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Omg today's fic. I always knew the Olicity proposal would make me ugly cry but I had no idea how much it would make me ugly cry. Freaking gorgeous even if it dis make me furtively cry at work. Two quick questions: why did Oliver wait so long to propose and what was his original plan to propose before Felicity bought it up? (I enjoy the way that parallels canon btw :p)

Thank you!!! He was waiting for a few reasons but mostly that he wasn’t sure she was ready. They have only been together for a year and in that time they’ve gained and lost the first Ellie, his sister began suffering what will be lifelong severe medical problems, Felicity was attacked by Malcolm and “asleep” for a week, she got pregnant with Jules and gave birth, they bought their home and moved in together, they met his son and incorporated him into their family, and Felicity was (and still is, at this point) suffering from postpartum depression. That’s… that’s A LOT. He didn’t want to push her at all especially with her newly recovering from PPD. I think he carried the ring around with him for a long time looking for the right moment but he figured he’d give it at least another six months before proposing.

  • Child: Daddy, why did you get married to Papa?
  • Viktor: because I love him so much he is my life I couldn't imagine where I'd be without him omg I love him so much you have no idea he drank 16 glasses of champagne at the banquet and did the poses with Chris at the pole and danced with me it was great also have you seen him? he is so gorgeous look at his hAIR also his eYES shine so bright and he's so precious and cute but a delicius pork cutlet bowl at the same time do you know how much competition there was to get him at the banquet? Everyone loved him but he chose me I am forever grateful
  • Child: Papa, why did you marry Daddy?
  • Yuri: I don't know.
  • Child: Daddy, why did you get married to Papa?
  • Karma: because I love him so much he is my life I couldn't imagine where I'd be without him omg I love him so much you have no idea I always have there was this one he fell on top of me during a fight it was great also have you seen him? he is so gorgeous look at his hAIR also his eyes shine so bright and he's super bloodlust but a teacher at the same time do you know how much competition there was to get him? Everyone loved him but he chose me I am forever grateful
  • Child: Papa, why did you marry Daddy?
  • Nagisa: I don't know.
When Will finally comes out of the closet.

Mike: Okay, so… you’re gay.
Will: Yes.
Mike: As in you like guys.
Will: Yes.
Mike: As in you wanna hook up with guys.
Will: Yes.
Mike: Ever fantasize about hooking up with me? ;))))))))
Mike: So have y-
Will: Oh yeah all the time you’re gorgeous babe

happy valentines day, pals!!! this is a list of the wonderful people ive gotten to know through inuyasha, and boy there’s a lot of them! under a read more to keep from flooding dashboards so read on to see me use words like “i love” and “like” and “omg” and “!!!” 1000 times!

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Hey babies, it’s Cienna, your very own piece of Lily Evans trash! So I am feeling a deep appreciation for all my beautiful followers who helped me achieve another personal milestone (is this the real life or is this a fantasy?!? I am shook) So here I am, back at it again with another celebration: Follower appreciation blogrates/aesthetics 😘


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I remember reading “Jane Eyre” when I was 14

and I thought “omg rochester is 37???? she’s only 18 WHY would she like him??? that’s literally so gross. unrealistic!!! if i was jane, i would never like a man like rochester!!!”

and then i grew up a little and realized…

~37 yr old dominant male with a rugged nature who appears to be intimidating but is actually romantic and cheesy af?

i get it now jane, bb. pursue your love with your gorgeous older man :)))

Dallas Winston~OMG

Request: heyyy ☺️😘 i absolutely love the way you write! if you can would you possible do an imagine where your the sister of the Curtis’s maybe like 13 and you have like a huge crush on someone from the gang so you stay like locked up in your room and your brothers think your sick or something’s wrong but your just embarrassed or to nervous to see the one your crushing on. sorry this sounds super complicated 🙈 you don’t have to do this if you’re to busy i just love the way you write 💗💗 thanks!! 💗

A/n: I’m so sorry this took long and OMG thank you so much

You never really left your room, it was just something you couldn’t get yourself to do unless completely necessary. I mean, who would want to be around a bunch of hot guys that just so happened to be best friends with your brothers and spent every breathing moment in your house? You wanted to, but Dallas was just so overwhelmingly gorgeous.

“(Y/n)? Are you alright in there?”

“Why don’t you come out of your room?”

“Are you sure you feel fine?”

They always asked you these kind of things, but it was only because they cared. You knew that Darry thought there was something wrong with you, he had only tried to send you to therapy around a dozen times this past week.

You sighed and looked up from your homework at the calendar you had on your wall.

March 14
7:00 Therapy appointment

The fire burned inside of you when you read that. You had told Darry multiple times that you didn’t need to see a therapist because there’s nothing wrong with you.

You ripped the calendar off the wall and practically kicked down your door. “God damnit Darry! How many times I gotta tell ya I don’t need therapy! There’s nothing wrong with me! You can’t fix something that isn’t broken!” You screamed slamming your calendar down on the table.

To say he looked angry was an understatement, he was just about ready to murder you with the whisk that he currently held in his hand.

“If you’re not depressed and hurting then what do you do the whole time your locked up in your room! Why don’t you ever come out, we never see you!”

It was a screaming war between the two of you. Back and forth, back and forth. You ran to storm out of the house but was stopped by Dallas. He shoved you into your bedroom closing the door behind you guys.

“Didn’t know I effected you that much Doll.” He teased sitting down next to you.

What you hadn’t realized is that in the middle of the fight you had screamed that you were embarrassed to be around Dally.

“Oh my god, this is even more embarrassing.” You mumbled with your head in your hands.

“Hey, look in the bright side. It could be Two-Bit.” He joked, but you didn’t laugh.

“Don’t be embarrassed, you ain’t got nothing to be embarrassed about.” He said patting your shoulder before leaving the room.

You sighed dreamily and lied back down on your bed. Dallas Winston had just TOUCHED your shoulder.

New Video

I’m gonna not even pretend to not be an edgy fourteen year old. While I may sound harsh I mean nothing offensive to YandereDev, this is just criticism.


Ok that’s a bit harsh.

(wait a moment there was saki x kokona pictures in that Google search, fuckin canon)

Why is Kizana so fucking shallow? I mean what happened to all the rivals being likable. Because you know nobody likes Mida, the fandom is still a bit worried with Muja, and now Kizana is being made into a shallow bitch (though what did I expect considering you said if Kokona was a rival, she’d be even more unlikable).

Why did we need this video? This probably could of been confined to a Tumblr post.

Omg that Kokona thumbnail art though is gorgeous.



“This means it’s Kokona’s fault”

Ok. This is fucked up.

If I say “Hey wouldn’t it be funny if you stabbed that guy,” And you stab him. Who’s fault is it?

And if we’re going by this train of thought, doesn’t it mean Info-chan is too blame?

Saying it’s Kokona’s fault that seven girls and three hellmonsters and however many more people died is a bit of a stretch (but you gotta make Kokona in the wrong. Again.)

But seriously, sakona’s canon

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I know you've talked about the Caryl hugs lots of times but could you do the Caryl forehead kisses for me? Those moments between them are just so beautiful and give me chills every time. Norman and Melissa can say so much without saying anything at all!

OMG YES I’m in the mood for some feels so I will definitely write about these two gorgeous moments in Caryl history because… yeah…

Forhead kiss #1

You know I started thinking about this lately and I still remember how when she walked in the room, he covered himself up with the blanket. And now we know why he did that. He didn’t want her to see him like that. To see his back and know what was really wrong with him.

But she saw, and leaned over to kiss him on the forhead and this is the heartbreaking part..

That little flinch. The kind you do when you expect to be hurt. Because anyone who got that close to him was usually going to hurt him. And this is something she had to recognize too. But this didn’t hurt. For once someone got close and didn’t hurt him. It always breaks my heart to think someone would react like this to such a sweet gesture. That in his life he got hit more than he got kissed on the had.

Carol, so gentle so nice, it’s almost to much for him to handle at that moment when he’s hurting in all kinds of ways and he simply has no idea how to react to it. It’s been a long time since someone had been that kind to him. And it was this  quiet, beautiful woman, thanking him for doing something good.

Kissing him and telling him he was ‘just as good as them’ for trying to help her little girl like. Bringing him food, not being angry. Just thanking him. Just being nice. It must’ve confused the hell out of him.

And man would she continue to bamboozle him for a quite a while up until the present.

Forhead kiss #2

Wandering off on his own, pulling away in effort to protect himself, Daryl has no answer but a smile when Carol tells him  “you gonna stop me?” when he tells her not to follow him. Of course she’s going to.

I love the way she brushes his hair from his eyes as she talks to him, seeing his eyes move, flutter slightly every time her fingers brush his skin. No one can touch him like this. Non one but her.

“I know yo.. you have to let yourself feel it.”

She does know him, she knows he can’t hold it in. That it just eats him up. But she’s gentle as always, no forceful, her fingers brushing his hair before pulling his head to her and kissing it softly.

It is beautiful how his eyes flutter at every touch and how when she kisses his head he closes them, as if taking in the comfort without the benefit of sight, just feeling it. Feeling her lips on his forhead. Slowly starting the undoing of his feelings, the ones he was holding in all this time.

She continues to brush his hair and let her fingers trail down his arm, even touching comforting and gentle. And he feels all of it even as he’s trying to hold it in.

It is lovely how well they do these scenes where not a ton is said but so much is done by body language and facial expression. The little touches and variables that seem to infuse all their scenes. I do swear Nomy, the writers/showrunners just give these two the basic layout of the scene and they do the rest and that is what makes them so beautiful

That organic natural flow of every one of their scenes together. It’s something that can’t be forced. It comes when 2 people just click and lord do these 2 ever do that. And we are blessed to see it, and definitely need more of this.

And btw, forhead kisses are given as comfort to someone you love, related or not. They are nurturing  in that sense but it dose not neccearily mean familial as many of my married friends will tell you. It something you do for someone you love who is hurting, plain and simple and its simply a beautiful, selfless gesture.

And I just gave myself massive feels writing this…

Thanks for the ask love :)

gifs by @oohhshiny

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You need to take a breath Dear anon hahaha BUT! YEEEEAH ~ This chapter was so good and funny! I laughed so hard with the pic part… because pleease He Tian… why? (≖ヮ≖ )╯huh~

(plus… I have to say that Jian Yi looked gorgeous on this ch hahaha) 

NCT U REACTION When you wear something incredibly sexy and scandalous when you're going out with him and his group members.

I had fun doing this one! It’s been so long since I last made an NCT U reaction~



The boys find it a bit amusing

“Oh hi Y/N! You look gorgeous”

But he’s like:

“Bitch no. She’s mine, control yourselves.” while laughing awkwardly.


“OMG why are you wearing this? We’re only going to get ice cream with Sicheng…” he thinks you look gorgeous, but is a little flustered cuz you’re wearing that tight dress to go get ice cream with one of his babies…


“OK… You look amazing, but you know that the boys are coming too right?” is lowkey jealous af.




“Oh hi Y….”



Gif Credits To Their Original Owners!

~ADM Pandacchi

nygmobblepot at sirens

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okokokok so i see hansol 100% liking you on his lap, straddling him. once hes like all touchy he wraps his arms around you and everytime you pull away for air he whines and pulls you closer into him, rubbing your sides. he really likes to take small breathers where he kisses your cheeks and your jaw and down your neck and he'll like murmur how gorgeous you are into your shoulder before going back @ it and omg im dying

venUS YOU ARE KILLING ME FML BEJDHSKJDJSJ why don’t u just write it for me lmao ( @jaeminniemouse)


GMS I suppose?😅 If you want I mean… oh and sorry if i’m bothersome, but could you delete it after a while? Like one week ?:/ idk I’m just paranoid and awkward😅😢. Also on my t-shirt: “When you need a hug, snug a pug”

Hello darling 💘 thank your for submitting a pic 🌸 and wow ! You’re so pretty 😍😍🔥 I’d kill for your lips and your skin , wow 😩😍😍😍❤️ And I’d guess cancer or Taurus ?

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I've been following your blog for a while but just recently got the to look through all your drawings... And I'M REGRETTING WHY I DIDN'T DO THIS EARLIER😂😂 They're all so really really REALLY beautiful and fluffy and just. AMAZING. And being a uke!Mika fan HOW CAN I NOT LOVE YOUR ART. I especially love how you draw fem!Mika, she looks so gorgeous! TYSM for drawing such wonderful arts miilily!! xoxo <3 <3 <3


NATM3 - A Nutshell (a.k.a I love this movie omg)
  • Larry: Holy crap the tablet is dying and my son is being a teenager
  • Teddy: Shit my hands are wax
  • Dexter: *secretly in love with Larry* *pisses on everything*
  • Octavius: Lancelot is gorgeous...
  • Jed: ... No he's not *why are you not paying attention to me look at me partner please stop no*
  • Sacagawea: Watching these men act like fools is my favourite past time *shares popcorn with Dexter*
  • Nicky: *is a teenager* I am so sorry for everything that is happening
  • Lancelot: *Buz Lightyear syndrome* Where is Guinevere? DON'T LOOK AT MY NOSE
  • Ahkmenrah: lol Oc and Jed are gonna die *everyone stares* I mean, oh dear