9,11,20 and 34, please.

9. What’s your favorite episode?

It’s so hard to pick! My favorites would probably be Steven vs Amethyst, Bismuth, Off Colors, Keystone Motel, Sworn to the Sword, etc.

11. Guilty pleasure episode? (an episode that you love, but everyone else hates)

Gem Harvest, easily. (Though I can completely see why other people didn’t like it)

20. Which fusion are you yearning to see the most?

Steven and Garnet!

34. Name some headcanons of yours.

-Amethyst knits but is too embarrassed to admit it. She’s got piles of half-finished cozies and afghans strewn about her room.

-Everyone has a personal memento Rose gave them before she died. None of them are willing to admit it.

-(Amethyst got a necklace/broach, Pearl got a specially engraved sword, Garnet has a letter, and Steven has his tapes. Greg got the photos and most of her possessions.)

-Honestly almost everyone on this show is Aro/Ace/AroAce. They just are.

-Horror movies/game are outlawed in the house. They wig Pearl and Garnet out worse than they ever would Steven.

-Amethyst has stretch marks, and a splotch of freckles along her ribs (that’s where Smoky gets them from) that just came with the bod.

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Hahaha omg but with the possible reviving of Sakumo in reverse literally all I can think about is Kakashi's reaction to the OroSaku. "Dad no. Why. That is a dangerous missing nin you are making out with, right in front of me, and I haven't killed nearly enough people to deserve this dAD STOP-"

YES THANK YOU IM LAUGHING SO HARD. Maybe Orochimaru is in charge of the resurrection and Sakumo opens his eyes and - 

“Angel,” Sakumo says dreamily, smiling up at the man hovering over him.

Orochimaru blinks at him. Blinks again. He glances over at Kabuto, who would look equally nonplussed if he allowed himself any facial expressions beyond ‘smug’, and says, “Add hallucinations to the list of side effects, Kabuto, thank you.”

Kakashi, hovering off to the side, is so utterly horrified he can’t even speak. 

“I’m not hallucinating,” Sakumo says mildly, pushing himself up on one elbow, his eyes still on Orochimaru. “But there aren’t a lot of ways to wake up once you’re dead, and I have to say, this is just about the best one I could imagine.”

Orochimaru eyes him the way anyone else might a brightly colored snake. “It is,” he finally says, too flat to be a question. 

Sakumo offers up a cheerful, easygoing smile. “You’re just as pretty as I remember you being, Orochi-kun. More, probably.”

Surprise flickers over Orochimaru’s features for a flash before it’s buried. “You remember me.”

“Of course I do.” Sakumo’s smile doesn’t waver, but his eyes are even warmer. “I’ve never served with a better shinobi. You were incredibly talented. And it’s hard to forget a face that lovely.”

“Oh no,” Jiraiya mutters from the back of the room. “That’s it, he’s gone. Done. Loyalty assured. Goddamn, Hatake. I’m remembering why I hate you.”

“Shut your mouth, Jiraiya,” Orochimaru orders without so much as shifting his gaze from Sakumo’s, but there’s color high up on his cheeks, all too visible against the paleness of his skin.

Kurama’s eyebrows have taken up residence somewhere near his hairline. He glances over at Kakashi, who’s mouthing something through his mask that might possibly be Dad no Dad what are you doing, and says pointedly, “You know, if you were as smooth as him, it would have saved us a hell of a lot of grief.”

Kakashi buries his face in his hands and doesn’t answer. 

Jungkook Scenario: We Click.

Request: Jungkook is a snob jock and then he notice the girl and then like a little student’s dream of getting noticed by someone.

Genre: Fluff.

You always went to football practices, it was something many people did so you weren’t there alone or looking like a stalker or anything, but you had to admit your intentions were beyond the simple admiration for the sport.

The crowd cheered, and you got excited too. The main reason why you came to the game was running now with the ball in his arms. He ran fast and swiftly, more so than the other players, his name was Jeon Jungkook and you had been crushing about him for the longest time. He was the most popular football player of your school and you could say he was easily one of the hottest guys on school too, not out loud, but you were aware of it. Every time you saw him you felt your heart race, your eyes glued to him whenever he was in sight, but on the other hand you were invisible to him, too shy to even dare to speak to him.

Jungkook scored, smashing the ball against the ground making everyone scream, he extended his arms in the air smiling triumphally, the whistle rang, the game was over and as usual Jungkook’s team had won. You clapped enthusiastically, proud of his achievement as always, you didn’t even know why you were so infatuated with him, was it his pitch black hair? his dazzling smile? the way he walked so confidently? or maybe it was the way his eyes roamed the crowds and you felt your breath halt whenever his gaze landed on your way, you wished he was looking at you, but he wasn’t.

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Get to Know Me: Criminal Minds

Name: Ryan Nichole

Age: 20 

Favorite Character: Emily Prentiss 

Which character do you relate to the most? How so? Prentiss. For starters, her and I have both perfected the eye roll and sigh combination. Also, when we love, we love hard and we will protect anyone we love. She has also had a rather difficult past, as have I. Oh, and we both wear mainly black, If not black, dark colors. 

Which character do you dislike most? Why? I hated Jason Gideon. Literally because he annoyed the hell out of me. 

Which character do you wish would return? Why? Derek fucking Morgan. I loved his character so much, he gave me a father figure to look up to, to rely on. Does that sound dumb?!? He was just a wholesome man who really touched my heart, and he was such a large part of the team…

Which character do you have a crush on? Emily fucking Prentiss

What made you start watching Criminal Minds? The beautiful girl I had a crush on my senior year talked about it A LOT and I wanted something to talk about with her….

 What kept you watching it? Mostly the psychological information, and Emily Prentiss, and Derek Morgan, and the relationship of the team, mainly. 

 Did you ever stop watching? Why? I stopped watching season 6, episode 17, I believe, because I couldn’t handle Prentiss’ pain…I did not want to see it. And for the record, I still have not seen it. I skipped the remainder of the season…

 Which season is your favorite? Probably season 4 or 5.

 Unit Chief: Aaron Hotchner or Emily Prentiss? Ahahah Emily Prentiss for sure. She has an office now, y’all…and a personal desk…hehehe

If you could marry any character, who would it be? Why? Emily Prentiss. Because we are already married. 

 If you could get rid of any character (whether they are still there or not), who would it be? Why? Sticking with Jason Gideon…because he was annoying as hell. 

Thoughts on Derek Morgan: Father af. Amazing man. Incredible human being. Best of friends. Beautiful. Reid’s husband af.

Thoughts on Luke Alvez: I haven’t met him yet, but from what Meg tells me, he seems pretty cool, pretty chill. 

What would you like to see in the future for your favorite character? I just want her to find happiness and love and comfort with a beautiful woman and buy another cat, tbh. 

Favorite gif of your favorite character: 

**gif not mine**

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@ OmgCheckPlease fans

Let me tell y'all about a little comic called TeahouseComic.

A few years ago (I believe around 2010???), there was this lovely little comic called Teahouse. It was adult-oriented, being that it was set in a brothel in some kind of fantasy time period, but the explicit stuff wasn’t available online, and the story was 100% based on character and character development. It was in full color, always, and always beautifully rendered, stunning, gorgeous. I mean, oh my god. (The domain is still up at Teahousecomic.com if you want a look at what I mean).

The comic was started by two lovely young ladies, both of whom were in school/worked full time. As a team, they were known as Emirian. Because of the nature of the comic, they only went by E and CC, individually. They co-wrote the comic, planned the story together, did the script and traded duties with drawing, inking, coloring, etc. The work was about half and half between them, and they made stunning work. Funny and heartwrenching and sexy and beautiful.

The comic was free. 100% free on their website. They had a domain (still up) and hosted the comic there. Just a few banner ads on the side (for other webcomics) and a shop section. The shop sold print copies of the chapters and a few little bits of merch. They didn’t really make money off the comic at all–even when they started going to conventions to promote. Maybe a touch of profit, but they usually just broke even. The comic itself was totally free, and you only needed to buy the print copies if you wanted to see the explicit stuff and extras.

Now, they originally set a weekly update schedule for themselves. As in, one page every week. But I remind you: these ladies worked, went to school, had families. Oftentimes the updates wouldn’t come on the Thursday planned. Closer to Friday. And fans, in the beginning, were very kind about it.

Later on, as their lives got busier, they started attending cons, one of them got a better and more demanding job, some medical issues happened, they couldn’t do updates regularly anymore. They apologized profusely every time, tried to plan and give dates and generally be as honest as possible. But fans got frustrated. They started getting hate from the fans, calling them lazy, calling them horrible, all kinds of awful things I don’t want to repeat.

People who claimed to be fans started shitting on Emirian because they couldn’t update more often. The comic was still free. There were no paywalls, no subscriptions needed, nothing. Patreon wasn’t even a thing yet. But people got angry and started treating the creators, whose work they claimed to love, like shit because they couldn’t handle a weekly update. They had to take hiatuses, and yes, it was frustrating and sad, but it was understandable. And free.

In 2014, both creators were at a point where they could no longer continue the comic. CC was in school pretty much double time, and E had a full time job as an animator. Even working together, they just couldn’t handle the burden of the comic any more. They posted an apology, and made posts on the site finishing the story they’d written. The site is still up, and looking at it now for this still breaks my heart. People weren’t surprised they couldn’t continue it. Some people were bitter and some angry, some felt their hatred had been justified. Most of us were just heartbroken.

Emirian had given us something wonderful, and when life got in the way, some of the ‘fans’ responded with hatred and bullshit. It was unjustified and shitty. I get the frustration, but they didn’t deserve the hate. They’re busy people with busy lives, giving us a beautiful comic completely free.

So how does this connect to OMGCP?

Ngozi is doing this comic, alone. She is planning, writing, scripting, storyboarding, drawing, inking, coloring, publishing, and promoting this, all on her own. Plus the blog posts. Plus the twitter. All on top of her day to day work, her daily life. For free.

I’ve seen a few people now trashing her for asking for donations or not updating often. Just outright hating on her. Why?

Why do you feel entitled to more updates? From a woman working hard to bring us this beautiful thing for free, while also working hard full time on her own shit? I remind you that the kickstarter is for the Year Two book. “It’s a big sum she’s asking for!!!!” Printing is expensive as fuck, especially for comics, especially for full color comics, especially for indie comics, especially for large quantities of comics. And she’s not asking you alone to pay the whole bill.

You don’t HAVE to be a patron on Patreon. You don’t HAVE to donate to the kickstarter. The comic is still free online. You can still read it, for free, then go to your blog and shit on the keyboard to hate OMGCP or Ngozi herself. Without paying a dime. Congrats.

Or, you can be Not a dick, and read it when it updates, keeping in mind that comic books are usually TEAM projects, and this is a personal project by ONE person in her SPARE TIME, that she is only being paid for by the generosity of her fans on Patreon. No one is being forced to give their money. And guess what? If you’re donating, and you’re not happy with what you’re getting? You can stop donating.

In essence, I want to remind you:

-Art is really, really hard
-Comics especially are labor intensive as fuck
-Ngozi is giving us an incredible thing, for free
-In her spare time
-Artists deserve to be paid for their work
-Even when things are busy.

I don’t want to see what happened to Teahouse happen to OMGCP as well. I’m so, so glad that Patreon exists now, and Kickstarter, so that OMGCP has more of a chance. But please don’t be a jerk about the fact that there is a Kickstarter or a Patreon. You’re not obligated to donate, and artists are not slaves to your schedule. Quite frankly Ngozi is handling all this beautifully. She’s keeping us updated, keeping her promises, and telling us everything she possibly can, on top of giving us a heartfelt, adorable, beautiful, hilarious comic. With extras.

Honestly? I think she deserves every penny she can get.

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Because I love me some angst, can we get Kouha, Hakuryuu, and Judar's reaction to their S/O taking a hit for them and on the brink of death? (I. E. Standing in front of a sword so the other doesn't get hurt)

I made it as a little scenario since you didn’t precise what are you exactly expected. Hope you don’t mind.

He was furious. How could it even possible for Judar to fall so low. Best magician in the world that let his woman be exposed to a danger. Invincible man that let his love take the strike aimed for him. Most powerful magi that let his one and only take all the pain and suffer. What was she even doing on a battlefield? Who she even think she is protecting him? No weapon or spell could hurt him more than the sight of his S/O lying in the pool of blood in his arms. Hot tears were running down his cheeks through his chin to neck, but he couldn’t care less.

“(Y/N), I swear, once you’ll be alright I’ll kick you so hard.” He said throughout the tears. “So please, I beg you, stay with me.“

Kouha always loved the color of the crimson. He do believe that it was sign of royalty. After all it was color of the Ren family. Nonetheless, never in his entire life he thought he could hated it as much as he hate it now. Why, you ask? Because of the crimson blood that is placed all around your abdomen. He didn’t deserve any of his titles. Kou empire’s general? Third imperial prince? More like pathetic kid that weren’t fast enought to react to your act of stupidity. What were you thinking in the first place? That by taking this hit you’ll make him feel relieved? His vision becamed blur and his heart became to throbbed. That by getting hurt instead of him you’ll make him feel pleased? That living with the guilt could be better than death?! At this point he weren’t able to stop his tears. He started looking, no, screaming for Kouen, Phenex should be able to save you, right?

Little did he know,nothing could help your lifeless body. 

The situation was bad and both of you knew this. It always was only a matter of time for Kouen’s followers to start the rebellion and Hakuryuu through he was prepared. He thought. When enemy’s soilders barged into the palace the first thing he take care of was to ensure your safety. He personally led you to underground. He ordered you to run away. He ordered you to be safe. But now you are lying in his arms lifeless. Never I’m his entire life he felt more helpless. This shoot were directed at him. Hakuryuu start panic, this little pressure inside his chest never leaving him. He should be the one that take this hit. He should be the one on the edge of the death. Not you, the love of his life. If he only knew. If he only could turn back time. If he only could go back to this morning, back to the smooth bed’s sheets, back to your loving embrace. If he only could.

So, what are you thinking? It’s my first angst attempt and I’m not quite sure if I should continue. I’m really into angst (I know it wrong, but oh well.) so I will be really pleased of you request more like this. Please let me know your opinion.

What I think of when I think about the signs

Aries: princess ariel. pretty self explanatory. also staying up until 6 a.m. 5 a.m conversations. y'all are very chill people to talk to, we can relate a lot 

Taurus: turtles. I’m not sure why. But also Bulls because y'all are hard headed af. but that’s a good thing. y'all are such hilarious people our convos always make me laugh 

Gemini: how I used to say gemini like gem-ee-nee. and dogs. and jewelry because of gems. light eyes and medium colored hair. 3 a.m meaningful conversations. lasagna and taylor lautner. you get unnecessary hate but don’t worry I love you :’) our conversations are so amusing I love it 

Cancer: soft putty. and pillows. and cuddling. fluffy socks, fluffy blankets, and stuffed animals seriously y'all are so cute and fluffy. also we get along really well we don’t fight very often 

Leo: lions because leo the lion! also wild. procrastinating until 3 a.m. coffee. lots of it. facetimes for hours. our conversations are always memorable yet I don’t remember what we talk about 

Virgos: the word virgin tbh I’m sorry the words are just so similar. you guys are so dorky, in the best way. lots have brown hair and blonde hair. you guys are perfectionists, very nice people. you work hard on everything you do until you’re the very best and more 

Libra: horses. also pretzels. cute fluffy blankets also. loud but gentle. very smart people. you’re very sweet :’) 

Scorpio: spiders. yuck. also scorpions. and leather jackets and combat boots. deep conversations with gemini at 3 in the morning. facetiming friends for hours until morning. you people always find random things to talk about there’s never a dull moment 

Sagittarius: sea horses LOL. good friends. talkative in class. very friendly. basketball. we talk very easily and get along well :) you’re very heartwarming 

Capricorn: gazelles and goats. also winter. also corn. very cute and nice people. tall. lovable people you all are. conversations never fail to amuse. 

Aquarius: aqua man. LOL I think you can guess why. or ocean animals. do you like dates in the aquarium? “skank.” sometimes we fight but we’ve gotten over that :) 

Pisces: the word pieces said differently. also goldfish ;) the snack the smiles back. dancing. goofy but serious. I noticed that you only show a part of yourself to people but you show your closest friends everything.

From the point of view as a Scorpio

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Coping Pt. 2

Your name: submit What is this?

The next morning you almost felt better. You blinked your tired eyes open and glanced around the room, the events from the previous night surfacing. You couldn’t help but grin- the kiss was good. Like, romance movie good. Unfortunately the smile faded just as fast once you remembered Sam and Dean’s goodbyes. You slid out of bed and pulled your jeans on, remembering that all of your things were still downstairs. You snuck down as quietly as you could, unsure if Chuck was asleep or not. You reached the base of the stairs and peered around the corner. The couch was vacant so you proceeded, now in search of Chuck. “Chuck?” You questioned, a bit of concern in your tone.

“In here,” He replied, his voice coming from the kitchen. You followed, snatching your phone off the coffee table in the process. No texts from Sam or Dean. But there was one from Garth. You froze in your spot; almost too afraid to open it. It could have been him telling you Sam and Dean were gone. You opened it.

“Hey Y/N. I heard what happened; I’m real sorry. Sam and Dean asked me to keep an eye on you. If you need anything you can call me; Bess and I will be happy to help. Chuck seems like a good one. Xx- Garth” You rolled your eyes and grinned softly, and slipped it into your pocket and walked out to meet Chuck. He was standing over the stove, his back towards you.

“Good morning.” You told him, taking a seat at the table. “Good morning.” He replied, a shy smile creeping onto his lips as he glanced over his shoulder at you. “I’m making French toast, that’s your favorite, isn’t it?” He questioned, flipping a slice in the pan. You smiled softly, much to his delight. God, your smile could make him melt.

“Yeah, it is. Thanks, that’s really sweet of you.” At first you had been a bit skeptical about Chuck. He had given you an odd vibe when you’d first met, but now you assumed it was his nerves. He had been nothing but kind to you, giving you his bed, his personal work, and now preparing your favorite breakfast. He slid the toast out of the pan and onto a plate and sprinkled some powdered sugar across a stack of at least three slices. He handed it to you and set the syrup on the table. He smiled shortly at you before turning to exit.

“Wait, aren’t you eating?” You questioned, glancing up to meet his eyes. Damn, those eyes. You were quickly growing fond of them.

“I’m not hungry. I just wanted to give you some space and some decent food.” Again, you could feel your heart aching.

“Don’t be silly. Come on, sit.” You told him, nudging your head in the direction of the chair opposite of yours. “Okay,” He agreed, trying desperately to hide the growing smile falling over his lips. You cut into the toast and took a bite. It was incredible. You let out a happy sigh and leaned back in your seat, taking a moment to enjoy eating something that wasn’t fast food for once. Chuck quietly observed you, not sure if he should try and break the ice or not.

“Since you know pretty much everything there is to know about me, why don’t you tell me about yourself?” You spoke between chewing another bite. You raised your finger to your mouth and sucked a little bit of syrup off your knuckle. He swallowed rather obviously and cleared his throat. “M-me? There isn’t much to tell.” He said lamely, tearing his eyes away from your lips long enough to respond. “That can’t be true.” You pried, shoving another piece into your mouth.

“I uh, went to school, started writing. Stumbled onto the Winchesters, and you; of course. Now I do a lot of fan conventions. The books are popular with um a specific, group of people.” He spoke very carefully, like he chose each word very exactly. You thought it was cute; his awkward stammer, the obvious nervousness that played in his voice.

“Conventions? That’s cool.” You said genuine interest in your voice. He chuckled. “Yeah, it’s lame.” He replied quickly with a small shake of his head. You took a sip of milk and leaned forward, resting your chin in your palms. “You’re like the king of the conventions then, huh?” You questioned, trying to get a small hint of pride out of him. You didn’t. “King of losers, maybe.” He chuckled and you rolled your eyes and slid him the last piece of toast.

“Eat something.” You insisted. He furrowed his brow but accepted. Instead of getting new silverware he simply used yours. Normally you wouldn’t have thought about it but it seemed strangely intimate. “What?” He inquired, noting your stare.

“Nothing, you’re just very comfortable with me.” You said carefully, narrowing your eyes somewhat. He ran his hands over his face and licked his lips. “Yeah, I am. I just… hope maybe you’ll feel the same someday.” His voice cracked just the slightest. Unsure of how to respond you stood and turned towards the door.

“Can I take a shower?” His eyes snapped up to yours and he nodded, wiping his mouth on a napkin.

“Yeah, you can use the one in my room. I put some towels in there for you, um, if you need anything else there’s a cabinet in there and…”

“Thanks.” You saved him from his awkwardness, offering him a smile before heading back to the stairs. You thought better and turned back. He was still seated there, most likely replaying the entire exchange you had just had.

“Thank you for breakfast. And for what it’s worth… I don’t think you’re a loser.” You smiled genuinely and pressed a kiss to his cheek before retreating to the stairs. You felt sort of guilty for the way you responded to Chuck’s intimacy before and you were doing your best to try and show him that you appreciated his efforts. But once you remembered how much Chuck knew about you, you knew he would dismiss your lack of intimacy due to the fact that you were (practically) a Winchester.
You wandered into the bedroom and took your phone out once more, desperate to hear the sound of the boys’ voice. Sam would instantly know how to make you feel better. He’d tell you to stop pushing Chuck away; and Dean would tell you to sack up and tell Chuck how you were feeling.
You dialed Dean, hoping he would answer. Of course, he didn’t. “Dean Winchester. You shouldn’t have this number. But since you do, might as well tell me what you want. Beep” You clenched your jaw, the sound of his voice cutting you deeper then you had thought it would. “Hey, Dean. I’m… I’m hoping you and Sam are alright. You were right; Chuck’s real nice and I’m… Doing okay. Missing you both a lot… Stay safe, promise? Call me.” You hung up and threw your phone onto Chuck’s bed, and threw your shirt and jeans along with it. You started the shower and stared in the mirror, a tired, worn, ragged you staring back. You took a deep breath and turned to step under the shower’s misty spray.

Just in time you remembered you had forgotten to grab a towel. You spun on your heel to grab one from the closet Chuck had mentioned by the door, stepping into what should have been the privacy of his room.

Instead, you practically collided with Chuck. Because you liked him, so obviously something has to mess it up.

“Jeez, Chuck! What the hell are you doing?!” You shouted, trying your best to cover yourself. He stared at you shamelessly for a moment before remembering that this was real, it was actually happening, this wasn’t some vision that he could enjoy in privacy. No, you were standing there, a foot in front of him, your breasts in your hands, staring daggers at him.

“My laptop! I just wanted to grab it; I thought you were already in the shower!” He replied defensively, finally scrunching his eyes shut. “Well get it then,” You sighed, grabbing a towel and pulling it around yourself.

“I’m sorry,” He muttered under his breath on his way out. You sighed and finally got into the damn shower.

Once you got out of the shower you pulled on Dean’s shirt once again, not ready to give up the comfort it provided you with. You found Chuck on the couch, typing away furiously, a glass of whiskey beside his keyboard.

“Hey.” You said quietly, hoping you wouldn’t distract him. You failed. He closed the laptop almost immediately and turned to you. “Hey, Y/N, I’m so sorry about earlier, I just-” You shook your head. “It’s okay, I’m sure you’ve seen it all before, right?” You tried to joke, an unsure smile falling over your lips. “Well in person it’s-” You quirked your brow. “In person what?”

“It’s better.” He said simply, clearing his throat uncomfortably. You chuckled and sat beside him. “So, tell me more about the books.” You tried to begin a conversation, but it was hard, truth be told you didn’t know anything about him. “So what is it exactly, that you know about me?” You questioned, curious to know what he would bring up, and maybe hoping to lighten the mood.

“I know how much you love the boys. I know how much you miss your family. Aside from your father. I know, about him. What he did to you.” He told you carefully, his eyes brimming with sincerity. “He was an abusive asshole, that’s all.” You muttered, trying to smirk. You couldn’t fool Chuck. “I know that’s why you relate to the boys so much. I know you don’t even like pie, but you used to make it for Dean every other Sunday. I know you hate yoga even more then pie but you still let Sam give you lessons twice a week. I know how kind you are. I’ve felt your pain, Y/N. And I’m sorry. I know you don’t deserve this.” That wasn’t what you had intended on hearing. You thought he’d say some stupid shit like ‘You’re favorite color is purple.’ You cleared your throat. “And I know you’re trying really hard not to fall apart right now. I’ve got to tell you, Y/N, It hurts like hell watching you. I just want to fix it.” He confessed, looking up at you.

“So if I can make you some French toast, or if I can let you sleep in my bed just to try and ease some of your pain, damnit, I’m going to do it.” You smiled weakly, a tired look behind your eyes. “I’m also sorry for bringing all that up. You uh, probably wanted me to tell you your favorite color was purple. Or your favorite song Dean plays is Cherry Pie. Something like that, right?” You smirked.

“Yeah, something like that.” You agreed; the look on his face one of pride and determination. You cleared your throat and decided that was enough truth time for the day. So you suggested watching a movie. Chuck agreed instantly and you pulled up Netflix. You decided on Top Gun (it’s a classic). You rested your head on Chuck’s shoulder in an effort to let him know that you wanted to know him. He smiled and leaned into you a bit, his breath quickening ever so slightly. “You want a drink?” You asked him, noticing that he was out of whiskey; plus it would help to calm his nerves. “That would be great, thanks.” He agreed. You reluctantly tore yourself away from Tom Cruise and the warm, comfortable man beside you and wandered into the kitchen, trying to remember where you’d set the bottle. You could have sworn it was by the sink, but you couldn’t find it anywhere.

Then you heard glass shatter. Your heart tightened. Never had that been a good sound.

Imediately, your mind went toChuck.

You ran back into the living room to find him in the fetal position on the floor, the bottle of whiskey smashed to pieces, a cut running from his palm to his wrist.

“Chuck!” You practically screamed, dropping to your knees beside him, your hands running up to his cheeks.

“Chuck, please!” You wrapped his hand in a blanket, trying to stop the bleeding, but you knew that wasn’t what was ailing him. You ran your fingers through his hair, holding him close, trying to get through to him. Tears streamed down his cheeks, purely from the pain, his jaw clenched. “I need you, come on! You gasped, your hands running once more through his hair. He was seizing. Was this a seizure? A stroke? You had no idea.
Suddenly he was motionless. Completely still. “Chuck?? Come on, Chuck!” You leant down to his chest, and thankfully his heart was indeed beating. You looked up at his face, he looked calm. Beautiful, even.

Then his eyes were open, so suddenly he almost frightened you. Those brilliant blue eyes staring back at yours. You couldn’t help but feel relieved that you got to stare into those eyes again. “Chuck what is it? Are you okay?” You asked, wiping a stray tear from your cheek.

“It’s Sam and Dean.” He told you, his breathing rapid.

“They’re gone.”

Gone Fishin’

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Summary: Growing up is hard, especially when you love your big brother’s best friend.  Dean Winchester is that best friend. He’s watched you grow up, let you tag along with him and Cas. Through the years, you develop a crush on Dean and that turns into love. Will Dean ever see you as more than Cas’s little sister?

Characters:  Dean Winchester, Reader Novak, (Will be eventual Dean x reader fic) Cas Novak

Word Count: 879

Warnings: Fluff, lots of fluff, brief mention of vomiting (their 6 and 9 years old lol)

A/N:This is part one of my new series Don’t Take the Girl.  I’m in the middle of a Dean Crisis! And this idea just popped into my head, it will be a 10 part series. The whole thing has already been outlined and titled, I will probably put up a chapter every couple of days.

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“Sir, you need to leave now!” came the frustrated voice.

“NO! I won’t leave, I have to stay!” he yelled.

“Please, we’ll do everything we can,” strong arms grasped him and moved him towards the door.

Once in the hall, he fell to his knees and sobbed.

Seventeen Years ago

For as long you could remember, which really wasn’t all that long since you were six, he was always there. The first real memory you had of Dean Winchester was when you’re Dad took the three of you fishing. Cas and Dean had met in kindergarten and became best friends. Your older brother was nine, but he had been kind of sickly growing up and Dean had stuck up for him when some bullies took his milk at snack time. Dean was good for saving people.

Cas didn’t want you to come fishing with them, cause you were just a girl, but Dean always convinced him to let you tag along. “Cas, you gotta be nice to her, she’s your baby sister,” Dean said patting Cas on the back. Your Dad grinned at Dean nodding his head appreciatively.

“Dean’s right son. One day the two of you may live in different states and won’t get to see each much. Y/N loves you, Cas, she just wants to be with her big brother, while she can,” your dad said.

Cas huffed out a breath, “Fine, she can come. I’m not putting the worms on the hook though for you, Y/N. If you wanna fish with us boys, you have to do it yourself.”

You nodded your head, looking a little sick, “Okay, Cas. I promise I’ll be quiet, and I-I’ll put the worms on.”

Dean grabbed your hand, so you wouldn’t fall on the way to the dock, he leaned closer to you and whispered, “Don’t worry about the worms, bug, I got you,” he tried to wink at you.

You smiled at him and he grinned at your toothless smile, “Thanks, Dean. Why does Cas hate me?” you whispered.

Dean stopped walking, “Hey, he doesn’t hate you. I’ll talk to him, sometimes it’s hard for us big brothers to remember that you and Sammy just want to spend time with us. C’mon, let’s go get that worm, but bug, a pink fishing pole? Dude we got to get you a new one.”

You giggled, “Thanks Dean, you’re smart. Pink is my favorite color, don’t want a new pole,” you stuck your bottom lip out.

“Fine, you know I can’t resist your boo boo lip,” he shook his head. “Sammy is gonna be so mad, that he missed out on fishing today.”

“I hope he feels better soon, Dean. You look sad when he is sick, not like Cas. He laughed at me the last time I got sick,” you shook your head making your pigtails hit you in the face.

Dean laughed at you, “He laughed cause you threw up on the doctor, goofy. Not cause you were sick. He told me it was awesome and he thought that the doctor was going to barf too.”

You looked at him like you didn’t believe him. You decided you would ask Cas about it later once you were home. You walked onto the deck and Dean made sure to keep your hand wrapped in his, so that you didn’t go to close to the edge. He made sure you stayed back and went to your Dad to get your pole.

“I’ll help, Y/N, Mr. Novak,” Dean said.

“Are you sure son? I don’t mind helping her.”

“It’s all good, sir,” he took the pole and walked back over to you. Okay, let’s go fishin’.”

He sat down at the edge first then helped you sit next to him, he got a worm out of the can and put it on the hook of your fishing pole, he laughed when you hid your eyes on his shoulder. “Here you go, bug.”

You took the pole from him and helped you cast out into the water, then he got his pole ready  and cast out as well. Before long you were both sitting there kicking your feet out over the water. Dean knew when you started getting tired from the little yawns you kept trying to cover up. He started humming when you put your head on his shoulder, “Dean, what are you humming?” you asked sleepily.

“It’s a song my mom sings to me and Sam. It’s called “Hey Jude,” he replied softly.

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Hi! Can you give me some tips of capturing a person's features? My drawing doesn't look like my ref and something seems off but I don't know which ones to fix. Thank you so much!

You need to draw a lot!

A great tip is to flip the canvas (horizontally and vertically) when you are painting. Why? That’s how you see the mistakes you are making: proportion. Everything about portrait is PROPORTION. If the proportion is off, you will hate your drawing!

Here’s some studies I did a while ago. It was so fucking hard, but those studies helped me in the way I can’t explain. So the tip is: PAINT, DRAW, TRY, TRY AGAIN.

The last two portraits were a master study (John Singer Sargent). TRADITIONAL ART helps so much, especially for skin colors. We all should try to paint a traditional portrait :D

Those were made in Photoshop!

The Green Couch

This is especially for my fellow Omelia AFans. Special shoutout goes to Ani @beafreaklikeme2 for her idea of Omelia having a domestic argument over a green chair. Except I changed it to a green couch. :p Enjoy!

It was Amelia’s third day back at work after the honeymoon. She had a rough day at work- a 35 year old mother of 2 died on her operating table despite her uttermost efforts to save her. Although she knew it wasn’t her fault - as the woman died of a sudden Berry aneurysm rupture-she couldn’t help but blame herself for the death of her patient.

Now all she wanted was to get home to a comfy bed , a nice home cooked meal and of course her new husband- her kind, caring and loving husband.

She had repeatedly been told that real life as husband and wife only starts after the honeymoon period. So far though, after 2 weeks of being married to Owen- she was still in a honeymoon bliss. They would meet up with each other after work - and go out to a nearby restaurant or cook a fancy meal together. Then they would cuddle on the living room couch or on their bed and half watch a sappy romantic movie together. But really, for the first time in her life- Amelia felt like she was in heaven on earth.

Today however, she was abruptly jolted back to reality the moment she stepped into their home. The lights were on- indicating Owen was at home. But what bothered her more than the fact that the lights in the entire house were on- was the fact that the entire living room was in a mess. Apparently Owen had removed his shirt and socks as soon as he stepped into the house- his dirty shirt was hanging on the couch and his socks were strewn on the floor. She spotted a huge overflowing basket of unwashed laundry beside the TV. What ticked her off the most was the sight of Owen lying on the couch, his eyes glued to the TV set, where a soccer match was playing.

Amelia was having none of this. Usually she wouldn’t mind the sight that greeted her- but today had been hell. All she wanted was to come back to a clean and comfortable home to relax and unwind and a hot meal and a shower. But apparently her dear husband had other plans for her.
To top it off- her pregnancy hormones and the constant feeling of being dizzy and lethargic had been taking its toll on her.

Sighing heavily, she stormed into the living room.

’ Well- hello there.’ Owen greeted her from the couch with a hint of amusement in his voice.

The grin that he was wearing quickly faded when he saw her solemn and serious expression. He knew her well enough to know when she was in a good mood and when she wasn’t. And judging from her current expression- she certainly wasn’t in a good mood.

’ You ok Amelia?’ he asked cautiously.

’ Yes- well no- I’m not ok.’ she answered monotonously.

’ Why? Did you have a bad day at work?’ Owen asked, concerned.

’ Yes, my patient died.’ she replied. ’ My patient died and there was nothing I could do to save her.’

’ I’m sure you did your best Amelia.’ Owen comforted her. ’ Sometimes there’s nothing much you can do.’

’ That’s not my main point!’ Amelia cried . ’ My point is- I had a terrible day at work- and yet I’ve to come back to all this mess.’ she added- gesturing wildly at the pile of unwashed laundry and Owen’s shirt and socks. ’ All I wanted was to come home to a clean house. You came home earlier than me today Owen- the least you could do was to throw your shirt and socks into that growing pile of laundry!’

’ I just came home from work about an hour ago . I also had a tiring day at work and wanted to rest too!’ Owen didn’t mean to raise his voice at his new wife..but judging from the way she walked over quietly to pick up the shirt and socks- he knew she had been dealt a blow.

He immediately felt guilty about screaming at her.

’ I’m so sorry Amelia.’ he said sheepishly. ’ I didn’t mean to raise my voice at you.’

He half expected her to yell at him about not being deserving of her forgiveness, but instead she flopped down on the couch beside him.

’ If you yell at me one more time, I’ll chase you out of the house.’ she said, with a serious tone in her voice. However the slight wink in her eye told Owen that he was forgiven at least for the moment.

Owen huddled close to her and pulled her tight.

’ No you wouldn’t’ . he chuckled.

Amelia pouted and punched Owen playfully on his chest.

’ Try me’ she teased.

Suddenly her facial expression changed again.

‘Owen’ she said in a serious tone.

’ Yes dear?’ Owen answered.

’ I thought I told you to change this couch to a nicer color?’ Amelia asked.

’ Well- I didn’t have time to change it yet.’ Owen admitted sheepishly.

Amelia punched him hard on the arm again.

’ Why not?’ she asked.

’ Amelia- you know that I didn’t have time to go to the furniture shop yet since we returned from our honeymoon.’ Owen reasoned. ’ I’ve been working the whole day too.’

’ Well, you better find the time to do so- because you know that I hate green.’ Amelia pouted. ’ A green couch doesn’t suit the design of this room.’

’ What color do you want then?’ Owen asked.

’ Hmm… Let’s see.’ Amelia placed her hands under her chin, pursing her lips in concentration. Owen had to admit that she looked so adorable like that .

’ Ah ha- I know…. How about red?’ Amelia suggested. ’ It’s a striking color and it matches the black carpet.’

’ Uhh…. I’m not so sure about red.’ Owen argued. ’ It’s too striking a color for me.’

Amelia threw her hands up in the air in defeat.

’ Well- if we both can’t agree on a simple thing like the color of the couch- how can we agree on bigger things?’ she asked in exasperation.

’ Well- I think we both can agree on something right now.’ said Owen winking as he drew closer to Amelia and pressed her against his chest - giving her a passionate kiss on the lips.

Amelia tried to resist his advance at first- still being mad at him about the color of the couch. But her anger was soon forgotten as his hands moved slowly down her waist, down to her still flat stomach, rubbing it. Their hands met on the spot where their baby was safely growing inside as they shared another passionate kiss.

The color of the couch, dinner and laundry were forgotten as they christened the couch that night.

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