why are you so flawless tho

EXO Reaction when they see their childhood (guy) friend looking good after some years

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*Really shocked* “Is that… really really you? when did you… what is your secret man?”


“I can’t believe this… I almost didn’t recognize you! And here I was thinking I looked handsome” *Someone wants to change his style now*


*Graphical description* “Damn….. woah”


*Someone’s a bit jealous* “I still love you tho… but how dare you? xD”


“Oh look at you! You are still as cute as you were in high school! Let me pinch those cheeks!” *A sweetheart as always*


“so… do you want to go out and tell me how you did it? Maybe share some other things with me? ;);)”


*Feeling intimidated* “Why can’t I stop staring at his flawless face… who is he and what did he do to my childhood friend….”


“Never on this Earth I thought someone would be manlier than me… you boy… just became my idol”


*Trying to show off a little* “See? I became handsome and strong too!”


*Kyungsoo approves* “I always thought you would become the most handsome one! I’m glad I wasn’t mistaken” 


“Come here… I want to see your face closer. Lay likes this!”


*Really nervous* “Oh hey there… how u doin… remember me? I’m.. Suho… you know…. hi”

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“Shine brighter! Surprise me again and again!”

So today we will see the first Ayakashi sister

Koan makes her debut today but the recent lack of official promo art / info on the sisters has me thinking if Crystal has decided to remove them?.

Let’s be real, the Ayakashi sisters are pretty pointless in the manga (even more than the shittennou), they die in the act they’re introduced and they’re pretty much irrelevant to the story (MURHS bless the classic anime for making them the fierce bitches they were supposed to be).

So this idea might sound crazy at first, but thinking it carefully and taking into account that Crystal is no longer following the manga faithfully, it could be quite possible!.

I hope this is not the case tbh, even tho Crystal will surely fuck them up, I still want them to be in Crystal (and survive their episode) just to see my awesome bitches again in 2K15 style.

We had to endure the pathetic attempt at 5 x Miracle Romance with the shittennou so why not do the same with the sisters?.

Several people are already saying that the sisters should die (and it’s funny that they’re shittenou shippers).

Sis, you had your moment with the nonsense that was the shittenou romance with the senshi, now let us have our nonsense plot with the flawless sisters.

It’s going to be a train wreck anyway so let us have them sis!.