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Hi hi hi you adorable peeps <3 I would like to request a McxSaeran headcanon of them spending a day in a flower field (flower crown!!) please~! Thank you so much! <3

|| Honestly, this is so cute, omfg. I hope you like this, darling! -Ellis ||

  • okay, he doesn’t understand what the big deal about flower fields are.
    • like, why do so many people like them?
    • it’s just a field where he’ll get a stuffy nose because of the pollen.
  • however, he can never deny you anything so, of course, he agrees to go with you.
    • he’s glad he did because the smile that blooms on your face is absolutely gorgeous.
  • he isnt so glad when he’s sitting in front of you and he’s letting out quiet sneezes every few seconds
    • which are so fucking cute, let me tell you
      • since he always looks so shocked afterwards
        • it’s like he doesn’t even notice the sneeze coming up until he lets it out
  • “y/n *sneeze* can we please go home?”
  • “give me a few more minutes, saeran. i’m almost done”
  • you continue making whatever you’re making.
    • saeran has no idea you can make flower crowns with real flowers.
      • heck, he hasn’t even worn one before.
  • “okay! done!”
  • you place the carefully made crown on saeran’s head.
    • he looks absolutely adorable
  • he blinks before letting out the biggest sneeze yet
  • you giggle to yourself, since once again, he looks so shock and his body actually lurches forward because of the force behind it
  • saeran gives you an unamused look before reaching up to take off the flower crown. 
  • he looks at it for a moment before reaching over to place it on your head.
  • “you look pretty.” he says a bit gruffly.
  • at your blush, he lets out a laugh before pressing a kiss on your cheek
    • he sneezes on you but you two try to ignore that when you tell the story
  • he’s glad that he agreed to go out with you that day.

all of them are cuties, no two ways about that…

but mitsuru may have just surpassed anjo (of magic-kyun: renaissance fame) when it comes to being bae.

I know, I know….

“Why?!” you cry.


Mitsuru is so obnoxiously cheerful and in-your-face ( and just plain obnoxious in general) that first, he catches one’s attention, and second, he keeps it. (And he’s really quite cute, no two ways about that.)

How could anyone say no to this face?

*whisper-shouts* “He’s adorable.”

I’m done now.

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How do Romano, England, Spain and America react to their sweet s/o trying to boss them around and failing miserably to the point where s/o is embarrassed?

idk that sounds soo cute

Romano: He’d try to act very angry and annoyed himself, but he would end up cracking up and would walk up to them, say: “Being bossy doesn’t really work out, but it makes you cute-” And probably kiss them.

England: Soooo at first he’d take it seriously and would be like: “WTF is going on here?” But once they failed, he’d force himself not to laugh as he doesn’t want them to feel bad. He’d then say something like: ”If you want me to do something, you could’ve just asked, love.”

Spain: He wouldn’t even try not to laugh. He’d find it adorable. “Why so harsh, darling? You know that Spain is the boss, but he’d always fulfill your wishes!!”

America: Oh Boy. He’d try sooo hard to keep it together, but he’d probably fail just as badly as his s/o. He’d think it’s very cute and would start laughing (which c’mon, isn’t that unusual) He’d then walk up to them, spin them around and kiss them, telling them that there was no need to boss him around - he’d fulfill their wishes either way.

(btw I have no clue if the way I write Romano’s part fits his personality. I’m very insecure quite a few characters, but he gives me the hardest time, I guess… xD)

So today’s my birthday and I felt like a slight break/need for a warmup. So I decided to draw my ships from Ever After High. Some of these pairing names I came up with since I couldn’t find one or I may be the first one on the shipping boat. Yes, if one good thing came out of Way Too Wonderland, it was Darling and Chase. OMG so cute~! I ship them and I will not lie!

I’ll let you guess which ones share the slot for my OTP for this show. Yes, I love my two favorite ships in this show so much I can’t decide which is cuter.

If you’re wondering why there’s no Hushlynn… I don’t really love them. They’re cute, but I don’t feel anything beyond “Eh” for them. I also just realized I ship all the Charming siblings with someone… this family is too attractive. (I’ll have to work on my Dizzie art though… ick.)

Imagine that you’ve been in a coma for a few years, and when you wake up, you discover all your favourite characters standing around you, grinning.
Imagine if in your coma, you’d dreamt up whole other worlds for your real life friends, and imagined that you were reading a story about it or watching a film or TV show about them.
Your crazy ex? Yup, they’re that person in that TV show you really really hate without knowing why. Your best friend is that person that you’ve always always loved without knowing why in that book.
Imagine if.

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Quick question: Why do you add (d) at the end of the acronym for your fic? I'm sorry if it's obvious but ???

There was an ask that joked that the acronym for Bear Your Soul: bysoti sounded like medicine and my response was that I wish there was a d on the end because then it sounds like: Besotted. Which is what Viktor is quickly heading toward. So @ anyareh suggested (darling)  [how did i get that wrong… sorry anonymousse]. So that’s why. Just something silly because I think it’s cute. And it started catching on! Which I love! (And I’ve decided that I’m going to use it to split up the bear your soul on the ice stuff through the tags. So the meaty stuff will end up under the full tag and then everything regarding bysoti(d) will end up under the acronym. I just haven’t had a chance to add the links or anything.

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Tbh when I see texts with lots of emojis and talk like that I find it annoying but you and your bf are so pure???? Like I love how you said the millipede is gonna grow sentient and become a tax paying citizen and then in the same conversation you call each other baby bee/darling bee and it's all so cute I can't??

gfhNFHDH we like Become different people when we talk to each other like…our voices both get higher and instead of talking about dark souls and like piss jokes I say shit like “why honey bee I Do love you so very much!” it’s so weird and I love it

that said we do still talk abt dark souls and make piss jokes but we have like Affection Voices specifically for gettin gooey on each other

  • Marco: We need unnecessary cute nicknames.
  • Sabo/Ace: What?
  • Marco: Yup, this is happening. Sabo, you are now "Love" and Ace you are "Darling"
  • Sabo: Ok??? Then Ace you are now..."Sweetheart" and Marco you are now "Honey"
  • Ace: Why are mine so...
  • Marco: Adorable? Because you're adorable Darling.
  • Sabo: He's right Sweetheart you are.
  • Ace: Marco you are now "Asshole" and Sabo is now "Bastard" until you take that back.
  • Marco: Come on Ace, do it for me. Please?
  • Ace: ...
  • Ace: Marco is now "Cariño" and Sabo is "Lindo"

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81, 38, and 29??

81. Describe your friends eyes with most abstract imagery you can think of

Oh boy. Uhhhh…
Just like your personality, light shines through your eyes. Looking into your eyes is like looking at a serene painting, the canvas covered in wild grass and lilies. A spring day seems dull compared to your laughing eyes. Never lose that sparkle darling

29. What’s something cute your friend does that you think is really endearing?

I have no idea why but when my friend Aurianna ( @mudgoddess )calls me Jessie I LOSE MY SHIT. THATS SO CUTE I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. NO ONE CALLS ME JESSIE

38. Talk about your pet peeves


Ask me things!!!
Fire Emblem Fates DLC: Museum Melee: Leo and Takumi

Spoilers for Fire Emblem Fates DLC (Museum Melee):

So handsome and full of confidence there, Leo. You know what you want and you are going for it, darling (^_^)/ 


Damnit, Takumi. Why are you so cute and dorky. Everyone heard you for you shouted it ;) Lovely blush you have going on there :D

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I ship Mod Lily and America!

Hahaha thank you~! I ship myself with America too. X’D I could definitely use Alfred’s naturally sunny disposition in my life, I mean who couldn’t? He’s just so perfect~! Why are all the characters I love fictional? X’D Hehe, thanks for brightening up my mood darling, I was feeling a bit down. I really appreciate this cute little message you sent. <3 <3 <3 

He’s such a dork. :P

-Mod Lily

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Same anon about leaning against tc's chest etc. He also calls me "darling" a lot and it gets to me so much cos I told him I was worried about him (he's been super stressed) and he straight up said "don't worry about me, darling. You're much more important to me." And I fREAKED. Like does he actually care?? Is this a thing???

Like I always say to our followers, it’s good to be close to your teacher and yes they will do cute stuff- but tbh most of it doesn’t mean anything. Obviously it could, but it shouldn’t, teachers shouldn’t be having these feelings towards their students. So either way, it won’t work out. It’s what makes having a TC so painful but that’s why we’re all here together

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anon from last night lmao, im not getting w the lad now bc the twat deadass sent pics to the bitch i hate to get me jealous like tffffff you're worth all that emotion darl, you're not that cute. smh to make things worse, he wont admit it to me but gets mad when i flirt w his pals, why are british boys like this? amm fuming

So you’re British? I wanna know more😂 like who do British guys act (asking because I need to know how my future boyfriend/husband is going to be).

But you can find some more dick, they’re a dime a dozen!

Awkward Trip (Suga x Reader)

Requested by little-bangtan-things: Please could I request a scenario? A Suga scenario where he’s been in love with the reader for a long time, and he finally gets around to confessing and it’s all awkward and cute? So basically lots of fluff (I’m definitely not Suga biased … Promise!) Thank you, my darlings


Why do schools choose the weirdest places for trips? This always seemed to immensely baffle you. Here you were in the middle of the woods on your school trip. Yes, the woods. Possibly lost in the middle of nowhere considering Taehyung, Jungkook and two other girls from your group decided that it would be a great idea to split up as to find the objects you were instructed to find. Not to mention that splitting up caused more problems because they had the map for directions and the food you were suppossed to eat. You knew you should have never agreed to be in this group … Things were bound to be chaotic if Taehyung and Jungkook were put in the same group as you. It’s not that you didn’t like them but they loved to constantly tease you merely for their own entertainment.

So you were stuck in the middle of nowhere with the last member of your group who decided to stay by your side. Why? Who knows? Anyways, Suga didn’t really cause too much problems for you - in fact, you enjoyed his presence even if he didn’t say much. It was the type of thing where his presence would reassure you. You were under the impression that he didn’t want to be with you as he wasn’t even walking next to you, he was more or less walking behind you - evidently attempting to keep his distance for whatever reason.

Making your way deeper into the woods you finally gave up on trying to search for your group members. By midday you had grown more tired and more hungry. Almost inevitably your stomach started rumbling of a loud and low growl - it felt as if your stomach was speaking to you in all different types of languages. As previously mentioned, all the other members were carrying the food provided for the trip therefore there was no food in sight. Could this day get any worse? You felt so embarrassed that Suga could hear your stomach rumbling like that. The fact that he was faintly smiling to himself made you feel extremely self-conscious - the truth was that he was smiling to himself just at the thought of being alone with (you) the girl he had been crushing on for years however you were obviously forced into believing that he was laughing at the noises your tummy was making. He reached for something in his pocket and handed it to you.

It was a granola bar. “Thank you but I’m fine. Keep it” You held on to your stomach to prevent the temptation of wanting to stuff that granola bar in your mouth. Of course, this made no difference whatsoever. Suga beamed at you placing the granola bar in your hands “Are you really willing to starve yourself because you’re too embarrassed? You’re not fooling anyone but yourself, here, just take it.” After a while of deciding whether or not it was right to take it, you simply accepted it feeling really concerned about him easily giving you his granola bar “I don’t know how to thank you therefore I’m willing to share, do you want some?” he shook his head in response “But what are you going to eat?” you asked still fighting the urging temptation that told you to just eat the granola bar by yourself “Umm, I’m not so hungry” he started pretending to look around so that he wouldn’t have to look at you.

Impatiently, you stuffed the granola bar in your mouth without a care in the world and also forgetting that Suga was staring at you half stunned and in half admiration. He’s never seen someone look so cute whilst literally eating like a pig. “What?” you said completely misunderstanding what his stare meant “Oh umm, you’ve got - uh, something near - uh.” What on earth was he talking about? And why was he so nervous around you? “I’ve got what? Where?” He licked his thumb to wipe away at the melted chocolate chip near your bottom lip. This was by far the most awkward thing of the day so far. Most people would consider his action of help to be gross but you actually found it quite endearing in a strange way. Gazing into his eyes you tried to figure out why he was taking care of you in such an affectionate manner. Until this moment you never realised how much of an attractive guy Suga actually was.

You lightly jerked your head back once you had noticed that you had been staring at him too long for your own good. He stopped wiping at the area regretting the fact that he just comfortably had skinship with you. You saw him starting to feel uncomfortable and decided to keep walking because you were afraid to make the ambiance even more awkward than it already was. Suga ran his fingers through his hair at the sudden rush of heat that was deeply colouring his cheeks. A heat that no wind could cool down. Soon Suga managed to see that something wasn’t right … His snapback was no longer positioned on his head. He scanned the ground with his eyes - it wasn’t there. He looked up feeling stupid to have glimpsed at his snapback resting on the bark of a tree. “Oh come on” he mumbled under his breath “What’s wrong?” you threw a short glance at him, refusing to look at him just in case you started noticing his beautiful features. Oh god, those eyes sent you to a whole different universe. You looked at him again seeing that his hat was no longer there - he looked so innocent without his hat on. Why was he so cute? Why did it take you so long to become aware of how appealing he truly was? You saw his hat on the bark and started making your way to the tree “Woah! ____, what are you doing?” he followed you hesitantly grabbing your hips to stop you from climbing the tree but he instantly let go once his hands touched you - he didn’t know where else he was supposed to hold you to stop you from doing something you would later regret  “I’ll get it for you. It’s my way of telling you that I’m grateful for everything” He shook his head “You’re going to hurt yourself. Look, it’s fine. I’ll just buy another one” Were you listening to him? No. Despite his warnings, you still climbed that tree - failing to go any higher and failing to catch his snapback off the tree bark. One wrong step and you fell straight down on to the ground. He tried to catch you but it was too late.

You felt a great amount of pain developing in your ankle. You whimpered quietly to calm yourself down, if Suga wasn’t there you would have probably screamed out of agony but you didn’t want to prove him right. After all he did warn you. “Jeongmal? I told you not to do that. What would you have done if the injury was greater?” he kneeled down next you and placed your ankle on his lap before massaging the area in which you felt the most pain. He saw a minuscule cut on your ankle therefore discretely he got a plaster from the first aid kit that was in his bag and placed it on the cut. 

He got up, lending you a hand to allow you to stand up. You reached for it successfully allowing yourself to stand up however you held down on his shoulder because you were unable to fully compose yourself. Walking had never felt so excruciating. He bent down slightly insisting for you to jump on his back.

He carried you on his back. You took advantage of this to start tickling the side of his neck making him giggle and squeal slightly “Aww Suga bear, I never knew you were so ticklish” Suga bear … What the hell? His heart was beating so fast that he felt as if his heart could just rip through his chest merely loving the fact that you gave him a nickname. “I didn’t know how to tell you this but umm, I really like you. I’ve - uh, liked you for a really, really long time. Today just made me realise how much more I like you. You’re just so … urgh, I don’t even know.” Out of the blue he just blurted it out - not even giving himself a chance to breathe. You didn’t know how to reply to that. How could you have been so blind to him liking you? 

In the distance you saw, Jungkook and Taehyung running towards you and Suga. Once they arrived they started cheering “I think we’re interrupting them” Jungkook started chuckling at his own remark and Taehyung though it was acceptable to join in “Aww lovebirds, Suga hyung … Did you do it yet?” Suga nodded discretely but you had caught him. So this whole thing was planned. The people in your group had purposely left you with Suga just so he could confess to you.

-admin blxnktae

Mukami: baby baby baby oh!. Requested by Karaline626

They had seen other male’s call their girlfriends Baby so he tried it.
As he greeted you, wrapped his arms around you he greeted you with,
“Hey Baby.”

You arched an eyebrow and looked up at him surprised, as he wrinkled his nose up in distaste.
“Tch, don’t know why I tried that. It’s to common for my little Darling. Who is special and should be addressed as such.” He smirked as you blushed lightly.

“What I heard a bunch of guys called there girls that. And it’s cute, your my little baby.” He grinned as he moved back and pinched your cheeks lightly.
“Quit that.” You batted at his hands. “Bad Babe.” You frowned, then got on the tips of his toes to pinch his cheeks.

“I think I’d rather calling your sugar.” He frowned, then gave a cheering grin and kissed your nose. “Because your as sweet as sugar.”
Your turned a light shade of pink,
“That was so cheesy.” Your grinned, “Teddy Bear.” Your grinned as his blushed darkened.

“Azusa?” You questioned in surprise,
“I…heard…Kou…do…it…so..I wanted…to try…do you…not like…it?” He asked with a frown worried.
“I love it, it’s cute coming from you.” You smiled as your kissed him lightly. And you felt him smile against your lips.

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Hi Deji darling. I just wanted to say, my favourite artworks of yours are the ones where Mikleo is up front and center saying something, e.g. 'Why do people draw me in girl's clothes?' with Sorey up the back having a fit. It's just so cute! Your art is one of the few things that can actually make me smile, and that's a gift that not many can give. Thank you for many things.

Hi there!
I love drawing Mikleo with chibi Sorey in the background hahaha xD
Awwww I’m happy my art makes you smile! <3
Hope I can keep making art that makes you smile then ^^
Have a great day! :D