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“I look like an idiot.”- DjWifi “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.” LadyNoir or “We shouldn’t be doing this” MariChat  

“I look like an idiot,” Nino complained.

“You look so cute!” Alya squealed.

Nino was wearing a Toy Story Woody outfit, complete with cowboy boots, red handkerchief, and giant cowboy hat. He had never, in his entire life, worn boots with heels. And the hat pushed his glasses uncomfortably into his face. He felt stupid.

“Oh, come on! You said I could pick the outfit!” Alya said. “And I already bought my Jessie outfit!”

Nino sighed, taking the hat off. “I was totally trusting you to pick a good outfit, but this is way overboard. Why do we even have to match anyway?”

“We told Adrien and Marinette we would each do a couples costume for Halloween,” she reminded him. The school was throwing a Halloween dance, and they had planned on a double date. “And then we agreed on a Disney theme.”

“This barely counts as Disney. It’s technically a Pixar movie,” Nino pointed out. “And couldn’t you have chosen a different Disney couple?”

“Like what?”

“Like, I dunno, any of them?”

“Pleeease?” Alya pouted. “I’ll spend all day tomorrow doing anything you want!”

Nino put his head in his hand. He was so going to get her back for this.

The next week, Alya and Nino were waiting outside on the school steps for their friends. Nino kept adjusting his handkerchief and glasses. Alya looked adorable in her Jessie outfit. She had ditched her glasses in favor of contacts, so she wasn’t having the same troubles.

Marinette and Adrien turned the corner, causing Alya and Nino to gasp. Marinette was wearing a stunning Snow White dress. Her short hair was free of its pigtails, and a red bow had taken their place. Next to her, Adrien was wearing a Prince Charming outfit. He even had a red cloak hanging off his shoulders. They both looked ridiculously adorable.

“See?” Nino cried, pointing at them. “Why couldn’t you choose a princess and a prince outfit?”

Alya ignored him, running down the steps to meet Marinette. They squealed and fawned over each other’s costumes while Nino clumped down awkwardly in his boots.

“You look like you drew the short end of the stick,” Adrien said.

“No kidding.” Nino adjusted his glasses again. “You’re lucky you’re with Marinette. She chose an awesome costume for you.”

Adrien scratched the back of his head. “Actually, she wanted me to pick the costume.”

Nino’s mouth fell open. “Really, dude?”

Alya suddenly pulled Nino’s arm. “Come on, let’s go dance!”

Nino looked at Adrien, mouthing, “Help!” as he was dragged up the steps and onto the dance floor.

But while Nino tripped over his shoes, and stepped on Alya’s feet, and felt stupid and ridiculous, he was doing all of this with her. He would have never subjected himself to such embarrassment with anyone else, and that’s when he knew he would someday ask this girl to marry him.
This one ended up being one of my favorites so far! I had a ton of fun writing it, so I hope you have a ton of fun reading it, anon! Also, I had to feature Adrinette because I imagined them in their costumes and I couldn’t let it go, lol.

Dress Up

Anonymous Requested: A drabble with Jungkook in the dressing room where you both pick out Halloween costumes for each other that they know the other person will hate? Smutty or fluff doesn’t matter 😘

You hated this idea. There was a possibility that you’d never hated one idea so much until this moment. You were standing in front of a Halloween store with your boyfriend practically jumping from excitement beside you.

“Don’t be grumpy,”

Your body gave a jolt at the feeling of his lips against your ear. You turned to look at him, the edge of his lips lifted in a smirk at catching you off guard. You brushed him away like he was a fly at your ear and stuck your hands back into your pockets. You were sour you couldn’t deny it.

“Do we really have to get couples costumes?”

Jungkook simply smiled as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you close to his side. His feet pulling you forward no matter how much you tried to stay in place.

“What is so wrong with couples costumes?”

“You mean besides me meeting your friends for the first time dressed as a cow or a socket?”

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We Got Married (Kai)

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Anonymous said: Can I have a Kai we got married scenario? It can be fluffy but like, not too much? They just really like each other a lot and everyone can actually see it :)

Anonymous said: could you make a kai scenario where he’s your fanboy and you surprise him and exo on some reality show and they pair you to do the pepero game? and they tease him about how he knows all of your songs/movies and dances etc and make him dance to one of the songs. thank you <3

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Reader x Kai

A/N: These two requests were so similar that I had to at least attempt to combine them, so I hope both of you are satisfied. On a side note, I actually began watching WGM because of this request so, Anon 1, thank you for pushing me into the K-variety show world. :)

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Carl Grimes x Reader - Walker Attacks and Cheesy Confessions

Requested by the fabulous carlandchandlerimagines - How about where they go outside the walls and Y/N saves Carl from Walkers?

Why of course :D

Warnings: Walker bashing and cheesy confessions.

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*****************************LA JIGGIDY DAR DAR DOO**********************

“Where do you think you’re going?”

The boy froze mid-climb, eyes widening like a deer’s in headlights. He slowly turned his head around and looked down to you standing beneath him, shaking your head slowly and pursing your lips together. He quickly scrambled back down from the wall and feigned innocence. “Hey, Y/N! What’s up?”

“You a few seconds ago,” you said, clearly not fooled. Carl sighed and looked at you pleadingly.

“Please don’t tell my dad,” he begged.

“Carl, you know we’re not supposed to go beyond the walls without an adult! It’s dangerous!” you said, concern lacing your tone. Carl rolled his eyes in frustration. “Enid does it all the time!” he defended. You felt annoyance burrow inside you at the mention of her name. “You’re not Enid, Carl. And that’s not the point! The point is, you’re not going alone!”

“Yeah, and how’re you gonna stop me, huh?” he demanded, taking a step closer to you in order to intimidate. You placed a calm hand on his chest and spoke in a level tone, not at all bothered by his aggressive attitude; you’ve known Carl since he came to you Uncle Hershel’s farm when you were kids and you also knew all too well about his sometimes irrational behaviour ever since the death of Sophia. But unlike when you were both eleven, it didn’t scare you anymore. Carl just reminded you of an overgrown toddler with anger issues. “I didn’t say  I was going to stop you,” you corrected. “I just said you’re not going alone.”

************************DUR DUR DUR DEE DUR***********************************

“Why did you even want to come out here?” you asked, walking through the woods with Carl by your side. “I don’t like being behind the walls,” he answered. You looked at him with a dumbfounded expression and he snorted at your reaction. “What’s wrong with you? You don’t like having a roof over your head? Having food? Being around other people?”

“I just don’t like how fake it feels there. It’s like they’re trying to make life how it used to be before all this happened,” Carl said, kicking a rock to the side. Your facial expression did not falter.

“And why is that so bad?” you asked.

“Because life can never be how it was before. Not with all the shit we’ve seen and done,” he told you, irritation coming along with his words. “Sure, I’m grateful that we’re not having to watch our backs as much anymore and that Judy has somewhere safe to sleep, but I don’t need to be around other people. I have you and the group,”

I have you.

Your heart jumped as he said that. He could’ve just said he had the group, he didn’t specifically have to mention you, but he did anyways. You allowed a small smile to appear on your lips. “So instead, you’d rather come out here and…what? Chill with the walkers?” you joked. Carl snickered and bumped your shoulder with his upper arm. “Har, har,” he said, then turned serious. “I just like how isolated these woods can be sometimes. And I don’t have to deal with all those housewives and overbearing moms wanting to pinch my cheeks and steal my little sister. That’s a plus,”

You couldn’t help but laugh at the image of Jessie squishing Carl’s cheeks as a distraction as Mrs Miller attempted to kidnap baby Judith from her pram. Who could blame her? She was a cute child. “So really, you just want a break,” you said, more of a statement than a question. Carl nodded.

“Exactly. But I guess now it’s more of a hangout place now that you’re here with me,” he grinned. You grinned back at him and you thought of a funny idea that could possibly result in your demise.

But it’d be funny, so why not?

Before he had a chance to register what was happening, you reached up and took Carl’s sheriff hat and stuck it on your own head, placing a hand on your hip and the other on the brim of the hat. “Looks like there’s a new sheriff in town,” you said with a terrible southern accent, winking playfully at him. Carl looked at you as if you were crazy for a few moments before bursting into laughter and doubling over, holding his stomach. As stupid as you felt, you kept the act on. “I dunno why you’re laughin’, son,” you said. Standing up straight, your friend looked at you incredulously.

“What’re you doing, Y/N?” he sighed, but in a fond tone.

“Being a badass, that’s what. Son,” you said, refusing to drop the shitty accent Daryl would probably beat you up for. Finally deciding to play along, Carl took out his gun and pointed it at you (obviously with the safety on). “This town ain’t big enough for the both of us!”

Since you didn’t have enough time to bring your own gun with you, you made your fingers into a mock gun shape, pointing them at Carl in return. “Well, if you wanna take me down, you gon’ have to catch me first!” and with that, you took off running away from him, hearing him call, “Give me back the hat!”

You laughed with a carefree nature as yous printed away from him, looking back several times to see him chasing you with his gun now tucked away, an eager smile on his face with bright eyes. You kept on running until you felt his hand tug you back and crush your back into his hard chest. The hat was plucked from the top of your head and placed back onto Carl’s, his strong hold around your middle never faltering. Still panting like a dog, he leaned forward and whispered into you ear, his hot breath fanning over the side of your face. “I win,”

You spun around and was taken aback at how close your faces actually were. You had never really taken time to truly admire Carl’s handsomeness; you had always thought it silly to be fangirling over a boy while you were trying to survive in the wilderness. But now that it was just you and him alone in the forest, you could take time to look at the dazzling electric blue of his eyes or the fullness of his bottom lip. You found yourself trapped in his gaze and all you wanted to do was lean forward and kiss him. That was actually what you had started to do before you heard the snarling and jagged footsteps of a walker come up behind him.

He yelled as the grotesque monster dragged him to the floor, furiously trying to reach for his gun with one hand and holding the walker’s snapping mouth away from him the other. “Carl!” you shrieked, automatically reaching for your gun or knife, but cursing when you remembered they were still in the armoury back at Alexandria. You somehow managed to trick yourself into thinking that if an immediate threat did come into case, you’d be the one in danger and Carl would be the one to save you. The walker was slowly becoming more and more dangerously close to sinking its’ teeth into Carl and you knew you had to think fast.

You grabbed the first rock you could find on the floor and knelt beside the walker, ruthlessly bashing it into its’ skull. That threw it off of Carl but it still wasn’t dead yet. You saw him get his gun out from the corner of your eye but you walked towards the reanimated corpse and stomped on it’s head repeatedly, all of the fear and fury that came with nearly losing someone you loved pouring out into your actions. Even after the walker was long dead, you continued to batter it until you felt two hands gently grip your sides.

“Y/N, it’s okay, it’s dead now,” he said to you, pulling you away from the walker slowly. You quickly turned to him and looked him over for any injuries or bites. “A-are you okay? Did it get you? Are you hurt?” the questions were flying out of your mouth so fast that he didn’t have time to answer.

“Y/N, look at me,” he said softly, taking your face into his hands, searching your (e/c) eyes with his own. “I’m fine, really. You saved me, so thank you,”

“I-I didn’t bring my gun with me, I’m so stupid!” you were rambling now, the dark thought of loosing Carl clouding your mind. “You could’ve died and it would’ve been all my fault! Carl, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

“Y/N! Calm. Down.” Carl could see that you were panicking now and he didn’t know how to calm you down. Your breathing was short and fast and your eyes were wide and filled with fear. “I couldn’t lose you, Carl. I’m just so sick and tired of losing the people I love-”

“You love me?”

You froze in the realisation of what you has just said and you felt like smacking yourself in the head and repeating “Stupid, stupid, stupid!” over and over again. “A-a-as a friend!” you stammered. Carl couldn’t help but smile gently at your flustered and undeniably cute antics. He brushed a stray piece of hair from your face and leaned down closer to you, the tip of his nose brushing yours.




Is he going to kiss me? I think he’s going to kiss me!  Your thoughts went wild. Why else would he be so close?

“I think we both know that’s a lie,” he said, before pressing his lips against yours. The kiss was short and sweet and filled with care; exactly how you always dreamed it would be. As he broke away, you kept your eyes shut, refusing to let go of the beautiful moment. “I’ve known that you’re in love with me for quite some time now, anyways,” he said. You eyes flew open and you felt embarrassment eat away at you. “You knew the whole time?!”

“‘Course I did,”

“…..Do you love me?”

Carl furrowed his eyebrows in thought at your question and you felt your heart sink. “I definitely like you,” he stated. “And I think you’re beautiful. I’m sure I’ll be able to fall in love with you sooner or later,” Carl kissed you again, this time placing one hand on your waist and you responded by wrapping your arms around his neck, enjoying how his plump lips felt against yours. He moved away once more and beamed at you.

“I can’t wait to fall in love with you,” he whispered.

                                                                  ~The End~


firstly …

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of course blue eyes comes first, meet Shinya Hiragi my boy~

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who knows Akatsuki no yona? if so I’m claiming this guy right here, Hak is mine so forget it!.(just kidding 😋)

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Ooooh we all miss him right? on the Manga and Anime, Jellal Fernandes you shall be remembered. 

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ayato sakamaki also another bloodsucker vampire~ my most fave when we are talking about Diabolik Lovers tbh. (JESSIE-CHIN I ALREADY CLAIMED HIM ALSO)

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kaneki ken also made me love him, and because he surprised me by his new look and new fighting style.

well thats all for today, my beloved boys ahaha