why are you so dumb


Nails before I ruin them in like one day. I actually ruined them while painting them, while drying them, while typing, while pushing my glasses up.. just a million times already! Hahaha. Luckily, sparkly nails hide imperfections well!!!

Also my eternal disappointment with cameras never showing how glorious I think I look in the mirror or in my head.. BUT IT OKAY!!!! (????) lol I also probably should upgrade my phone soon because it keeps restarting when I bump it slightly (I think it’s a loose battery issue).

markimoop asked:

Hey if you want a chuckle, I just imagined Mark's hair floof getting to be so big and well, floofy, that one day he goes outside and it just acts as a kite and he just flies off. (This is so dumb idk why I'm sending you this :$)

i laughed harder than i shoul have haha xD this is great

Me on telling Travis how to pet-sit Sasha the eel.

Travis: Okay so do I need to feed her or anything?

Me: NO she is a MONSTER.

Me: A dirty monster that you will need to clean while I’m gone. It’s super difficult and involved, many steps. This isn’t easy!

*shows him how it is done, mixing salt, dechlorinator, refractometer reading*

Travis: That seems really easy and straight forward… You really thought I’d be too dumb to do this? Do people actually mess this up?


Travis: Why do you think I’m so dumb though??

Sometimes I dumb down pet care so much that I hurt his feelings l m a o. I’ve just seen so many noob horror stories.

Could anyone who still loves Doctor Who and is hella excited about the new season reblog this so I can follow you.

I’m so excited about it and Doctor Who is so important to me but literally my dash is covered in hate and it’s bumming me out. 


"So, Scarlett rearranged her schedule so the two of them could come back together after we moved on to finish the fight. Because she wanted to do it with Jeremy, she didn’t want it just to be over a double and over a double."

- Joss Whedon on Jeremy Renner’s injury on set in the Avengers commentary